My Best friend shared me with my husband for blindfolded sex.

swapna   February 22, 2024   | 4526 Views
I am swapna and Indian girl who experienced many Lust experiences and had many good times during college days. Here I am bringing back my best friend who took my virginity and fucked… Lesbian

I am swapna and Indian girl who experienced many Lust experiences and had many good times during college days. Here I am bringing back my best friend who took my virginity and fucked me for more than 3 years.This is my first time, being blindfolded and also shared by my husband and best friend. They both love me very well ,I love both too. I confessed everything about me getting intimate with my best friend way back before marriage and I told him I got fucked my bestfriend way more then he ever saw me naked. My best friend had fucked me like 250 times and husband had only did 40 times. So my husband understood the situation and he allowed me to get my best friend's dick only inside me, No other dick he said. I had sex with another friend, they shared me together but with Condoms. He didn't want it though. He wants to make sure I don't get another dick in me and I will give him kids.. I asked him to join 2 of us and we 3 agreed for a good threesome. I wanted to try something different so i told them I wanted blindfolded sex. I got naked slowly and seduced them to bed. I even ran my fingers over my pussy and my hubby threw me the blindfold. I wore it. I was told by my husband to be on my knees and i did. I smelled my husband's dick and his dicks heat right next to my face and i started to suck him. I sucked him only a few times, but I can feel how well he's feeling now. He's moaning with pleasure and I can feel the heat near my neck. I started sucking both dicks in turns. I jerked and sucked till both came. Husband came in my mouth by holding my head. My best friend came on my hair. I sucked both again to get it erect. And i got lifted by them and they wiped my hair clean and they lifted me to bed. I went on all fours.. yeah memory reflex and my best friend lied down on bed i can understand Just by touching his body. I used my hands to maneuver my pussy to his face. And he started eating me out, Husband came behind me and squeezed my boobs from behind. I gave him an offer, that if he can eat my asshole. he can fuck it for the first time. Till that day only my best friend's dick had entered my ass. Hands from my boobs gone, he made me lean to my best friend more. I felt a sniff on my asshole and he was taking a long time and i came on to my best bud face. And i asked if he could eat my pussy, He said he will eat my ass. He slowly started licking me and my best friend too started to eat me after rest. I started moaning, i can feel everything very intense and I felt both holes getting eaten is so good. Rarely girls can feel this I think. Both circled their hands on my hips. They are licking me hard and they switched positions. Hubby went to clean up and he came to lie down. It's my first time face sitting my husband. I wanted to cum on to his face i held his head and i moved my hips to get my cum faster and he didn't know that good.. but still his tongue is good. I came right into his mouth I was moaning. My ass is beating on my best buds tongue, he took his tongue out and I moved my hips on to my husband's mouth while my best bud and I are kissing. My best friend lifted me up by hand on my tummy, he put me on the bed and I can feel bed jerking and my best friend pulled me to him and I now understood, he wants my pussy. He gave his dick in my hand i sucked him till it's erect, my best friend told me " take it in your pussy" my husband helped me to get on his dick. And husband is going to fuck me first time in the ass. "Fuck her asshole" my bestfriend told him. And I leaned to the front, husband is directly going to fuck my ass, I told him to lubricate his dick and eat my ass, then lubricate it too. I started to ride my best bud and my husband gave his dick in my mouth.. I sucked him to get him erect and i can smell lubricant. I can also hear him applying on his dick with my saliva on it. He kissed my butts and he fingered to lubricate it. Then he slowly put his dick inside. Neither of these dicks are bigger but I can enjoy good since there's an emotional connection with these. My best friend still fucks my childhood friend, she still wants his cum inside her. Her husband still didn't know she's getting pounded by the dick in my pussy. Both are now fucking my holes, I can feel everything. Husband took his dick out and wanted a switch. So he lifted me up by the tummy, I waited for them to switch and I got the dicks switched. My best bud applied a few more lubricants and he went in. I started to ride my husband and I felt my husband is nearing to cum. And I slowed down, he held my hips tight. While best bud held me from behind and he went Deep and slow. My husband came inside me and I waited for best bud to cum too. I said " cum in my ass". He came and i felt full. I took my blindfold, since I got another Idea. I told my best friend to stand next to the wall and I lifted one and he got the position. He pushed his dick in my pussy, I asked my husband to fuck my ass by lifting the other leg. And my bestfriend and my husband took both legs together. But I am feeling good, i can understand how my bestfriend feels, with his expressions. Then we switched to bed.. with my best friend fucking my pussy and ass with them switching. When it's about to cum we arranged my husband to fuck my asshole and my best friend to fuck pussy. They came and we got tired. We slept on the same bed naked, i slept between them. They fucked me in the morning as well. We showered together and my best friend kissed me to good bye, And they hugged. So husband understood my holes will be mostly pounded by my best friend. My husband can't fuck that much to cover his record. I can't forget my best friend who took my virginity and used my like his girl for more then 3 years. We take precautions by the way. Now I am free to enjoy his dick whenever I want. It's not that good to cheat.. so I would say to confess to your husband and do it with his knowledge. I know it's for husband to let you with other man. But he will if you convince him and every man can't be cuckold husband. My husband is not very happy me Letting my pussy to be fucked by my best friend. But he's happy for me and he's not a cuckold. Also we sometimes use condoms or pregnancy pills. Even though I am ready to be pregnant with best friend's child.. it's not a good thing. Now I am preparing for having kids. My Lust is almost satisfied. And eventually my best friend will get married and my husband is trained to eat my holes when I get horny. I heard during pregnancy times girls get horny so yeah getting prepared for it. Have a great orgasm ahead.......

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