Catherine's Big Day: Part 1

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Catherine bounced into the office on a wave of enthusiasm and anticipation. Her promotion interview was just after lunch. She had waited months for this day to come; hours of preparations and hard work, dozens of mock interviews with her loving and supportive husband John. Now it had arrived and she was ready. This was going to be a big day for her, she could feel it.

After a light lunch spent mostly revising her supporting materials, Catherine sat in the foyer outside Dario’s office, a little early for her appointment. She was relieved it was Dario and not Jane who was interviewing her. Jane was opaque and hard to read. She was a precise, cold woman, who ruled her department with an iron fist. Her outward coolness was frequently punctured by volcanic rants directed at Finance employees, though she had always been pleasant to Catherine. She’d never have put Jane and Dario together as a couple; even at work socials they rarely talked, but she guessed it worked for them.

With no Jane to negotiate with, she felt she had a pretty good read Dario. She been in the industry for 5 years and was used to self-centred, arrogant men. He was flash, deeply image conscious and money obsessed. In advertising she had to deal with clients like him all the time, and a sprinkling of flattery and fawning always saw you through - you just needed to know how to handle them, and how best to stroke their egos. Dario was no different, and she knew she had the measure of him.

Dario’s secretary, Natasha, beckoned her through into his office. The first thing she noticed was that Louisa, the head of HR, was not there. This was unusual as HR always had a rep attending for promotion interviews, and Louisa always insisted on it. Dario swept into the room, hair slicked back, talking quietly into his phone. “I’m about to get started with Cat now, so I need to go.” Dario hung up and sat across the table from Catherine. Motioning to the empty chair, “Louisa’s been called away on something urgent, and HR don’t have anyone else available for this afternoon. Are you happy to keep going or do you want to reschedule?”

Catherine had prepared exhaustively for this moment. She couldn’t bear to delay it any longer, especially not over something as trivial as an HR rep being present. “Let’s go for it!” she said confidently. Dario smiled. “Ok then, show me what you’ve got.”

They discussed Catherine’s many achievements over the past five years in great detail, and Dario asked a number of more-general, competency based questions, something Catherine handled effortlessly, having role-played for hours with John. They’d been talking for almost an hour, and everything was going to plan when Dario let out a deep sigh.

“You’re a great candidate Cat, and I can see you’ve put a lot of effort into this, but i’m not sure this is the right role for you.”

Catherine’s heart plummeted. “I don’t understand. I exceeded all the necessary targets. What more do you need from me?” she sounded exasperated and slightly desperate. It suddenly felt like everything she had worked towards was slipping away, and she didn't understand why.

“The problem, Cat, is that being a Senior Accounts Manager in this firm requires duties that, for all your hard work, I don’t think you are capable of. For that reason, I’m leaning towards another candidate for the position.”

“Do you mind telling me who you are considering?” Catherine asked.

“Well, for instance I think Rebecca has a strong case.” Dario ventured.

Catherine despised Rebecca, as Dario knew only too well. She was barely out of university, didn’t know her arse from her elbow as far as marketing was concerned, but she was young, thin and pretty, and that had carried her far. She also played the office game, socialised with the right directors, and was always rolled out as eye candy for public events The prospect of answering to Rebecca, after everything she had worked for, was completely unpalatable.

“What? Rebecca? I don’t understand.” Catherine said incredulously. “My accounts bring in four times the revenue of hers, and I have far more experience dealing with big clients. Can Rebecca produce the kind of profit I have over the last few years? You know the hours I work. How could I offer more.”

Dario smiled like a crocodile as he revealed his intent. “Quite simply Cat, I want you to take me to your house, this afternoon, and you’re going to let me fuck you in your bed.”

It wasn’t just the proposal that took Catherine aback, it was the cold, merciless tone it was delivered in. The warm nature of the rest of the interview evaporated in an instant.

“And what if I say no?” stammered Catherine, her confidence suddenly draining away. “What if I walk out of here, and go to HR?” She said, trying to sound forceful, but was barely masking her panic.

“Well, that’s up to you, but it will be your word against mine, and this is my company, so who do you think they’ll believe. It sounds like the kind of accusation a bitter employee would throw around after being rejected for a promotion.”

Catherine felt boxed-in, “I could just leave…. go to a different firm. I’d be attractive to them with my track record.” she protested.

“You could try, but I know all top executives at our competitors. I’m afraid I couldn’t give you a positive reference.” he tailed off, the implication clear; none of the other firms in the city were going to touch her.

“Come on Cat, you’re smarter than this. You know who you are up against for this role. I’m seeing Rebecca later this afternoon. She’s 25, single and and clearly ambitious. How do you think she will answer the same question? Hell, it’ll be like pushing on an open door.” he chuckled, then leant over, closer to Catherine ”How do you feel about working under Rebecca? I’m sure you might find it difficult at first, but you could adapt in time.”

Catherine visibly blanched at the thought, sending a thin smile curling up Dario’s lips.

“But let’s not be overly negative, you’re sitting here because I want you to take this opportunity. I’ve been keeping a close eye on you for a while. You definitely have the attributes to do the job.” Dario tried to sound conciliatory, even as his eyes traced Catherine’s cleavage, “It’s a lot more money, prestige, a bigger office, nicer car, but above all I know how hard you have worked for this. I don’t want you to lose out to someone with less…..talent.” Now Dario was toying with her ambitions, tempting her with an alluring future.

“But I need someone in this role that I trust completely. Someone that I know will go the extra mile like I will… Do you think you can do that?”

“If I say yes…..what exactly do you want?”

Was she really considering this? Sleeping with Dario and cheating on John? The trappings weren’t really important, but the prospect of working for Rebecca was horrific. She couldn’t countenance that, it would be a humiliation every day. Catherine couldn’t see any other escape from the situation. It was a no win scenario, and this felt like Dario’s proposal was the only way out of what was rapidly becoming a disaster.

“Okay” Catherine said, quietly. “One time. Then we’re done. And you never breathe a word.”

Catherine didn’t trust him for an instant, but she calculated it wasn’t in his best interests to go blabbing. Jane was a fearsome woman, and surely wouldn’t be best pleased to find Dario playing away from home. She thought of John and felt sick. But she was already trying to adapt and rationalise. He’d never need to know, and this was one final obstacle to get what she deserved, what she had worked long nights and weekends for.

“Let’s go.” Dario said firmly. They marched out of his office, past his secretary.

“Tasha, Cat and I are going to see a client at the Marriott. We might take them to dinner so I probably won’t be back in today. Oh, could you cancel my 4pm with Rebecca.” The secretary shot Catherine a knowing look, as if this was not the first promotion interview she’d witnessed that had ended with such an exit. Catherine blushed and dipped her head, just wanting to get out of there as quickly as possible. And with that, they headed for the car park.

They took seperate cars, with Dario following Cat. All the way through the drive home Catherine's mind raced. Was she really going to do this? The idea that she would sleep with someone to secure a job, betraying John in the process, was completely anathema to her. She felt degraded just considering it. But she also felt trapped, between the prospect of working for Rebecca and Dario effectively blocking her from moving on, she didn’t have a lot of options. Catherine did what she always did, rationalised the situation and came up with a plan: She’d get Dario inside, get him off as quickly as possible, then send him on his way. She was smart enough to play up to Dario’s ego, enough to make him feel that he got what he wanted, and John would never have to know about any of this. She had to just hold her nose and get past it.

Catherine parked up, and a few minutes later Dario arrived alongside her. Conscious of how this might look to the neighbours, Catherine quickly sought to get Dario in the house. They went inside, with Catherine in no mood to dawdle. She just wanted to get this done as quickly as possible, and thus she wasn’t in the mood to extend much of a welcome to Dario.

“Let’s get this over with,” she said curtly, removing her shoes and striding up the stairs. Dario smiled and followed suit. They entered the bedroom and Catherine quickly went to the ensuite to freshen up. When she came out Dario had already stripped down to his underwear. He was in good shape for a man of his age; toned but not insanely ripped. His thighs were thick and muscular, and he clearly looked after himself. Catherine started to feel trepidation now it was her turn. She felt deeply self-conscious as she rolled off her tights, acutely aware that she was carrying more weight around her middle and rear than she wanted, even if John showered her with compliments.

Catherine struggled with with the zip for her business dress. It was a bit of a squeeze that morning when John helped her into it, but she was straining now on her own, struggling to get the right angle to release it.

“Did John help you into that this morning?” Dario said, “Then let me help you out of it.” Before Catherine had had a chance to respond, Dario moved forward and took the neck of her dress in his large hands, just where the zip was stuck. He flexed his arms and tore the dress open, right down the seam of the zip. The force of the tearing sent a shudder through Catherine’s ample flesh. The tattered remains of the outfit fell to the floor round Catherine’s ankles.  

Catherine felt incredibly exposed, now standing just in her bra and pants. She turned to confront Dario over the dress, but he moved in close. Catherine tried to be forceful, but Dario handled her comfortably. Before she could say a word he put his hands firmly on her shoulders, using his 8 inch height advantage. His weight and strength stopped her in her tracks. Dario greedily eyed her curves as he gently pressured her shoulders down, encouraging her to kneel in front of him. Catherine, realising a blow job was always going to be part of the deal, got on her knees at Dario’s feet.

The bulge made it quite apparent what was awaiting Catherine when she reached out and slowly pulled down Dario’s briefs, but it was still a shock when it was staring her in the face. Dario’s cock was pretty enormous, even when soft. It was plenty long, but thicker than any she’d ever seen. It was twice as thick as her husband’s, and she was unsure how she was going to handle it when it was hard. His balls were large and heavy and hung low. Catherine gingerly took the cock in her hand and slowly wanked it back and forth, pulling back the hood of foreskin to reveal a bulbous, purple head. She continued stroking, feeling him harden and watching his balls shake with every twist of her wrist. Dario’s cock grew to an intimidating size in her hand, and she could barely circle it with her thumb and finger.

Dario stepped forward, pushing his cock head into her mouth. She used her lips to peel back his heavy, veiny foreskin, running her tongue around the rim of his glans as his head swelled in her mouth. His taste and scent were strong, and she soon built up a rhythm bobbing up and down on his shaft as it grew in her hands. As his thick meat became fully stiff, Catherine had to rotate between wanking and sucking, as she struggled to handle his girthy cock. She pulled his foreskin back with one hand and lightly circled his exposed head with her free hand, applying more and more pressure. Dario groaned and jerked slightly with pleasure.

The next time Catherine had Dario’s cock in his mouth, he drew her head closer, forcing his cock further into her throat. Catherine gagged, struggling to deal with his thickness. Undeterred, Dario started rhythmically thrusting his cock into her mouth. With his hands firmly holding her head in place, there was no respite for Catherine. She gurgled noisily as she cupped his balls in her hand, rotating and squeezing them, drawing appreciative moans and grunts from Dario. Catherine could barely handle his cock at a slow pace, but now that Dario was facefucking her she couldn’t cope, drool spilling out and down onto her breasts, lending them a slick sheen. A few more thrusts and Catherine backed away, coughing and spluttering.

“I can’t take you all in my mouth, you tosser.”  She exclaimed. “Why not?” Dario shot back. “Because your too fucking big,” she protested, tailing off quietly. Dario just smiled leerily at her. He was clearly used to this kind of reaction, and it only seemed to encourage him.

“Ok, enough nonsense. Get on your hands and knees on the bed, I want to see that hairy fanny.”

Catherine climbed on the bed and buried her head in the sheets, with her arse in the air, exposing everything Dario wanted. Large, warm hands spread her cheeks, and a tongue gently started flicking her clit, gently at first, then firmer, as it circled around under her hood. The tongue soon moved up to her labia, rolling her lips between his, working up and down both sides. A firm finger was soon working her clit, rubbing lightly but quickly as she became swollen. The tongue, so gentle and attentive up to now, started darting in and out of her pussy, now slick with her excitement.

Suddenly the it pulled back, and Catherine couldn’t contain a groan in protest, only to be met by a firm, punishing smack of a hand across her arse. Her red cheeks were quickly parted by two thick fingers slowly sliding into her pussy, curving up to rub near her g-spot, all the while her clit was never neglected, with a thumb now firmly circling her.  Another finger was added, then another. Four fingers, probing and stretching, filling her sopping pussy. Catherine moaned loudly; between the fingering and the thumb strumming her swollen clit she was getting close. The fingers thrust faster and harder. Another hand reached round to cup her breast, squeezing and holding before rolling her nipple gently between two fingers. She couldn’t take much more, but she lacked the strength to stop him.

She shifted her hips, trying to draw away to prevent her climax, but the hands kept her firmly in place. The tongue, absent for what seemed like an age, started flicking and circiling her arsehole. Catherine battle to remain detached in the face of the skillful rimming, a request frequently desired by John, but one she never granted as she thought it was disgusting. Now, battling hard to hold back her appreciation, Catherine enjoyed the unfamiliar sensations.

The fingering, licking, strumming and fondling started to take their toll, and Catherine was seconds from a noisy climax. “Oh fuck, i’m going to cum,” she whispered, almost sounding exasperated at Dario’s skill and ability to get her to that point so quickly. This admission brought proceedings to a quick stop. Catherine moaned in disapproval, but Dario clearly didn’t care. “You cum when I tell you you can,” he scolded. “I want my cock inside you.”

With that, Catherine, realising her pleasure was clearly a secondary concern, slowly raised herself up off the bed. Dario stood a few feet away, cock still hard and wet from her earlier handywork.

“If it makes you feel better you can take those off,” Dario said, pointing to her wedding and engagement rings. Catherine murmured, “probably for the best,” slipped them off, and placed them on the dresser. For a moment she felt like this lessened the guilt and burden of what she was about to do, but deep down she knew she was just kidding herself. A flash of anger shot through her as she was confronted with the reality and consequences of what she was doing. Her rings were tarnished already, with every slurp of the cock that stuffed her mouth full. She turned her frustration towards Dario.

“If we’re going to do this, then you can put a fucking condom on,” Catherine spat fiercely at him. “No,” said Dario, firmly, but assuredly, “you can put it on.” He tossed the wrapped condom to Catherine. Magnum XL. It was one of those condoms schoolgirls used to snicker at in the chemists, so outlandish they seemed. She tore it out of it’s foil packet and motioned towards Dario’s cock. “No Cat…..please use your mouth.” he requested, in a tone that was clear he was not really asking. “Do you really want this job?” Catherine knew any refusal at this stage would render her previous indignities worthless, so she reluctantly pressed on. She opened her mouth wide, with the large condom between her lips, and maneuvered the ring over his swollen head. She took it as far as she could, then and rolled the rest down by hand. Catherine felt indignant that she had to perform a prostitute’s party trick. Dario smiled slyly with satisfaction.

He lay back on Catherine and John’s bed, looking perfectly relaxed, clearly enjoying himself. It was becoming obvious that this was not the first time Dario had defiled a wife’s marital bed. Catherine steeled herself and joined him. She slowly straddled Dario, spitting in her hand and rubbed it all over her pussy and Dario’s cock head, She felt a twinge of shame as she realised she was already quite wet and didn’t need the extra lubrication. Then she carefully, slowly eased him inside her, pressing down on his chest to give her as much control as possible over Dario and his dick. He was so thick, she struggled at first, but the shallow penetration helped her cope. She was determined to keep Dario on his back and as contained as she could.

After 10 minutes in the saddle, Catherine felt in charge. It was pleasurable, but not too intense, and she had succeeded in using her weight and strength to keep Dario at arms reach. She was about to fake a climax to try and bring it all to an end when her plan started to unravel. Dario reached up and took Catherine's hands from his chest and squished them against her tummy, pushing her upright and back onto his cock. Immediately, Catherine lost her leverage and control, and Dario took full advantage. Her tits jiggled freely as he started to rotate his hips, stretching her fanny and thrusting his thickness much further inside.

Catherine looked down, beads of sweat ran down her shaking breasts and her thighs were reddened. She felt flushed and a little dizzy. Sex with John was usually over by now, and never as demanding as this. She found herself panting and gasping as Dario increased the depth and speed of his thrusts. He was now in control and she wasn’t strong enough to reassert herself. She tried to break her hands free but that simply brought immediate punishment. Clasping her hands to her soft belly with one hand, Dario used his other to maul and slap at her tits, pinching and rolling her nipples.

Catherine gradually lost ground in her battle to stave off the inevitable. She’d never had a cock that deep inside her, nor one that stretched her like this. The sensations his thickness caused her were just too strong, too unfamiliar, and she found herself seething through her teeth as Dario ground a burning, bitter orgasm out of her. Despite all her attempts to stifle it she hissed and and let out a low moan. He felt her tighten around his shaft and a look of glee spread across his face, only encouraging him to pump harder, wanting to deny her the dignity of masking her pleasure.

Catherine tried to recover herself after a few moments as she sought to bring Dario off quickly, her only hope to end this ordeal and get him out of her bed and house. But the last vestiges of control, already slipping away, were then ripped to shreds as Dario took charge.

Suddenly, Dario flipped Catherine over onto her back like a ragdoll, lifting her legs up to an acute angle keeping her ankles crossed with his hands while he knelt by her slick, exposed fanny. His cock never left her as he repositioned Catherine for his enjoyment. Dario kept Catherine pinned down with one hand as he knelt back, rotating his hips and using his cock to stretch her hole, While it wasn’t deep, it was skillful and the sensations were unreal. Dario showed a skill and touch she hadn’t thought he possessed.The smooth, rhythmic rotations of his hips explored Catherine’s cunt in new, unfamiliar ways.

Ten minutes of this exquisite torture passed and, when Catherine involuntarily blurted out that another orgasm was close, Dario again changed position, pushing her legs back even further while slipping her ankles over his shoulders. Her knees mashing her tits and she panted for  breath, struggling with the uncomfortable angle. Catherine was now helpless to resist his deep thrusting, and Dario took full advantage as he buried his cock into her with no resistance. He pulled out till the tip of his head was barely touching her lips, then plunged down, filling her completely while his smile mocked her helplessness. Catherine squirmed, trying to adjust and adapt, to limit his control, but she couldn’t budge Dario’s muscular frame. He was too strong, and had her exactly where he wanted her.

As she struggled, a horrifying realisation crept over Catherine. She had assumed she knew guys like Dario. Twenty minutes earlier she thought she’d been in control, quickly hatefucking him so she could get this over with. She thought she was managing him, managing this situation. Now she realised he had just been indulging her, biding his time. From the meeting to his office to her bedroom, Dario had always been in control. All her planning and preparation had been useless. He was now returning the favour five times as hard as she ever could, and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

Dario built up his pace to a furious rhythm, powerfucking Catherine with deep, brutal strokes, leaving her drained and gasping for breath. Each stroke drove his cock into her up to the hilt. Catherine’s sopping cunt, previously resistant, now accommodated Dario’s dick without question.  Her ability to mask both her discomfort and pleasure was slowly slipping away as Dario’s cock plunged deep inside her, his balls slapping wildly against her arse.


He scooped his hands under her shoulders and lifter her closer to him, increasing the strain and angle on her body further to the point where she could barely breathe. Their faces were no more than a few inches apart as Dario continued mercilessly drilling her. Catherine’s soaked fanny squelched loudly at the relentless fucking, but Catherine was beyond shame now. She wriggled and squirmed to reduce Dario’s hold, but it was useless. She was unable to do anything except let Dario fuck her silly.

After a few minutes Catherine had taken as much punishment as she could handle. This time there was no gritted teeth, no hissed resistance to her own pleasure. Catherine lost control, loudly moaning and grunting as Dario pumped her fanny to the most overwhelming orgasm she’d ever had. Her nails clawed at Dario’s back as she quivered and shook beneath him. Moments later Dario reached his own climax. His back straightened and he plunged his cock into her up to the hilt once more, leaving it throbbing inside her as his seed flooded into the straining condom. Catherine’s head was a mess, and amidst the chaos a flicker of disappointment shot across her mind, amongst the guilt and self-loathing, as she milked Dario’s cock, but felt none of the reward, instead held prisoner in the bulging rubber.

Dario slowly pulled out, and rose up from the bed. The condom drooped obscenely off the end of his dick, swollen with a huge load of cum. He walked over to the towel rail, took John’s blue towel and started drying the sweat from his chest, legs and balls. Catherine staggered off the bed towards the ensuite, trying to regain her composure. Her legs were unsteady and she wobbled across the bedroom, grabbing the door frame for support. She saw herself in the bathroom mirror and was overcome with guilt and shame. Her face was flushed and her makeup ruined. Her chest was crimson and her breasts rose and fell under a thin sheen of sweat as she still panted for breath. Her dark auburn pubic hair, normally full but neatly shaped, was a matted, ragged mess, sodden with her juices.

Catherine felt her confidence draining away as she tried to pull herself together. She thought she could play Dario at his own game, but Dario had clearly done this a lot. She now realised the experience gap between them. He knew exactly how to handle someone like her, physically and psychologically, and she didn’t have a clue what to do about it. The way he had turned the tables on her physically had left her deeply shaken. She’d never been fucked like that.  But now it was over. He had got what he asked for, and she was determined to make him leave.

Now a little steadier of body and mind, Catherine slowly made her way back into the bedroom, where Dario was standing by the dresser. He’d taken the condom off and tied it. It was a third full of creamy white seed. Catherine had never seen so much cum before. He tied the rubber off, put it down and walked over to her.

“I….I think you should leave.” she stammered. “I gave you what you wanted, now just go.” She tried to sound firm and determined, but she lacked conviction, and her newfound brittleness was clear.

“That’s a shame. I thought we were having fun… certainly were.” he smirked, motioning to the large dark damp patch on the bed sheets. Catherine blushed “Why don’t we make this a regular thing.”

“I can’t do that. I’m...i’m married. This can’t happen again.”

“You know….Annie said exactly the same, but she couldn’t keep away,” he added, in a seemingly throwaway remark that was anything but. Catherine bristled at the mention of her close friend. Anger and indignation welled up inside her at Dario’s gall in bringing up her best friend’s name, as well as his refusal to take his ‘victory’ and just leave.

“Your full of shit Dario. I’ve known Annie five years and she’d never let you near her you sleezy prick. Tom’s twice the man you’ll ever be,” she snorted at him defiantly.

“Is that so?” Dario said, a thin smile curling his lips. “How well do you really know her, Cat?” He walked over to his trousers and pulled out his phone. He swiped for a few seconds and handed it to Catherine. “She doesn’t look so reluctant there, does she?”

The picture made Catherine feel physically queasy, like someone had punched her in the gut. Annie, her best friend in the office and the kindest, sweetest woman she knew, was kneeling on the floor of a room, naked, her face covered in a thick coating of Dario’s cum. Her mouth  was wide open and her tongue hung out, displaying several large globs of sperm. It was in her hair, smeared on her small, perky tits. Between her legs it dripped from her bushy pubic hair. It was everywhere. In a sick twist Dario had written “Dario’s Cum Slut” across her chest in bright red lipstick. Her eyes stared into the distance. She looked utterly exhausted and defeated.

Panic raced through Catherine’s mind. She realised she had badly underestimated Dario. This was moving way beyond a dirty office secret and becoming something darker and more sinister. Dario didn’t just want the sex. He already had that. He clearly wanted more, to control her, to use her. And if he could corrupt poor Annie, then who knew what he was capable of. Catherine didn’t have a plan for this, and she didn’t know what to do now. What was left of her confidence evaporated.

With Catherine looking confused and distracted, Dario leaned forward and baited Catherine with a near-whisper, “I had her squirting by the end.”

Catherine’s anguish and temper boiled over, “You’re a piece of fucking shit,” she screeched at him, leaning forward to strike him, but Dario saw it coming. As the plump redhead lunged towards him, Dario grabbed her hand and twisted it down behind her back. He used her momentum against her and forced her forward onto the bed and onto her knees, face down. He held her in place firmly with one hand. With his spare hand, Dario leant down and scooped up Catherine’s discarded underwear. “You’ve got quite the mouth on you Cat.” He balled up the knickers and fed them to Catherine, stuffing them through reluctant lips until they filled her mouth. He leant in and seethed in her ear, “I prefer you a little quieter.” Catherine was flustered and overpowered and couldn’t wriggle free. She had no choice but to relent, and she slumped into the covers. Dario positioned himself behind her, and ploughed back into her fanny without hesitation.

Successfully gagged and submissively positioned, Catherine was where he wanted her. Dario had deliberately maneuvered her across from the mirrored wardrobes, so that she could witness every second of her humiliation with her own eyes. Dario built up a rhythm and then he lifted Catherine’s arms up, held out and angled behind to force her torso upright from the sheets, jutting out in front of him. Her big breasts flapped helplessly back and forth, and her arse rippled with every deep thrust. It was uncomfortable, and Catherine hated the way her juddering flesh was on show. It was another demonstration of Dario’s complete dominance over her.

Dario’s mood had clearly changed. She felt he had generally been broadly respectful and businesslike initially, but since the photo of Annie he’d turned demanding, rough and cruel. The comments were more poisonous, the hands and slaps rougher, the thrusts sharper. Any consideration for her was clearly gone. With Catherine unable to do anything other than submit to him, Dario began to sadistically taunt the panting redhead as he pumped her.

“I like you Catherine. Your an accomplished, strong woman. Watching you struggle, watching your disdain for me drip off your tongue, and yet still seeing you on your hands and knees for me .... I’ll be honest Cat, it’s been fucking delicious to watch,” he sneered cruelly as he picked up his pace. He fucked her, without break or mercy, for 20 minutes. It was a relentless pounding, and she was amazed at Dario’s stamina. Sweating profusely, he never lost his rhythm. It wore Catherine down, exhausting her physically and mentally, her mind slowly slipped into disarray as her orgasms racked up, but she had lost all will to deny and resist, and they just washed over her, pulsing through her as her muffled cries filled the room. Her fanny, tight and resistant for so long, was now loose and rubbery, fully and noisily accommodating Darios hard dick. His huge, slimy balls slapped forcefully against her clit.

Catherine wanted to spit obscenities at him, but, unable to dislodge her gag, she wailed impotently into her own, bunched underwear that filled her mouth.The taunting and the pounding were slowly crushing her, draining her remaining physical strength and mental resilience. She was fast approaching her limits. Her mind drifted as Dario continued, his only mercy was letting her flop down and bury her head in the sheets. It was only a temporary respite, before the situation got exponentially worse.

“You’re late John, I thought you’d have been home by now, today of all days. Cat and I have been here for hours.”

Suddenly Catherine snapped out of her haze. All the guilt and shame and self-loathing she had been holding at bay came flooding back, and she buried her head deeper into the covers, not daring to look round. Dario didn’t give her the choice. Following a swift smack on her arse, she felt his hand run through her hair and grasp a tight knot, lifting her head up and round till she was facing her husband. John looked utterly devastated. His face white as a sheet, he stood in the doorway eyes agog. His hand trembled slightly. He was silent.

She wanted to explain, to show him how sorry she was, but her gag turned her words to gibberish. Dario’s cock sprung out of her slack fanny with a revolting slurp, followed by a loud queef that dropped Catherine’s head with shame. He got off the bed and approached John, talking to him about her promotion, taunting him as he had done to her. Catherine, in her dazed and exhausted state, barely picked up a word of it. She saw Dario force John to look at her, to observe how he had broken his wife. He told John to strip too and watch him finish. Catherine watched disbelieving as her husband meekly obeyed, without a hint of defiance.

Dario walked back over to the bed, reached for her mouth and took the underwear gag from it, tossing it in John’s direction. She couldn’t get the words out fast enough before Dario maneuvered her head down and onto his stiff cock. She tried to fight it but it was hopeless, so she sucked her boss’ cock under the gaze of her distraught husband. Soon Dario grabbed bunches of her hair and began thrusting roughly into her mouth, facefucking the helpless redhead as she gagged, struggling to keep up. During this display of abject degradation, Dario taunted John, boasting about Annie and how he had turned Tom into a cocksucker. It was too much for Catherine to bear. It was clear that she was now being used purely as a tool to humiliate her husband.

Dario withdrew from Catherine’s mouth, and she coughed and sputtered as she tried to regain a modicum of dignity. He then led Catherine, on her hands and knees, across the bed until her rear was directly in line with John’s view, no more than six feet away. Catherine braced herself for more humiliation, with Dario clearly trying to ensure that John got a front row seat for another brutal fucking. She waited, head down, rear in the air, for Dario to make his move. He spat on his fingers and rubbed it between her arse cheeks. Catherine panicked, instantly realising what Dario had planned for her. He meant to fuck her arse. She tried to squirm free, but a big hand on her back kept her held down.

While John had frequently pestered her for anal sex, Catherine had always refused. She felt it degrading, all about male dominance and forcing women to be submissive. The feminist in her could never bring herself to do it. The thought that Dario may simply bugger her, right there and then, just because he could, drove her to desperation.

“Please, Dario…... not my arse….please don’t fuck my arse,” she trembled as his fingers pushed against her quivering hole. But he didn’t care. There was no respite, no relief. Dario pushed his fingers inside her. At first one, then two, finally three big, meaty fingers twisting and probing, stretching her bum, preparing it for the inevitable. Dario’s fingers worked up a rhythm, pistoning in and out, getting her ready to take his cock. He brought his free hand round to gently flick Catherine’s engorged clit. Taken by surprise a soft moan distracted her momentarily, but Dario’s touch was just to tease. He left her clit and administered a swift slap of her arse cheek.

Dario removed his fingers from Catherine’s now greasy hole and climbed up onto the bed. He mounted her, legs each side of her hips, cock directly above her arse, making sure John could see every last detail of his wife’s anal defiling. He kept a hand firmly on her back to keep her in her place, while Dario directed his cock towards her arsehole. She felt a surge of defiance, a last attempt to resist and salvage some pride. He had taken everything else that he wanted, but she was determined not to let him sodomise her while her husband watched. Catherine tensed her muscles, presenting a tight barrier to Dario’s intentions.

She felt him spit again, directly onto her sphincter, and used his cock to rub in the extra lubricant. He pressed against her slowly but firmly, using his weight to lean into her, increasing the pressure on her arsehole. It was unbearable, but Catherine persisted, tensing again, trying to keep him out, trying to finally deny him. The standoff continued for a minute longer. Then, slowly, but surely, Caterine lost her final battle with Dario. His vigorous fingering had done its job. Catherine’s arsehole was looser and more accomodating than normal, and the copious lube did the rest. She couldn’t keep it tight and tense forever and Dario’s cock head started to spread her hole open. Her slick arsehole widened to the point of no return, and she couldn’t hold him back any longer.

Catherine let out a desperate, low wail as her arehole finally buckled and enveloped Dario’s cock head, her sphincter stretching round his engorged glans. He waited for what seemed like an age, allowing her to become accustomed to his unfamiliar girth. Slowly, Dario began to push down, a little at a time, slowly forcing his cock deeper and deeper into Catherine’s rectum. Even after the pain faded, Catherine was overwhelmed by uncomfortable sensations. She felt unpleasantly stuffed and stretched, as if Dario’s cock was a part of her.

After a few minutes of slow progress, Dario was almost completely buried in her arse, his heavy balls resting on her fanny. Catherine was utterly deflated, her resistance completely broken. She buried her head in the sheets and offered no further defiance.

Her mind was a flurry of anger, loathing and shame. Catherine hated Dario, for what he had done to her, and what he had inflicted on Annie. She reserved her anger for John, naked on his knees across the room. He had simply capitulated without argument, obeying Dario instead of defending her honor. With Dario pinning her down and noisily sodomising her, his meek inaction made her blood boil. Ultimately, though, her shame was most intense. She had thought she could could handle Dario but she had been outthought, She had fought to keep her dignity, her body and her mind with every ounce of strength, but it hadn’t been enough. Dario had taken her defences apart a piece at a time, every plan she erected he had torn down.

She looked up into the mirror and briefly caught John’s gaze. His eyes were glazed and empty. She tried to plead with hers, but Dario drove his cock down deep into her, and she was lost again, loudly grunting as she struggled with the strange, overpowering sensations. Dario then grabbed her hair and yanked her head up, close to his. He started whispering filth in her ear:

“No one will ever fuck you like this. Soon you will be begging for my cock again.”

“I’m going to turn John like I turned Tom. Soon he’ll be slurping your cunt juice from my cock.”

Catherine moaned helplessly at the fate of her husband. After everything Dario had done, and John hadn’t, it felt inevitable

“No condom now Cat, I’m going to fill your arse with my cum.”

“Soon Jane will have you too. You and Annie together. She’ll dyke you both.”

Every whispered suggestion garnered an animalistic response. She had lost the ability to control herself. She grunted and moaned meaninglessly at Dario’s taunts. Catherine was completely losing her mind - she just couldn’t handle this huge cock in her arse. The sensations were overwhelming, far too strong for her to bear. Now she just wanted Dario to cum and thus end her suffering. She sought to encourage Dario to finish with words she could scarcely believe she was uttering:

“I want you to fucking own me.”

Upon hearing her surrender, Dario drove his cock all the way into her arse, every last inch buried in her rectum. It only took a few moments of this before Catherine was overwhelmed by her first anal orgasm. “Oh fuck...ohfuck..oh fuuuuuck,” she chanted uncontrolably as an uncomfortable, shaking orgasm overtook her. Not a minute later, Dario joined her, straightening and stiffening as he grabbed her shoulders and buried his cock up to the hilt one last time.

She could feel long jets of his cum spurting into her arse, as his balls twitched against her fanny. It was boiling hot, and there was so much of it, it felt he was ejaculating for 30 or 40 seconds. She could feel his massive prick slowly pulsing inside her as he lay on top of her, pinning her to the bed. His muscular bulk meant she couldn’t move. A film of sweat connecting them. Eventually, he climbed off her, his cock plopped out of her gaping arse, followed swiftly by her pillaged rectum loudly protesting at the loss. Catherine felt the slow-motion oozing of Dario’s hot sperm as it slithered down her buttocks onto her thighs, a sensation that was both utterly disgusting and horribly satisfying at the same time.

She knew John had seen it all, knew that she had been buggered right in front of him. He’d heard her cries of defiance melt into lusty begging. But he had seen so much depravity in so little time. Her dignity was gone long before John had watched her boss’ cock slither out of her pulverised arsehole.

Dario spoke to John, but she was too exhausted and disorientated to take it in. She looked round to see Dario tossing the condom to John and striding triumphantly out the door. She met John’s gaze. He looked heartbroken and confused, but, looking down, she saw his cock was erect. She despaired at his meek weakness in the face of her defiler, just as she was engulfed in the shame of her acquiescence, as her conquerors seed slowly leaked from her arse. She had nothing left.

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