The secret between me and you part2

VexingMortal   February 23, 2017   | 36949 Views
I said "Now what?" With a smile. He said "Now I wanna do things to you that I've always wanted to do to you when I first met you back in high school. I said "High school? I don't remember… Luxury I said "Now what?" With a smile. He said "Now I wanna do things to you that I've always wanted to do to you when I first met you back in high school. I said "High school? I don't remember you from high school. Did I know you?" He said "Back at high school, I was in your biology class with Ms. Keystone. You don't remember?" I said "No :/" then he said "Anyways that doesn't matter anymore. What matters is what I'm gone do to your lips and your body." I said "Not only if you can catch me." With a smile. I tried to escape but his muscular arms stopped me. He said "I win" and kisses me on my neck. I said "Damn you are very desperate aren't you?" He gave me a smile and said "Aren't you too?" Then he started kissing me on my checks then forehead then finally my lips. He has nice lips I must admit. It was smooth and full. He kisses me and kissed me. Finally I joined the party and started kissing him back. He putted his tongue through my lips and touched my tongue. It was so good. He was a fantastic kisser. As we were kissing, he moved his hands up and down my waist and started pulled off my skirt that I was wearing. My pussy was so wet it was going through my panties. I putted my hands on the front of his pants. I felt his penis erecting through his pants. It was hard but not hard enough yet. I pulled down his sweatpants and revealed his about 6 inches erecting dick. It was big but not too big. Though big enough for me to put my hand around and stroke it. I pulled off my shirt and revealed my bra to him. He look at me and said "Damn I only thought you were a B cup." I said "I'm a D cup by the way. And there are also a lot you don't know about me." With a wink. I took off his shirt and I pinched his nipple. He moaned in my mouth as we were kissing. His hands slides from my waist to the back of my bra. He unbutton it with his one hand. I took it off slow to tease his even more as I felt his massive erection under his boxers. He pushed me to the wall. He took off his boxers and pulled my long brown hair down which lead to my head to his penis. I putted my hands around it and started stroking it. He was so hard and my pussy soaking wet. I bend down and started playing with his dick. I stroked it as I putted it inside my mouth. Mmmh. After a few minutes he said " I'm about to cum." I said "No not yet. You can't cum yet." He said "But it feels so nice and I can't hold it in." He moaned to loud I think people heard but they wouldn't dare to come in and interrupt us. I continued sucking his dick for about 15 minutes more and he squirted his tasty cum inside my mouth. He squirted so much, I didn't let one drop go to waste and I caught it in my mouth. His cum was tasty, sweet and a little bit salty at the same time. He pulled my head back up and said "Now it's my turn." as he smiled. He putted me on the ground took off my soaking Victoria secret panties and opened my legs wide for his full access. I was facing him so I can see what he is doing to me. He bend down and smiled at me. He used his tongue and first circled my pussy. I moaned. Then he started slowly entering into my wet pussy with his tongue. It felt so good. He stared off slowly to tease me then he sped up. I moaned and moaned. As he was tasting my pussy, one of his hand was squeezing my left boob. Another was vibrating at my clitoris. It was true pleasure. I orgasmed so much and moaned so loud. I said "Baby you were born for this ahhh. Baby don't stop. Baby." As I said that he sped up even more. My legs were shaking, my eyes were rolling as I enjoyed this pleasure. Ahhh. For about 13 minutes. He finally stopped. He licked the rest of my cum on my rim and on the corner of his mouth and smiled at me. He said "Your cum didn't taste so bad either." I said "Baby you are so good at this." He said "So you wanna fuck now?" With an evil yet attractive grin. I said "Only if you please." He opened my legs to it maximum and putted the tip of his dick inside me starting off slowly then more deep, harder, and faster with each one. I moaned with each one as my pussy gets attacked but his giant fully erected penis. Ahhhh. I said "Baby faster." He sped up even more. He pulled it all out and all the way in with each one. Every time I thought it was a release, I know that another one will be coming even fast, even hard, and will make me even more wet. I orgasmed and he cum in my pussy. I can feel his flow going up into my body. It was perfect. It was the best sex I could've ever asked for. It was the best of me and Nathan. We both enjoyed it very much. As he humped at me and I was moaning, another guy walked in. He watched us and I knew this would end up as a threesome. Thanks you all so much for reading. This story was pretty ghetto lol. Let me know how you feel about this story. This was my personal story so feel free to ask me any question below in the comments section. I'll make sure to read it and answer you. Thank you all so much for reading. Please show me some love by sharing this story! Thanks you all so much. I love you all!
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