Sex with newly married bhabhi on Train !

Ritesh797   January 27, 2020   | 16574 Views
Let me tell you all a bit about myself. My name is Ritesh ; 24yrs old with a cock size of 7inches and 2.5 girths . I’ll be waiting for your valuable comments/suggestions; Lesbian

Let me tell you all a bit about myself. My name is Ritesh ; 24yrs old with a cock size of 7inches and 2.5 girths . I’ll be waiting for your valuable comments/suggestions at [email protected]
 and if any cuckold couple/ married women/widows/divorcees/girls want to have discreet no strings attached relationship then they can mail me. Privacy is guaranteed and no infos will be shared or disclosed. Now, moving to my recent story…

This incident took place on the month of January when I was on a trip to Hyderabad with my parents. As I look at sex as an art so I try to make the then partner get her satisfaction to the fullest and in turn I also get fully satisfied; it’s all about giving first, then getting it back; so this time also I thought of getting laid but didn’t knew how and when.

As I had read several stories about guys and ladies getting laid in trains so I too thought that if I ever get any opportunity I wouldn’t miss it no matter what. I didn’t think that my “thought” would manifest so early but it did. We three of us had your tickets from Kharagpur in 3tire ac in Faluknuma. This South Indian family got up with us and they were 7 of them and then I saw Anubhuti (name changed) who has been recently married as I can make out from her mehendi which was still on her hands. Her stats were 34,30,38.

Mom and I had the side lower and side upper berths and the opposite sides were theirs and their last berth was at the other end of the same coach where dad’s berth was. At first I didn’t had any such intentions but friends I have this feeling of getting horny after I see girls or women in “leggings” and so she too was in a red coloured leggings and her cures and the panty lines were damn visible. As mom was sitting in front of me so I didn’t had the courage to check her out.

Meanwhile, Anubhuti was bending and arranging the bags as she would take few bags to the last berth and my right leg was a bit hanging down the seat and suddenly she moved back to take the bag out and her pussy got a hard poke by my right leg fingers and she jumped ahead and I too took my leg up my seat. We both got a bit embarrassed and when our eyes met we smiled a bit and felt a bit shy.

Eventually I saw she going to the last seat where my dad’s seat was and I too had this feeling that I should also go and few minutes later went to dad and asked him to take the seat with mom and me taking his seat.

As my dad left we both again made eye to eye contact and smiled but this time a bit naughtily. The berths were not so filled and so we had the freedom to discuss the incident which took place. So we started our casual talks as from where we are from and where we are going. We both laughed and enjoyed with each other. Then I enquired about her marriage and then she said that she was married to a marine engineer and her marriage was just one week old. Her husband had left for his job and will soon return. Now it was around 7 pm and we shared snacks and were talking without making much of eye contact.

Suddenly Anubhuti asked me “how was it?” I was confused as what she asked and I enquired as what she meant so she looked in my eyes and asked that how I felt about that incident which took place a few hours before. I was shocked to hear her and kept quiet smiling but she said that why am I quiet as she knows that I have enjoyed the touch as she too enjoyed and I was thinking that is this seriously happening! Now I knew that I got the green signal and I asked her whether I can feel that feeling again.

To my surprise she said yes and she touched my right hand and kept on it. I was getting hot and horny and my dick started gaining its erection and she noticed it and kept her hand on it and slightly pressed it. I left out a little moan ahhhh…hhh and closed my eyes and suddenly could feel her lips on my lips. Waoh!!! What a feeling and now I knew that I will fuck her no matter what!

By her looks I could tell that she was damn excited and ready for sex but we had to wait and make a plan as where to do it. We decided that toilet would be the best option.

So now we ate out dinner and my dad came and made sure I was alright and her dad too came and had a chit chat with her and asked if she wanted her seat to exchange with him but she said she’s feeling comfortable as less people were there. The lights were off and it was about 12.30 am and as she was on middle berth she came down and whispered in my ears that would I love to feel her completely now. And I opened my eyes and I pulled her towards me and kissed her lips and smooched her for around 2 minutes and released her. So she took me by my hand and we went to the toilet and locked ourselves.

We again passionately started kissing and digging each other’s mouth with our tongue and getting the saliva of each other. Now I asked her just to stand still as I would touch her and feel her curves and I started feeling her boobs and while touching I even pressed them slightly and then through her back I touched her big round ass which seemed fluffy and firm. Oh man! what an ass and my dick was standing and saluting her beauty.

She now started touching my dick over my pant and quickly opened my pant and underwear and my dick sprang out. She was amazed to see and said that it is bigger and thicker than her husband’s and started sucking hard and took the whole dick inside her mouth going down her throat and chocked herself and I was going like oh fuck girl..suck it…lick it..ahhhh…and I pushed her head more so to make my cock enter her throat more and she removed my cock and her saliva came out her mouth and tears rolled down her eyes and again pushed my cock inside her mouth.

I was feeling the feeling of being out of this world and I came inside her mouth without informing her and she chocked on it and even drank my cum.I quickly pulled her red leggings down and spanked her big ass and what an ass it was and guys plz spank any girls ass to feel the feeling which I had. She started moaning and asking me to fuck her and make her my whore and ram her to the core. I got aroused and pulled her pink panty down with my teeth and good grace, her pussy was a camel-toe pussy which I saw only on porn sites. It was a bit hairy which I loved and she was so so wet that she was profusely leaking her love juices.

I made her sit on the edge of the basin in the toilet and opened her legs wide and started licking her pussy with the tip of my tongue and biting her clitoris which was swollen by now. She was shaking and was making horny sounds and moaning ahhhh…suck me deep boy!! Bite me…eat me plzzz…oh fuck!!

I pushed my two fingers inside her and she started moaning and biting her lips saying fuck me bastard! Tear my pussy, cum inside me ahhh ahhh ahhh God…plz now fuck me… and came all over my hand twice and I licked her pussy clean. It was 1 am now so we also had to hurry to avoid any suspicion so I slapped her pussy with my dick and asked her if she is ready and placed my dick on the opening of her love hole and started sucking her 34 size boobs and with one hard stroke pushed my cock inside her and she was about to shout but I placed my hand over her mouth and tears rolled down her eyes due to pain and I started kissing her.

I now started to give her slow strokes and we both were making sounds ahhhh ahhh ahhh and slowly moaning…it feels so good… she said, “your dick is soo fat that I can feel my pussy walls getting stretched, fuck me hard baby”. I took her right leg on my left shoulder and raised her pussy and pounded her hard by giving hard strokes and I could feel her womb on the tip of my dick.

Both of our juices were mixing and what an aroma surrounded us, woah! And white lathed foam was formed around her pussy and my dick.

Seeing that I pulled my dick out and we both exhaled our breath and she started begging me to put my dick again inside her and ram her. I then turned her and from the back side I parted her legs and pushed my dick again inside her and again started fucking her and pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples hard.

I felt her pussy walls started squeezing my dick and she started to say that she is going to cum hard and I should fuck her more hard and I started fucking her with hard strokes and with a shiver she came and she was tired and I too was on high and was about to cum and I asked her where to cum and she insisted me to cum inside her and with one hard stroke I started cumming inside her pussy and I felt as if my balls poured all of the cum inside her pussy. I slowly pulled my dick out and bent a bit down and started watching the cum dripping out her pussy. Friends I love cream pie sex a lot and watching my cum come out the pussy gives me immense pleasure.

Now she turned and kissed me and said that she is fully satisfied and now we should move to our seats. She pulled her panty up with the dripping pussy and wore her red leggings. I too dressed myself and I left first and went to my seat and then she came.

Then we exchanged our phone numbers and she gave me a good night kiss and went to sleep and within minutes she was sleeping and I lying on my seat was wondering as how unimaginable experience was this which happened. The “Subh Aarambh” started for my Hyderabad journey and I too went to sleep and we woke up around 8 am and we were about to reach Secunderabad and so we started arranging our things and with a good bye kiss we parted with a promise to continue our secret relation as long as we want to keep it. But I knew that I had a place at Secunderabad where I can come anytime and live my passion and satisfy Anubhuti and enjoy.

Thank you for reading.

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