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Caught in Wife’s Nylons

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I love the feel of the stockings on my legs. The elegant theatre of rolling the nylon and placing over my toes and then slowly stretching and smoothing them up my legs. The detail of clipping over the suspenders and then slipping my feet into the high heels. I like to stand in front of the long mirror and let my eyes slowly rise from the black patent heels over the slight wrinkle of nylon on my instep, up my legs to the band of the stocking tops. And then my cock slowly dripping pre-cum, pointing straight at the mirror. This is how Mary found me. cheating

Caught in Wife’s Nylons

A married couple come to terms with his fetish in a way that suits them both.

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Chapter One.

I love the feel of the stockings on my legs. The elegant theatre of rolling the nylon and placing over my toes and then slowly stretching and smoothing them up my legs. The detail of clipping over the suspenders and then slipping my feet into the high heels.

I like to stand in front of the long mirror and let my eyes slowly rise from the black patent heels over the slight wrinkle of nylon on my instep, up my legs to the band of the stocking tops.

And then my cock slowly dripping pre-cum, pointing straight at the mirror.

This is how Mary found me.

I didn't hear her return. I thought I had at least two hours to play and indulge my fantasy.

"WHAT THE FUCK..." was as far as Mary got before she almost coughed and stood in the doorway staring straight at me.

I froze, Mary froze. "AARRRRGGG" was her primal grunt and she turned and skipped downstairs and out of the door. I heard her car start as I was still fixed to the spot in the bedroom.

Did she already suspect?  Was that why she must have turned back from the trip to her sisters' only 15 minutes after leaving?  So many thoughts whirled around my head. "What next.." being the primary one.

Mary and I had been married just over 5 years and we had both just turned 30.

We had good jobs which kept us busy and allowed a comfortable lifestyle we both enjoyed.

But the sex had tailed off in the last year.

Mary used to wear stockings and heels all the time before we got married. Then she would wear them for special occasions and into the bedroom. But the last year.... Our sex life had gotten stale and neither of us was really trying.

But I loved the stockings and heels. So much, I had taken to wearing them myself, just to feel the delicious pleasure on my skin. I would parade around the bedroom and then relax on the bed and masturbate until I was ready to come. My mind would be filled with images of Mary (and others).

Mary, my beautiful and still sexy wife. She is 5'9" tall, only 1" shorter than me. When she wore heels, rarely, she became my 'better' - my wife that I treasured. I would then stand in front of the mirror and spurt into my hands. And, don't judge me for this, I would then lick my fingers and palms clean of spunk. I felt dirty but satisfied.

Mary kept her figure slim and dressed well. Her job at the property company bringing her into contact with a lot of men and she sometimes used her figure and beautiful eyes and mouth to good advantage. Her wardrobe for work was skirts that came to the knee, high heels and tight silk blouses.

Mary was earning well but the talk over the last year was of taking a career break to start a family. My job at the bank was going well also, but I wanted to wait about 5 more years until all of the loans and debts were cleared before we upgraded the mortgage and moved to a house capable of supporting a family on one income. Nick, always the practical one.

I know Mary was frustrated by my insistence on waiting to start a family. Julie, her sister, was 2 years younger and already had two lovely kids. But I knew the toll it had taken on Julie and Mike's finances and also on Julie's figure.

So here I was. Indulging my fetish because my wife had stopped doing so. And now I was going to pay the price.

Chapter Two.

Mary returned about 3 hours later. Her face firm and she said nothing.

She didn't say more than cursory instructions and comments all through the weekend. Whenever I tried to initiate a conversation - about anything - Mary would snap back with "Not NOW Nick".

On Monday we both left for work in the normal way. I texted to say how much I still loved her, but she didn't reply. We both returned home, Mary slight earlier than me as normal. No change.

The next day, same routine. That evening, Mary spent a long time on the phone to her sister.

The week dragged by and I decided that if we got to the weekend without a resolution, then I would instigate something - even if that something was an argument.

But on Saturday morning Mary was up early and I just caught her long enough for her to tell me that she was spending the day with her sister.

I moped around the house. I was so close to having a fetish session with the stockings and heels - but I daren't get caught again. And I didn't know if her visit to Julie was genuine or was she waiting in the garage or someplace.

Instead I took a long bath and a slow wank. I remembered one weekend from a few months before when I went as far as dressing in a pair of Mary's panties, bra stuffed with socks, stockings, suspender belt, heels and also one of her skirts and a blouse. The over-layer clothes were from the wash hamper, just in case. I spent two hours skipping around the house.

I even applied a little lipstick. I was in heaven.

Mary called about 6pm to say she was on her way back. It was the first 'proper' sentence she had said to me all week. When she arrived I thought I would push things forward and greeted her with a glass of wine. She smiled and that evening was lovely. We didn't talk about 'the incident' but things seemed to be getting back to normal.

The following Thursday evening I heard some giggling from the study and realised Mary was chatting to her sister Julie on the phone. When Mary came into the lounge it was as though the weight had been lifted from her. She was chatty and even flirty.

We watched a little TV and then she stood, licked my ear, and said she was going for a bath. I turned and saw the mischievous look on her face. I gave her 10 minutes and then went to the bathroom with a glass of wine for her. She thanked me and pulled me to her for a slow, long kiss. We exchanged tongues and she licked my lips. She told me to give her about 30 minutes and then wait to be called.

After 40 minutes of wondering, I heard "Nicky..." being called from upstairs. I started to run but slowed to a relaxed stroll up the stairs to our bedroom.

Mary had the lights down low but her reclined form on the bed was all too easy to see. She wore a babydoll nightie I had bought her a couple of years before. Sheer black, with a fur trim. It was all she wore on top. Mary wore a red waspie (my gift) that covered her slim waist and the suspenders were attached to red sheer, seamed stockings (my gift) and her feet were encased in red 5" patent heels (my gift). There was a fragrance of perfume in the room.

She raised herself onto one elbow beckoned me to her. "Well... ?" was all she said.

I spluttered out "YOU LOOK FANTASTIC..." maybe too eagerly. But, she did!

Her fingers slid up her legs and she ran her slim middle finger under the band of her stocking. She then slid her hand to her pussy and I realised she had shaved. She left a small patch above her lips but she saw my eyes and she raised one knee to make my view easier. The light glistened on her wet pussy lips as she stroked her lips and clit hood.

I stripped in about 10 seconds and kneeled on the bed and started to move alongside her.

Her palm pushed back on my shoulder. "Wouldn't you like to try something... different?" she almost purred and I followed her gaze as she turned her to the dressing table. I turned to look and on the dresser was a new pair of stockings, still in the pack, and a black suspender belt.

My eyes darted back to hers, almost guiltily. Mary just slowly nodded and said "It's OK. We can try this and see where it goes". Again, I too eagerly skipped off the bed and darted for the stockings.

Mary moved on the bed and sat on the end, reclining back a little. I stood gazing at her legs for a while.

She spoke "I suggest you put the suspender belt on first". I turned and took the lacy belt in my hand. I didn't recognise it - I knew all of the items in Mary's underwear drawers and cupboards - was it new?  It had 6 straps and was very lacy, and also it was 'large'.

I slipped the belt around my waist and clipped it together in the front and then slid it around the correct way. "You've had practice, I see..." Mary said, but the smile on her face was joking and not accusatory. I unpacked the stockings and stretched them out. Barely Black, 15 denier, fully fashioned stockings with reinforced heel and a back seam. Bliss!

I rolled the left one and bent over but then thought better and sat on the dressing chair. I then bent and slipped the stocking over my foot, taking care to get the heel sat properly and then slowly started to roll it up my leg. I was in heaven.

Mary parted her legs a little and rubbed her hand slowly on the top of her thighs, the nylon lightly 'cracking' as she did so.

I now had the stocking up to my thigh and so I stood and started to clip the front when Mary said "no, no, not like that". She stood from the bed and motioned for me to turn a little. She took my left hand and guided it around so that my fingers could feel where the seam finished around the back. She then had me turn so that my back was to the mirror and then twist at the waist so that my right hand could grasp the back strap and meet my left hand.

She knelt and said "this is the only way to keep the seam straight" and ran her fingers all the way up the back of my leg, sending sparks directly to my already throbbing cock.

Mary then directed as to the best places for the second and third straps.

When the left stocking was in place she slowly slinked back to the bed, sat on the end but more forwards than before. "I'm sure you can manage the other on your own" she challenged.

I repeated the process and the right stocking was soon in place. Yes, I had had plenty of practice, just not with seamed stockings.

I now stood in front of her unsure as to what to do. Mary rose and walked in front of me and took my cock in her left hand and ran her right index finger around the slit. It was quickly slick with my juices and she brought her finger to her soft lips and flicked her tongue out and swirled around it.

She jerked her head a little to the right and down and I followed her gaze and saw a pair of heels had placed next to the mirror. These I DID recognise and were the same pair I had been caught wearing only two weeks before. I needed to grasp the dressing chair to allow me to get the 4" heels on, but I managed it without a problem. As I turned, Mary was already reclining back on the bed.

She beckoned me over and told me stand at the end of the bed.

"Do you like to wank off when you're dressed like that?" she asked, very calmly.

This was the first direct spoken reference to the 'the incident'.

"Hmm" was the best I could manage in response. My shame and nervousness getting the better of me.

She smiled and slid further up the bed so that she could sit-up more, the pillows supporting her.

"Then do so". I looked at her, a little unsure, but she just turned and took a sip of wine.

I started to rub my cock. My eyes roaming over her gorgeous form. She slipped her free hand down her belly and lightly rubbed her fingertips over her lips and clit.

That encouraged me to stroke faster and it wasn't until my eyes closed and Mary realised I was getting too excited that she told me to stop.

"It would be nice to have that inside of me" and she licked her lips.

I went to the dresser to grab a condom and I heard her 'tut'. I turned but she wasn't looking at me.

Even though Mary was on the pill, we still used condoms - I felt it was my responsibility to do so.

I rolled the condom on in super-fast time and returned to stand at the end of the bed.

Mary told me lye beside her, on my back. I did so and she moved into a position kneeling next to me and then straddled my waist.

She took off her baby-doll and my hands naturally grabbed her full breasts.

She smiled and then shifted her hips backwards until my cock pushed against her bum. Mary reached behind and took hold of my cock and directed into to her slit. She adjusted her weight and I slipped inside her with no trouble and Mary let out a low moan.

"Shit Nick, I've never felt you so big". My cock did feel like it had grown.

She slowly rotated her hips and I started to raise mine to meet her movements.

Mary placed her palms on my chest and ground her hips into me. This meant my hand couldn't grasp her breasts so I held her thighs and laced my fingers through her suspender straps. We fucked that way for about 3 minutes until I knew I was getting close.

Mary could sense this too and she let go of my chest and flopped down, adjusting her position and bringing her mouth next to my ear.

"Fuck me Nick". "Fuck your slutty wife". She knew I liked her to talk dirty.

"Do you like the feel of the stockings Nicky?". She never called me Nicky though. "Mmm, they feel lovely" was my tame reply.

"Oh shit Nicky, I love them myself... it feels so good having your nylons rub against mine" and she straightened her legs and rubbed her thighs over mine, causing my cock to almost slip out.

I was grunting, trying to hold back the inevitable. Mary licked my ear and spoke again "mmmm, it feels like another woman is fucking me..." she paused "would you like to see that Nicky, another woman fucking me" I grunted "maybe with a strapon" I grunted and thrust my hips upwards "mmmm, yeah you'd love that...." she moaned.

Mary slid her legs up mine as my hands pulled her hips up and down.

She moved her head over to the other side of mine. "Or maybe another guy for a threesome...". I grunted, unsure where she was going "mmm, him fucking me from the back... your cock in my mouth..." I was enjoying this "or maybe he might like your slutty stockings more than mine and want to fuck you...mmm I'd love to see that". I wasn't sure how to react but the physical activity was overriding the mental stimulation and with a roar I pushed her hips down and started to spurt. I jerked my hips and muttered "shit, shit, I'm coming...". Mary giggled in my ear "I know...".

After a minute, Mary slid off me and rolled onto her back.

She grasped my cock and quickly rolled-off the condom. She sat up and straddled my thighs and thrust her breasts at me. Before I moved, she took the condom and emptied it over her breasts. The thick white spunk slid down her left breast and then her right one.

She dropped the condom and took my hands and placed them on her breasts. I smoothed my spunk over them and around her firm nipples.

Mary looked straight into my eyes. "Wouldn't you rather that was inside of me ?" she asked softly, but I didn't want to reply and spoil the moment. Instead I just said "I love you so much... I would do anything for you".

After a minute, Mary rose and went to the bathroom. I got off the bed and undressed. A few minutes later, Mary returned, naked and clean and placed her lingerie on the dresser.

That night she snuggled into me and both slept well.

Chapter Three.

The next week it seemed as though things were back to normal. My birthday was at the weekend and Mary always made a fuss and there were plenty of gifts.

On Saturday, Mary woke me to wish me happy birthday. I went downstairs and the usual pile of gifts was missing. Before I could look for them Mary shouted "HAPPY BRITHDAY" and gave me a gold envelope - the sort you have at an awards ceremony. I hugged her and said thanks and started to open the envelope. Before I could do so, Mary took my hands and said "I've taken a chance of this... I hope you like it as it did cost a lot and so I haven't gotten you anything else".

I told it would be fine and it was never about the quantity of gifts or the money spent.

I opened the envelope and took out a gold card. In bright, bold font it said...

"This is your invitation to spend a day at Transformers.

Transformers will make your fantasies into reality - if only for one day".

I looked at the card and then at Mary and could tell she was nervous so she said "I'll explain..."

We sat down and she poured me a coffee and then told me....

"Transformers is a place I found online that allows men to... dress up!".

I started to speak but she carried on "No judgements are made, it's all very professional - I've been to visit the place and it looks fine."

She continued "Men arrive and can dress and be made-up in any way they want - for the day they fully get to live out their fantasy". Mary looked nervous but I smiled and told her how thoughtful the gift was and I was going to look forward to it.

"Well, there's no time like the present - let's book it now!" she blurted out.

I asked why the hurry but she replied by saying that the people at Transformers say that the more time elapses the less likely the man is to go through with it - and it was non-refundable.

I didn't know what to say and before I could think Mary had my diary in front of me and was looking at dates.

"They suggest a weekday - as it is quieter - do you think you could get a day booked off?"

This was all going a little quickly but I thought 'why not' and so I picked out a Friday in two weeks time. Mary said that next week would be better. She was quite insistent and I gave it some thought and knew I could re-arrange one thing at work and so we agreed on the next Friday.

Mary clapped her hands in glee and skipped out to the study and I could hear her making a call.

She returned a few minutes later and said "Super! They're expecting us on Friday at 2pm".

"Us?" I replied. "Oh yes..." she began "I want to be there to support you". She moved closer and ran her hands over my shoulders "and it should be fun...." she bent so her mouth was close to my ear "and they let wives.. join in at the end" and she flicked her tongue around my ear "you know, like the other week" and she giggled and my cock stirred at the memory.

I realised I was going to enjoy this!

The week flew by and I got home early on Thursday and was pleased to see that Mary was home also. She was clearly excited and had a drink waiting for me when I arrived.

"So.." she began "do you want to make preparations for tomorrow?"

I looked at her quizzically then she carried on "you know, maybe shave a few...manly places ?"

I realised what she meant and before I knew it she was calling me from the bathroom.

I went upstairs and Mary was in the bathroom - in just her baby doll nightie - with my razor and cream ready on the sink. She suggested I strip and we'd get started!

Over the next 30 minutes, Mary shaved my arms, my chest, the few hairs I had on my back.

All the while she teased me with her full breasts and stiff nipples dancing behind within the baby doll. My cock was stiff for the whole time but she paid it no attention.

She stood back and matter-of-factly asked "Legs ?".

I wasn't sure, but as it was October, I didn't think my legs would be on public display for a while so I smiled and Mary smiled back.

She sat me on the edge of the bath and knelt in front of me. She carefully shaved my shins and thighs and then told me to turn and bend a little and then she shaved my calves.

I started to say "Mary, are you really sure..." at one point but was rewarded with her mouth wrapping itself around my cock head, her tongue stimulating my glans and her eyes looking directly into mine. After a minute, she continued shaving me.

I showered and the water felt very hot on my exposed skin - like I'd been sunburnt. As I got out of the shower I noticed a bottle of skin lotion had been placed on the sink and i took the hint. I smoothed the lotion over my chest and legs. It smelt slightly fragranced, but not bad.

Mary called through the door to ask if I was ready. I opened the door and Mary was stood, still in just her nightie, but holding a pair of stockings and a suspender belt in one hand and a pair of heels in the other. I smiled and said "you or me?".

I was genuinely wanting to say "you" but I could tell Mary was excited to get the other answer so I said "me". She passed me the items and said "don't be long..." as she skipped back into the bedroom.

I rolled the stockings up my legs, no seam this time, attached the 6 straps and slipped the heels on my feet. The stockings felt fabulous on my smooth legs. I slowly walked to the bedroom door and opened it. Mary was on the bed rubbing her favourite vibrator over her wet pussy. She beckoned me over and told me to lay down next to her. As I lay down, she got off the bed and walked around before getting back on and straddled my neck, her pussy just above my mouth.

She grabbed the headboard and slowly lowered her pussy to my waiting mouth. I ate her noisily to an orgasm in only two minutes.

She quickly rolled off onto her back and opened her legs wide and said "fuck me" in a deep, throaty voice. I skipped off the bed to go to the dresser to get a condom and Mary said "shit Nick, can you not just be impulsive". I didn't want an argument so I decided to jump back on the bed and was inside her within 10 seconds - repeating to myself to pull out as I knew it was Mary's fertile time.

Mary's hands were on my arse and she was pulling me deep in her.

"Oh god that feels gooooood...." she moaned and I fucked her as hard as I could, almost lifting her off the bed. Mary was screaming and thrashing and she came for a second time.

I knew I was close so I pulled out and with only a few strokes I came in spurts over her breasts, staining the nightie. Mary's breathing was heavy and I flopped down beside her.

I said "thank you for being such a sexy wife and so understanding" as I unclipped the stockings and rolled them down my legs.

Chapter Four.

The big day arrived. We rose late and ate a large breakfast to see us through the day.

I was asking questions all of the time to which Mary's answers were mostly "wait and see" or "they're professionals, I'm sure they'll have it covered" or some such.

Mary drove, as I was too nervous, to an address on the edge of town that looked like it might be a Dental surgery, or a law firm - obviously not a residence, but not obviously a business either.

We rang the bell - no nameplate - and the buzzer opened the door. We entered into a small lobby with no indications as to the purpose of the place. Two chairs, a small coffee table, no magazines.

After 1 minute, a stunningly attractive woman entered. She introduced herself as Hayley and we shook hands. She asked us to confirm our names and then to follow her. We went just one door down the non-descript corridor and into the room that must have been behind the first room.

It was like a comfortable lounge with a large sofa, several arm chairs, a dresser, a coffee table etc...

Hayley asked if we wanted a drink - and very quickly added - "that's anything by the way, alcohol, coffee...". We both asked for a glass of wine and Hayley smiled and left. I watched her as she left and thought she must be about 30 years old, slim and short but she wore a tight dress that moved with her as she walked and she wore very sexy silver heels.

Two minutes later Hayley returned carrying a tray with 2 glasses of red wine and a folder under her arm.

Hayley sat on a chair as we were on the sofa. Her skirt rode up her legs and I was sure I could make out the band of her stockings.

She took out a form from her folder and passed it to Mary with a pen. Mary skimmed it quickly and signed at the bottom - passing it back with a cursory "oh just to confirm we are who we say we are..".

Hayley turned to me and smiled. She began "so, what name to put on the form ?".

I looked bemused and replied 'Nick' but Mary interjected and said "Nicola". I looked at her and Hayley spoke and said "that's fine Nick. You're here today to be whatever you want to be. For today, you can escape being 'Nick' and be 'Nicola'". I wasn't sure but Mary put her hand on mine and squeezed slightly.

"Mary has told me a few things about you... Nicola.. and I'll be honest and say you are exactly the sort of client we love to have here at Transformers" Hayley said. I blushed a little and she continued "a lot of men enjoy cross-dressing and most of them love it for the sexy lingerie and especially stockings and heels". I blushed more but she continued "if we can give you a day you will remember, a day that would be difficult at home, then I hope you'll be happy".

Mary squeezed my hand again and I smiled at her.

Hayley continued "but I do need to ask some... personal questions just to make sure we get the day exactly right for you". "Sure" was all I could reply.

Hayley then asked me why I liked stockings and heels. Did I enjoy wearing them? Would I like to see Mary wear them more? Was it the full set of lingerie that excited me - such as corsets and baques?

Yes, yes, yes and yes !

Did I enjoy sex whilst wearing them?  Did I want a man to find me attractive dressed like that?

That last question was the last one asked as I made it plain that gay sex was not my thing.

Hayley apologised and said she felt she had to ask in case I was shy of asking and it might have been something I really wanted.

The mood was calm and I could feel my cock stirring. Just having these two sexy women talk about stockings and heels was exciting for me.

"So, Nicola, when we have your underwear sorted what would you like on top"? was Hayley's next question. I looked quizzical until she said "Nurse's outfit, naughty schoolgirl, secretary..." and then I got the drift. I replied that it was just the underwear really.

“Last questions” she began “your wife tells me that you are going for the high-end photo package, correct?”. I looked a little shocked but Mary turned to me and said “It’s OK Nick, they use digital photography and we get the memory sticks”. I was still concerned and Mary squoze my hand and said “just think what we can do with those photos on quiet evenings” and smiled sexily.

Hayley nodded wrote down a few things and then said "I'll leave you alone for about 10 minutes to get things prepared". "Then, the lovely Carla will come and collect you to take you through to the changing rooms".

I felt a frisson of excitement.

Hayley stood and left, my eyes following her as she left.

Mary clapped her hands together in glee. "This looks like it will be fun" she almost shrieked.

I smiled and said "What will you be doing?". Mary gave me a noncommittal look and said she'd find a way of entertaining herself.

Mary could tell I was both excited and nervous and so she held my hand and told me that it would be fine and just to enjoy it all.

All through the process so far my cock had been restless. Variously hard and medium hard and I knew I had probably dribbled some pre-cum.

After what seemed like only a minute, the door opened and a stunningly attractive woman entered. She introduced herself as Carla and shook Mary's hand and then mine.

Carla was only short - 5'2" or so - but very curvy and she was wearing a tight white uniform, the sort the ladies in the perfume sections of large stores wear. The outfit was piped in red and she wore high red heels and I noticed her nylons had a red backseam as she sat down.

But Carla had a face to die for. She was probably about 30 but looked a little younger. Her brown hair was long and shiny and it framed her gorgeous face. When she smiled, she had small dimples in her cheeks and her eyes were slightly elongated, almost oriental. Her lips were full and painted red, matching her nails. I was captivated.

Before I knew it Carla was escorting Mary out of the door and Mary disappeared down the corridor.

I was almost in a daze and Carla stood in front of me smiling, realising I was lost in a reverie.

"feeling OK?" was Carla's question as I snapped back to the present.

"mmmm" was all I could reply.

Carla smiled a beautiful smile and extended her hand and I took it in my mine and she guided me to stand. Without speaking, she turned and made for a door on the other side of the room. A small corridor had two other doors. Carla opened the first one and let go of my hand as she walked in.

I followed her into a shower room.

Carla spoke. "So... Nick, here's where we begin your transformation" and she flashed her beautiful smile once more. She continued "hang your clothes here and they'll be collected" as she indicated a clothes rail "and then step in and take a shower". I nodded. "Then, exit through the other side as Nicola". She motioned to the shower stall and I realised there was a curtain covering the other wall. Carla moved in front of me and I couldn't help soaking in the sight of her legs as she stretched a little to move the curtain to allow me to see another room identical to the one I was in on the other side.

Carla moved out of the way, smiled and then left the room.

I felt a little numb, not sure of what was happening, but my rigid cock was doing the thinking for me and so I started to strip.

I hung my clothes and entered the shower. The soaps and lotions were all very feminine and so I used them sparingly. I turned off the water and pulled back the curtain and stepped onto a mat on the other side.

The lighting was soft and low but I could see the towels and so i started to dry myself. The towels were incredibly soft, almost like cotton wool. As I dried I saw a long dressing gown hanging on a rail. The sort of gown that had fluffy edges to the collar and lapels - it might have been worn by a 30's film star!

On the floor were a pair of mule slippers. I stood and stared and thought "what the heck" and slipped on the gown, tying it around my waist and slipped the mules onto my feet. They only had a 2" heel and so were easy enough to manage.

I took a deep breath and opened the door and walked through.

- - -   - - -   - - -   - - -

I found myself in a red velvet dressing room. There was a big dressing table, a mirror on it, another floor-standing mirror, a chair but little else in the room. I stood for a minute and then turned as a door on the far side of the room opened.

Yet another beautiful young woman entered, pushing a small cart. She closed the door and moved the cart next to the dressing table. She walked in front of me and introduced herself as Amber and she smiled a lovely smile.

Amber was about 25, quite tall - maybe 5' 8" - plus her 4" heels, she was taller than me.

Amber has cropped red hair that framed her face beautifully. She was dressed the same as Hayley in a short white lab coat with red piping. And yes, her shoes were red also!.

She noticed me looking past her at the cart and she spoke again.

"I am the make-up artist here and these are my tools!" and she smiled broadly.

I didn't reply and so Amber continued "I will put make-up on for you to make you look as beautiful.." she paused for breath"...or as slutty as you wish". I blushed.

There was a moment of silence - I think amber was waiting for a response.

"I can tell you're nervous" she began "so why don't we take it slow and just go with a simple blusher, light eye makeup and some simple lipstick". Her smile was enchanting.

I just nodded and amber took my hand and led me to sit at the dressing table.

She wheeled her cart alongside me and pulled up another chair so she was facing me and I was at a light angle to the bid table mirror.

Over the next 15 minutes she so gently applied some soft foundation, a light brush to my eyebrows, some mascara and some slight colour to my cheeks. I turned to look at myself and also gasped. I looked so.... feminine. Amber smiled and said she could read my mind.

She took my chin in her soft hands and turned my head so I was looking straight into her beautiful eyes. She tool a lipstick and a small brush and started to paint my lips a slightly red shade of pink. She asked me suck on a tissue and then re-applied. Lastly she slightly dusted my lips before adding a slight gloss. As she was doing this last layer she asked me not to lick my lips for about two minutes.

She asked me to sit and she took my hand and applied some mid-red varnish to my nails. She spoke as she did so "don't worry about this, it will come off with a regular remover - nothing permanent". In only five minutes she transformed my nails to make my hands look almost feminine.

Amber moved backwards and I turned to look at myself. My god, but my mouth looked fuckable!  My lips seem to have swelled and the colour and shine was gorgeous.

I sat transfixed by my own reflection and didn't realise that Amber had stood and was now behind me. She whispered softly in my ear "mmm, you look sexy". I blushed again.

Amber giggled and started to stroke my hair before taking a brush from her cart and properly brushing it. She took some pins and attached a thin skull cover that made my hair almost disappear - it looked really odd.

Amber then moved to a cupboard and before she opened it said "I think mid brown suits your colouring, but we have wigs in all colours" and she opened the cupboard doors.

I hadn't thought about a wig but there were now about 16 wigs of a mixture of colours and length sat on plastic heads looking back at me.

Amber took a plastic head and carried to me. The wig was a chestnut brown and it almost shone when the light caught it. It was shoulder length, with a slight wave. Almost a 40s film-star look to it.

Amber lifted the wig and carefully placed it on my head and moved it around until she was happy with the fit and then she moved in front of me and slightly tugged at the front until she was satisfied with the look. She then took a soft brush and deftly flicked around the locks.

She Smiled and motioned for me to look into the mirror.

"Wow" was all I could say - completely involuntarily.

I couldn't believe the transformation. I looked sexy and feminine. I just stood staring at myself, turning my head slightly and catching my reflection from various angles.

Amber stood next to me and asked if I liked the look. I just stammered that I couldn't believe the difference and I thanked her profusely. Amber smiled and thanked me back.

Amber said "wait here, and someone will take you to the dressing room."

Amber left and I just kept admiring my reflection. I was barely aware that my cock was rock-hard. Mainly from the thought that I wanted to fuck the woman looking back at me.

Masturbation to the max!

After a couple of minutes the door opened and yet another woman entered.

She introduced herself as Melanie. Melanie was also tall. not as tall as Amber but about 5' 7".

Amber wore a short tight skirt, high heels and a tight silk blouse. She smelt fantastic.

Melanie spoke "I will be your dresser". She continued "mmm, Amber did a great job, you look wonderful". I blushed again.

"Can you follow me please and I'll take you to the dressing room". Melanie went to the door and I took a long look at her legs and wide hips. My cock was straining now.

We walked down a corridor to the next door and Melanie opened and went in and held the door for me to follow. The room held 3 ten-foot rails of clothes. Blouses, skirts, dresses , some uniforms, all manner of clothes. I turned to see another rail that must have had over 30 corsets and basques held on hangers. Another wall was taken up completely with shoes. There must have been over 100 pairs.

"Well Nicola" she continued "I need you to be fully undressed for me". She saw me cast a slight glance in the direction of my throbbing cock.

I swallowed and said that I was a little 'excited'. Melanie giggled and said she would have been surprised if I wasn't excited. She took a step and put her head alongside mine so that her mouth was parallel to my ear. She whispered in such a sexy manner "I'm aroused too... I love my job". She giggled and she could tell I had relaxed a little. "Now..." she continued "how about you drop that robe".

I took a deep breath and undid the waist tie and slipped the robe off my shoulders. Melanie was behind me and she lifted it from me. I was stood in my briefs and mule slippers.

My briefs were straining against my cock and a wet patch of pre-cum was clearly visible. I put my hands over my crotch to hide this.

Melanie pretended not to notice and she browsed the rail holding the basques.

She spoke "Nicola, I suggest a basque as it will help to give you a more feminine figure". I just nodded. Melanie took a clipboard from the desk and then muttered to herself as she browsed the basques.

"Hmm, this should be your size" as she picked a red basque off the rail. It had black lacing and trim and the back was fully laced with inter-twining silk laces.

My cock throbbed once more.

She held the basque in front of me and said the garments were specially made for the male figure. I just nodded once more.

Melanie unclipped the basque from the hanger and asked me to hold it. She loosened the laces and said I would need to stand into it. She knelt and I noticed her skirt strain across her thighs. Another throb of my cock.

I stepped into the basque and Melanie slipped it up my smooth legs. "Hmm, you've shaved" was her comment and she had to tug the basque over my hips a little. She stood and told me to slip my arms into the think silk shoulder straps. I did so and the basque was in place.

Melanie walked behind and slowly adjusted the shoulder straps until the basque body was right. "Nicola, did you want breasts" she asked. I slightly moved my head in 'I haven't thought about it' movement. She moved in front and I realised the basque didn't have cups in the traditional sense but where the area for the breasts should have been was lightly padded. "I can put in inserts to give you some lovely boobs if you wish" and she winked at me in a sexy manner. Again, I didn't respond and Melanie went to a drawer and returned with two foam inserts. She deftly slid them into the lining of the basque. I couldn't tell the difference but I trusted her judgement.

"Better" she said and moved behind me. I felt her start to pull on the basque body straps and the whole garment tightened on my body. She paused and asked if it felt OK. I said sure, so she pulled some more. It felt tight now but I could breathe OK so she stopped pulled and I assumed she must have tied-off the laces.

I looked down and realised the inserts had almost swelled and I now had 'C' cup breasts!

While I was admiring the garment and casually smoothing my hands over the firm stays in the basque, Melanie was attaching the first of 6 garter straps into the edges of the basque. She did this very quickly and then went to a drawer and said "what kind of stocking do you want"?

This was my moment of heaven. A beautiful, sexy woman was helping me realise my fantasies.

I spoke quickly "sheer black, only 10 denier or so, but they must be seamed". Melanie looked surprised but smiled as she said "my, you do have a preference, don't you" and flashed me a wicked smile. I smiled back. Melanie found a perfect pair of fully-fashioned nylons that were perfect - a thick dark band with lace inserts and rear seam rising from the full heel.

While I was admiring the stockings packet, Melanie went to the next dresser and slid open the middle drawer. There were around 100 pairs of panties of various colours. She flicked her painted fingers through the panties and mumbled until she found the pair she wanted. She held up a pair a black panties, briefs style with an almost see-through look to the back panel.

Melanie stepped in front of me and looked down at my briefs and then back to my face.

"We need to do something about... that, don't we" and smiled sexily. I mumbled in embarrassment, but Melanie just knelt in front of me and took hold of the waistband of my briefs. She skilfully pulled down my briefs and my cock bounced in front of her. "Mmmm, nice" was all she said. I was scared into silence. I looked down and saw her skirt had ridden up her thighs and her stocking tops were visible. My cock throbbed harder than it had all day.

Melanie looked into my eyes and I couldn't look away.

She said "I do enjoy my job". She then licked her lips and rocked forwards, slipping my cock into her warm mouth. I groaned and felt her hand cup my smooth balls. She slipped her mouth up and down my cock, running her tongue around my head as she did so.

She stopped and moved back and stood. She could tell the look of disappointment in my eyes.

She took a pair of stockings from drawer and knelt in front of me once more.

She bunched one of the stockings and then rolled it down my straining cock. When it completely covered my rod and balls, she slowly started to stroke my cock.

"So.." she began is slow sexy voice "what is it about women's stockings that turn men on so much". She looked into my eyes and she spoke but didn't stop her rubbing. I started to grunt but didn't speak. "My boyfriend loves me to wear stockings in bed" she continued, rubbing all the time. I was almost lost in the sound of her voice "mmmm, he loves it when I take a pair and tie him down to the bed..." I was panting now "...and then straddle his face, my stockings around his ears as his tongue..".

That was all I heard and I gasped and exploded into the nylons, my cum pooling the end.

Melanie sighed and slowed her stokes. "That's better".

After a few more strokes, she took the nylon off my cock and reached for a face-wipe to clean my rapidly shrinking cock.

I just stood breathing deeply. Melanie moved quickly and asked me to step into the panties. She pulled them up to my knees and then went behind me. I felt her slip my cock into a sleeve-like device and then she pulled the panties fully into place.

"That will give you a better shape" was all she said. She then pulled the garter straps through the panties so they hung below and she adjusted the length until she was happy with the symmetry. I was still gasping from my climax.

Melanie asked me to sit and she took the new stockings and passed me the pack. "I suspect you know how to put these on properly" she asked and I just nodded, still breathing heavily but getting aroused once more. Melanie stood as I sat and took the stockings from the packet. I removed the cardboard shape and unfurled the two silky stockings, lightly pulling them through my fingers to stretch them to length.

I placed one on the table and the other, rolling it until just the foot was free. I crossed my legs - putting pressure on my constrained cock - and carefully placed the stocking on my foot. I pulled it into shape and made sure the seam was perfectly centred.

I then slowly unrolled the stocking until it reached my knee then I stood and pulled it up to my thigh. I bent and smoothed the nylon and the stocking rose higher almost of it's own accord.

Melanie just sat and watched. She asked me turn and she praised me on the straightness of the seam. I bent again and clips the strap to the front of the stocking, mid thigh and then reached back to make sure the rear clip was exactly on the seam line. I then attached the side clip and stood. Melanie clapped her hands and told me the line was perfect. I blushed.

I repeated the process with my other leg and Melanie applauded once more. She stood directly in front of me and said that I was almost done. She turned away and asked "how good are you in heels?" She had moved to the shoe cupboard and was perusing the black high heels. "What size?" she quizzed. I said a '9' and she took a pair of black court shoes with a 4" heel. Before I could say anything she said they had a false platform and effectively the heel was only about 2 .5.

Melanie knelt in front of me and I groaned a little as her skirt rose to expose the band of her stockings. She asked me to place one foot and then the other into the shoes. She secured the strap around the instep and moved back, letting me settle onto the shoes.

"Voila!" she said, moving to the wall and retrieving a full-length mirror on wheels.

I stared at myself and look from the floor slowly upwards. 4" black heels, barely black seamed stockings, 6-strap garters, black panties, a red basque - and then a brunette wig falling to my shoulders, sexy make-up on my lips and eyes. I felt my cock thickening but it was tucked away in the tight panties.

I couldn't believe how sexy I looked!  Damn, I would fuck me!

While I was turning and checking myself out, Melanie stood alongside me and whispered so sexily in my ear "would you like a little slutty extra touch?" I looked at her and she giggled and bent down and placed her hands around my left shoe. I couldn't see what she was doing but I heard a small 'click' then she bent in front of me and did the same to the other shoe. When she moved I could see 2 small padlock on the shoes.

"Mel.." was as far as I got as she stood and placed her finger on my lips.

"They are a little risque" she began "but it makes you look like you want to keep the shoes on all the time". She moved quickly behind me and put her hands around my waist and whispered in my ear once more as her hands came up to my 'breasts' - "when I put locks on my shoes my lovers get so turned on I get fucked all night long..." and she kissed my neck.

I groaned more audibly as my cock strained.

Melanie left me and went to the last cupboard. She opened the door and there were scarves, jewellery, long gloves, chokers - all manner of accessories. "Anything...?" she mused.

I walked forwards, slowly, and perused the selection. Melanie was behind me again and speaking softly she said "pick the red choker, it will just round things off nicely". I couldn't refuse her anything and just nodded and within a few seconds the choker was around my neck, loosely enough to be comfortable. "It cover your adam's apple" was her simple reply.

I turned to look in the mirror once more. I was so aroused.

Melanie spoke breathily "I'm so turned on right now. I told you I love my job". I smiled trying not get too firm in my panties. "Thank you so much for wearing what I suggested". I smiled again.

She stood alongside me so we were looking at each other in the mirror.

She ran her hands from her waist to her breasts and said "I have EVERYTHING that you're wearing and it is making me so wet looking at you". I stared at her in the mirror and she moved to sit on the dressing table. Melanie pulled her skirt right up exposing her stockings, bare thighs and suspenders. She opened her thighs and I could clearly see her panties were soaked.

She crooked her finger and beckoned me in front of her. She just pointed to the floor and I knelt in front of her. "Tonight" she began "I will go home, take a long bath and dress exactly as you are now". Her fingers went to her panties and pulled the aside and i could see her swollen wet, shaved lips. "When my lover gets home I will kneel in front of him, as you are doing now..." she placed her hand on the back of my head and pulled me closer to her pussy "...and I will suck him until he comes". With that she pulled my head straight into her pussy and my lips met hers. My tongue flicked her lips and she gasped. I licked some more and adjusted my position so I could really push my tongue right into her wanting lips. After only two minutes, Melanie started to squirm and pant and then held my head tight with her thighs as she came, wetting my face.

We kept the same position, unmoving for another minute until she released me and I sat back.

She looked at me and said "thank you, my little slut". I beamed as I thought this beautiful sexy woman could get so excited by me.

We stood and she wiped her juices off my face and re-arranged my stockings a little. Just then the door opened and Carla came in. She paused and I think she could probably tell what had been going on. Carla spoke to Melanie "he's mine now!" and beamed brightly. Oh, but I could melt in that smile.

Melanie smiled and wished me good luck and left.

Carla stood in front of me and said "you've smudged your lipstick, let me touch it up". I blushed bright red. Carla expertly touched up my lips and gave my hair a brush.

She then stood in front of me and said "ready?". I nodded and she moved to the rear door and placed her hand on the handle.

Before she opened it, she turned to me and said with a slight look of concern on her face "are you sure you're ready". I nodded and took a deep breath and moved to her. Carla opened the door and we moved into the corridor and to the room at the end - I think the only door I had yet passed through.

Carla opened the door and beckoned me in. There was no going back now.

Chapter Five.

Hayley, the gorgeous hostess was in the next room with Mary. I flushed with embarrassment as the women saw me as ‘Nicola’ for the first time but the fact that my wife was smiling broadly and then said “you…look…amazing!”.

I flushed again.

Hayley said “you’re taking the enhanced photography package so we’ll get started straight away but there’s no rush”. I stammered out “photog…” and Mary cut me off by saying that the package came with a set of professional ‘boudoir’ photos, all taken on digital cameras and we would be given the only memory cards. Mary stood right in front of me and said softly “we can browse the photos whenever we want…” and trailed her finger down my heaving chest.

Mary took my hands and led me behind a heavy curtain and into a large open area that seemed like a warehouse but with all of the walls covered in fabric.

Hayley spoke “this is the studio and as you can see we have a variety of scenarios catered for” and she swept her arm wide.

I looked aghast at the large four-poster bed, fully draped and standing on it’s own carpet. Further around was ‘an office’ with a desk, chair, bookcase, lamps etc.. on a typically industrial carpeting.

Then there was a school room with 6 desks, a hospital examination room… all of the standard porn scenes laid out. I kept turning and saw Carla wheel in a trolley that had some cameras and she left it next to some tripods and some lights on stands.

I tried to take it all in when Mary squeezed my hand and said “you’re the star, just decide what sort of star you want to be”. I looked at her and my cock was throbbing so hard in the constricting panties. I nodded towards the bed. I was feeling like a mature movie star and could see myself being draped over the bed. Hayley saw my look and said “Daniel, we’ll be using the 4-poster”. Daniel!

I span around and saw a good-looking guy, early 40’s wearing a tight t-shirt that barely contained his muscles. He was tall, blond and very handsome. I stole a look at Mary and could see she was looking at Daniel from head to toe and maybe looking at his crotch for too long. I stole a glance myself and he was clearly filling his jeans between his strong thighs.

“Daniel’s a pro, he does 3 or 4 photo shoots a day. Men, women, couples, all sorts” Hayley said and Daniel just nodded and went about connecting his camera to the lights.

I looked at Mary and nodded and said “OK, this is embarrassing but let’s do it”. Mart clapped her hands together and beamed a smile at me.

We’d already been there for around 90 minutes and Hayley told Daniel we had another 90 minutes, so there was no rush. Hayley then went and spoke very softly to Daniel and he looked at Mary and nodded as she was talking. Before I could wonder too much about this, Melanie and Carla took my hands and were leading me to the bed.

Melanie asked me to remove my robe and Carla patted the bed for me to sit. I did so and they left.

Mary moved to stand in front of me and asked if I was OK. I told her about the constricting pants and how I was bursting for release. She giggled and ran finger along my lips and bent to whisper in my ear “you are SO getting fucked later” and giggled once more.

I blushed again but then the really strong photography lights were turned on Hayley spoke and said “OK, we’ll leave Daniel in charge. Just make the poses you want, Daniel will make suggestions but feel free to say No if you don’t feel comfortable with any of the suggestions”. I nodded and Hayley stood back.

Melanie took my hand and led me to the bed. She asked me to remove my robe and get comfortable. Over the next 20 minutes I was photographed from afar, up close, lying back, sitting-up – any and every pose.

Melanie asked me if I wanted to remove any clothing but I was happy the way I was.

I could see Mary and Hayley talking in the background and after a while a large chair was wheeled in. It was almost a throne with a big wooden back, lots of padded upholstery and wide arms.

Melanie suggested I do a few photos in the chair. I stood next to it, sat on the arm and then took a full seat.

Finally, Daniel checked his camera and said “that’s it”. Those were the only words I think he’d said the entire time.

Mary came and stood directly in front of me and I noticed she had changed clothes. She was wearing a floor-length fluffy robe similar to the one I had worn and I could see she had stiletto heels on. I was about to ask her when I noticed Melanie standing to one side and Carla was crouched to the other.

“Nicky” said Mary, “there is one other thing I would like to do”. She had my attention. She opened her robe and I saw she was wearing a corset that was baby-blue in colour that looked incredibly sexy. Suspenders held up sheer black fishnet stockings and she wore 5” stiletto patent heels. As I looked up to realise her breasts were uncovered and almost perched on the corset, Carla and Melanie moved in unison with Carla fiddling around my ankles out of sight and Melanie flicked a steel band around the arm of the huge chair. “Hey” was as much as I got to say before Carla had done the same thing and I realised my forearms were firmly held to the arms of the chair. I went to move but my ankles had also been strapped to the chair.

“WHAT THE FUCK” I shouted and Mary moved and slapped me hard across the face.

I saw stars and then Mary was almost nose-to-nose with me.

“You little sissy bitch” she spat. “You’ve loved this today being the little sissy bitch you are”. I was shocked. “But..” Mary slapped me again, less hard this time. “Listen” she spat. “This is my fantasy day as well and MY fantasy is to make you my little sissy cuckold bitch”.

I reeled at the words and started to snarl back at her but two hands held my head and a ballgag was pressed into my mouth before I had chance to fight back. I twisted to see Carla fixing the strap of the gag behind my head and her and Melanie check my bonds. They stepped away.

“Yes my dear” Mary said softly, “my CUCKOLD bitch”.

She walked to the bed and sat down. I saw Daniel was now standing to the side in just his pants and his body looked awesome. I saw his pants were barely containing what must be a huge cock.

“You see, the thought of my husband being such a little sissy horrified me at first but my sister told me I could turn this to my advantage” she continued. I was confused.

“She told me that if I was so desperate to get pregnant but my husband insisted on wearing condoms and stockings” (she spat out this word) “that maybe I should look elsewhere”.

She turned and looked at Daniel. Her eyes were wide and I could tell she was aroused.

“So, hubby dear, you will now watch my fantasy”. As she said this she lay down on the bed and Daniel moved to stand alongside it. “And my fantasy is to be fucked… hard.. by a real man while my sissy husband watches”. I pulled against my bonds but clearly I wasn’t going anywhere.

Or so I thought, as Carla and Melania wheeled the huge chair to a position touching the end of the bed. “Mmmm, yes” Mary purred “a front-row seat to watch me get filled with spunk”. I almost screamed. Mary giggled. “And not just once, I am hoping for at least twice – we have another 90 minutes and I’m told Daniel is very energetic”. I look at Daniel. He almost looked sheepish.

I was defeated. What could I do? This had all been my doing. I has neglected my wife’s basic biological needs and now I was paying the price for my own selfishness.

It got worse. Mary spoke low to Daniel and he stripped off his pants. JESUS! He must have been 10” long, very thick and it didn’t look fully hard.

Mary’s eyes widened and her fingers went to her pussy. “Mmmm, I’m lovely and wet – I think I’ll need to be”.

The day got darker when I realised my wife was at the height of her fertile time. I realised then that the date for the day was specifically chosen and there had clearly been plenty of planning. I had no comeback for this – Mary had a set of photos of me dressing like a transvestite hooker.

I was lost in my own thoughts so much I was surprised to look up at the bed and see Mary was lying back with her legs open and Daniel was already kneeling between them. I started to shout but soon stopped as I was just mumbling and no-one was interested anyway. My beautiful, sexy wife was looking so fantastic in her corset, stockings and heels with her breasts heaving with passion while a hunk of a guy was now rubbing his hard cock head over wet, sloppy pussy lips.

Daniel pushed himself forwards and his cock-head entered Mary. She almost growled and breathed deeply as the huge cock entered her. Daniel pulled out and immediately pushed in once more. From my slightly angled position I could see Daniel’s cock, but hot his face. I could see my wife’s face though – full of lust and desire. Daniel lent forwards and lifted his hips and Mary lifted hers to match and Daniel then pushed downwards and speared Mary on his massive cock.

“Mmmmmnnnngggg” was Mary’s exclamation and she was fully filled. Carla let out a small moan and I turned my head to see she had her hand inside her skirt and was starting to stroke her own pussy, hidden from view.

“Mmmmmnnnnnn” from the bed again as Daniel started to get a rhythm and properly fuck Mary. She lifted her legs and wrapped her calves around his back and that only encouraged Daniel further and he pumped deeper into her. Mary was now starting to fully writhe and I could tell she was cumming. She always takes really short breaths and mutters a low “no, no, no..” when she gets close. They had only been fucking for about two minutes when Mary screamed and almost shouted “OH SHIT, YES, KEEP FUCKING ME…” and her arms wrapped around Daniel’s shoulders and I could see her heels were digging-in to his thighs.

Daniel stopped and Mary gasped “no… keep going”. He shuffled back and with barely any effort, picked-up Mary and flipped her over onto her stomach and then pulled her onto all-fours. When she had steadied, he took his cock and pushed it deep into her again. Mary gave a low, guttural groan and Daniel started to fuck her properly again. He grabbed her suspenders and really pulled her back hard as he thrust into her. Mary was almost delirious and I could tell she has come once more.

Carla was gasping next me and I could tell she was properly flicking her own pussy and licking her lips at the debauched sight in front of her.

After a few minutes of fucking Mary doggy-style, he flipped her over once more and entered again in the missionary style. Carla gasped and I think she has come herself. As she stood panting, she placed her mouth to my ear and said “he’s going to come buckets inside of her”. I couldn’t believe it but she continued and said “I gave him a blow-job once and choked on how much spunk he was spurting into my mouth”. I groaned behind my gag.

Daniel picked up the pace and was now pounding Mary hard and she was almost delirious and I’m sure she came at least twice more until Daniel tensed, pushed deep in her and stayed motionless for a minute. Mary dug her heels into his thighs and managed to gasp “don’t pull out… fill me up”.

They stayed that way for about two minutes before Daniel carefully slid backwards and rolled onto his side. I could now see Mary’s pussy… swollen and red with a small trickle of spunk dripping out her.

While I was still in a daze, Carla and Melanie undid my bonds and Hayley re-appeared and told me that if I behaved myself, I could fuck Mary. Mary herself lifted her head and said “yes… please add your sperm as well, I need to be filled”. I didn’t know what to do, but my cock was betraying me and so I stood and slid my panties down and my cock sprung to life, possibly larger than I had ever seen it. Mary saw this and opened her thighs and I moved to the bed. At this, Daniel stood and moved out of the way and I kneeled between my wife’s legs. I stroked my cock a few times and knew I was ready but I had never fucked a used pussy before. “Please…” Mary whispered and so I leant forward and pushed my cock straight into her. She was so hot and wet and I barely moved before I could feel myself coming. I pushed a few times and then forced my cock into her as deeply as I could and then I felt myself coming. Mary held my arse with her hands to keep me inside her.

I knew why she had done this – she didn’t need to say.

As I pulled out of her Mary grabbed a pillow and lifted her hips and slid it under her, elevating her hips. She pulled her knees to her chest and breathed deeply. The sperm swam up inside of her, some of it mine. Her swollen pussy lips glistened.

I got off the bed and was led back to the changing room. 30 minutes later, Mary joined me and we both undressed into normal clothes without talking.

Over the next few weeks, we were quiet with each other. We didn’t have sex, or even talk about the day at Transformers.

After 6 weeks, Mary told me she was pregnant and waited for my reaction. I was happy, I was going to be a father and we would be a happy family together.

That broke the ice between us and we finally talked.

Now Mary is four months pregnant, lying back on the bed as I kiss her stockings and lick her pussy until she comes. She then sucks my cock and runs her hands up my stockings and pings my suspender straps.

In her fifth month, I took a gamble bought a strap-on dildo. Mary loved it and I was pegged every night for a week whilst dressed in my sluttiest clothes – I now had my own collection.

By the time Mary was due to go into hospital to give birth to our daughter, I was a fully fledged sissy slut doing the housework in my finest French Maid outfit. Mary would find fault and spank me as I bent over to pickup something she had deliberately dropped. It was while I was bent over a chair being fucked by Mary that her waters broke. I rode with her in the ambulance to hospital still wearing my frilly panties under my jeans.

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