Teenage Dream

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She stretched her long legs out on the seat, barefoot as she'd left her sandals on the floorboard up front. He took in the sight of her breasts, her smooth, flat stomach, and the little slip of gauzy white fabric around her waist, barely hiding what was underneath. She looked so sensual, so sexy, bathed in the afternoon light. Her hair spread out around her head like shimmering, copper-gold silk. He moved down her body, hands on the seat on either side of her slim waist. He pushed her skirt up over her hips and immediately buried his head between her thighs. He breathed in the warm, musky scent of her pussy, and then plunged his tongue into her. She was already wet. stepmom

"Never ever, in your whole life?" Danielle asked, looking incredulous at her husband. "Not even when you were a teenager?"

Jason laughed and sat down his drink. They always met for drinks after work on Friday afternoon, at their favorite bar. A 'date night' of sorts, and after throwing back a few, shaking off the work week, and loosening up, they usually got into lively discussions.

"Never," Jason said. "Amazing, isn't it? We've been married three years and you still don't know everything about me. I bet there's things I don't know about you, too."

Danielle sat back in her chair, looking perplexed. A beautiful woman, sexy even in her business attire, she'd let her long, silky, strawberry blond hair down and taken off her jacket so her perfect, perky breasts were pushing at her white blouse. Her knee-length conservative skirt didn't hide how long her legs were. Jason often wondered how he'd managed to land such a beautiful, intelligent, funny woman. He feared some morning he'd wake up to discover it was all a wet dream.

Danielle shook her head. "Didn't you have a car when you were a teenager?"

"Yes," Jason said. "I never used it for that, though."

"So you never went parking or anything?"

"Honey." He leaned forward. "My parents were never home. I could sneak girls into the house. We had my bed to do it in."

Danielle smiled. She could picture her husband sneaking girls into his parent's house. The thought made her a little jealous, but only because she wished they'd known each other as teenagers so she could have snuck in too. He was a handsome man, suave and well put-together, with green eyes and a square jaw, and a sly, knowing way of smirking at her that instantly got her panties wet. He was tall and broad shouldered and his visits to the gym showed. She loved their 'date night,' seeing him in his suit, with his tie off and shirt unbuttoned. Sexy, on top of being her best friend--it was all a girl could ask for.

"So you've never got it on in the backseat of a car," she said. "That's interesting."

"I take it you have?" He arched an eyebrow.

"None of my boyfriends in high school had parents that worked all the time. The most romantic thing I got was a blanket in a field."

"We could always go over to my parent's house and I could sneak you into my old room."

Danielle laughed.

As Jason ordered another round of drinks, he saw a familiar, devious twinkle in her eye. The wheels were turning in her head, and he looked forward to whatever surprise she whipped up for him.


Saturdays were spent catching up on chores around the house. Now that spring had come, those chores included yard work. This particular Saturday wasn't too hot, but sunny, not a rain cloud in sight, so Jason mowed the yard and trimmed the hedges. Danielle did some cleaning in the house and then left to run errands.

As he tackled the weed growth alongside the house, he heard a car rumbling up the driveway. He turned off his weed whacker and propped it against the house.

The car that greeted him in the driveway wasn't their sensible, compact economy car, but a big, ancient four door 57 Chevy Bel Air. The car, painted robin's egg blue, wasn't in the best condition. There was a lot of rust on the frame and the chrome was dull. The engine didn't sound great either, and the exhaust was loud. As he crossed the yard, he saw Danielle sitting behind the wheel. He bent down next to the open passenger side window and looked in.

"What's this?" he asked, shouting over the noise.

She shut off the car and smiled at him, her arm draped over the big blue steering wheel. Jason took in her outfit--a low-cut halter top and a short, gauzy white skirt. She didn't usually dress so sexy to grab groceries.

"It's Daddy's new car," she said. "I stopped by to say hi and he let me take it out."

Danielle's father bought and restored classic cars, his 'retirement hobby' as he called it. Some he resold, a few he kept.

"Guess he hasn't started working on this one yet, huh?" Jason ran his hand over the window frame.

"The interior is nice, though." Danielle smoothed her fingers over the front leather bench seat. The seat was blue like the rest of the car, with tan stripes. The leather still looked good, but it needed patched in a few places.

"I'm surprised he let you take it out," Jason said, sticking his head further inside to look around. "I guess it can't get too much more roughed up, can it?"

"I begged him. I gave him the pouty look. You wanna go for a ride?"

Jason drew back through the window and eyed her. He had on a white tank top, stained with sweat, his strong, thickly-muscled arms on display. Danielle wanted to lick him. She hadn't missed him eyeing up her outfit, either.

"Yeah, sure," he said. "Let me just throw on a t-shirt and lock up the house."

Danielle waited in the car, nearly wiggling with anticipation. She'd told her dad she'd be back in an hour, after explaining she wanted to show the car to Jason. Time was ticking.

Jason returned to the car, now in a white t-shirt, his tight jeans riding low. She could still smell the sweat on him as he slid into the car; her favorite scent, all manly and raw. She slipped her sunglasses on and smiled to herself as she started the car back up.

She drove the country roads around their house, the warm spring air rushing in the windows. The car rode surprisingly smooth despite the noise it made. The seats were deep and comfortable, too.

Jason was distracted by Danielle's hair being tugged by the wind, her skirt fluttering over her sleek, tanned thighs. He reached over and fiddled with the huge dials on the old-fashioned radio.

"This work?" he asked.

Danielle shook her head, pushing her hair back from her face. "Daddy doesn't have it hooked up yet."

After about ten minutes, Danielle took them down a familiar road. She slowed the car and turned into the driveway of a big house with a wrap-around porch and a huge yard.

Jason looked over at her. "Why are we at my cousin's house?  They're out of town right now, remember? They went on vacation to Florida."

"I know." She pulled the car into a parking area beneath a big oak tree, shielded from the road. "So no one will know we're here. And we won't get hassled by the cops, since were sitting in a private driveway."

He chuckled as she killed the engine. "Is that so? I should have seen this coming."

She slipped her sunglasses off and ran her fingers through her hair, un-mussing it. She tossed her sunglasses on the dashboard and slunk across the seat toward him, like a cat.

"Yes," she said. "You should have seen it coming."

She crawled onto his lap and straddled him. There was plenty of room, even in the front seat, and the ceiling was high enough she only had to bend her neck a little. Jason couldn't help but wonder if she'd seen the car at her father's place days ago and already had it sized up for sexcapades. He kissed her, and she squeaked into his mouth as he gathered her ass in his hands, all of it, squeezing it tight, nearly lifting her off his lap.

He broke the kiss and asked, "Since when do you dress like this to go to the store?"

She wiggled against him. "I didn't go to the store."

He slipped his hand up under her skirt and found nothing but smooth, bare skin. "Shameless." He tugged up the bottom of her halter top. "Take this off, let me look at you."

His command made her tingle. She'd never been overly submissive in bed, but she still loved when he told her what to do. She gripped the bottom of her top and peeled it off over her head. She had to wear a bra, unfortunately, because her breasts were too big not to. She reached behind her back to undo it. She popped the clasps and slipped the straps off, his gaze on her the whole time. She whipped the bra off with one movement and her breasts popped out proud and firm in front of her. Her nipples were tight and hard, aching for his fingers, or his mouth.

She tossed her bra into the driver's seat then gripped the front of his t-shirt. "You too. It's only fair."

"Of course. You know me, I like to be fair."

He reached down and pulled his shirt up. She sat back so he could work it off.

She nearly drooled at the sight his broad, tight chest. He threw his t-shirt onto the seat with her bra. She didn't have long to stare, as he pulled her against him, and she gasped at the sensation of hot, silken skin against skin, her favorite feeling. He caressed his hand down the curve of her back and cupped one of her breasts with the other.

"We should get in the backseat," she said. "That's how it's done."

"You're the expert." He lowered his mouth to her nipple and gave it a firm suck, then popped his mouth off. "We're really gonna do this in my cousin's driveway?"

"He'll never know."

She wiggled off his lap and climbed over the backseat. On the way, her skirt rode up, giving him a view of her sumptuously round, delicious bare ass, and even a flash of her smooth pussy peeking out between her thighs. She fell into the backseat, giggling. Jason was quick to follow, much more horny now than worried about where they were.

"Your dad will kill us if he finds out," Jason said, as he shimmied over the seat.

"We'll make sure we clean up after."

She stretched her long legs out on the seat, barefoot as she'd left her sandals on the floorboard up front. He took in the sight of her breasts, her smooth, flat stomach, and the little slip of gauzy white fabric around her waist, barely hiding what was underneath. She looked so sensual, so sexy, bathed in the afternoon light. Her hair spread out around her head like shimmering, copper-gold silk.

He moved down her body, hands on the seat on either side of her slim waist. He pushed her skirt up over her hips and immediately buried his head between her thighs. He breathed in the warm, musky scent of her pussy, and then plunged his tongue into her. She was already wet.

"Jason!" She jerked her hips.

She reached down to grip his hair. He worked his tongue inside her, fucking her with it, and then on her clit, firmly but not too rough, the way she liked. His facial hair tickled her thighs and she locked them around his head, then relaxed, remembering he needed to breathe. She whimpered, her inner muscles clenching.

He pushed two fingers into her, filling up that ache, at least a little. He fucked her deep with his fingers, his tongue drawing slow circles on her clit. She wiggled against the seat, the leather making her back sweaty. He brought his other hand up to play with her breasts, squeezing and plucking her nipples.

"You're so good at that," she said. "See, I told you it was fun in a car." She caressed her foot down his back. He was sweaty too.

She could have let him do that all day, let him make her come over and over again with his mouth--but unfortunately, she had to get the car back soon and she wanted something else even more.

"Stop," she said, pushing gently at his head. "Baby, you gotta stop."

He stopped, and lifted his head. His chin was wet with her juices. "You okay?" he asked.

She nodded. "Yes. I just--I'm not allowed to keep the car all day. And I want you naked and on top of me right now."

He chuckled, a deep, throaty sound that seemed to vibrate across her soaked pussy and made her shiver. He got up on his knees, kneeling between her spread legs. She lay there, sprawled and burning with arousal, the warm air caressing her slick thighs, watching as he undid his jeans and worked them down over his hips. He wore a pair of black boxer briefs that hugged his hips like a second skin. He pushed his jeans down to his knees and she admired his thick, powerful thighs. Then he pushed his underwear down and his big, fat cock popped out, hard and ready for her

She sat up and reached for his hips. She knew if she didn't hurry up she'd get an angry phone call from her dad, but she couldn't resist.

"May I?" she asked.

He reached down and stroked her hair back from her face. "Thought you wanted me naked and on top of you?"

"I do, but I need a little taste first." She gave him her pouty face. No man could resist it, for any reason.

She wrapped her long, slender fingers around the base of his cock and squeezed him. He loved her touch. She held his cock steady as she sunk her lips over it. Her mouth was velvety and hot and made him groan.

She put her other hand on his hip and went to work, bobbing her head. He gathered up her hair and held it back from her face, watching her. He loved being in her mouth, stretching her jaws, nudging at the back of her throat. He felt her swallow, breathe in, and take him even deeper, until she gagged. She recovered and resumed sliding her mouth back and forth, stroking what she couldn't get in, her fist tight around him.

He gripped the back of the seat so as not to topple over, and closed his eyes, enjoying it.

She sucked him for a few minutes and then slid her mouth off. He opened his eyes. She worked her jaw, looking up at him.

"We better do this," she said. "Much as I'd like to keep going."

"Good idea. Because if you keep that up, I'll need some time to recover. And I still won't get to have sex in a car."

She sat back on her hands, looking pleased with herself. His cock was aching, literally pulsing in his hand as he gave it a few strokes, his shaft slick with her spit. He could have jerked off all over her fabulous tits just then, but he really wanted to be inside her.

"Come and get it," she said, and laid back, her skirt bunched around her waist, her glistening pink slit inviting him.

He struggled out of his jeans and underwear, squirming around, and kicked them onto the floor. The car was big, but he still had to contort himself. Maybe he hadn't done this before because he rightly assumed it couldn't possibly be comfortable.

He crawled on top of her and gave her a deep kiss. She tasted herself on his lips, on his tongue. The touch of his cock against her stomach made her ache with want, the wet tip brushing below her belly button. She gazed up at him, holding his eyes as she reached down and slipped her fingers around it, and guided the fat head against her sopping pussy.

"If I'd known fucking in a car got you this hot, I would have done it ages ago," Jason said.

"Feels like we're doing something naughty, doesn't it?"

"Well, it is your dad's car, so--yeah, actually."

Without further preamble he slid into her, smooth and fast—penetrating her easily as wet as she was, his cock stretching her, filling her thick and hard. She gasped and shifted her hips, and then moaned as he seated himself all the way up inside her, deep as he could go.

"Jason." She gripped his arms, her nails flexing against the tight muscles of his biceps. She squeezed her pussy around him, feeling every thick inch inside of her.

He captured her lips again, before pulling back and beginning to thrust. He moved slowly the first few times, letting her adjust, then he began the hard, fast pounding she so desperately needed.

Her pussy was amazing, even better than her mouth, scorching hot and slick and tight. He hooked his arms under her knees, pushing them back until her pretty bare feet were above her shoulders. She clung to him as he slammed into her, wailing in her pleasure, his moans and growls mixing with her beautiful noise. He really hoped no one was around, as all the windows were rolled down. She was always loud in bed and he loved it.

"That what you wanted?" he asked her.

"Yes!" She flung her head back, arching beneath him. "Fuck me baby, fuck me harder."

He gave her everything he had, their flesh slapping together, his cock filling her over and over. They were rocking the car, making it squeak on the tires. He pulled one of his arms from beneath her knee and started squeezing her bouncing breasts.

"Feel like a teenager again, honey?" he purred at her.

The question went unanswered in the intensity of the moment, the force of his fucking making her delirious. She was getting close, and so was he, she could feel it in the erratic rhythm of his hips, in the tightening of his stomach.

"Danielle." He tangled his hand in her hair, the other still holding her knee back. "Oh, goddamn."

The pressure built inside her. His cock was hitting just the right spot, sending a sensation like little electric shocks directly to her clit. Her pleasure reached a sharp peak and she began to clench around him. She shrieked as the tension broke, shuddering waves rolling over her body.


He fucked her through it, making her come even harder. He only lasted another moment though, before she saw the unmistakable signs of him going over the edge. She loved to watch him come.

"Fuck!" He buried his face in the seat next to her head, his cock jerking and throbbing inside her. Wet heat filled her and she pushed her hips up, moaning as her still-clenching pussy milked it out of him. They were both gasping and trembling, pressed slick and hot against each other.

She sunk against the seat, buzzing, shuddering, alive. He sagged against her. She squeezed around him and sighed at the feel of his twitching length still so deep inside her. He groaned, close to her ear.

"You okay, baby?" she asked.

He slid out of her and slumped to the side. They were soaked with sweat. The leather seats were slick. Everything smelled like sex. They were definitely going to have to air the interior out.

"I'm wonderful," Jason slurred. "Oh, God." He rubbed his hand over his face.

Danielle let her leg down as he slid his arm from beneath it, then stretched it out and draped it over the front seat. She reached down and played with her sloppy, dripping pussy a little, loving how it felt to be overflowing with his release. She felt deliciously used.

"Our parents are gonna wonder where we are," she teased. "You should take me home before we get caught."

He smiled down at her. "I'm gonna take you home, all right. And do more dirty things to you in our bed. Maybe on the couch. And the kitchen counter..."

"We better get this car back to my dad first." She kissed him. "After we clean it up. We made a mess." She giggled.

"I'm sure the teenagers who've come before us would be proud."

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