Football Sex Party

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“Oh Yes, that’s feel so good Malik! Your big black cock has me so aroused. Take me! Fuck me! Oh yes, I love it!” I loudly cried, as he pushed all the way in me and began to pump me. banner2 Football Sex Party

I meet this nice looking black guy Jocko, during the New Year’s Eve swingers’ party. Since me and my girlfriend were too drunk to drive, he drove us back to his place to sleep it off. The next day, he asked if we would like to go to a party on the 18. Sandy my girlfriend couldn’t make it because of her kids, but I was okay to attend, although I wanted more information about it. He laughed and told me that he would give me $500 to go as his escort.

How did he know, so I'm guessing during the NYE party I mentioned that I dabbled in escorting from time to time. He mentioned that it was just for going to the party. So I agreed to accompany him. Then we went for breakfast and he drove us back to my car still parked at the party site. As we were leaving, he took my arm and pulled me toward him for a kiss. Oh and it was a very yummy passionate one too.

He laughed and said, “I wanted to leave you with something to remember me by. I’ll be thinking about our date for the next two weeks.”

I smiled and sensually answered, “If you kiss like that, I'll be also thinking about our date.” Then me and Sandy left.

The weeks passed with a few texts from Jocko asking if I was still going. I answered I was and really looking forward to it. Actually I was looking forward to the money, since I had some Christmas bills to pay off my credit cards. Finally the day came and I left early to drive the 90 minutes down to San Diego. I got to Jocko’s house around 11 am.

When I came to his door and rang the bell, he quickly answered it and said, “Hi gorgeous. You’re looking beautiful but you didn’t dress sexy like I asked.”

He seemed a little disappointed that I was in my blue jeans with a sheer white lace top and a bra under it. I guess he wanted me to wear some short skirt or something very whorish. So I told him if it would make him happy, I’ll take off the bra. He just smiled and told me that would have to do.

He took my hand and opened the door to his black Cadillac Escalade. Once inside, I asked for my money. He handed me an envelope and off to the party. I opened it and it had 5 hundreds. I smiled leaned over and thanked him. He just smiled back, like he knew something that I didn’t know.

It was about 30 minutes away and up some hill to this large gated house. So we lit a joint and smoked it on the drive over, although I took most of the drags. When he buzzed the intercom and told him his name, a voice on the other side answered that it was about time he showed and if he brought the package that he promised. He laughed and answered something like she’s here. After we parked and he helped me out, I held his arm tightly, giggled and told him that I shouldn’t have smoked the joint. For some reason it always makes me very happy and also extremely horny. He smiled and said it was okay and I probably would enjoy myself better.

When we walked in this large entry, all I heard coming from the other room were a lot of guys cheering with some saying, “It looks like Seattle is done for!”

With another yelling back, “It’s not over until it’s over.”

We walked into the room with a huge TV, couches, and the bar area. I looked around at a lot of black guys seated drinking beers and yelling at the TV as well as each other. Some of the guys turned to look at us, as Jocko blurted, “So who’s winning.”

The answer came back Green Bay. Then Jocko said, “Guys this is Kathryn. She’s here as your entertainment to all those who want to part take.”

Holding Jocko’s arm tightly, I was in shock. Suddenly I noticed that I was the only girl there. So I turned to Jocko and whispered, “What are you saying? You want me to have sex with all of them?”

He laughed and answered, “Well of course Kathryn! Why else would I bring a girl like you to a party of all guys? I saw how much you liked getting hammered on NYE, so I thought why you shouldn’t do the same with my bros. So gorgeous, this time you’ll be getting paid for it too. Is there a problem?”

When a commercial started playing on the TV, the guys turned to look at me. Some guys made nasty comments that made me feel uneasy, but I also became aroused when other commented on my beauty and being the hottest girl that Jocko ever brought to the party. What was I to do?

Jocko must have sensed my apprehension because he whispered, “It will be alright Kathryn. I know once you get started you desire more, just like you did NYE. I even bet you’ll have so many orgasms that you’ll thank me later.”

Just as he finished his pep talk to me, some of the guys came up to me and introduced themselves, while telling me how beautiful and hot I was. Then they asked how much.

Before I could answer, Jocko blurted out, “A hundred a pop guys. And she’s well worth it. I’ve seen her in action and she just loves fucking.”

Then a short black guy came up and said his name was Malik and if I was really going fuck everyone. I just looked at him and asked if he wanted to be first. His expression immediately turned to lust and took my hand.

Then he yelled back, “Hey Jamal, where do you want us to fuck her?” Jamal yelled back, “Take her to the back room next to the den. It has a bed, but dude clean up after yourself.”

As he was a about to drag me away, Jocko stopped him and blurted, “Dude I need a Ben before she goes with you.” He took out a money clip full of cash, pulled a bill out, gave to Jocko and off we went.

Once inside this small room with a double bed and white comforter on it, Malik sat down on it and told me to strip. I stood in front of him, and unzipped my pants. As I slowly pulled them down exposing my sheer lace white thong, I saw his lusty expression. Once I kicked them off, I stood in front of him. Then I slowly pulled off my top baring my bosom. He told me that I looked very inviting and what a very tight body I had. I moved closer and straddled his lap, like I was giving him a lap dance. His hands roamed my breast, kneading my nipples plastering his face to suck them. When he broke for air, he told me how nice and firm they were. We kissed and as we did, I went to unzip his shorts. When I did his black cock was at full attention. I was surprised that it wasn’t huge like most black guys, but kind of on the average size. Pushing me off, he told me to suck it. I knelt down and took it in my mouth. As I did, I looked up at him and he was looking at me.

Then in-between his groans he blurted, “Bitch you sure know how to suck cock. Take it all in your mouth bitch. Yeah that’s it. Suck on it! Swallow my meat bitch.”

Even though he was very disrespectful, I did as requested. It wasn’t long until I tasted pre-cum and he pushed my mouth off him.

He chuckled and said, “You’re too hot to waste a pop in your mouth bitch. You’re not getting off that easy. I’m going shoot it in your fucking cunt, which I now need to see!”

I stood and he had me turn facing away from him. He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him. Then he told me to bend forward. As I did, he spanked my ass and told me how firm and tight it was. I squealed every time he hit me. Then he moved the thong to the side of my pussy and touched it. I was already so wet and wanting from smoking that joint.

When he began fingering me he said, “I see you’re already to go. Yeah, I guess I should start fucking that hot looking cunt. It's really what you want or is it what you need!” I guess I couldn't hide my hornieness any longer.

He stood, and placed me on my stomach on the bed. I could hear him fiddling with his shorts taking them off. He took one of my legs and propped it up on the bed and then the other. He lifted my ass up and I felt him playing with my pussy with his fingers. After he played with my wet hole pushing a few fingers in me while telling what a great looking pussy I had, I felt him pushing his cock into my wet vulva.

“Oh Yes, that’s feel so good Malik! Your big black cock has me so aroused. Take me! Fuck me! Oh yes, I love it!” I loudly cried, as he pushed all the way in me and began to pump me.

When I do these multiple men orgies, the first guy seems to be the one that gets my motor running and after the joint making so freaking horny, I was in such a state of craving sex. I kept moaning in pleasurable lust as he took me and pounded my pussy making me cum in orgasmic bliss. He felt so good in me that I didn’t want him to stop. But stop he did. I was hoping for a longer session, but only after some 4 minutes (I think), he blew his load deep inside me. I just love how that feels too. I pushed back on his cock, so I could feel him squirting it. He held my hips tightly against his body, as he grunted in pleasure of cuming inside me.  It took him a few minutes before he began to shrink and come out.

I immediately turned around and grabbed his shriveling cock. I looked up at him and started to rub him and asked if he wanted more. He smiled and said maybe later. I kept rubbing him begging him to stay for another round and even said it would only be $50. I was just getting him interested again when suddenly there was a pounding at the door.

Some one yelled, “Dude you better hurry up and get out here to see Seattle making a run.” Quickly he dressed and left. He didn’t even thank me.

As I looked around to find a bathroom because the massive load he left in me began to leak out, I didn’t notice that the door was left open. The guy who pounded on the door looked in and saw me with my legs partially spread open and me trying to keep Malik’s goo inside me, at least, until I found a toilet to dump it.

He had a lusty leer and said, “Damn girl you look fabulous sitting there just being fucked. Could you spread those gorgeous limbs farther apart so I can see your cunt better?”

I answered back, “You mean like this?”

I was still overly excited wanting more from Malik. Having a new guy doing me would be exactly what the doctor ordered. He walked in, looked at me and began unbuttoning his shirt. When he took it off it, I was now in lust. He was trimmed; well define abs and lot of muscles. To have him fuck me would be my pleasure. He was such a hunk. When he took off his pants, I was the one now in lust. His cock was big but not huge, maybe 8”, which is my favorite size. It was already getting hard, but I knew I could make it harder. When he finally got to me, I reached for his yummy manhood and began playing with it. It had a slight curve up off his long shaft. Looking deep into his black eyes, I kept rubbing his shaft. Bending down he reached for my drenched pussy.

When he touched it he blurted, “Kathryn, you are soaked. What did Malik do to you?”

I giggled and answered, “Oh I’m sorry. I should go clean up first. He left a lot of goo in me and I’ve been trying to hold it in. I’ll be right back.”

Instead he laughed and said, “Oh no, don’t do that. I love seeing a cream pie. Why don’t you push it out but in a minute? Let’s put it in something to savor for later.”

He looked around and saw an old goblet that was dusty and looked like it’s been there a while. He took the comforter and wiped the dust out of it.

Then he said, “I love the idea of you letting us fuck you without protection. That tells me you’re not a real whore, but someone that Jocko talked into doing this. But the best thing is seeing one of my Bro’s cream being expelled from that beautiful twat you have. So push it into this glass and let’s see how much Malik really had dumped.”

He took the goblet and placed it under my pussy and told me to push his essence out. As I did, I told him the truth and about not being a whore at all. I told him that I didn’t know about having sex with everyone and thought it was just a party. I kept rambling about the being tricked, until I pushed all of Malik’s cum out of me. Then he put it down on the floor by the head board, sat next to me and began fingering my pussy while kissing me. Soon I was on my back and he was driving that wonderful hard cock in and out of me. I was in heaven looking up at him doing me. He had his eyes closed, so I could enjoy watching him enjoy me. I came three times before he finally exploded deep inside me.

As he did, he softly said, “God girl, you really know how to fuck. How much for another round? I want to fuck you doggy too.”

Wow! He never paid me for the first time, so I moaned, “Another 100 for two more times, but you have to keep it hard for the third time.”

He laughed and I turned on all fours on the bed. He didn’t even need for me to get him hard. He was already ready to go. I reached back under me and helped his big cock back into my pussy. He felt so good in me. I was up on all fours as he began his onslaught of sexual pleasure. His deep hard thrusting left me with many climaxes and I was in total euphoria. As his powerful ravishing continued, it made me fall on my stomach with my ass in the air. My head was down when suddenly I saw a flash of something.

He yelled, “What the fuck Jocko. Get the fuck out of here.”

I tried to look up but to no avail. After a long time, he did finally cum again leaving his sperm deep inside me. Then he quickly pulled out. He told me suck on him to keep him hard for another round. As I was turning around, he took the goblet and placed it under my pussy. Then he told me to push it out as I sucked on him. I did what was requested. It didn’t take long until he was rock hard again. I smiled at him knowing he was ready to do me again. But instead he told me to get on all fours because he was going to teach me about anal sex.

I lay on the floor with my legs up in the air, my back against the side of the bed and my head on a pillow he threw on the floor. He stood over me and began playing with my anal cavity. After a few minutes, he pushed my legs over me and began entering my ass with his raging hard on. Slowly at first, while telling me how a new girl like me should experience everything. I played the part and didn’t mention that I’ve had anal sex before. I played like I was very inexperienced asking him to be gentle. Luckily, I had already prepared for it with an enema before I drove down to see Jocko. As he was pushing his cock into me, he told me that I had the perfect body and attitude for whoring. I just moaned something like I do! He kept speedily pounding in and out of my ass and whenever he slowed down, he said something about if I ever wanted to make some real money fucking, let him know. I didn’t answer but moaned how good he felt in my ass and how I should have tried it before. He laughed at my comments. The harder and faster he did me, just made me shake with a huge orgasm. I was in ecstasy and told him how I felt. After some time, I could feel him grunting and I knew he was about to explode. In a few minutes he did just that. When he came out, he was exhausted and laid back on the bed. Then he helped me up, sat me on my back and placed the goblet under my ass so I could push his cum out. The glass was almost a third full now. When we turned around two guys were standing at the door.

They looked at him and said, “Seattle pulled the game out. We’re just waiting until The New England game starts and wanted a turn with her beforehand. We hope you are done.”

He told them that I was all theirs and mentioned about the cream pies left in the goblet. After he got dressed, he handed me 3 hundreds and said I was worth it. Then he kissed me and whispered about whoring for him and it would be something that I wouldn’t regret doing. He told me that as attractive and willing like I am that I could get top dollar and could keep me busy all week making a lot more than $100 a pop. I just smiled and told him I would think about it. He kissed me and left.

By the time he exited the door, the two guys were undressed and sitting next to me. The door remained open as they began touching and groping my breast. Then one told me that since I like anal sex that they would both do me at the same time; one in my ass and the other in my pussy. So I sucked on both of their cocks to get them hard and sat on top of one guy with his cock in my pussy. As I was enjoying him, the other guy began pushing his larger manhood into my already expanded anal cavity. Soon they were pumping me in alternate strokes. As one guy pushed into my pussy, the other pulled out of my ass and vice versa. God that felt fantastic. It’s been a long time since I was doubled and I immensely enjoyed the ravishing. I can feel both cocks in me rubbing next to each other. It is such a fantastic feeling. After some time, the guy in my ass began spewing his semen into it. Soon afterwards the guy in my pussy did the same thing. I was delighted that I could make these guys cum as quickly as they did. As they were dressing, I took the goblet and leaked there goo into it. It was now half full with yummy cum.

After they left, no one was waiting to fuck me. Jocko came in and told me to put my panty and top back on, and come out to watch the game. He told me to leave the goblet. So I walked out with everyone looking at the game. Some guys turned around asking if I were enjoying myself. I said I was. They laughed and made some wise cracks about having fun and how much fun was yet to come. So I sat on a bar stool holding with my legs crossed, wondering what was next. I guess I still had some cum in me so I asked where the bathroom was. Jamel told me down the hall on the left. So I left to clean up. I didn't know what was going to happen but at least I was having a nice break.

I’ll tell you next time what happens. Tell me if this was too detailed. It took so long to write. I hope you like so far.
Kisses Kathryn
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