Tammy Blames Her Husband

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She couldn't help think that at this rate she was going to suck of everybody in the store in about 10 minutes. cheating

Tammy tried to appease her guilty conscious by telling herself it was all her husband's fault. He was the one who turned her on to that sex story site and all those hot stories, many of which made her horny to no end. Roger did his best to satisfy her but she became more and more open to the idea of acting out.

Roger frequently had to go out of town for business which left Tammy alone, bored and horny as hell. She often tried to satisfy herself by masturbating while reading some hot story about glory holes or, even, public sex in a movie theater, a couple of her favorite topics, but that only went so far. She craved the heat of an actual person doing or forcing her to do depraved sexual acts. Yes, she was one totally horny slut!

Tammy began searching the internet for adult bookstores in the nearby city, trying to find out if any still had glory holes. Not normally very outgoing or, for that matter, daring, she didn't think she would actually have the nerve to go to one of these places but it made her all the more horny going through the motions of finding one.

On the occasion of Roger's next business trip, Tammy took the next step of actually driving to the city and checking out the several venues she had found online. Some were obvious dumps, others not so much and one in particular looked, if not classy, at least clean and well kept. On a whim she drove into the parking lot, telling herself she would just go in, look around and then leave.

It was early evening when she got there and business seemed to be picking up, mostly just men. Mostly older men, no doubt looking for something they hadn't had in a long time. Tammy, being quite pretty with a fantastic body, had every eye in the place on her as soon as she walked in the door and the dampness in her pussy attested to the state of her horniness.

She should leave, she knew it, this can only lead to trouble, walk back out the door her brain was telling her. Her wet pussy said I need to stay, I need relief.

She stayed.

She tried to be nonchalant as she browsed the aisles looking but not seeing the various videos on display, not even knowing what category she was looking at until a voice behind her spoke up, asking her if she was turned on by gay sex.

Ooops, she had wandered into the gay section.

"Ummm, well, no, I guess I just got confused," she replied.

She had noticed a curtain in the back of the store that guys were going in and out of so she took the opportunity to ask the stranger what was back there.

"They have private peep shows where you can preview some of the videos and the best part is it's free for females," he said.

"Why is that?" Tammy asked.

"Oh, uhhh, I guess women are good for business," he said and was that a blush on his face?

"Well, I'm going to check it out," she said almost in defiance of herself.

As she headed toward the curtain every eyeball in the store followed her path and more than one guy began following her. She was well aware of one man in particular showing a keen interest in her. Beautiful, young ladies in the back room was a rare thing indeed.

Several men were already back there and they were all eager to help her find an empty booth which, of course had adjacent rooms on both sides. The booth was small but not uncomfortably so with a tv screen which came to life on its own as soon as she entered the booth showing a young, petite blonde woman being fucked by a bbc while she sucked off another one and had other black guys hands all over her body.

Wow, Tammy thought, what would it be like to be in her position!

She settled down to watch, unbuttoning her blouse and exposing her perfect, braless tits and then lifting her short skirt, removing her panties and fingering her wet, horny pussy. Oh, if only I had a nice hard cock right now forgetting there were at least a dozen cocks within 20 feet of her at that very moment.

One of them was hard and a lot closer as it poked through the hole in the wall to Tammy's right. Thoughts of Roger went through her mind and then they were gone as she reached out and took that hard cock in her hand and began stroking, much to its owner’s delight.

"Suck it," he begged from the other side of the wall.

Roger wouldn't get too upset over a blowjob, would he? She wondered. Oh, well Roger isn't here.

She guided that medium sized cock into her hot mouth, taking it as far as she could without gagging. Among other things she was an experienced cocksucker so she knew exactly what she could do and was quite adept at pleasing her man. Her man of the moment lasted about 45 seconds before he pumped a huge load of cum deep into Tammy's mouth which she swallowed as soon as he pulled back before pushing back in and dumping more cum in her mouth while she sucked him for every drop he could give her, finally letting him go. She then swirled what cum was left around in her mouth, savoring the slimy texture of it and the relatively little taste before swallowing it all.

She no sooner sat back to savor the blowjob she had just given when another cock appeared through the wall to her left. Now, her pussy was definitely craving some attention but this guy was even smaller than the first, barely 6 inches and if she was going to get fucked by the first stranger since meeting Roger she damn sure wanted to know she was getting fucked so, once again, she dropped to her knees and took that mini-dick into her mouth.

She actually likes sucking off smaller guys since she could take their whole cock into her mouth with only the slightest tickle of her gag reflex and guys just love to feel a girl's nose nestled in their pubic hair. This guy was no exception as he was soon thrusting in and out of Tammy's mouth. She moved right up to and slightly into the hole, letting him fuck her mouth with abandon. Like the last guy, this one didn't last very long and was soon shooting his load into Tammy's hot mouth. She couldn't help think that at this rate she was going to suck of everybody in the store in about 10 minutes. She had to chuckle at that thought as she swallowed the second load of the night.

Once again, just as she finished there was another cock back at the right side hole. Looking at this one Tammy thought, now that's more like it. It looked to be nearly 8 inches long and maybe the fattest cock she had ever seen, even bigger than Roger who is no slouch in the size department.

She grabbed that cock, stroked it a couple of times then stood up, turned around and backed up to it. Feeling a hot wet pussy rubbing on his hard cock, her next lover grabbed his own cock and began trying to feel his way inside Tammy's pussy. Tammy was too impatient to wait for this guy to fumble around trying to fuck her so she reached underneath her, grabbed that big cock and guided it directly into her hot, hungry pussy.

"Fuck me, fuck me HARD," Tammy demanded.

The owner of that big cock was more than happy to oblige that demand as he began driving in and out of Tammy's pussy mercilessly and, unlike the first two guys, he was capable of fucking her a lot longer than 45 seconds. In fact, after about 10 minutes Tammy was in the throughs of her second orgasm as he finally drove deep into her pussy and deposited a huge load of cum which sent Tammy immediately into her third orgasm and her lover was considerate enough to leave his softening cock deep inside her until she was finished.

You would think, if anything, a guy would slip some cash through the hole but, instead, this guy slipped his business card through saying "If you're interested, I can fuck a horny, slut like you whenever you want."

She started to get mad at the ungrateful fuck when she realized she was sitting in a peep show booth having swallowed to loads of strangers' cum and her pussy dripping out the cum of another stranger. Yeah, she was a slut, she was loving it and she wanted more!

And there was her next conquest sticking through the hole to her left, not as big as the last guy but she no longer cared, she just wanted to get fucked.

"Hope you like sloppy seconds," she said as she backed up to the wall and guided another cock into her sloppy pussy.

He needed no more encouragement as he immediately began pounding Tammy's pussy for all he was worth. And there, right before her eyes, was another cock sticking through the other hole and Tammy realized that, with a little effort, she could lean over and suck that cock while being fucked and, now she was really in heaven or maybe hell.

As the evening wore on Tammy lost track of how many cocks had fucked her or cum in her mouth. One guy who was fucking her told her he wanted to cum in her mouth and, as out of control as she was, she turned around and took that cock, soaked in her own pussy juice, into her mouth and swallowed yet another load of cum. That was her first ever taste of pussy and the thought of the possibilities revitalized her libido which allowed her to continue a little longer in that booth.

Finally, it seemed no one was left and, looking at her watch she was amazed to see over 3 hours had passed. 3 hours of constant fucking and sucking! Time to get dressed and leave since she seemed to have satisfied virtually every guy in the store.

Walking through the store toward the door she received a standing ovation from everyone still there, all of whom had wide grins on their faces. Tammy, ever the show boater, opened her blouse, spread it wide, giving them a good look at what they might not have seen in the booth which received another round of applause along with some catcalls.

Exiting the store, she walked through the parking lot to her car, got in the passenger side and said, "How did you like that, Roger."

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