Story of a cuckhold boyfriend

Bihari Munda   February 26, 2021   | 6818 Views
Once I got email from one of the subscriber and he asked me to seduce his girlfriend and fuck her. Read in the story how and what happened later on banner1

Hi friends,I'm Bihari Munda. This is especially for the husbands or Boyfriends who love to watch their wives or Girlfriends fucked by another man, with a nice big cock and terrific amount of sexual experience and far more important, the confidentiality. Yes that’s why they choose us. I have written some stories in hindi, this is my first English story and the first story on this site. Now I will be writing about how I made the couple happy and fulfill their fantasy.

 After reading my stories one day I got an email from a boy who wanted me to seduce his girlfriend and wanted to see whether she get horny and drilled by some other guy infront of her boyfriend or not. Let me give a short introduction of the lady, her name is Neharika, height around 5.4' inch, white in complexion, and good figure to die for.

The major attraction was her 34 ass and her smile that I can't forget.   Initially we started chatting in hangout which her boyfriend created (She had no idea what her bf had in his mind) and then slowly by slowly we got along with eachother and then one day I messaged her personally and had a good chat with her. Slowly by slowly I started my game of seducing her by my chats. She understood my intensions but was acting as if she was not getting what I wanted to say. Within one week of chat and hardwork I was successful in my plan.   

I fucked her many a times while chatting but the main fun was Missing. So I decided to meet them as soon as possible I messaged Neha's Bf and scheduled to meet them. Everything was going according to plan.   

Let me tell you all that by that time I told Neha about each and everything that her bf wanted me to do with her, she was literally shocked but at the same time she was excited to try something new and exciting.   So we decided to meet at a Park at New Town (kolkata) in evening and I gave him my vehicle number to recognize me. However skipping the details, we met and he had brought his gf (Neha) with him too. I forgot to introduce you about Neha's bf. Neha's bf was good looking with an height approx 5.7' inch and fair in complexion he introduced himself as Anil and gf as Neha ( when we meet for the 1st time).   

Her boobs were about 32(c), 30 and ass 34, . Her eyes were very beautiful; almond shaped and full of expressions. After chatting for some time about birds and wind etc, I asked them shall we move to the hotel to enjoy the real game of sex. Where Anil's fantasy would be fulfilled by her beautiful gf Neha. She was wearing a yellow sari and matching blouse and looked sexy. Anil sat next to me and Neha sat in the middle facing me on the sofa and was sipping some Red wine. We chatted for sometime and I patted on Neha thighs while cutting joke. Anil looked at me and winked.  

I got the message and green signal too. Till now we did not talk about sex in real rather than hangout or chat and now I had the chance to seduce her in real and give her the real pleasure. It was time for me to get a new pussy and ass too I kept my hand on her thigh and looked at her. She was looking at her boyfriend and he must have signalled her something because she kept her hand on mine and pressed it. Ohhhh the touch showed all the passion burning inside her and I put my other hand over hers and squeezed in reply.  

I was hot now and my cock throbbed in my pants. I pushed my hand through her sari and caught her left boob. She gasped and moaned ohhhh! Anil came and took off her paloo from her chest showing me the two hungry boobs trying to jump out from her blouse. Look at my bitch girlfriend and her sexy big boobs too (dekho meri chuddakad girlfriend ke boobs kitne bade hai).    And he removed his girlfriend's blouse and Neha fished out my cock from my pant by opening the zip and looked at it curiously. My cock stood 6 inch proud and throbbed for touch. Anil and Neha both came near me and touched my cock. He caught it at the base and asked Neha to lick the nice cock head (Come Neha chato ye lund ko kitna mast hai, kitna bada hai).  

I felt neha's tongue on my cock head, moving all over it and making circles, depositing her saliva as her tongue traveled. It felt wonderful. I was pressing those two beautiful melons of Neha in front of Anil. Neha's boobs were firm and conical in shape and did not sag a bit. They were hard and fleshy. The aureoles were big and the nipples were tiny and hard. I could catch each in my hand easily. As I pressed the boobs, Neha gasped and increased her tongue action on my cock. I felt Anil holding my cock at the base tightly, making it throb with blood. I continued to fondle the boobs and then lowering my mouth caught the nipple in my lips and then tried to put the entire breast in my mouth as if I was going to swallow it. Then I did the same with the other boob. We all were excited.  

Then Anil told “let us become fully naked and enjoy the night”. Once Anil become naked, he made Neha fully nude and made her lay on her back and asked me to lie above her in 69 position. My mouth was near his girlfriend's cunt and for the first time I saw the swollen pussy of Neha. The pussy had nice thin layer of pussy hair over the entire surface. Unlike the other cunts it was more swollen and stood out from its position. I parted the pussy hair and saw the pink hole which was wet now. The labia were swollen, and tick too. I could see the red tipped clitoris begin to come out of its hood waiting for touch. Her cunt was really nice and I felt like eating it. I darted my tongue out and licked the entire slit, moving my tongue all along the fleshy labia. Anil was watching this and was enjoying the real show now.  

Now I had my tongue in her magic hole and was fucking her with it. By this time she had swallowed my 5 inches of cock and was sucking on it, moving her head as if she was fucking it. Then I felt hands on my scrotum and they were Anil's hand. He was telling Neha to fondle my balls and roll them in her palm and showing her himself. while sucking my cock now Neha fondled my balls too! It felt wonderful friends! Now Anil had put his hands on the boobs of Neha and was massaging them. I felt Neha sucked my balls one by one for some seconds. She rolled them in her mouth and oohh it felt wonderful.  

Now Anil lay besides his gf and was watching her each action interestingly and massaging his cock in his hand. I was now feeling the mouth of his wife again on my cock while her fingers rubbed my back. Anil encouraged her in his excitement and I too sucked her entire clit in my mouth. She jumped and moaned over my cock and took it in her throat and sucked hard. I thought I would cum but I had to fuck Neha in her cunt more than anything and he (Anil) wanted my 6' inch cock to enter her pussy and watch it stretch her and fuck her. But I had to push my fingers in the ass of Neha as she had big curvy ass for which I was going crazy ever since I saw her picture.   

So I wet my fingers from her cunt and put one in her ass hole. Oh it was so tight! I felt her swallow my finger and then push it out. Oh she was enjoying this! I pushed it further and found the ring of muscles controlling her canal. The inside of her ass was knotty, hot and delicate. She moaned again and now her ass moved in excitement. ohh come on and fuck me was all she uttered. I can’t wait now! Ohh put that cock of yours in my cunt. I want your cock inside my pussy. He wanted me to get fucked by someone else. So show him how his girlfriend is getting drilled. While continuing Neha said.  

Anil too got up and was waiting to see my cock going into the cunt of Neha. I put my cock head on the opening and pushed my ass forward, making my cock go into the tight cunt. Neha's cunt was wet and slippery due to the foreplay we had and I did not have any problem in pushing my entire cock in her cunt. Anil looked with sparkles in his eyes as my entire cock disappeared in his beautiful girlfriend's pussy. “Ohh man sees how your cock stretched the poor cunt of Neha. Fuck her, Ohh my Neha, Ohh fuck her, I want to see her happy with your cock. Fuck her” With that I started to thrust my cock in and out of the tight cunt her. Neha was moving her ass in circular motion to rub her entire cunt on my cock and moaning loudly. I could feel my cock touching her inner depths and her cunt muscles gripping my cock. Oohh what a cunt.   

As I fucked my cock into her I could feel her vagina getting more wet and making my cock feel better. Ohhh fuck, So nice. I caught her two swaying boobs in my hands and kneaded them hard, fucking her fast.  I asked her “Neha how are you feeling? Say na Neha sighed and whispered, I like it you are quite expert in fucking ooohhhhh dear aaaahhhhhh uuuuhhhhh uuffffffff yesss you are an expert, you know how to fuck ahhhhaahhh, I like it, I like it yesss go on fucking me like a slut, tear my vagina cooommm onnn fuck it ahh.  

I asked Neha dear, what is the size of your boyfriend penis ?  Sonia seen me in angry you nonsense if his penis was big then why in the world I would have agreed to fuck me, from now on you are my boyfriend, now keep your mouth shut and keep on fucking me (agar bada hota to main thode hi tumse apni chut marwati aab jyada baat mat karo aaj ke liye aur aaj ke baad tumhi meri boyfriend ho meri jaaaaan aaaab baatein kam aur Chudai jyad). I love you just fuck me like anything and I was fucking Neha with full speed.  She was also encouraging me with her moams ooooohhhhh, aaaaaaahhhhh, come on darling give me speed ooohhh, aaaahhh, uuuuuuumm, aaaaaaaaaahhh, fuckkkk me harrrrrd, i love u mmmmm, oooooooo, faaaassst I need more baby I need more please fuck me , fuck me.  

After fucking for her around 15 to 20 in different styles, her legs started trembling and her pussy walls started to grip my cock, and within some seconds she had her orgasm and her eyes sparkle with a kind of satisfaction. Ohh I never saw a lady come so strong. Her boyfriend watched her cum and kissed her on the lips joining in the throes of passion of his girlfriend. “Ohhh come man, Let her feel your hot cum in her pussy, Ohhh see how she enjoyed, Cum in her cunt. I started to pump her again with my full speed and within 2 to 3 minutes I sprayed my cum in Neha's cunt. Her cunt muscles relaxed to welcome my hot sperm in the depths of her pussy. I lay on top of neha and kissed her for the satisfaction she gave me. My cock started to go limp and came out of her cunt allowing the thick globs of sperm to come out of her cunt. Anil went to neha's cunt and rubbed my cum all over it smiling happily and kissing and licking his girlfriend's just fucked cunt. In that he also licked away some of my cum out of his girlfriend's pussy.  

While he was doing this, he took out his cock and thrust it in her cunt. Feeling her boyfriend's cock inside Neha immediately started to move her ass to fuck him. “Ohh yes now I can fuck you, Ohh your cunt is so slippery with the cum, Ohh god yesss I love to fuck you with all the cum inside. Ohhh yyeessss, I wondered and watched this action of Anil and Neha. Anil fucked his girlfriend in front of me. Ohh and I felt Neha's mouth on my cock again and she was sucking it while her boyfriend was fucking her! I want her to be fucked by many cocks, Oohhh yes suck that cock. Ohh yeesss I aamm cummiinngg. His body went limp and he came in neha's cunt and lay on her gasping for breath. Neha too cummed with shivering of her body and she was shaking all over as she cummed.  

My cock was still buried in her mouth! I felt her mouth tightening and even her teeth scrap my cock as she came. Then neha took away my cock from her mouth and caressed her boyfriend very lovingly, kissing him lightly all over and thanking him for all this. I saw what real love was. This was the love, which I could see now. The total understanding between the girlfriend and boyfriend. Yes it was great. I felt it and saw it too. The girlfriend, who was just fucked by another man, before her boyfriend, caressing him so affectionately after he came. We rested for some time and then we had our dinner. In the night I fucked Neha twice, once in the cunt and then in the ass.  

Every time during my fucking her boyfriend Anil used to get erection and could fuck his girlfriend and that was sufficient for her to achieve most intense orgasms I rarely saw.  

I know the story was very long, Hope you guys enjoyed the story . You can also share your views or suggestions to me through your mail at  

See you all in the next story till then keep on enjoying.  

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