Husband and Wife and me - MMF (Part Two)

JamieNash   April 10, 2018   | 26206 Views
Here I am: my ex-girlfriend's husband's throbbing cock inches away from my face.I can hear the happy couple standing above me deep deep kissing. I wonder how long they had been… cheating Here I am: my ex-girlfriend's husband's throbbing cock inches away from my face.

I can hear the happy couple standing above me deep deep kissing. I wonder how long they had been planning this. They knew how easy it was going to be to get me to run over here to their home. How easy it would be to get me on my knees. How willing I would be to do whatever the two wanted to satisfy their desires. But, also, I wonder if they realize that deep down this was MY desire, too.

She looks down at me as she commands, " Well, don't just stare at at it. Show us how well you can be our little cocksucker."

All at once, I think how satisfied her husband's manhood has to make her feel. "Man" is the keyword here. I mean LOOK at it. I could tell just by brushing up against his penis when I reached to unbuckle his pants that he was going to be impressive erect. 

He is about my age but looks so much more like the alpha male. He takes what he wants. Right now what he wants is my mouth.

I start by just using my tongue. I give his head a nice lapping like a good bitch. It's as if I'm trying to learn how many licks does it take to reach the center of a tootsie roll pop. Next, up and down the length of his cock. I follow the veins up and down his cock. I love the smell.

Off the top of my head, he must be a solid 7 or 8 inches, pretty fucking dick, too. Also, he is uncircumcised. The few times I went down on a guy, they were about my size. I've got about 5 inches, MAYBE 5 and a half on a good day, and circumcised like me. It is what all the girls who went down on me must have seen when I took my penis out. Honestly, I was disappointed.

"How is he doing so far, babe?" she asks while she inspects my abilities.

"He's doing OK. How about you show him the way I like it?" He says with a smirk.

My ex-girlfriend squats so that she is in perfect cocksucking position. Her petite hands wrap around his dick.

"Now, you see this," she holds his cock up to my face. "This is what a cock is supposed to look like, to feel like."

I watch as his cock enters her mouth, her eyes closed as she moans in delight.

"POP!" The tip of his big head pops out of her cherry red lips. 

I'm bouncing my mouth up and down on his dick. On one of my down thrusts, he hits the back of my throat. I gag a little but my steady-pace continues.

"Ohh, did you hear that, have?" He chuckles. "We might have a potential deep throat lover on our hands.

His burly hands are placed on the top of my head. I know what he wants.

I take a deep breath...

His cock disappears in my mouth. It all gets a but blurry right about now.  I can't tell how long he is fucking my mouth.

Before I knew it. I'm laying on my back, head hanging off the edge of the bed. His balls are bouncing against my nose and face.

"Wow, he really is loving this. Look how rock hard his pee pee is, honey?" She adds while she laughs.

Ok, time to please my wife.

I compose myself and start to stroke my cock. She lays on her back with her legs spread. I attempt to remove her strap on, but up his hand pulls my head toward his. 

"Wait, you think I'm going to let you fuck my wife? No, no. In am going to let you use that sweet tongue of yours on my wife's clit. Work that sweet tongue."

She pulls me closer to the strap on with her legs. She doesn't let go. My tongue can lick her pussy through the side of the strap on. They still have to humiliate me by having the dildo against my cheeks. Reminding me I'm their bitch boy.

Regardless, I'm getting really into this. I missed licking her pussy. She grew out her bush. She tastes good. So good. I'm getting so into it, Ifront notice him positioning me in an interesting position. I'm quite aware of what it is called, but I've never been the one in it.

Then it happens. I feel a cold sensation on my ass hole. Her husband is rubbing lube on my hole as he massages, getting me ready. Am I ready? I'm not moving, I'm not saying no. 

"Relax." His voice is actually calming. I'm listening to him. I obey. I relax.

I know that isn't his finger anymore. It is the big tip of his cock against my hole.

It's hard to describe, but if you've ever been fucked in the ass, you know exactly what I'm feeling right now.

His head is in.

A second later, he slides his full length deep into me.

"Wow," I whimper.

That's it. I've given up full control. 

With each stroke, his big balls bounce against my ass. He's so deep inside me. 

"Don't stop licking her pussy. Remember, you are both mine AND her bitch."


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