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The lust of Isabella..

Darthbabe69   June 13, 2019   | 29174 Views
he kissed her neck and she could feel his erect manhood press against her belly, she could feel herself swelling. Her finger moved faster making her moan louder, she pushed her fingers inside and softly called his name. banner1

Shots fired, shots fired, officer involved, two suspects, one suspect leaving the scene heading East toward the Queensboro bridge, the other suspect may still be in the area, consider them armed and dangerous. Officer Taylor screamed at his police radio. ‘Officer Ramirez is pursuing on foot, we need back up, we need back up right now’.  Two civilians injured one shot. possible 187, condition unknown. ‘what’s your location’ replied the dispatcher ‘Southside, near the…..get medical, we need medical  ‘were outside the…’ Taylor glanced around ‘Costa coffee on east 65th. Suspect driving a blue minivan, Caucasian.’10-4’. Danny could hear dispatch repeat the information over the radio.  ‘ Ma’am, ma’am, stay with me, Taylor knelt down in front of a woman, I need to assist this guy, he’s been shot but ill be back, here, use your hand, put pressure on your wound, Danny took her hand, amazingly soft, shaking, pressed it to her temple, you’ll make it, Isabella held her head and looked to her side, the other guy was in a bad way. Taylor dived over,’ ok buddy, I need you to stay awake, its all going to be okay, you’ll get through this, ‘fuck, am I I going to die? ‘no, not on my watch, what’s your name buddy’ ‘Its. Oh my God.. tell my kids..’’ Tell them yourself ok, don’t even go down that road, lie still, I’m just going to apply pressure’. ‘Medical, where’s my medical’ Taylor roared down the radio’.

It was all too much, her head was spinning out of control, Isabella was sitting on the sidewalk resting against a store wall, she looked down at her new suit, now covered in blood, her new stilettos broken, it was like a scene from a movie. She could see, everything was a blue haze, but she couldn’t hear, the ringing in her ears blocked out any other sound. She could see someone crouched in front of her, a police badge hung from his neck,  in front crouched down, her eyes met his gaze, rugged, smiling, but she could see he was serious, those eyes, he was trying to say something, but she couldn’t hear, he moved her arm, gave her the thumbs up and moved to across to the guy next to her. He was lying face down on the ground and bits of gravel and foam covered his mouth. She could make out he was talking but it didn’t look good. A pool of blood gathered at his mid-section and the officer was applying pressure, and as it appeared, screaming at his radio. She could see red lights coming towards her, they seemed to fade in and out of view, a blur of uniform surrounded her, she was drifting in and out of consciousness, the officer returned to her. She faded out..

How’s he doing Aaron, ‘ Taylor rubbed the sweat from his forehead, ‘Difficult one, single gunshot wound to the gut, he’s lost a lot of blood, he’s stable but still in ICU, but it was close, those type of wounds are messy, but we’ve done what we can and now he’s in recovery, He’s not a ghost yet Taylor’ trying to brighten things up  ‘What kind of fucking humor was that?’ Taylor thought. Dr. Berman lifted his head from his clipboard looking directly into Taylor's eyes, ‘the hell went on today?’, ‘Taylor shrugged, shaking his head closing his eyes momentarily, he shifted his gaze, ‘the family are down there now, maybe you can give them a little support. The wife, she’s a big mess, so tread lightly. ‘And the girl, how’s the girl’ Taylor enquired, ‘She got off lucky, she’s in outpatients right now, light concussion and some stitches on her head, the wound was pretty bad but not fatal, bent but not broken’ Taylor Sighed, that was a relief, he blamed himself for her being in the way, if only he had done things differently. ‘I think your Sergeant is down there now with officer Ramirez, and listen to Taylor, you know it’s been a while now and..well you know if you need to talk, Mary was..’ Dr. Berman clicked the back of his pen against his clipboard and looked down shyly, ‘Yeah yeah okay thanks Aaron, im not sure I can do this right now, i think ill head down now and see the family. ‘Okay no problem, sorry to ya bring it up’

Taylor headed down towards C wing shaking his head, nurses, doctors, visitors all pushed by around him, he didn’t notice anyone, ‘Fuck happened today’ he repeated to himself shaking his head looking at the ground, he knew these hallways like the back of his hand, Mary had worked here, ‘Hey Taylor, Danny looked up to see officer Ramirez heading in his direction, Ramirez looked tired, shorter than Taylor but thickset and slightly balding. He and Taylor had been partners for a while and there was a strong brotherly bond, he drew closer and put his hand on Taylors shoulder, ‘Look, it wasn’t your fault today, you need to let that shit go, man,, ‘Your CI man, that cocksucker, He’s gone, along with our 50k, we’ve got eyes and ears all over the place buddy, we're gonna drag him right out of the swamp ‘ Taylor nodded ‘ Yeah man, I know but fuck, some poor bastard is balancing between here and the afterworld, fuck the CI, people got hurt today. ‘Well if it makes you feel any better that girl you bounced of the wall, she’s A-OK, if you hadn’t of done what you did, man both yous would be dead, they pulled a 45 out of the wall at costa, forensics thought it was a meteorite’ Ramirez chuckled.  ‘And the other guys? They get away? ‘Clean away man’ Ramirez said disappointedly shaking his head ‘Fuck, you know where they're going right?’ said Danny’, ‘Ya think I don’t know, Jesus, we’ve been working this case how long? ‘Look I came up to talk to the family, you need to go, Sarge wants to see you, he’s talking to that girl, and for whatever reason, she can’t stop talking about you’ Taylor blushed. ’ill see you back at the station. Ramirez turned and headed down the hallway. ‘What did he mean by that, Danny ran his hand through his hair curiously.

‘Taylor, over here’ captain Davis gestured with a rolled-up newspaper, as Taylor stepped out of the elevator. Captain Davis perched on the end of a chair; the girl was sitting on the end of the bed in conversation with a doctor. Taylor hung back ‘Would you give us a minute pleased Doc’ Captain Davis asked the doctor. ‘Yeah no problem Rick, look I'm just about finished and she’s free to go so when you’re ready Isabella just head down to the front desk and sign yourself out, Make sure you keep those wounds clean, check the dressing and change it every other day if you can, and don’t let these officers give you any trouble’ He winked and turned to Captain Davis. The captain tapped him lightly on your arm with his paper and smiled.

‘Isabella, this is Officer Daniel Taylor, he’s part of a special team that deals with.. let's say’, Captain Davis hesitated. ‘Let's keep things simple. he's part of a team that deals with a more serious crime in the New York area. Isabella looked to the ground sheepishly, ’Yeah I know, he’s the one that crashed me against the wall outside the costa, I don’t remember much but I remember you owe me a coffee’ she smiled now looking directly at him. ‘I think I owe you more than that he replied, remembering her coffee cup exploding against the wall. ‘she’s been trying to identify the officer that saved her Taylor, but I couldn’t quite understand who she meant’ Davis pointed at Taylor, this is the guy? Tall blonde handsome, rugged looks and beautiful eyes? I’m pretty sure you’ve got the wrong officer Isabella, maybe you mean officer Ramirez. Davis put his tongue in his cheek and smiled Taylor flushed a bright red and looked away; he was captivated and caught off guard. For a moment he couldn’t look back, he remembered her, but the adrenaline had taken over, faces became like ID kits -eyes, nose, mouth, lips, no emotion, just things to remember, but this girl, this woman, was incredibly beautiful, soft eyes and dark blonde hair flowed over her shoulders, around 27 years old he’d guess, but never out loud, and her accent, possibly eastern Europe maybe, polish perhaps? Either way, it was affecting his quality of speech. ‘I err. Yeah.. I am so sorry about, y’ know the whole thing with the..’ Captain Davis interrupted. ‘Ok Taylor, you’ll give yourself a heart attack, I have tasked you to take Isabella here home, she lives on mount prospect near the sacred heart cathedral, that’s near you I think Taylor? ‘Yeah, er yeah boss no problem, here’s my keys, take the pickup. Davis threw the keys at Taylor, ill be down here a while keeping an eye on the ‘other’ situation. Referring to the gunshot wound victim. Isabella, I’m going to need you to come down to the station in the morning if you can make it, if you need a ride in, give me a call and we will see what we can arrange, I just need you to make a statement’ Isabella nodded ‘Taylor, Pick me up on your way back to the station, we're going to need to debrief’ Davis turned to leave,’ I’ll leave you to it’ Captain Davis headed towards the lift, ‘Taylor can I speak to you for a minute,’ Taylor smiled towards Isabella and walked with Davis to the Lift. Davis pushed the button and waited ‘ Yeah captain, what’s up?’ Davis spoke softly into his hand just enough so that only Taylor could hear ‘Do me a favor, talk to this girl, see if she knows, more about what happened today, anything she saw, faces, vehicles, whatever you can get, and clear your head, Danny. Lots of eyes in our direction from above on this one. ‘Yeah, I got it Sarge. The lift door open and Davis went in, we can talk more when you get back to the station. Davis pushed the elevator button marked ICU and held the door,  ‘Mary would want you to keep going y’ know’. the lift door closed.

‘Taylor turned the key of the pick and it roared into life. He picked a lane heading out of the hospital parking and joined the New York traffic. The roads seemed quiet that evening and there was a faint drizzle in the New York air. Making their way out of the city through the Lincoln tunnel and out west. ‘So..err Officer Taylor’ Isabella attempted to make conversation’ ‘Call me Taylor, I’d prefer it, he turned to her and smiled. She was beautiful, he could feel his heart speed increase slightly, what was happening, he had to shake it off. ‘How is the other guy, you know the one that was shot, it didn’t look good for him’ Isabella asked, Taylor, nodded and concentrated on the road instead.’ I spoke to the Doctor, it's not great but he’s stable, his family are there so that’s some comfort. Isabella nodded and looked out of her window tracing a raindrop with her finger. She could sense something about Taylor, but she couldn’t put her finger on it, he looked uncomfortable. ‘And you, how’s your head, I’m so sorry about slamming you into the wall like that, it was the only thing I could think of in such a short time. I just had to get you out of harm’s way. I’m so relieved you’re okay, ‘Isabella flushed,’ It was just such a shock you know’ touching her head. ‘What was actually going on today Taylor? it’s all just a blur to me now’. ‘I can’t really discuss the case too much Isabella, but lets just say these guys are monsters, the worst kind of criminal you’d ever want to come across, and I’m gonna make damn sure that I get them off the streets ya know, Taylor was lost in the passion his job for a moment and eased back a little. She could feel his appetite and she liked it, it wasn’t often people were passionate about what they do. For some reason, even after today's events, she felt safe in his company and leaned back into the car seat. ‘Sergeant Davis has asked me to press you a bit, see if you remember any faces, y’know, things like that..but, if your coming down to the station tomorrow.. well it just may be better if you’ve had a good night’s rest. ‘Yeah, I'm really tired, I think all that adrenaline is now wearing off, maybe you forget about it, you’ve done too much today already.’ Taylor was confused’ No, what is it, anything!’ Isabella sat up in her seat,’ well maybe later when you're heading back from the office you could just, maybe...’ Isabella looked uncomfortable,’ Did you want me to drive by and see how you’re doing later, I don’t mind, my apartments 3 blocks away from yours?’ Taylor interrupted. Isabella nodded. ‘Please, I’m on my own at the moment, and just a bit overcome.’ ‘No problem, my shift finishes around 10, it shouldn’t take me more than an hour to get back here, so around 11 pm? Just don’t open the door to anyone you don’t know before then okay.’ ‘Perfect, thanks Taylor’, she leaned back and smiled. Taylor took the 95 turnpike and cruised down the highway.

Isabella hobbled inside her apartment on her broken stilettos, turned the lights on an instinctively moved towards the window, pulled on the blind and looked out, she could see Taylor was still there in his pickup, but he was moving off slowly. She moved towards the open plan kitchen rested her purse and keys on the breakfast table and sighed. Took out her mobile phone, it had a smashed screen, probably damaged in the struggle’ Taylor had given her his card, she smoothed over the face with her thumb and placed it under a magnet on her fridge. She began to cry ‘Why today? ‘she looked at her mother’s picture on the wall,’ I need you here momma’ tears streamed down her face taking her make up with it. ‘I look terrible, she glanced herself up and down, and my new suit, I'm struggling her mom, I need you,’. Somehow hoping the picture of her mother would reply with words of encouragement. She needed to be strong she told herself,’ you’ll get through this.

Moving to the bathroom she switched on the shower and the steam rose quickly, she peeled off her damaged and bloody suit and stepped in. The water rushed around her body and she could feel the sting of the hot  water cleaning the scrapes on her body, she began to relax, although it also helped she was thinking of Officer Taylor, ‘What was it about him that made her feel vulnerable and secure at the same time’, she thought. Pouring a handful of shampoo in her hand she massaged it into her head, the bubbles ran down and eased her tension  a little bit more, but still she couldn’t stop thinking about Taylor ‘those eyes, I could get lost in those eyes, he was definitely charming ‘she smiled to herself,’ she was touching herself instinctively, it was extremely sensitive, a different kind of tension built up between her legs. She tried to fight it, she was tired, but her emotions took control. A hand moved up her soapy belly towards her breast around and onto her nipple, she could feel it was stiff and she twisted, mixing with the soap  and let out a soft moan and twisted a little harder, she was touching herself faster, imagining Taylor was there in the shower with her, licking her nipple and biting softly. In her mind, he kissed her neck and she could feel his erect manhood press against her belly, she could feel herself swelling. Her finger moved faster making her moan louder, she pushed her fingers inside and softly called his name, the tension was building as she imagined him turning her around, holding her, putting his arms around her and massaging the soap into her pert breasts, twisting and pulling at her nipples. Softly taking his time with each one. The soap ran over and around them. He moved a hand down around her body and under into her pussy to see if she was wet enough to push his cock in, he could feel her heat and she bucked as his fingers investigated her inside. Moving around twisting, searching. God, she wanted to cum but she wanted told to hold onto the thought forever, her fingers moving faster, penetrating, water was splashing everywhere out of the shower as she imagined his cock going inside her, would it fit she thought, what does his cock look like? Will, he let me suck it. God, I want to suck it, her thoughts collided with her sucking his large cock and wanting him to come inside her. She turned off the shower grabbed a towel and moved to the bed. Reaching inside her bedside table she pulled out a mini vibrator, moving swiftly not to lose the moment she switched it on and pushed it hard onto her clitoris, she lay back to let out a soft moan. Back into her thoughts, he was on top of her, licking around her nipples and moving down across her body, subconsciously she lifted her legs towards her chest, encouraging him to move towards her clitoris. She felt the warmth of his tongue against her moving around in circles, faster, and faster his tongue moved down and pushed inside her, he tasted her. She pushed her fingers inside herself again wanted to taste what he tasted and put her fingers in her mouth and licked around, it tasted so good, sticky and sweet. The vibrator pushed her desire levels through the roof, desperately she reached into the drawer again and pulled out her dildo, and pushed it into her now soaking pussy, forcing it deep into the back where she wanted him, She felt her moment was coming, eyes rolling in the back of her head she felt his cock force itself in again hoping he would cum, she wanted his cum, she wanted to rub it all over her to her breasts, and in the moment, she came, it felt like she had been holding her breath for hours. She sucked in a large breath of air, her back arched and she bucked, again and again, a release of ecstasy pulsing through like small electric shocks, but each shock was heavenly, it wasn’t ending it went on. Putting her hand over her sensitive area and continued to touch her nipples lightly. She was floating, the stress of the day easing and melting away in the bed.

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