Anna's Fantasy Come True

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This story is about how I made her fantasy come true. rings Anna's Fantasy Come True My wife

is a very attractive and sexy woman. She is 5' 3" tall, 125 Lbs with the most beautiful green eyes and smiles. We have been married for 14 years and I have never regretted a minute of it. She has brought out my most sensuous thoughts and desires within me. Anna is devoted loyal, committed, and obedient. She is the sexiest woman I have ever known. When we first got together, she always tried to play the perfect role of being an innocent woman. I quickly learned she had another side to her that was full of lust and desire.

This story is about how I made her fantasy come true.

We often role-played and came up with sex scenarios which was always a turn-on for the both of us, but recently I have been fantasizing about her being fucked by multiple men. I always imagined watching her being fucked from all angles and all her fuck holes filled with cock. This was of concern to me because she is the most important person in my life, but yet I could not get the thought of her being fucked from all angles out of my head. I thought I was going crazy, but yet the fantasy kept growing within me.

I thought I was going insane and I decided to do some research online. I found the term “Hot Wife Phenomenon” which is common for men that find their wives sexy and hot! I could not get the thought of her being fucked hard by multiple men out of my mind. I decided to tell her about my wanting to see her fucked by other men which opened up a fantasy she has had for many years.

This is how this all started Anna woke up early one morning falling into her routine. She knew I would make her coffee before work. I knew how she liked her coffee and I prepared her coffee just the way she likes it. Recently I had been trying to figure out her most intimate desires but every time I would ask her she seemed to blow me off at least that is how it seemed. One weekend during sex I decided to push her and try to get out her sexual fantasies. She told me she had a rape fantasy and wanted to be taken and have strangers have their way with her. I could tell she liked the idea but I was frustrated because every time I elaborated on her fantasy and asked her if she would like to try it, she simply would say "Sure".

I remembered a time I had asked her in the past about it and she replied “why do you ask just do it”. I also remembered how much she enjoyed being bound when we role-played. That afternoon the fantasy was born in my mind and having heard Anna answer “sure” I decided to "Just do it" as she had replied so many times before.

I thought about it over the next couple of weeks and came up with the ultimate rape fantasy that I knew deep down inside Anna needed and wanted. I planned and solicited the help of three friends to assist me. Of course, when I asked my friends to participate, all three jumped at the opportunity to ravish Anna. Who wouldn't?

A few weeks later, the day came and Anna had no clue that our fantasy was about to happen. All the plans were set up and everyone knew their role. It was spring and the weather was perfect! I booked a cabin in the local mountains in a secluded area and Anna was very excited to get away for the weekend. My friends were very excited as well as they had also fantasized about Anna many times before. I woke up that morning and called Jake, Mark, and Randy my accomplices. I told them where we were to meet tomorrow morning near the cabin and the plan was set.

I loaded up the car and of course prepared the duffle bag with the items we would need, soft rope, scarfs, handcuffs, gags, whips, and dildos of all sizes and colors including the ski masks we would wear. I placed the bag of pleasure in the vehicle and packed her belongings in our car. She was very excited and off we went. It was a very nice drive up to the cabin. I flirted with her the whole way up the mountain. After a couple of hours, we arrived at the cabin which was beautiful in a secluded part of the mountain.

It was the holiday we both needed. We unpacked, relaxed, had a quiet dinner that evening, and went to bed. It was a warm night and Anna came to bed just wearing a tee shirt. She looked amazing and I wanted to fuck her right there and then. I could see her perky nipples through the thin tee shirt and when in the right position could see her gorgeous pussy peeking out from the bottom of her tee shirt. My cock got hard almost instantly but I knew what was planned and decided to restrain.

Anna and I lay in bed and cuddled. Her body felt so good up against mine. She is petite and I love holding her in my arms. As she laid her head on my chest, she noticed my hard cock and gently caressed it. I tried to hold back which was torture! She continued to caress my shaft and worked her way down massaging my smooth balls. She always had the right touch and knew exactly how to please a rock-hard cock.

At his point, I was doing everything I could to hold back, but I knew I would lose the battle with Anna. She started stroking my cock, cupping the head and knobbing it just right. I started kissing her passionately wanting every inch of her tongue in my mouth. I asked her to suck my cock and to look up at me with those beautiful green eyes. I love watching her pretty face while she sucks my cock! She was the best cock sucker I have ever experienced. She would suck deep and wet as she knew I like her sloppy cock sucking. She liked to take small breathers in between her vigorous cock sucking by licking my shaft and balls and she knew it drove me crazy.

As she sucked, my fingers were working her hot soaked pussy. Her pussy was amazing, shaved smooth, with small lips and the perfect little clit. When spreading her tight fuck hole the most beautiful shade of pink would make my mouth water. I just had to devour it with my tongue. I enjoy eating her pussy and love to eat her daily. I told her to turn around and sit on my face so I could taste her. She complied as always and we enjoyed the 69 positions as I ate her pussy and fingered her tight asshole. She finally said she wanted me to fuck her and without hesitation and eagerly wanting to feel that hot wet pussy wrapped around my cock I manhandled her to her back so I could look at her beautiful face as I thrust my cock deep into her tight cunt.

I put her legs up around my arms and folded her body in half so I could get every inch of my throbbing cock into her pussy. I started fucking her slowly working up a rhythm and going a little deeper and faster with every thrust. I knew she loved every inch of my cock as her pussy was dripping wet and her ass was sitting in a puddle of her pussy juice. I fucked her hard and could feel my balls slapping up against her ass with every deep penetration. I tried to hold back from cumming for as long as I could because I wanted to make sure she came first. It is obvious when she cums because her entire body stiffens and she often squirts. As soon as I felt her pussy juices all over my cock and legs, I pulled out and stroked my cock until I came hard all over her sweet pussy. That night was just a little teaser for what was going to happen to her the next day.

We woke up the next morning early as she is an early bird. We had coffee and talked and time was getting close to meet my accomplices. I started making a list of things we needed for the weekend from the grocery store and when she wasn't looking I sent a text to my accomplices to meet me at the designated meeting place in 20 minutes. I asked Anna what she needed from the store and told her to relax while I went to town. I kissed her and told her I would check the doors to make sure they are locked while I was away. When checking the back door, instead of locking it, I unlocked it for access. I said goodbye and went out the front door making sure she saw me lock it on my way out.

The plan was about to start. I went to my car and took the duffle bag out and left it by the back door hidden behind the firewood. I got into my car, started the engine, and drove off. Our meeting spot was just down a dirt road off a side road where we would leave our vehicles and hike back to the cabin without being seen. I pulled into the small open area within the woods which was our meeting point and my accomplices were eagerly waiting dressed in black.

Jake was a younger man in his thirties that stood 6' 2" tall and had a very muscular physique. Mark and Randy were thin and in their early 40's standing approximately 5' 11". We greeted and I changed into my black attire to play my role. I got the ski masks out of the trunk and handed them to the anxious men. We hiked through the woods for about 10 minutes and ended up directly behind the cabin. All seemed normal and Anna had no clue as to what was about to happen. I looked at my accomplices and said "are you ready?" They nodded yes and off we went approaching the back door.

Standing in front of the back door, we put our ski masks on, retrieved the duffle bag and I reminded them to not call me by name. I slowly turned the doorknob and pushed the door open. One by one and very quietly we entered the house and closed the back door. It was very quiet and we were not sure where Anna was. I slowly made my way down the hallway with my accomplices following me. The tension was high but the excitement levels were even higher. The anticipation was overwhelming and I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my body. My heart was practically beating out of my chest. We made it down the hallway and I peeked around the corner into the living room. She was sitting on the couch watching the morning news with no idea someone was in the house.

We waited in the hallway for a few minutes so I could decide what to do next. As I was thinking she got up and headed to the bathroom directly across the living room and on the opposite side from where we were. We lucked out as she unknowingly gave us the opportunity we needed. She entered the bathroom and we made our move into the living room. Jake and I got on either side of the bathroom door and Randy and Mark waited in the hallway until further instruction. We could hear Anna peeing and I got extremely aroused thinking about what was about to happen to her hot pussy. We heard the toilet flush and unsuspecting Anna opened the door to proceed back to the living room, she took two steps out of the bathroom, and the ambush was initiated without hesitation.

I grabbed her from behind covering her mouth with one hand to muffle her screams and bear-hugged her body with my other arm pinning her arms to her sides. Jake quickly grabbed her kicking legs and took control of her movements in an instant. She tried to fight but it was a lost cause and she quickly realized there was nothing she could do. Mark and Randy joined us and brought the duffle bag so we could restrain her. Anna was wearing light pajamas that resembled light sweats. I had Jake speaking to Mark and Randy as I remained silent so she would not recognize my voice. Jake cuffed her hands behind her back and tied two short ropes, one to each ankle. Jake instructed Mark and Randy to each hold one side of the rope so we could spread those sexy legs apart at will.

After she was restrained, I blindfolded her and we took her to the couch. She settled down and kept telling us to take whatever we want and to leave. Mark asked her "How do you know what we want? Anna replied, you are thieves aren't you? Mark told her to just be quiet and we wouldn't have to gag her. She nodded and sat quietly in fear not knowing what we were going to do. Jake told her if she cooperated she would not get hurt and she said okay. I walked up to her as she was sitting there and I started fondling her tits. She pulled back to get away from me and I clutched her hair in my fist pulling her closer to me. Jake told her to not resist because we do not want to hurt her. She seemed to not listen as she has a fighting spirit and continued to resist but it was not something she would fight her way out of this time.

Jake held her down from behind with her back against the couch and I ripped her pajama top in half exposing her beautiful tits. She had the sexiest nipples and when she was aroused her perky nipples stood straight out and erect. I pulled my mask halfway up exposing my mouth and started to suck her nipples. She squirmed a little but settled down as I continued to suck and nibble on her nipples. The three men at this point were getting aroused as I could see their pants bulging. I could no longer hog Anna's tits for myself so I stepped aside and motioned for Jake to come over. He came quickly as he couldn't wait to have his turn. I whispered in Mark and Randy's ears to pull their end of the ropes to spread Anna's sexy legs apart. They pulled on their ropes and Anna’s nimble legs opened wide. Anna moaned as her legs were forcefully pulled apart. Jake just stood there in front of Anna's spread legs practically drooling in disbelief that he was finally going to get a piece of Anna. I stood behind her, clutched her hair with my fist, and Jake went in sucking Anna's tits like a madman. His free hand groped her pussy through her thin pajama bottoms. Anna was squirming but I noticed her body language was different. Was she getting aroused?

Jake worked her pussy with his hand. Her pajama bottoms were getting wet, was Anna starting to enjoy this? Jake proceeded to kneel in front of Anna and with both hands ripped her pajamas apart at the crotch. He could no longer resist and penetrated her pussy with his big fingers. He was finger-banging her cunt hard adding a second finger and then a third in her cunt. Her pussy was getting wet and seemed to be engulfing the big man’s fingers with ease. Jake took his fingers out and tasted her juices licking his fingers. He went down and started to lick her cunt in long upward strokes. He licked up across her tight asshole between her pussy lips and across her clit. He gently sucked her pussy lips and massaged Anna's clit with his tongue. She was liking it which made my cock even harder. He then started fucking her with his tongue as he inserted a finger in her tight asshole. Anna was in ecstasy and I was loving every minute of it.

I had to take action, so I unzipped my pants exposing my thick cock, and went around to the front of her face standing on top of the couch. As she was sitting spread being eaten I slapped my hard cock on her face. I held my cock with one hand and grabbed her by the hair forcing her mouth close to my cock. I rubbed my cock on her face and mouth and without hesitation, she opened wide to accept my cock. Her warm mouth and great cock sucking skills were back at work and I wanted to just ram my cock in her warm mouth as deep as I could. I let go of my cock and held her head with both hands fucking her mouth hard and deep. She was gagging on my cock and her saliva was dripping off her chin and she was moaning with delight. Mark and Randy unzipped their pants and were stroking their hard cocks with their free hand. In the heat of the moment and with Anna's mouth full of cock she started mumbling something. We couldn't make out what she was trying to say but she was persistent so I slid my cock out of her hot mouth and as she was gasping for air begged us to remove her blindfold so she could see. Immediately Mark told her "So you want to see don't you slut?" She said yes I do, please let me see!

Since I was standing in front of her on the couch, I removed her blindfold. She looked around and saw the four of us with our hard cocks out and she seemed to be mesmerized by all the cocks that were there to please her and at that point, her pussy gushed right into Jake's mouth. Jake stood up and said "Wow that was amazing" we all took turns eating and licking her cunt clean so we could taste her delicious pussy juice. She was screaming and quivering completely and she wanted more. We told her if she didn't try to get away we would remove the handcuffs, she agreed and begged us to remove them. Once the cuffs were removed she felt free and immediately started rubbing her clit.

We all knew she wanted it bad and we were going to deliver. Jake stood up and said I want to fuck her! He proceeded to remove his pants and when Anna saw his huge ten-inch cock she couldn’t wait to have it inside her. Jake walked up to her and grabbed her by the hair feeding her his giant cock. It was so big she could barely open wide enough to take it in her mouth but she managed to take it in and started sucking it while fondling his balls. Jake then lay on his back and told her "come here and ride my cock slut" she willingly went to Jake, straddled him, and slowly attempted to insert the tip of his huge cock. Her pussy started stretching over his big cock taking it inch by inch. Her petite body on top of this big man and her tight cunt swallowing up his cock fully stretched around it was an amazing sight. Eventually, she was riding him like it was nothing and you could see his big shaft glistening with her pussy juice as she slid up and down his cock.

I went behind her and pushed her all the way down on Jake's big cock. She started grinding his cock for every inch to be deep inside her. The big man's hands had clutched her ass cheeks and were spreading them wide apart. I had to have her ass and kneeled behind her as she was grinding and I started to lick her tight asshole. She would have let us do anything we wanted to her. I got her asshole puckering as if she was trying to invite me in. I reached for the lube from the duffle bag and started lubing her asshole, getting it ready for a good ass fucking. I applied lube all over her ass and loosened her up with my fingers. She was still grinding away and mumbling in ecstasy. I lubed my cock and slowly inserted the tip of my cock in her asshole. I went in a little deeper trying to be gentle and her asshole was starting to spread around the tip of my cock. I could hear her making sounds and noises I had never heard before from her. I slowly went in her asshole deeper until my cock was all in right down to my balls. It was a little awkward for Jake and me but we eventually had a rhythm going and we had her double penetrated. We were like a fine-tuned machine with our cocks sliding in and out of her cunt and asshole.

Not to leave anyone out, Anna took turns stroking and sucking Mark and Randy's cocks. We fucked her hard and raw and she took it all. Mark suddenly said "I have to cum" and he pushed her head back and told her to look up at him. He held her head with one hand and stroked his cock with the other. He was ready to explode and it didn't take long to shoot his cum load all over Anna's pretty face. As soon as Mark was finished, Randy stepped in and fed Anna his cock. She sucked Randy's cock with her face full of Mark's warm cum. Jake and I continued pounding Anna's cunt and asshole. Shortly thereafter, we heard Randy say my turn slut and he pulled out of her mouth and shot a strong load of cum right across her face and into her hair. He kept stroking and more cum would shoot out with every stroke all over Anna's face. Even though we were in control, Anna was finishing us off one by one.

With cum dripping off her beautiful face Jake and I worked her a little longer until we were both ready to explode. I could feel my balls drawing up inside me ready to unleash a massive cum load. I pulled out of her ass and could see her gaping asshole stretched wide open. As I walked around to her face, Jake had Anna slide off his cock and he stood up stroking his cock ready to explode. We had her kneel in front of us and told her to open wide. She did as she was told and opened her sexy mouth. I stroked my cock and unloaded my hot cum load all over her face and in her mouth. She just looked at me with my ski mask on and let my hot load ooze out of her mouth and she rubbed the rest of my load on her face and into her skin. Jake was still stroking and he started to rumble and with two large grunts plastered Anna's gorgeous face with massive cum shot like never seen before. It seemed as if he kept cumming for five minutes.

We were all exhausted but Anna was beyond exhaustion almost in a euphoric trance. We picked her up and carried her to the bedroom where we tied her to the bed to let her rest. She slept for hours and so did we. After our hibernation and recovery, we left her tied to the bed all weekend covered in cum and we took turns fucking her all weekend just taking breaks to rest and feed her. The weekend was coming to a close and it was time for Mark, Jake, and Randy to leave. They said their goodbyes and quietly left. I untied Anna and walked back to retrieve my car. When I returned Anna was in the shower and I started packing our things for our trip back home. When she finally came out of the room all cleaned up she was glowing. We held each other tight and she said thank you for the best weekend ever. I said I thank you for being the best wife in the world and we went back home content and more in love than ever!

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