The Loving Family Story

sakshi41gupta   January 23, 2021   | 21826 Views
A sister's resolve to help her brother be cured of impotency and get his life together. banner1

It was in June 2019 where it all began. It was the month that started the disaster for my family. Suhas, my elder brother, got divorced. It was a messy process that brought shame upon my family. His then wife, Nikita, accused him of having erectile dysfunction. After a thorough medical check-up, her lawyers were able to prove it in the court. The court ruled in her favour and granted the divorce. The separation caused him to lose half of all his money, savings, and the house that they were living in. My brother got depressed but what followed was something else.

Not only did Nikita got the divorce, she also made sure that everyone knew about my brother’s problem. She advertised it to the whole society. Everyone in our hometown was now chatting about it. Everyone in his office now knew it as well. My family became a laughing stalk where ever they went. Even our closest relatives distanced themselves from us. The public humiliation broke my parents and the utter insults on the daily basis took such a toll on them that they both passed away within just three months. This incident devastated us but more so my brother who blamed himself for their deaths. It broke him completely and drained all his will power and confidence to such an extent that he submerged himself completely in alcohol.

After my parents passed away, we sold off our house in our hometown and permanently moved to the city where my college is. I am doing Law at the moment and we bought a 2BHK flat in the same town. My brother left his job after our parents’ death and didn’t search for a new one. He spent his whole day drinking away his sorrows and guilt. I took him to a sexologist to help him cure his problem. The Doctor prescribed some medicines to be twice a day and an oily lotion to massage his penis and testicles at least four times a day. The treatment, he said, would begin to show its effect in 3-4 months, if done with all sincerity. I bought all the meds that were prescribed for one whole month but Suhas Bhaiya labelled them as false hope and tossed them aside. He just wanted his whisky and rum. I was really worried for his drinking problem and one day, my worst fear came true.

It was in April this year, when I got the bad news. Suhas Bhaiya had gone out to buy his rum. Even in Lockdown, he had found someone who was selling alcohol in black. Ironically, that person was a Police Inspector. For too long, he didn’t return home, which got me worried. I called his phone but instead of his voice, I heard a stranger who asked me to come to the hospital immediately. There, I found out that Suhas Bhaiya had met an accident and suffered fracture in both his arms. The doctor had plastered his arms and out them in the slings. He was advised to rest for 10 weeks and come back for a check-up after that. With his arms decommissioned for the time being, I had to do everything for him. I fed him with my hands, changed his clothes, took him to the loo and all. But, since it was lockdown, we all were stuck in our homes, it was easy for me to look after him.

After a week, he began to smell bad due to all the sweat and not being able to take a bath. To get rid of the intolerable smell, I decided to give him a sponge bath. I pulled down his pyjamas and boxers (he didn’t have any shirt on due to his broken arms). The first thing I saw was his tiny and limp dick. It was small as a rat’s tail and dead as a skeleton.

I sat him down on a small stool in the bathroom and turned the tap on. The water splashed out with force and soaked my top. I back into the room, took my top and shorts off, and returned in my bra and panties.

“Sorry, for this Bhaiya”, I said embarrassingly.

“Why sorry! It’s not like anything can happen”, he replied in disgust.

I cleaned his body with the help of a sponge. After we were done, I helped him on his way to the room, gave him his meds, and laid him out on to the bed with no clothes on. I reached out for the top drawer of the side-table and pulled the lotion out that was prescribed by the sexologist.

“What’s the point of this?”, Bhaiya protested.

“It will help your problem go away”, I replied softly.

“I wish to just cut my thing off. This dead meat that had brought shame to our family and took the love of parents away from you”, he said sorrowfully.

“Don’t speak like that. They were your parents too”, Said I.

“I am not worthy enough to call myself their son. Just get me my rum and that would be all”, He dosed off under the effect of meds.

His words broke my heart. Tears rolled down my cheeks and fell on the tip of his small dick.

“I cannot see you destroying your life like this, Bhaiya. I promise you, I will get you your lost manhood back. This dick in my hands would one day get to know what erection looks like. You would one day ejaculate. The jet of that white creamy cum will flow out one day. A woman would one day bare your biological child. I don’t care how much time it takes me but this dick, that I hold in my hand at the moment, shall soon turn into a hard meat rod. I will never give up on you… Never”, I kissed on its tip and on his balls.

My tears continued to drop on it as I continued to stare at my brother’s dick. It may sound weird to you all but to me, in that moment, it was not just my brother’s dick and balls but his lost pride and self-confidence. Our parents were already dead and every other relative had cut off all contacts with us. Only family I had now is my brother and I wasn’t giving up on him.

I took it upon myself to massage his penis with that medicated lotion every 2 hours. I made sure he was regular on his meds from that day onwards, even though he did agree with it but had no choice. To add a bit of incentive, I started to stay naked in the house just to add a bit of effect on him and also kept him naked as well. He was embarrassed to look at me for the first couple of days. He would turn his face the other way whenever I came before him but eventually grew accustomed to it. Staying naked also helped in countering the heat as Bhaiya had no job and I was just a college student which left us without a running income. All the money that we had was the one that we inherited from our dead parents. This meant that we had to cut short our expenses which led to us not having any AC in the summer.

Two months had passed and the treatment began to show its effect. His dick showed signs of arousal though it was not to its full extent. It was a positive sign none the less but my brother didn’t seem much enthusiastic about it. As time passed and his arms got healed, he again relapsed into his alcoholism. It became a problem once again as he always remained in a drunk state. I had had enough of it and wanted to do something in regard.

One fine morning, after I woke up, I locked down the entrance of our flat and hid the keys. Then, as he made his way to the last bottle of alcohol that was in the house, I jumped ahead of him, ceased it with my hands, and dashed towards the balcony to throw it away. Bhaiya chased my all around the flat to get his last bottle back but I was not going to give up easy.

He eventually got to me and tackled me to the ground. The bottle flew out of my hand and rolled underneath the bed. He tried to wrestle his way through but I continued to block his way. Realising that I won’t get rolled over that easy, he got on top of me to get to the bottle. He tried to move over while I made my best to hold him back.

Our struggle came to a sudden pause as we looked at each other in complete shock. Something had happened. I felt something hard penetrating my hole. He pulled away immediately and his fully erect dick came into my vision.

“Bhaiya, wait”, I said.

“I am sorry Sakshi”, I said, ashamed. “I am sorry.”

“Why are you sorry. It’s a good thing. You can now get erection”, I held his arm and stopped him from walking out.

“Yes, I can get an erection”, he exclaimed in elation.

After a long time, I saw the smile on my brother’s face. He was happy and so was I. We hugged each other in joy. I sat down on our bed and began examining his cock.

“Is it good enough size now?”, he asked in excitement.

“It is quite big… and thick as well”, I said, examining his dick. I held his balls in my hands and they felt heavy.

“Finally, my problem is solved”, he threw himself onto me. I was pinned down on the bed, held within the tight embrace of his arms. “Thank you Sakshi”, he kissed on my cheeks, “Thank you… You didn’t lose faith in me even when I did.”

“So, do you want to test it out”, I asked hesitantly.

“What do you mean?”, he sat up with a jerk.

“I mean have sex to see if it is fully resoled or not.”

“But, with whom?”

“With me… silly”, I replied in a matter-of-fact manner.

“Sakshi… You are my sister”, he said angrily.

“That’s why I am the best candidate for it”, I explained. “imagine your problem is not gone. You go out and start dating woman thinking it is cured. One thing leads to another and you decide to have sex with her. It’s when you get into the bed with her, you find out that it is not yet resolved. Once again, you would feel ashamed and sorry for yourself. She would destroy your reputation like your ex. And this new chance you have now to start afresh will be gone. With me on the other hand, I would not humiliate you. I won’t insult you. In fact, if there is a problem left, I would help you cure it. You can think of me like a lab rat and this as our experiment.”

“But…”, he pondered.

“Don’t think over it. It is for a greater good. Besides, I can sense that you liked it for a brief moment when you penetrated me moments ago.”

“You sure about this?”, he asked reluctantly.

“Yeah”, I confirmed.

I moved up the bed and got comfortable. He moved his frame on top of me. He felt my pussy with his fingers and then pushed his newly erect dick inside. I won’t lie, having his dick inside me did feel good. It had been over a year since I last had sex and I was kind of horny. Walking around naked in our flat and only aggravated it.

He kissed my lips; he kissed my neck. He kissed my cheeks, he kissed all over my face as he humped his way into my wet and tight vagina.

“Ah… Bhaiya… ahhh… it’s so good”, I moaned.

“Yes, Sakshi. It does feel good”, came is instant reply.

“Yes Bhaiya… yes… yes… you are doing good… yes..., just keep going… slow and soft”, I moaned softly.

“Ah, Sakshi. I thing I feel something happening.”

“Just keep going Bhaiya. Just… ahhh… keep on fucking me. Just like that… ah… like that.”

I knew what he meant by something was happening. I could feel his dick getting hard and tightening inside me. He was about to cum but since he had never cum before, he had no idea what it was. Within a couple of seconds after that, he ejaculated. His warm sticky cum shot deep inside my vagina. He fell next to me like a heavy rock and said:

“Did it work? Is it solved now?”

“Why don’t you have a look!”, I spread my pussy lips open and invited him to have a look.

“I did it”, he murmured to himself as his swiped a drop of his load off my clit with his finger and stared at it.

“Yes, you did”, I said with assurance and kissed him. “Now, all that remains is to cure your alcohol problem.”

“I am not sure that I can get over it”, he said dejectedly.

“I don’t think I can get over that”, he replied dully.

“I may have a solution”, I said encouragingly.


“Tell me, did you think about alcohol when you were fucking me?”

“No. Not even for a second.”

“Then that’s our solution”, I said confidently.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, every time you feel an urge to have a drink or a drag of cigarette, just fuck me instead. After a certain time, you would be over your alcohol addiction.”

“Are you sure”, he enquired.

“Yes. Besides, you also need to improve your sex skills. It was good for a first timer but it needs practice. So, it just adds on positives.”

“Thank you Sakshi”, he hugged me again.

“Do you want to have a go again?”, I quizzed.

“I am ready if you are.”

“Then bring it on, Big brother”, I said kinkily, getting into doggy position.

He pushed his dick in and went hard this time. He pulled my hair back and thumped my fast and hard.

“Yes… yes… yes… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me.”

“You are great, Sakshi. You are awesome.”

“Yes, Bhaiya… do it… fuck your little sister hard… fuck my pussy… I want your dick Bhaiya… I love it.”

“You like it Sakshi. You like it baby girl!”

“Yes Bhaiya… yes… yes… yes… Ah yes… ah yes”, I screamed.

He cum once again in me and laid out on his back by my side. I made him take a few pictures of my cum-filled pussy to keep as a remembrance of the day his biggest issue was resolved and he came for the first time. One of those photograph I printed out and framed. It now sits at my bedside.

I kept my word and let him fuck my wherever he felt a need of have a drink but soon I realised that I underestimated his drinking problem. He would fuck me several times a day as a substitute for alcohol. He would bang me in the kitchen, he would bang me in the balcony. He would fuck me in the car and on the street. Be it a park or my online college classes, he would fuck me anytime he wanted (my web cam and mic were turned off so it was not a problem). Maybe it was not just his alcohol problem but also, he lifelong supressed sexual desire that also played a part in it. There were times when I didn’t want to have sex but the fear of him relapsing into alcoholism made me unable to deny him my cunt. My plan worked and he was able to move beyond his alcoholism but we faced a different problem. With all that sex, both he and I had become sex addicts and just wanted more all the time. With each passing day, his stamina rose and our sessions began to last longer than the previous ones to an extent that each of our session now last well beyond 2 hours.

Once I started having sex with him, I realised that a barrier that once existed between us was no longer there. The barrier that made us brother and sister. We no longer saw one another as siblings rather potential partners. It was not just sexual partners but romantic ones. I was in love with him and he with me. He finally got a new job and, on the day, when he got his first salary, he took me to a nice restaurant where he proposed to me with a ring. I said yes to his proposal and other in the hall applauded our union. Little did they know that we weren’t just a romantic couple but also biological siblings. The same night, when we came home, we turned our engagement into marriage. He married me in accordance to Hindu tradition by exchanging Jai Malas, putting sindoor on my forehead, tying mangalsutra round my neck and then taking our 7 pheres. I no longer call him Bhaiya but by his name (something that took me a little while to get over with). We now introduce ourselves as husband and wife rather than brother and sister. Our past is now just in our memory and not a public news. To the world, we are Mr. and Mrs. Gupta.

2019 was an abysmal year for us and 2020 didn’t start that great either but by it did end on a happy note. Suhas’ impotency was cured, his alcoholism was done away with. He got a new job that pays well. We fell in love and got married. And above all, by the time I am penning this story, I am also 3 weeks pregnant with his baby.


So, ladies and Gentlemen, that was my story. I have plenty of other incidents with Suhas and also with my ex-boyfriends, which I may share someday (depending on my schedule). I will leave my e-mail below, do send in your feedback. I am not some slut who will fuck for money nor interested in any form of calls. If you want to chat with me like a nice friend then you are welcome to contact me. Bye [email protected]

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