Mom Lauren with her Son & Her daughter

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Lauren, her elder Son and her daughter ended up having an all night threesome sex, although it was sudden, but each had a plan on his/her head of it ahead of time, read and enjoy Lesbian

By Dina Petro

Lauren is a gorgeous Mother of 40, who happens to be a sexy, great looking, real MILF, she had always taken good care of her looks and the sexy, erotic way she dresses, makes her turn necks on the street. Lauren had a twenty years old Son, Mark, who was an athlete boy, tall and very handsome, and Nancy, her eighteen years old daughter, who was so hot and sexy as well, taking it after her mother.

Nancy and Mark were alone at home, their mother was out, Nancy was feeling horny somehow, she was thinking about her brother at that moment, whom she had fantasized about having sex with him for so long, but never got the chance to do it, she was afraid he would stop her or get angry with her if she tried.

She had decided to hit on him, or even seduce him but wanted it recorded so she could blackmail him if he ever tries to be nasty with her, hoping he would have a weak point for her to record at least.

Nancy had set a recording cam secretly, placing it by their TV, and then tried to operate her brother’s Game, but it did not work; she called him in to help, saying “nothing is on there, Mark, it seems to be deleted by Mom, I heard her saying she would delete it”

He said “How come, this is impossible”

He took the handle from his sister’s hand, tried to work it and he was totally shocked to find out his mother had deleted it, he had a fit, he was shouting, screaming, banging his head to everything around him, Nancy was scared, forgot about all of her plans and she ran out of the living room to her room and locked it behind her.

During Mark’s hysteria, Lauren walked in, wondering what was going on, trying to calm her son down, but Mark screamed “Mom, how could you do that?”

She asked, “What did I do?”

He said “you deleted my game, and you know my game is my life”

Lauren was wearing a blue Mini skirt and a body tight, white front buttoned top, with a couple of buttons unbuttoned from the top, as usual, Lauren tries to look sharp, sexy and attractive, she was seminude, pantie less under that mini skirt, and she did not have a bra on, the body tight top merely covered parts of her areolas and nipples.

Lauren realized she made a mistake by deleting her son’s game, she tried to handle the situation and cool her son down, as nothing could be done, it was all deleted already, she came around, sat on the long couch in her living room, where her son was, she held him, pulled him to a close hug, trying to calm him down, explaining he was overdoing it by spending much time on the game.

She was telling him, “Honey, everything could be fixed, I am sure there is a way to compensate this” by this time she was pulling his head so tight under her arm, her blouse sides moved aside and by coincidence, her hard nipple was placed exactly over his lips.

Mark felt it, he opened his eyes, realized what was going on without her meaning it to be like that of course, or she did? We do not know, maybe she was doing it on purpose to cool him down and divert his thinking from the disaster he had with losing his game.

Without thinking about it, Mark found himself opening his mouth, taking his mother’s hard nipple in between his lips and started sucking on it, instead of screaming, having a fit, or pushing her son away, Lauren, stayed still first, without any reaction, then as of a sudden, she closed her eyes and moaned loud enough for her Son to hear and notice.

Mark took the moan as a hint from his mother and felt being encouraged; he moved his hand down under his mom’s skirt to discover, she was pantie less, he was shocked to feel her bare pussy under his hand, directly feeling her engorged, swelled and leaking wet pussy, he started rubbing his mother’s pussy, fingering it while sucking on her nipple.

At that point it was not clear to either of them, weather Mark was so upset and trying to get revenge of his mother, or he did not know what he was doing, finding himself in a situation, neither of them had planned it earlier.

But to be fair, and to tell the whole truth, we have to point out some important facts:

Firstly; Lauren had thought about her son in a sexual way, he was turning her on, making her pussy wet at times; she even had dreams of sucking his cock or riding it.

Mark himself had stolen his mother’s dirty panties many times, taking them to his room to sniff them and masturbate on them, she caught him doing it a few times, but she had never said anything about it, neither had she let him see her catching him, so, in fact it did not start from zero, or from nothing, that is why the position or the situation they found themselves in at that point was just the trigger for both of them.

Mark had a real huge cock, around nine inches long and super thick, it was rock hard by then, he was laying on his side on the couch with his back to the couch back rest, his mother was almost in front of him on the couch by then, she was on her back, he lifted his mother’s leg up, he pulled her closer, he pushed his boxers down to his knees, and that was the only thing he had on.

Mark held his hard cock in hand, rubbed it to his mother’s super wet cunt, which had coincided with his cock by then, she was shocked when she looked down to find out how hung her own son was, but she did not do anything to stop him or to let him know she did not approve of his actions.

Mark started pushing his dick into his mom’s pussy, it was sliding in, slowly and easily till he was balls deep in her, then he pulled her closer to him and started fucking his mother as hard as he could, Lauren did not try a bit to hide how happy and amused and pleased she was, she was moaning as loud as she could.

Everything unscheduled and unplanned for, went fine, except that, neither of them remembered about the daughter who was taking a nap in her room, to their own surprise, Nancy was standing right behind the couch, looking at her brother Mark, fucking her mother, his own mother in their living room, her eyes almost crossed and she was screaming of horror and shock.

Mark and his mother were both shocked and embarrassed, rather afraid of what would happen after being caught in the act of Incest, Lauren was totally embarrassed from the situation, she got up as of a sudden, tried covering her tits and pussy by using her arms, ran away to her room and closed her door.

Mark did not know what to do, he froze where he was and exactly as he was, legs, wide spread, his dick rock hard and still shining wet of his mother’s pussy juices, looking his sister straight in the eyes, only saying “Oh sweet sis, please do not tell anybody about this”

Although Nancy was totally shocked of the situation which she had never dreamt to see in her eyes, but she had enough senses to think about her original plan, it was her chance anyway; she wanted her brother to fuck her that was her main goal from the very beginning.

Nancy’s eyes were totally frozen, mesmerized on her brother’s cock, it really shocked her, she did not expect his dick to be that big and that gorgeous somehow, she found herself walking slowly towards him, placing her knee on the couch next to him, placing her hand over his cock rubbing it while looking him straight in the eyes, her shocking looks were replaced by a naughty smile.

Mark said “This has to stay within the family Nancy, no one has to know”

Instead of looking him in the eyes, she looked down at his gorgeous, still hard meaty cock, while massaging it slowly up and down, she mumbled “Yes, it could stay a secret if and only if I could…..”

She stopped talking, lowering her face towards his dick, spread her lips and taking his cock in mouth, started sucking on it deeper each lap till almost half of his long cock was in her cute, sexy, young mouth.

Without denying how good his dick felt in his own sister’s mouth, he opened his mouth wide saying “Nancy! What the hell do you think you are doing? You are my sister”

Nancy looked up at her brother, straight in the eyes, while sucking his dick, pulled it out, still holding his cock in her hand, smiled saying in a real slutty way “Yes, I am your sister, and that bitch who was riding your dick, enjoying it in her pussy is your mother as well, if she can enjoy it, why can’t i? I am her daughter, like mother like daughter, if you want this to be a secret Mark? besides, we are all adults now, we know what we are doing don’t we?”

Nancy did not wait for any answer from Mark, she got up, still holding his cock in hand, pushed her panties down, saddled his body, lowered her cunt towards his dick slowly till his cock head was rubbed to her pussy lips, her pussy was leaking wet by then, her pussy lips were so swelled in demand to be fucked by her brother.

Mark said “Nancy, This is your mother, our mother whom you have just called a bitch, this is not nice”

She giggled saying “Oh, I don’t mean anything bad, I am no less of a bitch than our mom is, I just want to feel what she felt in her pussy if ok with you?”

Nancy continued her action of trying to ride her brother’s cock, as soon as his cockhead was situated right in between her swelled pussy lips, she pushed her body hard down, till his cockhead popped into her cunt, she screamed, his dick was fat, much bigger than she had ever felt anywhere near her pussy, but she could handle it, she was sure, she kept at it, pushing hard down feeling his cock gliding deeper and deeper into her pussy, she had enough flowing pussy juices to fully lubricate his giant shaft.

Nancy was sweating, feeling some pain at her stretching inner pussy walls to accommodate this huge invading family member in her pussy, Mark’s dick was halfway in her pussy when he said, “Slow down sis, it seems too big for you baby, we can do it slowly.”

She giggled saying, “very big may be, but never too big brother, I want it in me as soon as possible, I cannot let my mother enjoy it alone.”

She tried to pull up a little till she let an inch or more out of her, then pushed back down, kept repeating it, just like a real slut, till her ass rested on his balls, announcing a full insertion of her brother’s cock meat deep in her slutty cunt, she froze for a while, then they both started moving, he placed his hands under her ass cheeks, trying to help pushing her body up and down on his dick, while she supported her body with her feet, pushing up and down, Nancy was moaning so loud, enjoying each and every inch of her brother’s dick fucking her totally pleased pussy.

Lauren was shocked to hear some moans and strange sounds instead of a fight between her son and daughter over her son’s fucking her, she decided to walk over the tips of her feet to find out what was going on, neither of them was seeing her when she was totally shocked to find her Son fucking her daughter, his own sister.

Lauren thought about it a little, this could be wrong, a sin, this is a family incest, and she was the one responsible for the family, but, she had started it, how could she claim otherwise now?

As of a sudden, while watching closely and seeing her Son’s dick sliding in and out of her daughter’s Pussy, Lauren was turned on again, she was still bra less and Pantie less, her shirt wide open, revealing her bare tits with hard nipples, her skirt was up to her waist revealing her, starting to get wet again, pussy.

As of a sudden, while fucking, her son and daughter noticed her presence, she was standing there, rubbing her nipple, fingering her pussy while watching them both fuck together, they weren’t as shocked, but they both froze and stopped fucking without pulling out of Nancy’s pussy, Lauren smiled, walking around the couch till she was standing next to them placing a knee on the couch.

Nancy pulled up allowing her brother’s dick to slide out of her fresh cunny; she got on the couch facing her mother while Marks hard dick was now placed in between both of their faces.

Nancy said to her mother “Well mom, if we want it in between the family as our secret, I do not mind sharing my brother’s dick with you.”

Lauren laughed sarcastically saying, “wow, how generous and sweet of you baby, but yes I would love to share his cock with you my sweet little slut daughter.”

It was the first time Lauren and her daughter or even her son would talk as open as they were doing, she even called her daughter a slut, but neither of them objected to that, Nancy enjoyed hearing it from her mother, and Lauren found it a big turn on to call her daughter a slut, while they were both about to get fucked jointly and share a cock for the first time ever.

In the middle of Mark’s biggest shock of his life, his jaw dropping almost to the floor watching his lovely mother and his sweet little sister, sharing his own cock, sucking on it together exact same time, it was new, it was strange, but it was exceptionally hot and pleasurable for him.

While both sucking on Mark’s cock, Lauren and her daughter slipped a few kisses on each other lips here and there, which was the new announcement of accepting woman to woman sexual games for the first time ever, it even advanced further when Lauren had Mark’s dick balls deep in her throat, Nancy started rubbing her mother’s tits and sucking on her nipples.

Nancy seemed to be more brave of starting it, as the new generation of girls are more used to bisexual games with each other than the older ones, things moved further when Lauren was on her feet, doggy style, while being deep fucked in her pussy by her own son’s dick, naughty Nancy spread her legs right in front of her mom’s face holding her mother’s head pushing it down to her pussy saying “I get to be teased too, I am your daughter as much as he is your son”

Lauren was shocked to hear or see her daughter’s new game, but she went with the flow, lowered her head and started passing her tongue over her daughter’s outer pussy lips, licking her pussy, it was the first time in her life getting that close to another woman’s pussy, and it wasn’t any woman’s pussy, it was her own daughters’, but she kind of liked it in a way, making Nancy moan and wind of pleasure.

Being a fresh, young and strong stud with a huge cock, Mark was strong enough to fuck both of his own mother and his sister nonstop, for a long time, they all alternated the fucking process using each and every threesome position they could ever think of, till they all were happy, satisfied and fully worked out, tired enough to fall asleep right where they were for a few hours.

Lauren, Her Son Mark and her daughter Nancy, lived a super happy sexual life for so many years sharing bed, sharing sex, they even opened up to share each other partners for a long time, without allowing anyone else to find their own family secrets, except for those partners whom they trusted well enough.

Wishing you all the best



Dina Petro

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