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Spontaneous Interlude

Andrea M Love   February 06, 2019   | 46804 Views
An unexpected, erotic and satisfying encounter between two lovely, intelligent, well-educated, single women produces a lasting effect on them both. The author tells the story in such vivid, graphic detail that the reader feels they are in the room watching the two women make love. An enjoyable and arousing read for both women and men. stepmom

During my last two years of college, Jennifer, a classmate and volleyball teammate and I were inseparable lovers, living together in an apartment off campus. After we graduated, I met Randall in graduate business school and we fell hard. Jennifer and I amicably separated, but remained close, getting together occasionally. It was always lovely and satisfying, and the separation made our trysts all the more exciting. Jennifer began dating guys and gals, but did not steadily go with anyone.
Jennifer majored in art and was a brilliant watercolor artist. She earned her MFA in studio art, went on to become a high school art teacher and  noted floral and landscape artist and . Her work regularly sold in several galleries. I started my business career and enjoyed early success, receiving several promotions and was deemed a fast-tracker by my management. I later broke up with Randall and began dating guys and gals, too, but not serious with anyone. 
Later, Jennifer began dating an older businessman named Ron whom she had met at an alumni mixer. He swept her off her feet and they married. Jennifer and I continued our affair after her marriage. Ron did not know. We did not meet as frequently, but enough to keep our intimate friendship alive.  Ron was president of his own petroleum exploration firm and was quite wealthy. Jennifer was able to leave teaching and devote full time to her watercolor painting. Her work sold briskly. She had a vast number of collectors, local, national and international.
Ron and Jennifer lived in an estate home overlooking the ocean. Ron just adored her, gave her everything a woman could ever want, and did everything to promote her art. He had a fully-equipped studio, framing center and mini-gallery built for her off of the living area of their home. Ron was a true promoter and helped Jennifer market her art.

Ron arranged annual open studios in their home to showcase and sell Jenifer's art to her collectors, their many friends, social and business acquaintances and the community elite. Attendees were permitted to bring guests as long as they were announced beforehand. It was an elegant social and artistic event and was written up each year in the local newspaper social columns. People even came from out-of-town. Jennifer and Ron made certain her art was priced the same as gallery pricing, wanting always to maintain best relations with gallery owners.
The open studios were held in October. They were real dress-up events, cocktail dresses, coats and ties, starting late on a Saturday afternoon and going on into the evening. The entire living area of the house, Jennifer's studio, gallery, and the patio are turned into a fine art gallery with display walls, racks and special lighting designed by Ron, all allowing the art to be displayed the most effective way. He had several technicians from his company to set everything up and take it down.  
Appetizers, cocktails and fine wines were served from 4 pm to 6 pm while guests viewed and purchased art. Jennifer and Ron worked the crowd, socializing, showing work, and promoting sales. From 6 pm on, a catered, epicurean buffet was served. Usually, about 200 people attend and Jennifer sells anywhere from $30-$50K worth of art. She donates 20% of sales to various charities. I am the senior hostess and am in charge of all the food, beverages, the catering, and serving staff, and house logistics. She and Ron depend on me to hold it all together. 

In the past, Jennifer has relied on two local art reps to help handle sales with her accountant as the cashier. Her popularity had grown considerably and she wanted this year to be a banner year. So, Ron suggested Jennifer needed a little more horsepower for the event, so she added a local, high-powered gal she does business with, Kathleen  Barrington, to help with promotion and sales.
Kathleen is in her early thirties, has an MFA in art history, and is the curator of the city's largest museum where Jennifer's work is in the historical collection and on display. Kathleen is gorgeous and stately, the kind of woman that causes a room to go still when she walks in. Like me, she was staying overnight and through part of Sunday. She was well worth the consult fee Jennifer was paying her.
Typically, most of the art sold at Jennifer's open studio is purchased by women. This event was different! Men who normally have no interest in art suddenly couldn't get enough of listening to Kathleen talk about Jennifer's art and the stories behind the many pieces. Kathleen's presence produced the most successful open studio Jennifer has ever had, sales totaling over $75K. Over 275 people attended this year's event. Kathleen assembled them into small groups and simply mesmerized them with her chat! She was a phenomenon!
By 9:30 pm, the crowd had thinned out. The evening was an enormous success. Ron and Jennifer were saying goodnight to the last few people leaving. As the caterers were cleaning up, Kathleen and I went into the parlor with a glass of wine to relax and chat. Ron and Jennifer came in, saying they were shot and were going to bed. Jennifer was concerned about getting the house cleaned up and I said for her not to worry,  Kathleen and I would see to it that the catering staff cleaned everything up before leaving. 
Kathleen and I chatted for over two hours while the staff dismounted the tables, chairs, serving gear, loaded everything into their truck, cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed. Once they left, Kathleen and I grabbed a fresh bottle of chardonnay and went back to the parlor for more chat. She was absolutely lovely and enchanting, intelligent, easy-going and had a lot to say. She was not married and did not seem to date very much, preferring to keep to herself, in spite of how alluring and attractive she was.
She said she just loved my genuine strawberry blond hair and green eyes and thought I was beautiful. She said Jennifer had told her about my accomplishments and how proud she was of me. She complimented me and said she was impressed with what she had heard. I thanked her. She asked if I was dating and I explained my single status and how I was focusing on my career. She said she had recently purchased a new home in the northern part of the city, not too far from the museum
She said perhaps sometime soon we could have lunch or dinner, or just go for wine or coffee, or visit her in her new home. I replied that was a lovely idea and I would like that, it would be nice to get to know each other better. I went and got another bottle of wine. We drank and chatted until midnight, discussing the many things we had in common, warming to one another, both getting higher than a kite, and a little giddy. 
I told her I loved her lavender dress, she looked so gorgeous in it, it fit so beautifully and was cut so perfectly for her. She said it was new, and she got it for the open studio. She had crossed her legs several times showing lots of thigh, my eyes glancing down each time she moved. I parted my legs a little, letting her know I was sexy, too. She kept staring at me, telling me my legs were lovely. She said she was getting sleepy and should go to bed. I agreed. I got up and went to her side of the parlor to turn off the lights.
As I did, she put her hand on my waist and looked into my eyes, our looks telling each other we both knew what the other was thinking. Our eyes locked as I switched the lamp light off and she pulled me to her, whispering I was the loveliest woman she had ever met, and began kissing me all over....cheeks, forehead, and neck, then, finally on my lips. I was flushing and warm all over, and returned her kisses, long, wet and sweet. We slid down on the couch, the room only barely lit from the light coming from the hallway and living room as the soft sounds of our kisses and sighs occasionally interrupting the stillness of the parlor.
She dropped the straps of her dress and gave me her breasts, full, peachy and beautiful, nipples erect. I licked and sucked them gently and sweetly, not able to get enough, teething her wonderful long, erect nipples. As I licked and sucked one, I gently fondled the other, circling the nipple with my finger tips, trying desperately to satisfy my urgent cravings for her. I dropped the top of my dress and moved my breasts to her open, waiting lips. She eagerly took them and loved them, causing me to shiver with excitement. We kissed, necked and loved this way for at least a half hour, our hands now under each other's dresses, her smooth thighs leading me to her sweet cunny, uncovered, smooth, open and wet.
Her fingers were moving in and around my cunny, knowing exactly what to do. I did not have to say anything, only how much I loved it, for her not to stop. I whispered it was all so wonderful, we should go to her room for more privacy so we could express ourselves more. She squeezed me hard, kissing me and kissing me, saying she had lusted for me all day and night, her fantasy now coming true. I led her by the hand to her room, it would be best, it was farther from Jennifer's than mine, more private.
We locked the door and became one for over two hours, she was so sweet, receptive and passionate, so hungry for love and orgasm, giving herself completely to me, and I to her. She smelled like a spring flower garden and tasted like fruit nectar. She loved my strawberry patch and said it was the most wonderful thing she has ever had, so sweet and delectable.
I loved how orgasmic she was and her whisperings of details, very much like Jennifer. We were able to completely satisfy each other, our several orgasms powerful and long. Her first orgasm caused her to jerk almost spasmodically, finally ending in her squirming and whimpering into her calm as I caressed her and showered her with sweet, soft kisses and lovely whisperings.
As she ran her hands through my hair, kissing me softly all over my face and neck, our whisperings were those of new lovers, caring, complimentary and praising, what more we wanted to do, and future dates. It was now nearly 3am. After a few more good night embraces and long, deep kisses, we reluctantly said goodnight, so excited and pleased with what we had done, and all the possibilities of this new love.
Our final kiss through the crack of the door endorsed and confirmed our attraction and what we had done.. Kathleen's entire demeanor as a love partner was out of a dream, I could have never imagined anything so beautiful and exciting. I was certain she liked me and wanted to be with me more, I was so happy, ready for sleep and sweet dreams!
My room was filled with sun as I woke up, and I could hear Jennifer and Ron talking, he was on his way to the kitchen to fix breakfast. Did they know? How would Jennifer feel if she found out? Their door had been closed and they were both shot when they went to bed, I don't think they heard anything! I was slightly concerned about facing Kathleen, would I be embarrassed? I would want to hug and kiss her, but that would not be possible. She was a mature person, she would know how to act, I knew I would. I was anxious to see how it would all play out. 
I quickly showered and freshened up, and got dressed, wanting to get into the kitchen before Kathleen. As I passed the guest bath, I could hear the shower running, she would be with us soon. I greeted Ron who was busy cooking. Jennifer was still getting ready. The aroma of coffee filled the kitchen. I told Ron I would set the patio table and get everything organized, make the toast and prepare juice. He complimented how nice the house looked. I said Kathleen and I made sure everything was done before the caterers left, chatted a little, then went to bed ourselves, we were tired, too. He said his techs would arrive soon to dismount everything and put the art away.
Jennifer joined us looking fresh and smartly dressed. Kathleen followed a few minutes later beautifully dressed in ankle pants, a tailored, floral, silk blouse and heels. Jennifer reminded us that she and Ray were going to Mass and would be having lunch in the church hall with the Knights of Columbus and their wives celebrating the chapter's 25th anniversary. She said they would not be back until 3pm, or so. I said for her not to be concerned about anything, I would make sure the techs left everything clean, and I would touch things up, and see Kathleen off. She hugged and thanked me, kissing me on the cheek, whispering in my ear she loved me.
Kathleen looked at me, her eyes and smiles telling me all was well, that we were not finished. I moved closer to her, she smelled so fresh and inviting. Visions flashed through my mind of us being entwined and making love, they would not go away. Jennifer had gone to the garage refer to get some champagne and Ron's back was to us. I whispered to Kathleen how lovely and wonderful she was, I wanted her to stay with me after the techs left. She nodded and smiled approvingly.
It was a perfect fall day and so nice in the patio. Kathleen sat close to me, her sweet aromas all around me. Jennifer was so excited on how successful her show had been and couldn't thank Kathleen enough for all she had done. Kathleen was humble and appreciative. We all pitched in and cleaned things up just as Ron's techs arrived. Ron reviewed how he wanted everything done with the techs, then he and Jennifer left for Mass. The techs were fast and efficient, returning the unsold art to Jennifer's studio, dismounting the walls and racks and returning them to the basement, vacuuming, and getting the living area back in order..
After closing the front door behind the techs and turning around, Kathleen came to me, kissing and holding me, my back against the door. Her kisses were hot and wet, I was so happy she took the lead. My kisses and frenching back told her how I was lusting for her again, too! She said our lovemaking last night was the most wonderful of her life and she wanted to love me more. 
I said I wanted more of her, too, so I took her to my room. I asked if she liked toys and she said she had a few, but hadn't used them in a while. I quickly went to Jennifer's room and reached down to the bottom of her cedar chest and got our toy bag and brought it back to my room. I opened in onto my bed, allowing Kathleen to sift through the possibilities. She gravitated toward the black, 12-inch, strap-on, squirting she-cock, saying it was the most wonderful dildo she has ever seen.
I explained the squirting feature, how the balls held six ounces of warm faux semen, how the vacuum bulb worked, and she gasped.  She took the shaft into both hands and brought it to her mouth, taking the mushroom head between her lips, kissing it and sucking on it. She said is was very exciting, very real, and said she wanted us to use it. I said we would, there was more than enough time, Ray and Jennifer would not be back for four more hours.

For the next three hours, we pleasured each other in ways Kathleen said were beyond any expectations. We kissed, necked, tittty-sucked and finger-loved passionately, almost feverishly at times, not being able to absorb enough of each other. With my fingers, lips and tongue, I prepared her until she was generously wet and open, so ready for me to take her. 

I slipped in between her legs and moved into the scissoring position, forward, then back, to one side, then the other, getting into that perfect position, our love lips overlapping, our swollen clitties merged, slowly slipping and sliding, around and around. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, pretty red lips waiting to be covered by mine, her entire body flushing, anticipating what was to come as she sighed and whispered her excitement. 

Soon, our movements became more frantic as we sped up, her buns now slightly off the bed, in the air, moving into me, around and around, making sure she had all of me. Our breathing became heavier and heavier, the whispers of her detailed feelings telling me she was close. Suddenly, her moans turned to groans and gasps as she twisted and writhed under me, calling to God and to me, over and over, her legs tightly wrapped around me, not wanting to let me go.

Moments later, still kissing and necking and moving around and around, I began to make my climb, going over the precipice, the crescendo overtaking me, one spasm after another, at least a dozen in all, so perfect and wonderful they took my breath away. Calming, then separating from Kathleen, and rolling to one side, we continued to embrace and kiss, whispering sweetly to each other, becoming one into our afterglow.

Kathleen's legs were still spread wide, her lovely, glistening cunny all open, wet and gaping. I reached for it and she whispered it was all so beautiful and satisfying, but she needed more, was I going to love her with my squirting she-cock? I sweetly kissed her long and deep and whispered back the time had come, it was only moments away. I got up and strapped on the she-cock, lubed it, and slipped in between her legs.

I slowly moved the she-cock into her, the mushroom easily sliding in, her moans and sighs as the mushroom passed through her pubic bone telling me my penetration was perfect. As we kissed and frenched, our breasts entwined, she joyously whispered how much she loved my she-cock. She said it felt so good, she loved how long and thick it was and the way the mushroom massaged her walls.

Within minutes, her breathing became more labored as she whispered details of every sensation, wanting to take me on her journey. Our breasts were entwined, our kisses long and deep, frenching and sucking each other's lips, her passion almost out of control, her fingernails on my buns pulling me into her, taking another two inches with a sigh of ecstasy, now completely filled. 

My strokes were at least nine inches, slowly moving in and out as she started her climb, announcing her anticipation. She went over the hill and into euphoria, biting and sucking on me, twisting and jerking beneath me, locked together, my she-cock now relentlessly giving her at least a full ten inches, emptying itself into her as I squeezed the bulb, pleasuring her like never before, her groans filling the room, louder than ever, over a dozen times. 

She whispered it was so wonderful, her orgasm so long and powerful, she had never had anything like it, creating a new level of craving she hoped I would satisfy over and over. As her quivering slowed and we continued to kiss, I rolled her over and we traded positions, our mouths and tongues still connected, our breasts still merged and tingling, holding each other tightly, as she rocked and rolled on my she-cock.

Kathleen was now on top, as I whispered I was all hers, for her to have her way, to take as long as she needed, I wanted her to cum again. She vigorously slid up and down, rotating round and round, taking the she-cock for all it was worth, feverishly, whispering she couldn't believe it, another one was there, she thought it was only moments away. I held her by the buns, pulling her into me so we were one, her  drippings flowing down our legs, our kisses wet and wild as she began to rotate faster, then jerking into ecstasy, cumming and cumming, out of breath, calling to God and me, again, over and over, saying it was the most wonderful of all.

She slowed, then finally stopped as we remained connected, sweetly kissing and necking into her calm. I told her I was so hot and wanted her in me, to strap on the she-cock and take me with it. I wanted her to fuck me and fuck me, I wanted to cum as many times as I could. I was drenched in anticipation, telling her to take me now, I was never more ready.
She followed my instructions, it was glorious as I took all of the she-cock, right up to the hilt, kissing and frenching, going to heaven  the first time, powerful and deep, then, a few minutes later, a second time, long and sweet, taking me by surprise, causing me to jerk and writhe under her, my cunny in the air, making sure I had all of her.

My calm took almost ten minutes as Kathleen kissed my lips, cheeks, forehead and eyes, sucking my breasts, holding my face in her hands, stroking my hair, whispering I was the most wonderful lover she has ever had. We rested in each other's arms, telling the wonders of it all, exchanging gentle, sweet kisses and whisperings of love and devotion. 
We showered together, kissing and attentive to one another, washing, drying and lotioning each other, her kissing my cunny lightly, telling me how much she loved it. I said it was now hers for the asking, I would save it for her until we next met. She said she wanted to be with me next Friday, we had to meet, she couldn't be away from me long. I said she could stay at my condo Friday night, Saturday and overnight into Sunday, or I could come to her place. She said we could decide by phone. 
I said I wanted her so much again, waiting for next weekend would be agony. I said we could get take-out and not have to leave, making endless love. We hugged and kissed, she was so happy we had found one another, we were so perfect together. I said God was looking after us, and He wanted us to be together, we should be grateful to Him. We both whispered our thanks to Him.
She packed her overnight case as we continued to chat about how wonderful and lovely the weekend had been. She said she cherished and treasured our time together, she would count the hours until next Friday night. We kissed and hugged our goodbyes, her saying she wanted to talk everyday and e-mail me, she was overwhelmed with emotion, slightly tearing.  I said I felt the same, she was the most exciting woman I had ever met, and I couldn't wait until Friday, I would do my best to make it memorable for us.
I went to her car with her, putting my head through the window, kissing her several times more, the last kiss lingering on her bottom lip, telling her how sweet and wonderful she was. She waved out the window as she drove away, I waved back until she was out of sight. I sat in the parlor for over a half hour, reminiscing the weekend, reliving the joy of having met her and loved her, thanking God for bringing her to me.
I could hear my cell ringing in my room and I rushed down the hallway to answer it. It was Kathleen, saying she had to talk with me. I replied I was so happy she called, all I had been doing since she left was sitting and thinking about her.
She said this coming week would be the roughest of her life, she didn't know how she would get through it. I said it was going to be agony for me, too, but our calls and emails would get us through. She reaffirmed I was the most wonderful woman she had ever met and was so happy we would be seeing each other again. I said it was going to be my pleasure and we were both smart enough and creative enough to figure out ways of getting together frequently. She said there would be ample opportunity to figure things out, and she would talk with me. She said I would be on her mind all the way home. We kissed goodbye.
I thought, OMG, she is falling like I have, this is going to be so wonderful, I couldn't wait for it to evolve! This was no one-night stand! God was at work, in His loving and caring way, He was guiding the evolution of our affair, I would not dare disappoint Him!

Copyright © 2019 Andrea M Love. All rights reserved. This story is the property of the author and may not be copied, reproduced, duplicated, stored, or circulated in any manner or form without the prior, express, written consent of the author. Any violation of this copyright will be adjudicated to the fullest extent of the copyright laws of the United States of America.

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