Reuniting with MY Sister

diklueger   June 14, 2017   | 99353 Views
I hadn't seen my older half sister in over ten years. In that time she got married, had a daughter then divorced.I found my sister through social media then promptly flew to visit… stepmom I hadn't seen my older half sister in over ten years. In that time she got married, had a daughter then divorced.
I found my sister through social media then promptly flew to visit her. she met me at the airport and we hugged for what seemed like eternity. On the long bus ride home i don't what it was but there was an instand connection and I got turned on a bit. I felt that she felt it too but i quickly dismissed the idea. My sister and I are very open with one another and she told me how her boyfriend had broken up with her over a year ago and she hadn't had sex since. We finally got to her place and I met her mother and my neice who was 11 at the time. It was a wholesome sweet first night of gift exchanges. For the next three days there was lots of sexual tension between my sister and I and at this point I was sure that she felt the same. Neither one of us spoke about it. 
 On the fourth night, a friday, we decided to go out clubing. We got pretty drunk but had a great time. My sister and I were very lovey dovey throuout the night. Eventually we got back home and both my neice and my sister's mom were sleeping. We quietly snuck into the room we were sharing and quietly and the remainder of a half eaten burger. When we were done I whipered to my sister that i was gonna go to the bathroom to change. She feircly sai no. She said she didn't wanna wake up her mother. said we could chnage in the room and we could just cover eatheothers eyes. I tried again to convince her that i wouldn't be loud on my way to the bathroom but she was adamant about changing in the room. So she requested that I get facedown on the bed while she changes. I admit i badley wanted to peek but had self control. Sge changed into a long t-shirt and sat at the edge of the bed, facing me as I stoodone or two inches infront of her as I faced her. She then said it was my turn and she would put a sweater over her eyes while i chnaged. I didn't move from my spot. I don't know what got over me but i got really turned one and preceded to only slip down my pants and expose my fully erect cock the just waited till she removed the sweater covering her face. Whe she removed it her face an inch away from my throbbing cock. She didn't even look up at me. She just gazed at my memeber for about two seconds the slowly began to make passionate love to my cock with her mouth. She even deepthroated me. I couldnt help myslf from grabbing her head and face fucking her face. I then remover her shirt and mine then laid down next to her and we began making out and while using our hands to pleasure eachother as quietly as possible. We then had a sixty -nine. She once again deepthoated me. Her pussy was so sweet and juicy which made it all the better. Her blow job was so good that I came in her throught. I was still rock hard after she thoroughly licked my dick clean that i emediatly bent her over and beggan fucking her doggy style. The fact that we could have gotten cought made it all the better. I then turned her over and fucked her missionary style. We kissed very passionatly and I gave her long deep throbbing strokes with my cock. It was so intense that came inside her. After every last drop came out i got up and had her clean my cock again with her mouth. I then wiped her pussy with a towel than took a drink of cold water we had next to us. i then handed her the glass while I preceded to eat her out with my now clod tonge. Afterwards I bent her over again and beggan slowly fucking her from behind while started fingering her ass hole till I got it ready for my dick. I fucked her slowly in the ass until I came inside it. We collapsed on the bed. We used that same towel I used to wipe her vigina, to wipe off the sweat from our bodies.
 The next morning was a bit awkward. We did'nt bring it back up for the remainder of my trip.
Seven years went by before I visited again. My sister is now happily married and has a new baby. I ended up fucking my now eighteen year old neice... But that story is for another time. ;)
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