Lockdown Fun With Neighbor Savitha Aunty

myselfakash875   January 01, 2021   | 33405 Views
Hello Friends,I am writing my new experience which in encountered with my new neighbour during this lockdown.I'm Akash working as an software professional in bangalore this incident… cheating

Hello Friends,I am writing my new experience which in encountered with my new neighbour during this lockdown.I'm Akash working as an software professional in bangalore this incident took place few days back with my hot neighbour her name is savitha aged around 32 yrs very fair with dick raising asset 34-32-34 anyone would feel urge of having sex with her atleast once in life.

My mind started thinking dirty things at the first time only when i saw her . Her husband works is some private firm.I was bored staying in home due to this lockdown and wanted some break and relief from the dail routine work.Then savitha my neigbour came newly to our
apartment from that day i was always feeling like having sex with her.But it was difficult as we both were not knowing each other then i made a plan of first becoming friend with her and then try it out. I used to say casually say "Hi Good Morning" whenever we get a chance to meet and even she use to reply and slowly we were becoming friends.

Then after few days we became very close gradually and one day she invited me to her home when no one was there i took this as a positive sgn felt happy and went to her home. She use to share about daily things happening in her life and her husband is always busy in work
and always keeps travelling not bothered about house.

This gave me a hint that she needs someone to keep her happy. I took this opportunity and said not to worry i am always with you and i will help out whenever needed.She said thanks and that day we exchanged our phone numbers and i thanked her for lovely coffee and left from her place.As the day passed nothing much happened we used to text daily and after we became very close i thought of trying to understand if she is intrested in me to have sex. I sent some naughty jokes and photos ,but no reply came i thought she might screw me up but next day i got a reply and i came to know that she was enjoying it.

After that one day suddenly she sent message no one a home feeling bored if you are free can you come. I was so happy and i dont wanted to miss this opportunity and wanted to try my luck and make it happen.I went around 11AM in the morning knocked the door wow she was wearning transparent nighty and i was able have a clear view of her assets that was the first time i saw her in nighty and i felt even she wanted sex today .Then she invited me inside asked me to sit and she will get some juice to drink.

Then we were talking and suddenly she asked do you have girl friend i said no.She directly asked have you ever kissed any girl i was shocked by her question and was thinking what to tell ,she said not to worry i know what  all young boys do so be frank. Then i said yes i had with my collegemate and said what all you did and i said nothing only kiss.

She just smiled and kepy quite and i asked her why you are asking all these. She directly said i know you are intrested in me and to be frank even i felt nice of you and like the way you talk and make fun.She suddenly bent to take the glass from me wow what a sight it was i can see her complete boobs eagerly waiting to come outside. My dick raised see that and she noticed that gave naughty smile and went to kitchen to keep the glass. Now she came sat next to me and i was feeling difficult to breath and wowwwwwwww she was smelling so good.

She suddenly kept her hand on my pants and hold my dick .I was shocked she came near my ears and whispering what happened and what you were looking at when i tried to take glass.I said nothing and she suddenly locked by lip with her lip .I didn't understand how to respond gradually lost control and she was stroking my dick slowly.She said let's go to bedroom and make this day very special and i just followed her instructions without speaking anything. We went to room she closed the door pushed me on bed and she came on top of me slowly and started kissing my lips wowwwwwwwww what an amazing kisser she was i was in heaven even i slowly started responding to her kiss and she was slowly loosing her control now i slowly started removing her nighty wow what an epic view it was seeing her only in her panty and bra .She was feeling shy and immediately hugged me tight.I slowly started playing with her boobs and removed her bra and started sucking those big melons like hungry animal she was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby suck it i am all yours please eat it ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh suck hard baby ahhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh bite that nipples and satisfy me hardddddddd ahhhh ahhhhhhh this was giving me more pleasure and i was sucking even harder and her nipples became hard she was enjoying a lot and sucked her boobs for almost 20 minutes not slowly went bit down started kissing her belly.

she was losing her control and enjoying it and now she removed my pant and started giving me a blow job wow what a heavenly experience it was she was sucking my 7.5 inch hard dick like lolly pop wow i was in heaven and she was an amazing sucker i enjoyed the blowjob and now i slowly started removing her panty and by this time both were in complete mood and lost ourself. I slowly started licking her pink clean shaven pussy wowwwwwwwwww it was so good experience she was enjoying every lick of mine and moaning ahhhhh baby my darling lick it slowly ah ah aha ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh eat it baby its all your's please satisfy me.After few minutes of licking it was time for real action as she was out of control and begging me to fuck her badly.

I slowly took my 7.5 inch hard dick and started rubbing on lip of her pussy and making her more horny and slowly put my dick inside wowwwwwww it's one of the best feeling and she was moaning with pain
and i slowly started stroking front and back and after few minutes she started enjoying and was asking baby fuck meeeeeeeeeeee fuck fuck fuck meeeeeeeeeee hard baby ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh aha aha ah and our room was completely filled with her moaning sound this was making me more horny and fucked her very hard.

Then after few minutes of this i unloaded everything inside and we both were tired hugged eachother and rested for a while.Then after some time we tried doggy style and few more different positions by this time it was almost 5PM her husband was about to come back home. We took bath together had one more good sexy session in bathroom and i left to my place. So, now every time when ever we get time we have awesome time and fun together. So guy's this was my new real story with my neighbour.

If you like this story and if any girls/aunties looking out for hot massage or secret fun can reach me out on hangout or through my email id that is "myselfakash8seven5[a][T]GMAILdotcom".Your privacy and safety will be my first concern and priority so not to worry and feel free to reach me. Thanks for your time in reading this story.Please comment me if you liked this story. Waiting for you replies,Thanks.

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