Will the wife cheat?

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Susan is tempted Luxury

Would my Susan cheat?

This is a true story of what happened with my spouse, Susan who I have been married to for over 15 years.  Susan and I met in college and married when I was 25 and she was 22. Susan was, and still is a very attractive blonde.  Actually I should say, dirty blonde. She has big brown eyes and can look innocent as hell. She is 5’4” and 121 lb, so she has managed to stay in pretty decent shape.

Last year, after 14 years of marriage, things were getting a bit stale.  I think it’s very common among couples to get to this point. Unless you really work at it, sometimes we take each other for granted.  Susan would sometimes make cracks that maybe we needed to look outside of the marriage, but when I would ask, she would always claim she was joking.  A few times she suggested we spice things up by doing role plays. She would always want to pretend we were strangers that ran into each other and had a quick affair.  I have to admit it really ramped things up and Susan would always get extra horny during these sessions.

Over time, I started to feel a bit insecure.  I was really questioning, “would Susan ever cheat on me”.  I decided to test her.

I have a colleague, Craig that lives in another city.  He visited us once years ago and Susan commented that he was very attractive.  Craig is quite the specimen of man. Tall, built and very good looking. I noticed that they both made eyes at each other quite often.  We were due to work together for a small project in his town. I hatched a plan.

The trip was planned about a month in advance.  I called Craig and told him I would stay at a local hotel in his town and asked if I could bring Susan along as well.  He seemed to have no issue with that. In the weeks leading up to the the trip, I purposely made myself unavailable for any sexual activity with Susan.  I did however show some affection, but just enough to get her a bit horny, then I would make some excuse as to why we couldn’t have sex. This went on for close to a month.  I could tell she was getting a bit frustrated with my lack of sex with her.

We flew out to Craig’s city on a Thursday.  Craig and I knocked out the project together while Susan was out shopping.  Thursday evening, I took Susan out to dinner and afterward, she proceeded to show me the sexy panties she had bought that day.  After her evening bath, she was expecting sex, but again, I feigned disinterest. Susan looked dejected.

Friday came and again Susan was off shopping and Craig and I finished up.  We agreed to meet that the hotel restaurant for dinner. Around 7:00 pm, Susan and I met Craig in the restaurant.  I could tell immediately that there was attraction between them. Much of the evening I would catch Craig watching as Susan made her way to the ladies room and vice versa.  Susan seemed to stare at Craig’s crotch as he walked back from the bathroom. Or was I just imagining this? I had to know.

As the evening went on, I made it a point for it to appear that I was drinking heavily.  I ordered many drinks but when no one was looking, poured them in the plant behind us or carried then to the restroom and poured them down the sink.  I purposely slurred my words later in the evening. I could tell Susan was fed up with me. Craig and Susan on the other hand, seemed to really be enjoying their conversation.

As the night came to a close, I invited Craig to stay with us, telling him he was too drunk to drive home.  We had a large suite and it had a couch Craig could sleep on. He agreed to stay. In the room, I opened another bottle of wine and we all had another drink.  Then I layed down on the bed and pretended to fall asleep. Of course, I was not sleeping and could make out what was going on in the room by sounds and through the slits of my eyes.

Susan and Craig continued to talk a bit, then Susan said she was tired.  She gave Craig a sheet and pillow and he made his way to the couch. Susan went in the bathroom, brushed her teeth and changed into her sexy nighty.  It was partially see through. My thought was “wow...if Craig sees that”.

Susan got into bed with me and I could hear Craig make his bed.  After a bit of rustling around, things finally quieted down. I was both surprised and relieved.  At the same time, I was maybe just a little disappointed. I was very horny and the thought of Susan and Craig doing something made me jealous and horny at the same time.  I was also feeling like a heel for not trusting Susan. The lights went off but there was still a night light in the bathroom and the window allowed some light in from outside.

I fell into a deep sleep for maybe 40 minutes when I felt some movement.  It was Susan going to the bathroom. She had left the door open but the night light in there clearly showed through her sheer nighty.  I could see her standing at the sink, looking at her face. Right at this moment I heard Craig get up and walk into the bathroom. He was only wearing a pair of boxer briefs.  He stood behind Susan and whispered something in her ear. She shook her head no but just stood there with Craig behind her. I saw Craig put his hands on Susan’s shoulders and kiss behind her ears.  As he kissed her, he ran his hands up and down her shoulders and then down her back. Susan didn’t move, she just stood there frozen. Would she cheat? I couldn’t be sure. Craig continued to assault Susan’s neck with his kisses.  Susan started to move her neck around, allowing Craig access to her ears. This man was a master of seduction and Susan loved what he was doing to her.

Craig was kissing her neck and rubbing her back when Susan said no.  But it was not a convincing no. Craig moved closer until the hard bulge in his boxers was brushing up against Susan’s pantied covered ass.  This was the real test. From all the years I had been with her, I knew Susan absolutely loved to have me come up and grind her from behind. Would she succumb...or stop this while she still could.  I watch intently as Craig ran his hands down on Susan’s waist. Then it happened. I could see Susan, Craig’s hands on her waist, ever so slightly tweak her ass backward. It was a very slight movement, then she relaxed.  But seconds later, I saw her lift her ass again, this time a bit more. Craig responded with a very slight move forward, very lightly brushing his very hard and thick bulge against her ass. I could hear Susan’s breath start to tense up.  Craig, now emboldened, reached around and cupped my wife’s breasts. Susan took in a deep breath as Craig pinched and rolled Susan’s hardening nipples. Craig thrust forward, grinding hard against Susan’s ass. She pushed back equally as hard, clearly Susan was enjoying the attention after such a long time without sex.  She slide a hand behind and stroked Craig through his underwear.

This went of for maybe 2 minutes when suddenly, Susan said “stop”.  And this time she meant it. Craig, feeling dejected, mumbled he understood and made his way to the couch.

Susan came back to bed.  I felt relieved she had stopped yet I was extremely horny.  I couldn’t do anything about that now and tried to sleep. Two or three minutes went by when I felt Susan get up again.  She made pains to do it very quietly. I cracked open my eyes to see Susan walk over to where Craig was lying. I could clearly see the silhouette of Susan through her nighty.  She knelt down and pulled at his boxers, lowering them and pulled out his incredibly large cock. She began to stroke the shaft. It was so thick and hard. She moved closer and kissed the head.  Then ran her tongue around the head. I could see Craig move and lift as she sucked his cock.

Susan must have licked and sucked Craig for a couple minutes when he stopped her.  He sat up and guided her to stand in front of him. He ran his hands up the inside of her thighs.  Then rubbed her beautiful pussy through her panties. I could hear Susan let out a slight whimper. Then Craig lowered her panties and guided her to climb over him.  I could just make out as Susan lowered what I am sure, was her sopping wet vagina down onto Craig’s ample and very hard penis.

I could see Susan moving up and down, very slowly and very quietly.  Her body went up and down as Craig lifted his hips to her. My wife of 15 years was fucking another man.  One side of me wanted to wake up and beat this man. The other side of me was so horny I could hardly stand it.  They must have fucked for at least 10 minutes when I could hear Susan’s breathing tighten. I knew from experience that her orgasm was imminent.  Their pace quickened, then in one long sigh, Susan dropped down on Craig. She was cumming. Craig grunted and thrust hard, then came too. All movement stopped as they both were exhausted.  My wife had allowed Craig to fill her vagina with his thick cum. It hurt.

Soon Susan made her way to the bathroom, then to bed.  She quickly fell asleep. The next morning neither showed any signs of the activity from the night before.  Craig left. That night, back in our home, Susan fucked my like we were teenagers. I never said a word of what I had saw that night.  It still gets me so horny just thinking about it.

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