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After a long gap, I’m back with a new story. This time it is real. It happened recently. Her name is Keerthana. After reading my previous stories she contacted me through Gmail.… Lesbian

After a long gap, I’m back with a new story. This time it is real. It happened recently. Her name is Keerthana. After reading my previous stories she contacted me through Gmail. She initiated the conversation by telling her name and she liked my story.

After my initial response, she told me she is from Coimbatore currently working in Bangalore. She made clear that she won’t share her mobile number and even her picture. She is only interested in Hangouts chat. Honestly, I was ok with it. I also like my identity to stay secret.

After the initial days of chats, I got to know she was working on night shifts. She had a boyfriend who relocated to Canada on a temporary onsite program. She was very hesitant and afraid to talk to me. But she was also expecting me to take charge and talk to her more. I like girls who are subservient and horny.

Slowly we started talking more about our sex lives. She was asking me questions like, Have I had sex before? How many times in a day? Do you use condoms? What age did you lose your virginity? I also got to know she was a virgin. The maximum encounter she had was a lip lock with her boyfriend.

She told me she recently moved to Bangalore. In her hometown, to even meet her boyfriend is very difficult. Her boyfriend didn’t know about her talking to me and that excited me. The initial days of question and answers were the boring part of getting to know each other.

One night when we were chatting there was a power cut in her apartment. I asked her to remove her clothes if she was feeling hot. She responded by saying she is naked. I asked for proof. She told me to fuck off. Our chat went on for a while and she wanted to see my dick. I responded by saying it has to be mutual.

“A dick for tits.” She agreed. Quickly I clicked a nice hard picture of my cock and sent her. I had to wait 10 minutes for her next response. She told me my dick was fat and the veins on it turned her on. I wanted to see her boobs but she told me not so soon.

She sent me pictures of her bra and panty lying on the ground. I was only able to see her naked thighs on it. Trust me her thighs were enough for me to masturbate. As we were chatting for a long time I told her I had a video of me and my girlfriend kissing. She wanted to see it.

I quickly blurred parts of my face and my girlfriend’s and sent it to her. It was a video where I was pressing my girlfriend against the wall and going nuts on her lips. She got intimidated by seeing the video. She told me that she feels like she also wants to kiss like that but her boyfriend won’t return until next year.

I got to know she was living around 5 km away from my place. Just to take a chance, I told her I would love to meet her in her apartment right now. That’s it. Then I didn’t get a response for the next 20 minutes. But to my luck after 20 minutes she replied.

She told me she doesn’t want me to know her home location but she wanted to meet me. It was late at night. I asked her if she is interested to come to my apartment. I was living alone and offered to pick her up. She agreed with lots of conditions.

She will only meet me in a nearby junction from her apartment. She will come to my place just for an hour or so. I need to drop her back. She also made it clear she didn’t want to have sex with me and she has to stay a virgin. But only a softcore makeout session.

I agreed to whatever she said and got ready to go pick her up. I went in my car. I reached the location she told me. I found a beautiful angel in her early 20s waiting for me in the middle of the road all ready to make out. I waved at her. She confirmed if it was me through hangouts and got into the car.

As soon as she got in she told me if her boyfriend gets to know that she is in a strangers car that he would probably kill her. It was thrilling for me to even think a girl is cheating on some guy with me. I could sense that she is really horny and scared at the same time.

I started the car and took the route to my apartment. But she stopped me and asked if we could go somewhere nearby but not to my apartment. I started holding her hands to comfort her. My god, her hands were cold like ice cubes. On the way, I found a perfect place.

There were no street lights there. I stopped the car and looked into her eyes and told her she looks like an angel just fell from the sky. In the next 2 seconds, I was kissing her passionately. At first, it was just a gentle brush on her lips with mine. But shit got real in seconds.

I found her tongue inside my mouth. She was wild and she made me crazy horny. We kissed for like 5 minutes straight and I started pressing her boobs on top of her T-Shirt. It should definitely be a 34C and big and firm. She was biting my lips when I pressed her boobs.

In no time I found her fingers over my crotch and she was trying to explore my cock. I have a 5-inch cock. (I know it’s small but it’s thick) To help her, I loosened the shorts I was wearing. In seconds her hands were into my vest and she started playing with my cock.

My warm dick was struggling to manage her cold hands. As soon as she touched it I wanted to cum but somehow managed to hold it together. I asked her for a blowjob. She just bent down pulled my cock out, put it in her mouth and started sucking it like a candy.

Fuck fuck fuck, I felt so warm inside her mouth. Her saliva was making me go nuts. She took my balls in her mouth and started stroking my cock up and down. I tried to remove her T-shirt. But she didn’t allow me as we were on the road. I told her we could do it better if we go to my apartment.

She thought for a while and told me I have to drop her as soon as we are done. I was on cloud 9. She was sucking my cock while I drove to my apartment. Parked the car took the lift and locked the door in less than 2 minutes. Yeah, We both were that horny.

As soon as we entered the apartment she stopped me. She asked me to play the video I sent her earlier. The one with my girlfriend where we were kissing up against the wall. I played it on TV. She asked me to kiss her exactly like that while the video is playing. Fuck, she was such a horny bitch.

I did exactly what she asked for. I pressed Keerthana against the wall and took her sexy little mouth into mine and started smooching. We had a connection that I never ever felt even with my girlfriend. I was very hot. I removed her T-Shirt and the bra.

She was topless with perfectly shaped boobs and nipples that are erect and pink. I took in my mouth and started sucking on it. She was moaning heavily and she was stroking my cock from inside my shorts. After a 10 minutes make out against the wall I took her to the bedroom and pushed her on the bed.

We both got completely naked and directly went into 69 position She was completely wet dripping all over the sheets. She had my entire cock in her mouth gagging with lots of salivae. As she was stroking my cock I was licking her pussy and fingering her. She was clean shaved down there.

After a while, I just threw her and took her in missionary. Of course with a condom. As I entered her for the first time I slowly realized that she was still a virgin. Fuck, I never fucked a virgin before. She was very tight. It took some work to enter her completely.

She was screaming in pain but told me not to stop. I fucked her 10 minutes straight in missionary. She scratched my back with her nails. Later I took her in the doggy style. She asked me to hold her hair when I fuck her from behind. The whole bed was shaking and I felt her shivering through her pussy.

Later she lay to the side and took my dick in her pussy. I fucked her sideways and I told her I’m cumming. She wanted to swallow. I quickly removed the condom and put my cock into her mouth. I mouth fucked her until I came all over her. She swallowed every bit of dripping. I was really tired.

She took a deep breath and lay next to me for 5 minutes. Later she got up and dressed and she asked me to drop her in the same location from where I picked her up. She seemed upset. I just assumed she was overwhelmed by what happened. I took her back and dropped her in the same location.

She didn’t even say goodbye. She just left. I am sure her apartment is somewhere in the same street but didn’t know which one. Sadly, that was the last time I saw or spoke to her. She stopped responding to my texts later.  Whenever I pass by the place, I just have a happy memory of a one-night stand.

The feeling was unique. I am not sure if I will experience it again ever. Anyways, this is for Keerthana.  Keerthana, if you are reading this story I just want you to know I had a great time and I hope we can meet again someday.

Please send your comments to Thank you, everyone, once again for your love and support.

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