Coastal surprise for my wife

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      One day my wife Jennifer and I were talking about stuff that turns us on. And the topic of me watching her with another man is something I bring up from time to… banner1

      One day my wife Jennifer and I were talking about stuff that turns us on. And the topic of me watching her with another man is something I bring up from time to time. This time she had brought it up and had asked me, " would you really let another man Fuck me? I than replied yes as long as I was able to be in the room to watch. And I would prefer that he would be hung very well. She then asked how big would he have to be and I said that he should be at least 8" long and really thick. I then asked what do you think? She said I don't know but that seems awfully big don't you think. I replied, if that's what he came with would you turn it down. She quickly said No, not with out trying it first.

     This topic went on for a little longer and every time this topic comes up I always get really excited. I thought that maybe, sense she had brought up this topic this time that maybe she had thought about it a little and she might be interested in trying it some time. But I also had thought, maybe she was talking about it because she knows it excites me. I decided to take a chance and do something about it. 

     I told her that I was planning a special over the night trip for us and I asked her where she wanted to go and she said maybe the coast. Ok I'll plan something, I said. 

     The day came for our trip and I had the car packed and we were on our way. We got to the coast early and walked the beach and went to lunch before we were able to check into the hotel. Once we checked in to the hotel, we got settled in to our room. We left and went out looking at the sights and spent a nice evening with each other. It started to get dark so we headed back to the hotel. We decided to get room service that night instead of going out. When room service knocked on the door I asked me wife to answer the door. Little did she know that I had planned a special surprise for her and he was waiting on the other side of the door. 

     She answers the door and said can I help you? He said my name is Beau. She stood their staring at him. I then moved to the door to invite him in. When I asked him to come in. My wife had a look of confusion on her face. I didn't want to waste any time so I called my wife over to me and said doesn't this guy look good. What she replied? Does he look handsome to you, you can be honest. She said yeah he is a good looking gentleman. Why that question she asked me? Then I pulled her in front of me with her back to me and she was facing him. I then introduced them to each other. Beau this is my wife Jennifer, Jennifer this Beau. They reached out to shake hands and I had my hands on her waist. When they touched I could see that Beau was excited and he liked what he saw. Jennifer said why is he here? I said that he is here to take care of you. What she replied? I don't understand. I said that I am going to sit in that chair over there and he is going to give you the Fucking of your life. Her face turned beat red from embarrassment. She is a bit shy around people that she doesn't know. I quickly moved to the chair to watch her and Beau. Beau moved in behind her and wrapped his hands around her. He moved her hair off to one side exposing her neck and started kissing her neck. She was still a little tense but you can see her tremble with nervousness and excitement at the same time. He slid his hands up her shirt and started to pull it up and off. Once the shirt was completely off, Jennifer quickly used her arms to quickly cover herself. Beau then grabbed her hands and slowly moved them down and leaned in and placed his face in the top half of her big tits. He started to undo her bra to unleash her giant mounds. Once the bra was taken off you could really see that she was starting to enjoy her self and at this time she had forgotten that I was in the corner watching. Now that her tits were free she had grabbed them and pushed them together making Beau's face disappear. Jennifer than reached down to the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up over his head. Beau then picked her up and turned her around and threw her on the bed. Jennifer did not even give him a chance to make the next move, she immediately unbuttoned her pants and started to take them off. But before she could go any further Beau reached out and grabbed her pants and panty's at once and yanked them off with sexual excitement. Beau stood at the end of the bed a smiled at her totally naked body. He quickly dove head first into her freshly shaven slit. He immediately put his tongue against her clit and she let out a huge exhale. She grabbed the back of Beau's head and she could feel him working his head all around her pussy. After a good while of Beau tasting her sweet nectar, he stood up and took off his pants. Once they hit the floor, he only had on his boxers. Jennifer sat up quickly and gazed at the large bulge sticking out from his boxers. Jennifer was at awe and did not know what to do. Beau reached out and put her hand on the out side of his boxers. She cleared her throat and slowly started to rub his cock. She then started to feel around so she could try and get a sense of what he was packing. Beau asked her to come a little closer. She was know sitting at the edge of the bed with his junk right at her, at eye level. He then told her to pull his boxers down slowly. Like a good girl she started to pull them down. As she was pulling them down she realized that his cock is massive not just large but massive. She knew this because she had seen his low hanging balls but hasn't got to the tip of his giant cock. Once she had exposed the whole package, his cock sprung out and slapped her on the left side of her face. Beau's cock was not even hard yet. Jennifer's eyes widened and she grabbed his cock for the first time and giggled. She asked, what am I supposed to do with this thing. Beau quickly said stroke it. She continued to giggle but she did what she was told. She had two hands around this beast and there was still about 4 inches that she could not cover with her hands. 

     This was the first time she acknowledged me in the room. She looked at me and said oh my this is so big. I just sat there with a grin on my face. She looked back and forth between us and then she said, this is at least twice as long and thick as yours. I spoke up and said, is that a problem? She responded by saying, I don't think it's going to fit and if it does he is going to destroy my pussy. I said do you not want to go threw with this or would you like to try. Jennifer bit her bottom lip and let out a giggle and said if your ok with it I would like to try. I responded by saying, that is why he is here. Have some fun. She looked back at Beau and said, you will be gentle right? Beau said, as gentle as I can be. I'll take care of you, but it will get a little ruff from time to time. Jennifer just smiled and she stuck her tongue out and placed the head of his cock on her tongue. Beau exhaled and saying mmmm that's it. Jennifer lifted his heavy cock and licked from the bottom of the shaft all the way to the head of his cock. After several times of this, Beau's cock was now completely hard. Jennifer was not able to get her small mouth around his massive cock so she continued to lick and suck on the head and shaft of the beast that she is trying to control. She lifted his cock again and inserted one of his balls into her mouth. Beau tilted his head back enjoying her great performance. 

     Beau had pushed my wife down on her back on the bed and spread her legs. He lowered his head between her thighs and licked her slit real good. I could tell that he was about to feed my hot sexy wife that huge beast that calls a cock. He lifted his head and moved forward placing the head of his cock against her soaked pussy. He grabbed his cock and placed it against her clit and started to move the head of his cock up and down the out side of her pussy. She started to moan and squirm as his cock was touching her. He continued for several minutes, to try and warm her up. Beau stopped, Jennifer looked at him wondering what was the matter. He just grind and placed the head of his cock at the opening of pussy. Her mouth dropped as she exhaled loudly. He leaned in slightly and pushed the tip of his cock slowly into my wife. From where I was sitting I could see her pussy widening from the size of his cock. Jennifer did not seem to be in any pain but the look of shock on her face said it all. He finally had the entire head in her. Beau asked if she was ok. She didn't say anything but she did bite her bottom lip and shook her head yes. Beau then said, just breath. She exhaled and he pushed more of him self into her. At this point it only looked like she had only had taken about 3-4 inches of Beau. He slowly started to back out when Jennifer said, No don't take it out. Beau said, I have no intention of taking it out yet. I'm just slowly working my cock in a manner so your pussy can adjust to my cock. He started to work it a little faster but did not give her any extra cock yet. 

     Once she started to enjoy Beau's cock he stopped. Again Jennifer looked at him wondering why he had stopped, she was really enjoying him. She then asked why did u stop fucking me? He said I haven't even fucked you yet. I was just getting you warmed up to the thickness of my cock. Jennifer then asked, what I don't understand? He learned forward and started pushing his cock deeper. He has now got half of his cock in my wife and she is blown away. He started to work his hips and with every thrust into her he gave her more and more of his cock. 

     After about ten minutes of Beau working himself into my wife, he finally buttoned out with about two inches to spare. He started to pick up the pace. His heavy balls were slapping her ass every time he bottomed out. Beau backed up and pulled his entire cock out of my wife and started stroking his massive cock. Next thing I know he shot several large hot streams of cum onto my wife’s belly. Once he squeezed the last drop out of his cock, Jennifer said that was amazing. Beau said, oh did you think I was done as he laughed. She got wide eyed and said what? He quickly shoved his cock back into her and this time he was really fucking the shit out of her. My wife was screaming like I've never heard her scream before and it was all pleasure. 

     Beau pulled his cock out quickly and said I want you to fuck me now. As Jennifer tried to gather herself from the pounding she just received, she climbed on top of Beau. She started to slide her wet pussy over his cock. Beau reached behind her and grabbed his cock and lifted it to line up with her pussy. She immediately paused and took a deep breath as she lowered herself onto his massive cock. She took three quarters of his cock with no trouble. She started to fucking him like she was going to cum. She continued to ride him so hard and fast for the next 5 minutes, till she covered her mouth just before she let out a loud scream. Oh Shit. Oh fuck. She repeated saying this while she was cumming. Every movement Beau made with his cock she yelled out again. She could not stop it was like a prolonged orgasm. She said, I can't take anymore that was intense and your cock is huge. Beau replied, well I'm not done I need you to make me cum. Jennifer quickly said again. Beau told her to get on the floor on your knees. I want you to stroke my cock so I can cover you in my cum. Jennifer said ok I want to be covered in your cum. She was tugging, pulling, stroking and trying to get him cum. After 5 minutes Beau yield out Oh Shit, Oh Shit, that's it. She was getting excited, it looked like he was going to cum. Beau continued to yell out Oh Shit, make me cum. In the next moment he shot out his first stream of cum hitting her right checked her face. Jennifer quickly pointed his cock downward and the next several went all over her chest and was dripping off of her large tits. He had squirted my wife with so much cum, he truly covered her. The best way to describe it would be if my wife was a donut, she looked like she was freshly glazed. I have never seen this much cum. Beau grabbed his cock and said tilt your head back. He then placed the head of his cock on her lips. He then squeezed his cock, pushing the rest of his cum out and onto her closed mouth. Do you like that he ask. She mumbled yes. He said good now clean up whats left on the head of my cock with your tongue. Jennifer does not like the taste of cum so to my surprise she opened her mouth and sucked him clean. Either she was that horny or he tasted that good. 

     Jennifer stood up and wobbled a bit from being over worked. She grabbed her tits and they were still covered with cum. She forgot that he had shot his cum all over her and she started to rub his cum all over her tits, belly and then pulled the cum down from the right side of her face and rubbed it into her neck. There was so much cum everywhere. She paused and started to lick her fingers saying, yum. You taste so good. 

     Beau had gathered himself and left quickly. She looked over at me and said thank you. You didn't need to do this and I said yes I did. You needed to be fucked good, long and hard. She then said it was great. I immediately took off my clothes and pushed my sexy used hot wife down on the bed. I climbed between her legs and shoved my rock hard cock into her. I fell right in, she had clearly been stretched out by a massive cock. This excited me a lot. Knowing that my wife had just been used was an outstanding feeling. I asked her if she liked me fucking her? She said that I can barely feel anything but it's mostly because I'm numb from the major fucking that Beau had given me. I was so sexually excited that I pulled my cock out and shot a load of cum all over my sexy wife's belly. She grabbed my cock and put it to her mouth and licked the remaining cum from the head of my cock. 

     We both collapsed on the bed fell asleep within minutes. We woke up the next morning showered and went to breakfast. During breakfast we were telling each other our favorite things that happened the night before. At this point we were both excited again and had to go back to the hotel for another round. 

     This was a night to put in the books. I will remember this night forever. I truly love my  beautiful, hot, sexy and slightly used wife. I love to see her satisfied sexually. 

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