The New Girl-1

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Welcome to ME! I am a young Indian girl with an insatiable hunger for sex. Follow this series to see how my life changed in a few days... stepmom

Hi friends, my name is Preeti and I am a woman with a very sexy figure (38D-30-34) and 5-10” height and of mixed race basically my paternal family from north and my maternal from south.

I am a very big fan of this website because it gives me a lot of pleasure to read all the stuff posted here and I found many similar to mine. Being a single woman I also have my share of physical needs.

Yes, you read that right that I am a single woman and never married by my own choice. While I have had hundreds of boyfriends and lovers in the past and even now. I just was not interested to get permanently hooked in marriage to anyone because I wanted a variety of men in my bed to enjoy with.

I have two sons aged 18 & 20 and will talk about them later. I also know that the only thing that matters to most men is sex. I was 18yrs old then when this life changing episode happened and I turned into a sex machine.

We stayed in a one-bedroom house coming from a lower middle class family. My parents used to sleep on the double bed and I on a mattress on the floor beside them. This was till I got caught by mom watching them have sex after which I was moved out to sleep on the divan in the living room.

I still continued to watch them peeping every night. Till I was sleeping in the bedroom I saw my parents having sex every night in various positions. They made funny noises when their bodies hit each other and funny sounds (which I later understood were moans).  

They seemed to derive ultimate pleasures because of whatever they were doing. I also had seen mom masturbate enough times with a carrot when dad was out on tour. I did not understand what she was doing I surely knew that it was something very enjoyable.

This remained the biggest mystery question in my head. Because of this curiosity I was desperate to find out more so I could also experience those pleasures. Let me come to the main episode which dates back when I was in high school.

My body grew rapidly showing transformation to a full grown woman. The only thing that started late was my periods at the age of 19. I was growing pretty big breasts but not so big butt.

I was very active in sports due to my height and build and was in most of the Inter school teams playing with the seniors. I was very popular having won so many tournaments. I enjoyed the company of boys mostly elder to me because I considered myself no different from them.

We were based in a very small town where my father was a manager in a private company and my mother a bank employee. When I played games my breasts used to bounce and that caused me a lot of embarrassment.

None of the other girls including older ones had breasts anywhere close to my size. My biggest embarrassment was while playing games like kho-kho or kabaddi. most boys would grab my boobs as it was the easiest thing to grab because of their size.

When anyone touched my boobs it triggered strange feelings in my body and that is the only part that I loved. I strongly felt my big boobs was retarding my sports career. I went to my mother and complained about my breasts bouncing when playing games.

She thought about it and got me to strip my top and looking at my chest said I should start wearing a bra to support my breasts. She gave me one of her own (size 32C which I read on the label attached to it) to try.

She taught me how to wear it and while the bra supported my breasts much more firmly in place it also projected much more forward. Well this was the best option I had at that time and so I accepted it.

Now I felt more confident while I played games because my breasts didn’t bounce as much as before. At the same time, it became even more easier for the boys to grab my breasts due to the projection made by the bra.

In fact, from the day I started wearing the bra I felt a lot more eyes on me from men of all ages. There was a guy in college in my same school campus, Hardeep who was very close to me living in the same colony who also used to accompany me to and fro from school.

He was from a very rich family and also my best friend and meant the entire world to me. There was nothing hidden between us as we have both grown up together since I was a toddler.

No one knew me as much as he did, even more than my parents and he was 2yrs elder to me. He told me on day one when I wore my new bra to school that I was looking very nice and after he touched and squeezed my breasts all over, said my chest was looking much bigger and how?

I enjoyed his hands on my breasts and said my mother gave me her bra to wear. He seemed curious but didn’t talk anything more about it. Life went on few more months and even before I completed my first year wearing this bra I went back to my mother telling her that I was finding this bra extremely tight and painful.

When she took a close look she saw red marks all around where the band of the bra sits and also my shoulders and said I immediately needed a bigger one. She seemed troubled at the speed at which my breasts were growing and decided we meet a doctor.

Next day was a Saturday and she took off half day so she could take me to a doctor in the afternoon after lunch and then shopping. Being a small town it was impossible to find a gynaecologist and all we had was a general physician.

We reached the clinic and both went inside to meet him. He was an elderly man in his 50s and mother explained her concerns. Since this was a small place, he asked mom to step outside and wait till he did a full check-up on me.

Mom stepped outside and he locked his door and asked me to sit on his examination table. I was wearing my usual Punjabi kurta and salwar without the bra with slip and panties. As soon as I sat on the table he came to me and asked me to remove my kurta.

I felt shy and he reassured me that he was a doctor and this was a part of the examination to diagnose my problems correctly. I removed my kurta and sat topless staring at the floor.

He asked me if I was having normal periods and I asked him what he means. He explained the once in a month bleeding cycle normal women have and I told him I never had one till now.

He stepped closer to me and began squeezing my breasts gently for a long time and said softly that I had very beautiful breasts. The touch of his hands on my breasts triggered waves of pleasure thru my body.

I remembered the similar feeling I got every time the boys would grab my breasts and now I wanted to make them do it lot more for my own satisfaction. He squeezed my nipples between his fingers and asked me if I felt any pain.

I told him no pain instead it was feeling very nice and if he could please do more. He smiled at me and continued for some more time making me breathless with pleasure. He said he wanted to do more checks to see if my breasts have milk and I excitedly nodded yes breathing very hard.

He cupped both my breasts with his hands and started sucking my nipples with his mouth. His mouth was magical and triggered even more pleasure thru my body. I wanted to fully enjoy while it lasts.

After sucking my nipples for a few minutes he asked me if it was hurting and I said no it feels very nice and he smiled and continued for some more time. I was panting hard while he was still squeezing my breasts and sucking my nipples.

He said I had the most beautiful real big breasts he had ever seen. I told him that this big size was an embarrassment for me. He comforted me saying when I grow up and understand everything I will realise how lucky I am as one in lakhs of women to have it.

He was talking to me in a very sweet tone making me feel proud of my body. His touch on my breasts was driving me wild making me squeal. He said everything was normal with my breasts and I had grown into a full woman little ahead of time.

He made me lie down and asked me if he could remove my salwar to continue his examination. I eagerly said yes anticipating of more pleasure. He pulled the strings of my salwar loosening it and along with my panties removed it completely.

He came in-between my legs spreading them wide and touched my vagina with his fingers. I instantly felt a flow of liquids from my vagina. I sat up and touched my vagina which was dripping wet making me very embarrassed in front of him.

I said sorry and he calmly said it was very normal and not to worry and made me lie back down and spread my vagina wider and inserted a finger slowly inside. I jerked at this and he said he was checking my hymen and he had pushed his finger all the way in and out a few times.

He gave me a surprised look and asked if I had ever sex with anybody. I was very tensed now not knowing what he meant by sex and was scared like shit. I thought something big was wrong and I will get reprimanded by my parents.

Mustering lots of courage, I told him I did not know the meaning of sex. He explained that normally girls have a seal (hymen) which proves virginity and in my case the hymen was not there. I said no one ever touched me there and other than my mother he was the first person to have seen it.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post more parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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