Wendy Takes A Shot of Vanilla

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She was five foot six, about 129 lbs. and very sophisticated looking in her short business skirt and white blouse; quite he didn't want to seem too young. stepmom

Wendy Takes A Shot of Vanilla

Vic parked his beat-up yellow Volvo in the parking lot of the gated community. He'd had a bit of difficult finding the place but he was here now. He'd gotten directions by the security guard where to go and now he was looking up at the three story Spanish Mission style home in a rather affluent section of San Diego.

 He looked at the flyer in his hand. He looked at the number on the house. Yep... it was the place. Strange... there should have been more cars. The party was going to start at eight and he was a little early but no problem... he could help set up.

 "Vic.. come on in! You're early!" came a voice from the open door as he stepped from his car and slammed the driver’s door shut. He looked up and there was Wendy, beaming back at him at the entrance to the home.

 Wendy.... or Mrs. K as she was called by the local college students, had her head cocked to one side from around the door and was greeting him with the broadest of smiles. He stepped up the walk and began to profusely apologize about not bringing any beer for the party. The sexy fifty-three year old red-head pulled the door open and told him not to worry as there was plenty of beer in the cooler and much more in the fridge by the pool.

 The truth was... eighteen year old Victor Brock wasn't old enough even to buy but Vic as he liked to be called, didn't want to seem "too young." Here he was, just starting out as a Freshman at college and this hot lady counselor had been nice enough to hand him a flyer from her desk drawer for a student mixer at her house. She also was in his eyes, a total MILF and he'd noticed that when he'd first met with her to talk about the classes he needed for his first term. She was five foot six, about 129 lbs. and very sophisticated looking in her short business skirt and white blouse; quite he didn't want to seem too young.

What he didn't know was his youth and his "doe-eyed" innocence had been what made Wendy pull the flyer from the drawer. She had an eye for such qualities. What Vick also didn't know... was that no one else besides the two of them were coming to the party. There had been one flyer given out and she'd told him, "invite only" for special students. All he knew now standing in her home was that she was still stunning, but having dropped the business outfit and put on a red shorty dress with spaghetti straps and some matching stiletto heels that hugged the ever-loving shit out of her 34c-29-36 figure - ever so fucking nicely!

 He was special alright to her alright. He was six feet one inches tall and muscled from four years of high school swimming and a bit of wrestling. He also had a long triangular torso and sinewy flanks under his shirt that she could tell were not marred by fat yet. With his blond curly hair, high cheekbones and piercing blue-green eyes attached to a young gladiator body...she knew immediately that HE was the one to get the flyer. She also thought he was charming in a small-town boy dropped off in the big scary city sort of way... like lamb just waiting to be snatched up by a hungry cougar like herself!

 "C'mon out by the pool Vic, I'll beer you!" she said cheerfully as she took him playfully by the hand and led him through the house to the back patio. As they walked passed a stone and adobe fireplace, Victor saw a younger Wendy in a wedding dress, standing next to a man in a tux. He saw the other photos on the mantle of him and her together; in vacations, dinners, out walking dogs on a beach someplace.

 "So where is Mr. K?" Vic asked.

 "Oh he's out of town on business this weekend and all next week," Wendy replied. For a micro-second she frowned at the photos on the mantle and then explained, "He loves having parties here so he sends his regrets. He knows how important the student-body is to me!" With that she put one arm around his waist and with her other hand slid the patio door open, guiding him through to the back yard; touching his ass ever so innocently in the process. Yep... it was firm... like a muffin tin. She nodded to herself in satisfaction without him seeing.

 In no time she'd handed him a beer from the outdoor fridge and then flicked on some music at the pool bar sound system. He didn't even have so much as a clue what was coming. She asked him if he liked "oldies" he nodded and said "sure." Two seconds later and Prince's "Gett Off," blared through the speakers. Vic knew who Prince was but he didn't know this song and he didn't know any of the connotations behind it... she found that so fucking hot in a “cougar that was preparing to pounce sorta way!”

 "You know," she said, "the flyer said POOL PARTY, right?"

 "Ummm yeah, sure," he answered.

 "So where is it?" she asked. He stared back blankly holding his beer.

 "Your bathing suit," she said rolling her eyes.

 "Oh.. here," he said. Opening his pants, he showed his suit underneath.

 "So get of those pants of yours and get in the pool!" she directed playfully as she finished mixing her drink. She was bossy but in just the right amount of being assertive without putting him ill at ease… when a cougar stalks a buck… she knows better than to scare him off with a growl! Anyhow… her smiling no-nonsense manner was something he liked and he responded precisely the way she wanted.

 He pulled his pants and shirt off like he was a high school sophomore back home in Iowa or Nebraska or where ever it was when he'd landed his partial scholarship. She liked it... he was green. She could cultivate this little piece of Vanilla beefcake; shaping it and molding it into what she wanted.... he was malleable and she caught that vibe instantly.

 His pants came off first. She noted strong powerful legs with quads like a bullfrog. She also noticed that he wore a blue swim speedo. It was another plus...that package of his was sizable even if he wasn't excited yet; like he'd shoved a sweet-potato down the front of his suit!...How on earth did he swim competitively with that big anchor dragging through the water?

 She also noticed that as he turned around his muffin tin buns had that wee bit of a dent in the sides... denoting a muscled ass that was good for thrusting. Up-top when that shirt came off and landed on a deck chair, his torso didn't disappoint either! Her eyes were met by a washboard tummy that was split down the middle with a lovely ridge cut by countless high-school workouts and oh YESSSSSSS his sides were just as lean and sinewy as she'd guessed when she first appraised him through his clothes! All that and the fact that he had a face that was a cross between Matthew McConaughey and Owen Wilson beneath curly blond Adonis locks (like he was Michelangelo's David transformed from stone into flesh)… well let’s just say; she found herself getting a little dewy between her legs!

 She knew it was time for her own turn at show 'n tell. She took a sip from her drink and then reached down to the hem of her dress; bringing the whole thing up over her head. She tossed the dress onto the same deck chair as his shirt and she was now met with the stunned wide-eyed silence she was looking for!  

 Wendy was wearing a stunning green micro-kini thong that was more emerald colored dental floss than suit! What's more... this kid from the heartland immediately noticed it was open a bit at the crotch showing off Wendy's pink tulip and auburn haired landing strip. A tattoo of a small butterfly on her upper right thigh; just- even with her pussy completed the picture down below. Up top she had only two teensy emerald green triangles about the size of post-it notes covering her 34c tits and hard cherry nipples and one piece of green spaghetti running around in the back.

 She loved the look on his face... it was as if she'd punched him in the mouth and with him being a bit wet behind the ears... he didn't realize his jaw had dropped open slightly! It was all too fucking funny for her and she took another sip of her Margarita to hide the fact that she wanted to cut loose with a chuckle. She snatched the tequila bottle from the bar and told him to grab a couple of shot glasses from the counter top along with the salt and the lemons. She then suggested that as long as they were dressed like this; the pool would feel nice... it was a pool party after all, yes?

 He followed her to the water and down a set of concrete steps into the shallow end of the pool. At the water’s edge he set the salt lemons and shot glasses on the concrete deck next to him with one hand and nervously sipped his beer with the other hand, trying to look like he was far too chill to be effected by Wendy's display. It wasn't working; as she stood before him in the water talking to him, she wasn't buying a moment of it...and neither was his cock that was rising in his speedo!

 "So anyhow Vick,” she asked noticing his swimming suit growing in the front with each second, "have you met any girls yet since you arrived at campus? I imagine you've already taken advantage of the co-ed dorm policy?" She sipped her drink and eyed his swelling package. She looked back up when he took too long to answer and when her eyes met his, he merely looked at his beer. She was absolutely camping out in his head and fucking his mind HARD; this would be so much fun for her!

 "No...not yet? Co-ed dorm policy?" He asked, still looking at his beer and feeling her eyes looking straight at his; waiting for him to look back.

 "Yesss," she purred, "when Marsha my assistant gave you your dorm room; you must have noticed there were girls down and across the hall from you and your room-mate, right?"  She dropped her head down in a mocking sort of; let me look at you in those beautiful baby blues, sort of thing and it forced him to make eye contact; just as the tip of his cock breeched the front of his suit. Mama was oh so fucking in charge of this situation!

 "You must have realized there'd be a certain advantage to that," she continue purring, "right?" Her smile was warm and her eyes stared directly into his. He wanted to look away but he couldn't.

God she was fucking hot... and intimidating for him! The young buck was looking straight into the face of the big she-cat just before the pounce and his mind was blank like he’d forgotten what speech was. She'd asked him a question but all could do was stare into her amber brown eyes and ... well his answer was delightfully befuddled!

 "Umm wh..advantage? ... Oh yeah, I think it's a good thing.. I just haven't spoken to them yet." She had him completely derailed and yet he still was attempting to be cool.

 "So, is there a girl back home then," she asked, "you are being loyal and not fucking anyone but her is it?"  She wrinkled her nose when she said “fucking” and the effect was like another punch in the face to him... he found it so shocking and absolutely hot that there was a beautiful classy woman standing so close to him and talking to him like this!

 "Uh," he stammered, "y-yeah. There was a girl named Kelly back home. We'd dated steady in high school but she went off to one university and I went off to this one. We'd done it a few times but ... um" He was being interrupted. Wendy's hands had pushed the front of his suit down in a deliberate swift motion. 

 Her hand was now on his cock. She scrutinized it with interest as she took a sip of her drink; as if she'd pulled the most remarkably spectacular diamond bracelet from a jewelry case and was marveling at it. Her lips pursed and she nodded her head as though she were listening to his yammering but within seconds it was obvious the head-nod was more something of appreciation. She was also pleased she’d been correct about something; he was a GROWER- and a long hard one at that! What made it all even more comical and enticing to her was that this little babbling cub from the heartland was just trying to keep the conversation going!   

 "So we did it....ummm a few times...and uhhhh we really liked.. each other, but...AAHHHHH …it didn't look like it would work out and..we decided.. Um Mrs. K?"

 "Yes Vick?" she said stroking his cock before she took a sip of her drink and looked back up to make sultry moon-eyed contact with him. In the background the Prince number had finished and Jason Derulo's Talk Dirty To Me was firing-up loudly with "I'M THAT FLIGHT THAT YOU GET ON...."

 "There is nobody else coming to this party is there? I mean I can see th-th- tha..." he was interrupted again with her finger to his lips and her telling him,

 "SSSHHHHHHH -Vic!" her voice cooed; sounding thick and soothing as honey, "you're right. Nobody is coming tonight besides you and me." She pushed his suit down further and continued in the same soothing whisper as her fingertips danced on his cock beneath the water now and his penis throbbed and ached with each delicate wicked tickle,


 "Let me explain something to you my lovely 'Vanilla Vick with the great big dick,' I noticed you when you came into my office earlier. When you came back today... I was waiting. I knew it was a Friday and that you'd possibly make plans for tonight and possibly this weekend so I gave you a flyer. .....I gave you THE flyer; the only one of its kind. Now you're here, my hand is on your cock and you aren't resisting." He shook his head and took a sip of his beer.

 "Now," she continued with a bit of authority that was more businesslike than anything, "you've got some questions; I'm sure. …First; NO - my husband doesn't really know. What's more... he can NEVER know. Second; I love cock. What's more ...I love young cock and young cock of a certain ...quality shall we say?" He nodded slightly, not able to believe this was happening, as her hand felt around on the big member and now felt his two balls which felt like warm hairy hens eggs in her hand.

 Ohhhh what a big piece of lap-lumber he had! She'd actually underestimated things a bit; by the feel in her grip she guessed him to be about the same size of a sixteen ounce water bottle (with maybe another inch in length more than her trusty drinking bottle at the gym)! She'd picked well. She continued...

 "Now then," she whispered, "you are eighteen, I am fifty-three. We're both adults and you haven't protested. I am now going to propose that we behave like adults... adults who have a bar full of booze, a hand-full of nice fat cock, and a weekend full of time, (as my husband won't be home from his business trip until Wednesday and its only Friday night)!" With that she leaned forward and kissed him; a deep vampy devouring lip chewing kiss where her tongue rooted around in his mouth as her hand frigged that lovely horse-cock in her grip below the water's surface!

 He didn't resist. Truth was he was so swept up in the moment and the momentum of it; he  just let this sucking powerful sexual current she'd created take him wherever it decided to go! His speedo ended up kicked off and lying on the bottom of the pool. Her micro-kini top (in between kisses between the torrid pair), went flying onto the concrete deck; revealing her two delectably tanned breasts with lovely cherry sized nipples on silver dollar sized areolas. Yep he was swept away... and couldn't have cared in the fucking least!

 She sucked him. She had him stand on pool’s steps as she did a deep rough voracious tonsil-fuck with her mouth. Vic could only grab her by her lovely red head.... AND HANG ON! …OH DEAR GOD THIS WOMAN COULD SUCK!!

 It was all part of her plan... she wanted him to cum... she wanted him to blow his load now and not later when her orgasm was of the highest importance to her.  She'd been around enough eighteen, nineteen and twenty- year- old cocks to know they had a habit of going POW! early. She just so happened to LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! giving head and figured it was win-win for the both of them. She'd done this many times before with young guys...fresh from back home and still smelling like the last meal they’d had from Mom. She'd suck them to orgasm and it would take them a while to cum again. She got to feel them shoot in her throat (something she craved) and then once they were hard; they could go... and go....and go -up inside her! Vick lasted about four minutes.

 Wendy's deep throat technique was nothing short of exquisite for him and he just wasn't used to a beautiful woman with so much experience and talent as the one now joined at his cock by her tonsils! He gasped... thrust loins into her face as her hands cupped his balls, and he blew a colossal load of warm briny boy-batter straight into the back of her throat! She may have supplied the drinks but apparently Vic had offered up the first savory appetizer of the evening and she gulped and swallowed his briny nut-custard with her appreciative eyes batting up at his from down near the water's surface!

He didn't resist. Truth was he was so swept up in the moment and the momentum of it; he  just let this sucking powerful sexual current she'd created take him wherever it decided to go! His speedo ended up resting on the bottom of the pool. Her micro-kini top (in between kisses between the torrid pair), went flying onto the concrete deck; revealing her two delectably tanned breasts with lovely cherry sized nipples on silver dollar sized areolas. Yep he was swept away... and couldn't have cared in the fucking least!

 She sucked him. She had him stand on pool’s steps as she did a deep rough voracious tonsil-fuck with her mouth. Vic could only grab her by her lovely red head.... AND HANG ON! …OH DEAR GOD THIS WOMAN COULD SUCK!!

 It was all part of her plan... she wanted him to cum... she wanted him to blow his load now and not later when her orgasm was of the highest importance to her.  She'd been around enough eighteen, nineteen and twenty-year-old cocks to know they had a habit of going POW! too early in the festivities; leaving her high n' dry. Not to worry; she was a seasoned fellatrix and she just so happened to LOVE! LOVE!LOVE! giving head!

 It was win-win for the both of them. She'd done this many times before with young guys...fresh from back home and still smelling like the last meal they’d had from Mom. She'd suck them to orgasm and then it would take them a while to cum again. She got to feel them shoot in her throat (something she craved) and then once they were hard; they could go... and go....and go -up inside her with reckless abandon! Vick lasted in her mouth about four minutes.

 It seems that Wendy's deep throat technique was nothing short of exquisite for him and what's more; he wasn't used to a beautiful woman with so much experience and talent as the one now joined at his cock by her tonsils! He gasped... thrust loins into her face as her hands cupped his balls, and he blew a colossal load of warm briny boy-butter straight down the back of her throat! She may have supplied the drinks but apparently Vic had offered up the first savory appetizer of the evening and she gulped and swallowed his briny nut-custard with appreciative eyes batting up at his from down near the water's surface!

 As wonderful as the act was for him it was even more of a thrill for her. She loved the  feel of a cock shuddering and spurting in either her pussy or her mouth as a young man thrashed his head from side to side in a snarling seizure. The fact that she knew SHE was the cause for a heart-felt "man-spasm" and subsequent spunking made it all the more exciting! It made her clit and nipples rush and swell until they were hard enough to cut diamonds.

 This time was no- exception. Now she needed to rub that throbbing hooded button of a clit against SOMETHING wicked! Her fingers which had been busily strumming away down between her legs through the entire deepthroat were nice, but now she needed a bit more something-SOMETHING!

 She left him in the pool for a moment and trotted off to the deck-bar, telling him to be a good boy and "stay put." From his vantage point as she hopped over to the bar Vic had the perfect view of her bangin’ hot ass. Her three visits to the gym each week had paid off once more as a spent young man, wallowing in in his own post orgasmic bliss with empty balls, still was able to stare at the perfect 53 year old MILF ass and say, "OH FUCK YEAH!" She freshened her drink, fished around for something below the bar and when she found it, she brought it, her Margarita, and a fresh beer for him.

 "What is that?" he asked, taking the beer from her.

 "It," she said, setting her drink down on the edge of the deck and sitting with her feet in the water and her bum on the edge, "is a pair of nipple clamps." She fastened each clamp to her gumdrop titty-nubs; the clamps joined together by a fine gold chain connected to a lovely little pull chain - all glinting in the brilliant setting San Diego sun.

 She told him how she loved to have her nipples teased and twisted and then she transitioned the conversation to how achy her clit was. She then told him a few rules about what she liked to call, "orgasmic" etiquette. She'd just gotten his rocks off... now she wanted to bust her girlie nuts and she expected his help. She informed him that a gentleman should follow a two for one rule with orgasms; for everyone that the man experiences... the lady should get two if he expected to be call upon by her again!

 She made it clear that she was more than ready to teach him how to  get her "there" before he busted a nut in her again - if he was willing to learn. She loved being the tutor and stud-training provided her with a special naughty thrill. She pouted her lips and stroked her clit saying in a whiny spoiled brat sort of voice,

 "So what do you say?... MY poor clitty needs some love too! Care to let me take you under my wing for some private...lessons? Hmmmm Vanilla Vic?" He should have been annoyed by her mentioning his "fresh off the cabbage truck" aspect. He also saw her stroking a lovely pink hooded gummi bear of a clit; cooing at it and purring. In the end he couldn't care in the least about her slightly condescending tone...he took a swig of his import beer and moved over in the water between her thighs saying,

 "I guess school is in session! Teach me PROFESSOR!"  She batted her eyes and chuckled at what he said. The lesson began. It would last all weekend.



 She had him start down on her pussy with his mouth on her clit. That whole time she told him exactly how to lick her and with the pace and speed she determined as she sat on the edge of the pool, taking hits either off her margarita on the deck to her right, or stealing sips from his bottle of Heineken to her left. He was a quick study and she chuckled, cooed, and purred soft words of approval to him as she ran a hand threw his hair and "steered him around by his blond Adonis locks" in her pussy to precisely the spots where his tongue needed to be.

 She felt her excitement rise. She brought her legs down and rested  them over his sturdy powerful shoulders as both he and she were now bathed in the glow from a purplish California sunset that was growing more purple by the minute. She now told him to imagine how he liked to have his cock sucked and to focus solely upon her clitoris; providing her with a clitty blowjob. The feel of his lips and tongue upon her pink hooded nub now lit up the pleasure center of her brain like like the San Diego skyline in the distance and she lay back against the deck, her mouth open and her chin quivering; the sensations becoming delightfully intense!

 "Oh Vic," she gasped, "don't fucking stop! Stick your fingers in me and keep...uggghhh oh yeah.... keep suckin' OOHHH!" She had him push two fingers in her cunt-hole and hook them back until the tips brushed against her g-spot. She then had him blow and milk her juice-button voraciously. As he did, Vic's free hand came down between his legs in the shallow of the pool; this was all too fucking hot - he began to stroke himself.

 She felt the masturbatory jerk of his shoulder and knew what that vibration was. She loved the knowledge that such a wonderfully powerful male specimen such as this would see fit to rub itself in her honor. That fact combined with what his mouth and fingers were doing between her legs made her release his head of hair; bringing both of her hands up to her teat clamps and chain, to twist, turn, and tug her nipples in exquisite titty-torture over the next five minutes and send her headlong into her first orgasm of the night!

 WAAAHHH EEEYYAAGGHH! OOHHH AAAGGHH! rose Wendy's wail of release as she bucked and shuddered. Vic's face was met by a rush of hot piddle splashings as the hot MILF at the end of his lips continued to shake and holler over the over the pounding music from the sound system. It was all part of the plan and Wendy was clever. When she'd originally started seducing boys in her home, the pool became a favorite fuck-spot for her; especially at night where she could use the cover of darkness to conceal her teen and twenty-something conquests.

 The only problem was sound; it carried. No problem; the neighbors would simply think she was having another party and the music covered the sounds of her screaming and yelling perfectly, making it simply sound like horseplay by the pool. The tall fence and high hedges around the pool did the rest!

 As soon as she'd caught her breath, Wendy moved back to the water, joining her blond neophyte Neptune in the pool for further "swimming instruction." The purple on the horizon was now dark enough to call things night and the starts were now out making their presence known. They moved into deeper water up to their shoulders, the darkness and shadows providing wonderful seclusion.

 She jumped up onto his body as he stood flat footed on the pools bottom, his legs shoulder-width apart for balance. She wrapped legs and arms around his slim muscular torso and sunk herself down on to his cock, his mushroom tip spiking up through the crotch-less emerald opening of her micro-kini bottom. It was more cock than she'd bargained for. She'd sunk herself down upon a big blond pony by the feel of things and for a moment a gasp of HAAAAAHHHRRRR! left her lungs as she adjusted to the lovely split taking place inside her! 

 She was impaled; happily-so, and she began to plunge up and down on him, biting his neck and chewing his lips as that big veiny pony-cock of his with its wicked banana curve slammed up into her and raked her g-spot in happy collision after happy aquatic collision! A couple of minutes into this and Vic looked into her face with an expression of startled horror and announced,

 "Oh gawd Mrs. K-K-Kay Uggh... I think I'm gonna..." She interrupted him again with a forceful but quiet and assertive,

 " you won't Vic. Breath... relax and calm down." She climbed down from him before his cock was able to spunk and led him back into the shallows. She sat him on the stairs to the pool with the water above his mid-section and then seated herself next to him as his hard-on began to calm down. She took his cock in her hands and cupped his balls.

 "I'm going to teach you to edge," she told him, "it’s a little trick you can use to keep from cumming too fast." He nodded as she continued.

 "You’ve masturbated to porn right Vic? Don't lie... we've all done it. Hell, I do it all the home computer has more viruses than a Kardashian toothbrush because of all the stuff I've looked at on line with my toys. That's not the point - anyways you beat it, yes?" He nodded sheepishly but enjoyed the firm handjob she was giving him.

 "Good," she replied, "I like honesty. Well, when you masturbate you can bring yourself right up to the edge and then figure out where YOUR individual edge is. Once you recognize its location... that sensation where you are almost cumming; you can fuck and fuck for the longest time... slowing down just as you are getting close to the edge and the girl will be able to enjoy a nice hard cock until she cums! See?" He nodded again, his mouth open slightly.

 "Ok good. Now... do you surf?" she asked.

 "I waterski, and boogie board surf behind motorboats back home."

 "Ok, that's good," she said rubbing away on his cock and squeezing his balls, "think of it as it wrong and you sink down into your orgasm. You need to keep skimming along like a flat rock over the water's surface; your climax. You just keep skimming and skipping over your orgasm and you can last forever. Whats more...when you cum it'll be great big spoonful’s of'll see! Now lets try."

  She jerked him over the next fifteen minutes and kissed his neck; him right up to the edge of cumming in the water on the steps while talking sweetly and filthily to him in his ear; then backing off as she felt his balls tighten and his face began to show the tell-tale sign of an impending "ball-splosion." Three times she got him there and three times she pulled him back from the edge of the abyss until sitting there in the dark, she said to him,

 "Ok baby, do you think you're ready to go back into me?"

 "Sure Mrs. K," he said, "I'm good."

 She mounted him as he sat on the steps in the pool's warm waters,  straddling his cock and facing him. She eased down onto his cock and they began to fuck and thrash in the shallows, like two beautiful aquatic creatures. Her hands came up and she removed her nipple clamps; tossing her "titty torture toy" up onto the concrete deck as she sigh breathlessly to him,

 "Bite and suck my tits; chew em and lick 'em and suck 'em little boy while you fuck me!" He didn’t need to be told twice.

 They bucked and humped, splashing waves to and fro has he feasted on her breasts and she snarled her fingers in his golden mane of hair; tugging a pulling at it roughly. Down below his thick curved sickle of a cock rammed hard and true up into her pink poke-hole through the slit in her micro-kini.  Every stroke of his traveled hard and deep striking her in just the right places as before! She ground her clit down against him happy collision after happy collision; swearing in his ear as the head of his pussy-splitter of a cock  continued to strike her g-spot with lovely glancing blows before striking her at the very back of her vaginal wall like a friendly hammer; the effect being that she was beside herself in very short order with crazed incoherent sobs and lewd whispers in his ear of all the nasty things she wanted him to do to her.

 She yelped and sighed with each splitting stroke until at last after several minutes she felt the enormous juggernaut of her climax rolling towards her. He'd done it... it held off beautifully from cumming; edging along the surface of his orgasm while she drew closer and closer to her own. She was there now, she could feel her core shake and tremble,

 "EEEEYYAAAHHHHGGGHHH!" she cried as she came good and hard down onto his cock with multiple crashing landings that felt SO FUCKING MARVELOUS! Wendy came and came, and came again on his cock in a full bodied shudder-gasm that went from her scalp all the way down to her toenails. At last she collapsed upon him, limp as a rag, gasping for air over his shoulder her while he held her tight; his big pony-cock still un inside her and still not having spunked.

 She caught her breath after a minute or so. She got up from him and then pulled him to his feet. She removed her micro-kini bottom and flung it through the air to her top on the deck. Now things were even... both were naked in the pool completely, he had a ferocious erection poking from the surface of the water and she was now ready to go- again. She repositioned with herself on her knees, almost out of the water on the pool stairs; her ass high and her head down. Her intent was unmistakable.

 He assumed a standing position behind her at the foot of the stairs and then stepped up to mount her from behind; fucking her puss-hole doggystyle with the deep forceful strokes of an animal that wanted, needed, and ABOSOLUTELY HAD, to fuck and rutt and cum! It was pure deep primitive fucking at its best; she with her head low begging him to bang her insides hard and him, snarling and raging as his cock plowed her with each deep stroke.

 She turned her face over her shoulder and looked back at his face in the rising moonlight; her features a mask of lusty rage. She curled her lips and her nostrils flared; transforming her features into a catlike snarl of sexual fury. In between wanton moans of joyous pleasure she raged at him between clenched teeth,

 "PULL MY HAIR!... PULL MY FUCKING RED HAIR AND MAKE ME YOUR FUCKING BITCH! EEEYAAGHH!" He did as told. He was now a beast himself; a big beautiful blond beast whose body was now transformed into ridges and ripples of straining flesh with blood coursing away beneath the skin; all of it attached a cock that seemed to her not quite flesh and not quite stone as it fucked, and pushed, and split her! He seized her by the hair and plunged himself deep into her; ignoring now her yelps and sobs as he sank into her with each fuck-stroke of her juicing quim!

 "SO YOU LIKE THAT BITCH?" he asked, his face now wild with testosterone filled power that was harnessed to youthful strength and the need to empty his balls.

 "OOHH FUCK YEAAHH!" she seethed back at him as his hands used her short auburn hair for reins, “do it to me what you want shoot yer fuckin cum straight up into me! Empty into me know EEEEYYYAHHHH!" She wanted him to do EXACTLY what he was doing... fuck her hard and rough, call her nasty shit and making her feel weak and dominated; she craved this!

 Although human in form they were now transformed in spirit. She now in her soul and her persona was the she-cat and he was the mail mountain lion, locked with his female in a furious conjoining of fucks, pulls and snarls. His voice now became a data stream of profanity; music to her ears as he called her every filthy name his online porno watching and a few action movies could have provided him with. The more he raged and fucked and cursed at her; the more she sobbed and blubbered and LOVED IT! They continued on like two splashing fucking swearing beasts for another ten blissful minutes until at last Wendy froze like she'd taken a bullet to the brain. Her voice went silent and her mouth fell open. A second later her voice returned with a loud,

 "AAAAAAGGGGHHH OHHHH AAAAHHHHH!" She raged and shook as her pussy juiced and ran in hot torrents down his cock and balls before dripping into the pool. Vic released her hair grabbed her hips and thrust her the last few raging powerful strokes until,

 "AAARRRGHHHHH OOOHH HHHAAHHHHHH!" he roared, shooting hot piping ropes of cum over and over again up into Wendy's soaking pussy. The two bucked and shook and sobbed until their climaxes subsided. He'd learned this first lesson admirably and she was absolutely on cloud nine having found such a keen pupil! She caught her breath and led him by the hand out of the pool; taking the party inside the house.

 They set themselves up with drinks in the master bedroom upstairs, over the next few days they fucked, made love, fucked, ordered take-out, fucked, tried to drink the bar dry and fucked again. She made a game out him taking her in every corner of the house, on every piece of furniture she'd ever wanted to do it on. No place in her home was off-limits and the places just kept getting kinkier - she was beyond wanton in her behavior with him and he couldn't believe he'd bumped into this woman with such unquenchable sexual energy!

 They sixty-nined each other in front of the fire-place directly under her wedding picture, bringing each other off in maddened howling orgasms into each other’s mouths as the image of Wendy and her husband smiled down at them from above. They fucked in the whirlpool bathtub, on the toilet seat, in the shower and she even brought out her monkey rocker to sit on and rock-fuck herself silly while she sucked him dry on her balcony.

 The made love; warm fresh passionate love! She taught him the joys of deep tissue massage and even gave him a nuru massage treatment with her sexy slicked up body. They talked and they opened up about things. She told him how her husband no longer satisfied her – was married to his job and cared for nothing but money. She was still vibrant and wanted to experience every joy and pleasure the world could give her. If her husband wanted to work himself into an early grave and ignore the bedroom… well that made one of them!

 Besides there was soooo much boy toy material here in San Diego and at the university; particularly the one she’d just found and was sleeping now in her bed! She adored her little blond Adonis and his pony cock; keeping him out of his clothes most of the time... giving him her husband’s bathrobe when he absolutely had to wear something. Vic wallowed in the attention; for his first weekend at college... he felt like a little king!

 Over and over again they did it, laughing and crying and loving and fucking. Torrid and happy didn't quite cover it. When at last Monday rolled around, he awoke in bed next to her; his head upon her chest, her eyes gazing into his and waiting for him to wake. He looked up to her and spoke.

 "Well, how did I do?" he asked.

 "With what?" she said giving him a good morning kiss.

 "With my lessons. I want to get rid of this Vanilla Vic with the big fat dick, image."

 "Oh I think over the course of three nights and two days you've transformed yourself. You are now Victor Brock with the nice fat cock! There's no vanilla in you.. I think you shot it all up inside of me!" They laughed, knocked out a quick wake-up fuck and got out of bed. She had to go to work and he needed to finish orientation. Tuesday would be the first day of class.

 As he headed down the walk to his beat up Volvo, Wendy came running up to him from behind yelling and laughing about having almost forgotten something. She shoved a new flyer in his hand and kissed him hard. He looked down at the flyer. There'd be another party at her place Friday night.

 "My husband will come home from his business trip, stay two days, and will head right back out for another week on the road. We'll have the  place to ourselves again this weekend."

 "I take it there is no party on this flyer?" he asked.

 "Oh there is," she told him with a smirk, "the flyer I gave you purposely had the wrong date on it. I wanted to do a little recruitment before the big coed mixer this Friday. You are it!"


 "Yes," she said, "I needed a replacement. My last main boy-toy just graduated in the spring. He was quite happy for the four years he was here going to school; I made damned sure of it!I fucked the daylights out of him and even fixed him up with a few slutty coeds I knew that wanted him." She hugged him close, kissed him and nuzzled his neck.

 "I think I found a replacement." she continued, "Play your cards right, don't be jealous as there is a lot of young dick I like to sample on and off campus and well.... you are going to enjoy the next four years here immensely!  I wrote the book on polyamory! Just be prepared to share me with one or two or a dozen of your friends like the last boyfriend did!" She kissed him again and grabbed his package, then they said goodbye.

 He stepped into his car, wearing the same clothes he'd showed up wearing on Friday night. He still needed to get that speedo from the bottom of the pool. He backed out of the drive and headed down the lane to the exit for the gated community leaving Vanilla Vic behind forever. Up from her bedroom window, Wendy watched the car turn leave and head down the main drag back to the university. She'd added another young buck to her collection of corrupted confident cock that she could call upon. Oh and call upon that one she would!




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