The wrestling match

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It was the Sunday of WWE Royal Rumble. My girl and I was having a royal rumble party. We had a few friends over to watch it. She had 5 of her friends and I have 3 of my friends over.… banner2 It was the Sunday of WWE Royal Rumble. My girl and I was having a royal rumble party. We had a few friends over to watch it. She had 5 of her friends and I have 3 of my friends over. We were all chilling in the living room, eating,  talking loudly, and laughing. It was a good old time. My girl call me in the kitchen, and told me that she is getting horny . I asked her how. She said by thinking of you in a speedo  and wrestling. I told her she' crazy.  She said come on babe, you are in good shape, and plus you work hard to get it where  is today. Let me describe my body, I have a 5 pack, tone muscular chest, good definition in my arms,that makes my tattoos look even better, and tone legs. I told her , why don' we wrestle with each other and in front of our friends. She said you on, but it has to be oil and strip wrestling.  She told me straight up, that she is going to wear a school girl outfit and a thong  with no bra on. I decided to be a basketball player, and have a speedo underneath.she then asked, what if We get naked. I just said, all of our friends have seen us naked,  in some fashion. Just her friends hasn't seen me naked and my friends hasn'  seen her naked. It just going to be a fun night.We shook our hands and gave a kiss.  After the royal rumble match, we told our friends to come back next week for another wrestling match.  They were shocked that is going to be between me and my girl. Then we told there is a chance that we will end up naked and oily. Also there is a chance some freaky shit my happened like some sucking, licking, and some fucking.They were all shocked. Next week came and went. It was  time for the wrestling match. I saw a little preview of my girl outfit. I was turned. I went outside to get the tarps and the inflatable pool ready. Once the pool was inflate,  I filled it with lube and oils. It was almost all the way to to the top. Once all of our friends got there and got settle with a drink or two. My girl and I started  to wrestle.  She ran after me and push me down in to the pool. She  tried to leg lock and pull my shorts down but I squirm out of it.  Then I put her arms behind her back and I took off her skirt off showing her juicy ass. I spanked it twice. She didn't like thst.she ripped my jersey off.  Then she got me down and proccwd to take her off my shorts. Now I am just in a speedo. I picked her up and I put her in the pool. Then I stripped her naked in the pool. She sripped me naked while she sat her pussy on face. I lick her pussy for a lttle while. She thought I was submitting by I was just eating her out. Then she racked me while i was down. I stop.  Then she start giving me head. I was in shock. I  picked her up and flip around and ate her out while she was giving me head, while we were standing up. We stop after a while, and we stand up and notice we were both naked and dripping wet in oil and sweat. She notice i was hard as a rock, so she grabbed my balls and say give up.  I gave up cuz she had a strong grip. After the match, we hug and kiss each other. All of our friends have us standing ovation. Then my girl and me walked our friends to the door butt ass naked.  Aftr that we shower together,  which was even more sexier than the wrestling match because we started having sex in there, but we ended in the bedroom with each other doing 69 and then she riding unil we both came. 
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