The secret between me and you ;) part 1

VexingMortal   February 22, 2017   | 28166 Views
This is my first story please show me some love and support! I love you guys! Hey it's Evie and this is my personal story. When I was 19 years old, I had a giant crush I really liked… Luxury

This is my first story please show me some love and support! I love you guys! Hey it's Evie and this is my personal story. When I was 19 years old, I had a giant crush I really liked from my uni. His name will be changed due to his privacy. He was Nathan. He was just a normal Asian dude. About 6'2, muscular, no glasses, short brown hair, smith face. Now, at that time I was and currently am still only 5'2. So I was a pretty short girl. I have brown hair, big brown eyes, my hair down, and I always used to wear skirts. Back at freshman year of uni, I wore glasses. But not the weird ones, I wore the ones that had a black rim, and made me look cute. Haha looking back at it that's what I thought but when I was 19, that wasn't the trend. I thought I looked stupid and I have no self esteem. So since I had no self esteem, I didn't have any friends. Everyday after class I would just go to a library near by and study. And my marks reflected on that, I always have above a 94% on my papers. So in a nut shell, I was a nerd. This one morning I sat in class preparing my papers for some note taking, I saw at the corner of my eye that a guy walked by and sat behind me. Now it's normal that this happens coz it's a class, anyone can sit anywhere. However, at the time it wasn't so normal. I can feel that guy looking at me. I begin to sweat coz I was nervous. After 10 minutes, he said "Hey are you Evie?" I looked back and I saw him! It was Nathan! I was so freaking nervous at that time so I replied with an awkward "Yea..." It was so awkward I'm telling you. He said "Hey do you have whiteout that I can borrow?" with a sweet smile. I said "Yea" and I handed him the whiteout. When he reached for the whiteout, he touched my hand. And I accidentally dropped the whiteout.... So awkward lol. He said "Sorry" and I said "Oh it's ok" and I picked it up and putted it in front of him. After about 2 minutes he handed it back to me and said "Thanks" and gave me a wink. I replied with "No problem" and continued focusing in class. After that, I never looked back until class was over. I gathered my stuff and putted it inside my black Jansport backpack. I carried some books in my arms and walked towards the exit. Nathan stopped me and said "Hey Evie, I have a few questions I didn't understand from class. Mind if you direct me?" In my mind I was so happy and I said "Yea sure." In a very cool way. Haha I still can't believe I said that So we were walking next to each other to the library in the school. When we got to the library, we sat down at a table at the corner of the library because the rest of the library was full. He opened his textbook and started asking me questions here and there. And as I explained it to him, he got closer to me and putted his arm around my waist. I've never been touched by anyone and plus I was ticklish so I quickly pulled away. He gave me a smile and said "Sorry". I said "It's ok". He said "I'm so sorry. When I see cute and pretty girls like you I just can't help myself." I smiled and said "Me? haha." He said "Yea of course it's you. You are so pretty didn't you know?" I said have "So you didn't really needed help from the lesson did you?" With a happy yet a little mad tone. He said "What do you think?" And gave me a wink. I said "Ok then I'm gonna go now." He said "wait no. Come here" and dragged my to the back of the stairs.Part 2 coming soon

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