Mom's Lesson

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The obvious evidence of sex was all over her. Her face had crusty cum stains on it. Her hair was matted with gobs of drying cum and her thighs were spotted with white patches of drying cum. She whimpered in her sleep. Normally, the sight of a near naked woman would have aroused him. After all, he was a 19-year-old male that loved the opposite sex. But the sight of this woman only caused him to become angry. stepmom Rick stood at the foot of the bed, looking down on the sleeping woman. Her hair was disheveled, her clothes were hastily put on and she reeked of alcohol. She was not a bad looking woman. Skin the color of cinnamon, tits that seemed to be bursting from her too tight blouse and the longest sexiest pair of thick heavy thighs that a black woman can have. Her short skirt had risen up around her waist in her tossing and turning and Rick looked between the open thighs at her shaved pussy. She didn't have any panties on.

The obvious evidence of sex was all over her. Her face had crusty cum stains on it. Her hair was matted with gobs of drying cum and her thighs were spotted with white patches of drying cum. She whimpered in her sleep. Normally, the sight of a near naked woman would have aroused him. After all, he was a 19-year-old male that loved the opposite sex. But the sight of this woman only caused him to become angry.

Rick watched as she jerked twice. The gagging sound, of her stomach about to erupt, was the only sound in the room. Grabbing her by her hair, Rick pushed her head off of the bed. Her stomach emptied it contents of liquor and fast food onto the floor. He had no sooner turned her over onto her back, than she let loose with another eruption.

The anger and disgust at seeing her helplessly being sick had reached the point of almost blind rage within him. "I'm so fuckin sick of watching you come in like this! What the fuck is wrong with you? How many guys did you let fuck you this time?"

His angry words seemed to stir the woman on the bed. She looked up at him in her drunken stupor and tried to get her eyes to focus. She seemed to recognize him finally. In her slurred speech, she answered him. But she was too drunk to see just how much pent up anger was within the young man.

"Jusssst who the fluck, do you thin you talkin to! I'm your fluckin mother and I aint takin that kind of talk from no half-grown bastard of mine! I'll fuck as many dicks as I want. You don't fuckin like it, get the fuck out!"

That was more than he could take. Rick went into a blind rage. "You bitch! I'm a bastard only cause you were out fuckin so many guys, you don't even know who my dad is." 

Rick grabbed her by her long black hair and roughly pulled her off the bed. Deirdre cried out with pain as she fell onto the bare floor right into her own vomit. But Rick had not let her hair go and she was held at an awkward angle struggling to gain her footing.

"I told you the last time this happened, that if you came in again looking like a used whore, I would treat you like the stupid bitch you are." Before Deirdre could say another word in response, Rick pulled her up by her hair and threw her onto the bed. Deirdre turned her head in time to see him pulling the thick wide belt from his pants.

"What the fuck you gonna do with that? You think that you're man enough to whip me? Maybe after you try, you'll even want to stick your puny dick in me like some other men do. Come on, little boy! Show me how much of a real man you are."

Her words stopped him dead. Looking at the belt, like it was a snake in his hand, he dropped it to the floor. He couldn't believe that he was about to whip his own mother. He was so angry and disgusted with her he didn't know what he wanted to do. 

He had tried to talk to her, reason with her. He even begged her to stop before she killed herself. But she would only tell him things to placate him, and then keep doing what she was doing. Rick turned and with tears running down his face at the thought of what he had almost done, he was about to leave the room. 

"I thought so! You're not even man enough to spank a drunken woman. If you were a real man, I might just listen to you. But you're no better than some of those limp-dicked men that want to try and act like they know what they're doing when I fuck their balls off."

Something inside him snapped. Spinning around so fast that the laughter died in her throat, Rick grabbed up the belt. Deirdre had enough time to scream "no", before the first blow landed. 

"I'm not man enough, you bitch?" Rick swung the belt with force behind it. The blow landed on the soft upper part of his mom's thigh. Deirdre screamed in pain.

"No Rick! I'm sorry! Don't!" But he was beyond hearing her pleas. 

"So you let limp-dicked men whip your ass then fuck you?" Reaching down, Rick grabbed her skirt and ripped it from her body. Deirdre tried to grab the covers and cover herself, but the blows from the belt landed again and again. Curling herself into a ball, Deirdre tried to protect herself. 

"I've had it with you! You're gonna finally learn that when I tell you not to do something I mean it!" Grabbing the silk material of her blouse, Rick ripped it from her, causing her ample tits to bounce free. She opened her mouth to scream, only to feel him shoving the material inside it.

Rick was a strong young man. He worked out regularly, and his construction job kept him firm and muscled. Try as she might, she was no match for his strength. Deirdre soon found she was tied face down on her own bed. Deirdre twisted and struggled but he had her tied firmly. The only thing that she was able to do was to push the gag from her mouth.

"Ricky! What the fuck do you think you're doing? Untie me this instant!" 

Rick looked down at his now helpless mom. He could see the fear in her eyes and hear it in her voice. The laugh that came from his mouth sent a chill down his mother's spine.

"What's the matter mom? Surely you're not scared of me! I'm just another limp-dicked man. Remember?" 

Deirdre watched as he doubled the thick belt. "Ricky please? I didn't mean those things. It was the alcohol talking. You're a good son. You've always taken good care of momma when she comes in like this."

Rick reached down and grabbed Deirdre by her hair, yanking her head back. The sudden pain caused her to cry out. "That's the fuckin trouble with you. You come in too drunk and fucked out to see how much it hurts me to see you like this. And by the time you're sober, you don't want to talk about it."


Rick's voice had been loud, but he brought it down to a whisper and pushed his face right in front of hers. She knew that he could smell the sour odor of her breath, but he didn't draw back from it. 

"Well it stops tonite! I'm gonna whip your pretty little ass. And since you say that I'm just a no good bastard that's trying to act like a man, I may even fuck you to show you that I'm more man than those dumb fucks you give yourself to every weekend."

Deirdre began to really struggle. She jerked and twisted, but he had tied her secure. "Ricky! I'm your mother! You can't do this to me! I'll have you arrested. I'll scream my head off until someone calls the cops." 

The slap, when it landed, was so unexpected that it caused Deirdre to turn her face into the pillow. The sound of ripping material caused her to turn back to look at her son. Rick grabbed her by her neck and started to squeeze. When she opened her mouth, he pushed the material in, then tied a strip around her head to keep it in place.

"If I know the cops around here, most of them have already fucked you." Rick grabbed her and stuffed a pillow beneath her stomach. This caused her ass to stick up even higher in the air. Her struggles stopped when she felt his hands rubbing and caressing her bare skin. But her struggles continued, when his fingers stroked between her thighs into her open slit.

The muffled cries of his mom did nothing to dissuade him, as he openly stroked her pussy. "You still have the cum of all the men that fucked you tonite coming from your pussy. So maybe I'll just fuck this sweet ass instead." 

Her eyes grew wide with fear. Deirdre shook her head violently, trying to tell him no. But his cold laughter let her know that he was totally in charge. His fingers continued to stroke her pussy and Deirdre couldn't help the way her body was beginning to respond. 

She hated herself at this moment. And she hated her son. Damn him! How could he do this to her? She was his mother for Pete's sake. "Do you still have all those sex toys hidden in your night table?" 

Rick pulled her night table drawer open and rummaged inside. He came up with a vibrating butt plug and a vibrating dildo. Deirdre's eyes went from the things he held to his eyes. Then he sneered at her. 

"Gee mom! I sure hope that the guys that fuck you are bigger than this puny thing. Even my dick is much bigger than this."

Her eyes went to his crotch and she would have gasped had she not been gagged. The bulge in his pants was huge. Then her eyes were drawn to the belt that he picked up. She twisted and turned to try and follow him around the room. 

Deirdre was not prepared, when she felt his hand on the small of her back. He pushed her down into the bed hard enough to keep her steady. Then she felt something being pushed between her cheeks. Trying to scream "no" thru the gag only came out in muffled sounds. Then she felt the intrusion.

Deirdre screamed into her gag, as the plug was forced up her already tortured asshole. He hadn't even bothered to use any lube. "You don't need lube cunt! There is still cum oozing from your asshole. How many men ass fucked you tonight?" When she didn't try to answer him, he chuckled. "Doesn't matter."

SLAP! Liquid fire exploded on her ass, as the first blow from the belt landed. Had she not been gagged, they would have heard her scream for blocks. Her body jerked and she tried to lift herself off the bed. But he had her secure. SLAP! Again she tried to scream. No man had ever beat her like this.

SLAP! "Tell me again..." SLAP! "How I'm not..." SLAP! SLAP! "Man enough to whip your black ass." SLAP! SLAP! With every blow, Deirdre tried to scream thru her gag. She yanked and jerked against her restraints trying to get loose. Then her body stiffened. He had flicked the switch and she felt the vibrations in her asshole.

She felt his weight as he settled on the bed. Then he turned her face to him. Tears of pain, fear and shame ran down her face. "You could have saved yourself this punishment. All you had to do was to act like a mom is supposed to act. Instead, you try your best to prove that you can be the town slut. Well mom, I may be just your bastard son, but tonite, this bastard son is going to treat his mom like the slut she is."

When his hand began to fondle her ass, Deirdre stiffened. Shaking her head no, her eyes pleaded with him to stop. But instead of stopping, she felt his fingers stroking her pussy. Deirdre cried even harder from shame. Her body was beginning to react to his stimulation.

Rick stroked and fingered his mom, until a whimpered moan escaped her lips, as she lifted her ass up off the pillows. "I'm gonna show you what a limp-dicked man can really do." Deirdre felt the tip of the dildo slowly push into her tender opening. Still sore from the abuse she had taken tonight, she groaned.

"How many men did you let fuck you tonight mother? Five! Ten! Twenty!" He was slowly working the dildo in and out, not giving her more than the head. Suddenly, she jerked. He had turned the vibrator in her ass up to full. 

Deirdre had always loved being taken in the ass. The anal vibrator had given her many hours of pleasure, and she would keep it in for a long time. His voice came thru to her as she struggled to fight the rising lust in her pussy. 

"I followed you tonite. I sat in my car and watched as different men would bring you from the bar and make you suck their dicks or fuck you in the alley. I heard their laughter as they came on your face. Shit! I even watched two of them call you a dirty whore and piss on you."

Deirdre's tears ran freely from her eyes. Suddenly, knowing that her son had seen her actions made her feel dirty. "I know why you're doing this mom. He's not worth it. Just because your husband ran off with a dirty little tramp, doesn't mean that if you're a tramp too he will come back."

Deirdre was torn between trying to listen to her son's words, and the pounding of her blood rushing thru her ears as he continued to slowly work the dildo in and out of her. Ashamed of her actions, Deirdre felt her body responding to him. Her hips began to slowly rise to meet his slow thrust. And her groans turned into soft moans.

"I've watched you go from a loving mother to the town slut. But you know something mother. I saw what was happening to you and I tried to help you. I tried to love you even more since he left and you have ignored me. I clean you up when you come in after a night of being fucked into a stupor. I've washed you, showered you, mended your bruised and cuts. Hell! I've even douched your pussy while you lay slumped passed out in the tub."

Deirdre looked at his lips moving as she heard his words. The shame of it was that she knew that it was all true. He had been so loving and gentle with her most of the time. It was only when she came in drunk like this that he showed any anger towards her. This knowledge of his love made the tears run even more.

She looked up into his face as he softly stroked her face. "Since you won't allow me to show you love as your son, I'm gonna give you my love as a man would. Maybe then you'll forget that asshole of a husband you had and begin to live again." Deirdre shook her head no, but he just nodded his head yes and stood up. "But first, I have to teach you that I mean business." 

The blows came hard and fast. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Deirdre lay whimpering. "You'll love me mother. You'll love me or you will be so sore that you'll wish you had never had me." SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! 

Deirdre was past the pain. She had screamed thru the gag for so long, she knew she was hoarse. Then she felt him using the dildo again. The vibrations in her ass were more pain than pleasure. 

"Do you love me now, mother? Am I man enough for you?"

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Deirdre was delirious with pain. How could the child that she gave birth to use her like this. But even as she thought it, her mind screamed back at her. "Cause you drove him to it you stupid slut!"

Deirdre felt him releasing her from the tight bindings. Then he gently picked her up and took her into the bathroom. The cool tile of the bathroom floor caused her to whimper. She cried out when he gently removed the butt plug. Then she heard the water running. She stirred when she felt something being inserted into her painful asshole. Then she groaned as she felt the warm water fill her cavity.

The gag was gently pulled from her mouth. But when she tried to speak, only unintelligible sounds came out. She opened her eyes and looked up at him thru her haze of pain. He stroked her face. 

"I love you mom. I've always loved you. But you refused to see that. I'm better than any man you will ever let touch you. I'm your son. And no one will ever love you the way I do."

Deirdre felt Rick lift her and place her on the toilet. She whimpered, when her tortured ass hit the toilet seat, but he held her in place. When she had emptied, he placed her into the tub. When had he run it with water? Her mind was in a fog. Deirdre continued to cry but it was silent tears that ran down her face.

She watched as he changed the nozzle on the water bottle and filled it again. When he parted her thighs she tried to struggle. But one look from him and she stopped. The water felt so good. But seeing the gobs of white stuff float to the top caused her to sob. 

"It's OK! I'm gonna take care of you. No one will ever hurt you again. I love you and I will always be here for you." His words were so soft, so gentle that she cried even harder. She allowed him to wash her body. Well, allowed isn't the right word. She couldn't stop him. But he was so gentle that she sighed and laid her head back. 

Feeling him lift her from the tub woke her up. He held her cradled in his strong arms like she didn't weigh enough to bother with. She looked directly into his eyes and she swallowed hard to get some saliva to talk with. But he shook his head and placed her on the toilet seat.

Rick handed her a cup full of mouthwash. "Rinse and spit." He held the small garbage pail, as Diedre did what she was told. Then he made her do it again. And a third time after that.

"Ricky please? Don't do this. We will both hate ourselves in the morning." But her son only shushed her and bent down. She tried to turn as his lips touched hers. But he was insistent. His tongue forced its way pass her lips as he kissed her. His kiss was gentle at first but when she resisted, he became hard and demanding. 

She stopped struggling, even if she didn't give in to his kiss. She looked up at him as he broke the kiss. "I won't respond to you Ricky! You'll have to rape me if you want to do anything to me." She began to struggle in his arms. Then she heard his soft laughter.

"I won't have to rape you mom. I know your body even better than you do. Do you have any idea of how many times you responded to me as I washed you up? Hell, I had to sometimes push you off as you tried to get your mouth on my dick in the shower. Once you start getting touched, you become insatiable."

Deirdre slumped into his arms in defeat. She knew that he told the truth about her body responses. Hell, that was what got her into so much trouble. Once a man touched her she almost tore her own clothes off in her rush to satisfy the aching inside her. "Ricky! I beg you! I'll change, I swear! No more acting like a slut. I promise."

He carried her into his bedroom and laid her on the bed. Then he sat besides her. His hand caressed her face. "You are so beautiful mom. And I love you with all my heart." He bent down and kissed her. But this time, it was with a tenderness that she had not felt from any of the men that had ever fucked her. And damnit! She responded with a whimper.

His hand caressed her tit and she felt the nipple stiffen and grow hard. Then he slid his hand down to her pussy. He was so slow and gentle. Nothing like the other men at all! And she sighed, as he caressed her swollen pussy lips. It didn't take long before he had her moaning and wiggling on the bed, trying to work his fingers inside her.

Deirdre opened her eyes and looked up into the eyes of her son. "Fuck me Rick! Take what you want form me, like all the other men do." He laughed at her attempt to goad him. Stroking her pussy and eliciting a moan from her lips, he kissed her eyes. 

"I will never fuck you mom. Other men have fucked you. I want to make love to you. I want to make you mine."

She lay there as he began to slowly kiss her body. Damn! Where did he learn to touch a woman like this? Deirdre couldn't believe the things that his gentle kisses were doing to her. His kisses and gentle strokes soon had her whimpering for a different reason. And she lifted her body up to give him room to explore her.

Deirdre's breathing was coming in rapid gasps. Her body felt like it was on fire. She was humping her hips up off the bed to meet the slow finger thrust as he pumped her pussy. And she kept calling out his name over and over. She felt him bring her to the brink of a bottomless pit and suddenly she was left teetering on the edge.

Her eyes flashed open as she felt his weight lift off the bed. Before she could stop herself, she cried out to him. "Please don't stop! I need you to love me!" He looked down at the woman that he loved and smiled. Then her son began to slowly take his clothes off. He had gotten wet from giving her a bath and his physique showed clearly thru his wet clothes. 

But it was the bulge in his pants that had her attention. And she watched, as her son slowly pushed his pants down. Diedre gasped out loud, as she saw his huge erect dick. Very few of the men that she allowed to fuck her could even come close.
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