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Hi, everybody, I am Harshith from north Karnataka I am 22 years old just now I have completed Degree I am a good looking and I have an athlete body… This story is about how I fucked my dream aunty Indira. Indira is a typical mallu girl/lady with huge breast and ass of 33 yrs old mother of 2 kids, with a figure of 36 32 38 you guys can imagine how big her ass is.…

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So let’s get into the story this is the real incident which happened with me. This is my first story in Indian sex stories please forgive me if there are any mistakes. This story tells about how I had sex with my aunt Indira. This is a real life experience so it’s actually quite long as I have described each and every incident with detailed description. So bear with me friends..

One weekend my parents planned to visit my native place who are in belgaum around 250 Km from there. I am very bored to go to native place as there is no one to talk with me. I mean no one is there to spend time with me. I took these chance to stay in the home and to enjoy the whole day by watching porn videos & sex stories….. after some time am just remembering my aunt Indira masturbated by imaginig her complex thick plumpy body .I had a great lust for her, from my childhood. I had many masturbate session thinking of her. Many times I would feel her bra and panty whenever I would go their places, I had even loaded my cum on them too. I had even touched her body parts several times, but there was no any objection from her. This incident happened in the summer vacation of, at that time I was in my first year degree. I went to the next house where one of my mother’s friends Indira Aunty is living because my mother used to give her the keys of our house if she goes out after giving a long bell, the door opened and Indira Aunty was standing in the doorway. She was in her Pink Chudi. Actually this is the first time I am looking her very close. What a lovely lady she is.
She was around 37 years then but the mother of two kids maintained her body in such a way you can’t estimate her age more than 30 years. She invited me inside and asked me about my life and all other matters but I could not answer properly as I was so horny and having a beautiful lady in front of me but I managed to tell something then I asked about my parents.
She told me they are going out to nearby town for a function with her family. They will come back in the evening. Moreover she told me I can stay in her house till they come. Since I am not having another option I agreed. When she got back home, aunt always got energized. She brought me food and used to tell me all the things that happened during the day, who called, and who she talked to on phone and things like that. I had never looked at my aunt sexually. She was 33 years old, but she was skinny and had a shapely body. She didn’t have the biggest tits but they were proportionate to her height and body weight. Even though we are Indian and pretty conservative, she had always been a rebel of sorts. She never did anything crazy but she didn’t mind letting us watch American movies and we never had to change channels when a French kiss or sex scene came around. Heck, when I was little, aunt even used to dress in front of me She told me she had some pain in her legs so she wanted some rest. Now after having some talks I got some courage and suggested her to have some massage which will give her some relief. She gave a strange look at me and asked me who will do the massage and all with some fear in my heart I replied if you don’t mind I will do it without speaking anything she went inside the bedroom as this is the first such incidence I thought I made a mistake.
She was a nice lady and I am rogues who think always bad things after two minutes Aunty called me from the bedroom. I went inside and found she was in the bed with the saree and petticoat up to the ankle. What lovely leg. I was mad to see her bar leg but I controlled myself and went nearer to her. She motioned me to sit near her. I took it as a green signal and put my whole hand on her neck and slowly tried to feel her back part. I slowly made a way to her right boobs under her arm, I was succeed in it and I was succeed in it and I was feeling her boobs, ohhh god how soft it was, I can’t explain the feeling I had that time. I was also pressing her boobs as it was night I was sure that the auto driver can’t see it after 5 minutes
I withdrew hand and placed it on the left boobs, it was also a great feeling, and after that I slowly placed my hand on her thigh and I also tried to insert my hand in to her sarri but it was very tight I can’t put in it when I saw her face her eyes was closed and she was moaning lightly. My action did not last long as we reached home after that I went to my home.
I was around 2 in afternoon, I slept but I can’t sleep, because of what would happen tomorrow. I can’t believe that this all action was in real from morning I was searching a reason to go to her place at last I got one and I went. It was around 12 in noon, I was aware that she would be alone, uncle may went to office and her kid may went to play. She was in kitchen preparing something.
She was in nighty, she usually wears nighty in day time. I slowly without making any noise went and hugged her from behind, I was kissing her neck and face, and my hands was on her those sweet thighs and pussy but for my surprise she pushed me side and told to touch her. I was really shocked. I don’t know what happen to her. She was angry with me and saying she is not such women.
I should focus on study, like that blah blah she was saying she don’t stopped me yesterday because of her kid. If the kid, tell to uncle then relation with our two family would spoil, which she don’t want to happen. I tried my well best to convince her, but she don’t agree, at that time her kids came and I also came to my home. I was very depressed what happening in my life. Then my routine life started with colleges and friends in between.
As days passed I used to meet Aunt, but she used to act nothing has happened between us. After two three weeks, I got call from her and asking me to come to her place, as she has some work with me and I went there, it was around 9 in morning, she would be alone at that time. I rang the bell she open the door, she was in pink saree that, she had just had her bath, her hair was tired in towel. She welcomed me and told in to seat in hall……… I could not control myself and my dick had already at its full length. I stopped massaging and looked her. Her eyed are half closed. I asked her how she felt. She told me fine but she wants more. I lay by her side and gave a hug and gave a kiss and explore her tongue and drank her sweet honey. She moaned and exploring the dick in my lungi which is wet with pre coming.
I slowly remove her saree and blouse and saw the milky white mound and the hard nipple inside the bra. I took them in mouth and bite it gently. She wriggles her body and started to move her legs and clutched them with mine. I remove the bra and saw the lovely ‘c’ cup breasts. I squeezed and sucked…. I could not myself and remove all her dress and mine within no time. I went between her legs and started eating her pussy. She holds me head and telling in low voice does it. I am loving for that oh dear my lover ooh. She came and drank all the juice. I move my head to the lovely tits which are erect and hard. I took one in hand and other in the mouth while she holds my head tightly and closed her eyes.
She took my dick and placed it over her juicy cunt and moaned and I can’t wait. Do it now and I make a gentle thrush and it went inside the hot wet and waiting cunt. She cried do Oh Do it for ever fuck me hard oooh as I started pumping her. I tried to hold it for long time but I came after 3 minutes of pumping……. she also started to kiss me, she then removed my t-shirt, kiss my chest, then she proceed farther and removed my pant, I was just lying in my jockey and she was kissing my things, she then removed my jockey and directly placed my cock to her mouth, ohhh what a feeling it was, she had a mouth fuck of 15 min and I was about to cum and I told her but she was not listening after a while.
I load my whole in cum in her mouth and she drank all the drops of mine and cleaned my cock. Now I told her it’s my turn, she said most welcome, and she lay on the bed on her back. I came over her and started to kiss, her a while, and I removed her pallu, ohh that two melons, pop in her blouse, I pressed her boobs, over the blouse after a while, removed her blouse with her help.
She was in black bra and I then removed the remaining saree, now she was lying in her bra and petticoat. I stated kissing her boobs, over the bra, after that,she asked me to remove her bra, I remove it. Ohh my god what a feeling it was, she had a big black nipple, I took her left nipple in my mouth, and was pressing her right, after a while I interchanged the boobs, after that I proceed farther to her navel and kissed it.
I removed her petticoat, she was in black panty. I started to kiss her inner thighs and then I smelled her pussy over her panty, then I removed panty, and put in tongue in her pussy lips, she was holding my hair very tightly. She had little hairs on her pussy after that I had a finger fucked her, first with one finger, then with two, then with three. Her ass was round as an apple. Big as a full moon and light colored like ice cream. I just wanted to touch it. Once. It was the kind of ass, which if you touch with your cock, your cock might skid and slide and get buried inside her pussy within seconds.
Both got exhausted and laid side by side naked. She seems to be satisfied and we chat sometime while playing with each other organs. She told me uncle had never eaten her pussy and she loved my pussy eating. Moreover my dick is much bigger than uncle’s dick. Mean I got another erection as she played with it. So I wanted to her another lesson. I asked to come over me and kept her pussy over my dick and asked her to give a slight push.
At first she hesitated and told me her cunt want a dick that is all. But I insisted it will give her more pleasure. I persuaded her to do that. She cried while my dick entering and she moved her buttocks up and down automatically with moaning. But the two lovely mangoes are in front me and took both of them in one mouth. She shuddered and come. She laid on me for few minutes and she went for bath. Her thighs were hairless. Her crotch only sported that triangle surrounding the cunt. Sexy to the max! Her panties coming off was poetry. Slow and sensual and inviting. The panties let go of her lips down below. They fell through into the open air. The aroma reached my nostrils, driving me insane. Beauty at its best. I must admit I am a pussy admirer. And how much admiration I had for this pussy? I can’t explain here.
Neither of us had uttered a word as she rolled her panties off. Her cheeks looked flushed. Her eyes looked dry and were wide open.I moved up and she hugged me tight. I lay on top of her. She rolled over and we both lay on our sides for hours, hugging tight and just relaxing, skin to skin. Our crotches met. She didn’t say a word. The entire time, I lay next to her with a throbbing cock touching her pussy. We quickly went inside and got freshened up and fell on the bed .Asked aunt aunt about how she felt whole session, and she was happy and said that she never imagined that we both will have sex like this and that too after marriage, this is so thrilling and nice experience. I kept on asking her all sorts of questions. Whose cock you liked the most, your husbands on mine, to which she said. I liked the length and thickness of your cock. Also told her to keep sending me nude pics whenever I ask for it. And she agreed. We slept off.
Its our sex experience We make out and have sex every time we get a chance. She let me have the dildo. I put it in my ass every time I jerk off. It increases the pleasure .Friends Please leave a comment your valuable feedback to
Thank you all……

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