Clothing Optional: The Naked Cottage

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Sylvia begged for me to stop her clit now to sensitive to touch, she slowly released her grip on my head and I sunk back into the water watching her spasm and twitch as her orgasm subsided. banner2 We decided it was time we had a holiday and with my wife Sylvia's birthday coming up we thought it would be nice to celebrate it with a stay in a nice cottage somewhere quiet and relaxing. We sat down with the iPads and a glass of wine each to see what was available and soon found a lovely looking cottage in Gloucester that had its own hot tub and sauna.

The pictures looked lovely and a quick google of the area showed a restaurant pub 100 yards to the left and another 200 yards to the right perfect we thought no need to cook either so without hesitation we checked availability and booked the week we wanted.

A little about ourselves we are Scott and Sylvia I'm 56, 5'10" and keep myself in shape, people often say I look younger than my age, my wife Sylvia is 55, 5'5" great figure all her curves and bumps are in the right places and again looks younger than her years.

I was recently made redundant after 30 years in a managerial position and the redundancy package was good enough to pay off the mortgage leaving enough in the bank to allow us both to go part time and enjoy life a little more.

Our life can be a little boring at times especially sexually, Sylvia is quite reserved and it takes a lot to get her going in the bedroom, I on the other hand am open to anything and I'm always horny.

A few days after booking the cottage some friends visited us for evening drinks and while chatting Sylvia mentioned we had booked the cottage for her birthday and pulled up the website on her iPad for Cindy for to have a look.

Cindy suddenly burst out laughing and passed the iPad to Rob who chuckled.

"Have you read this properly? did you guys know this was a clothing optional holiday?" 

I reached for my iPad and pulled up the site.

"I can't see anything on here about clothing optional" passing the iPad to Cindy who compared the two sites.

"It's the same website but on Sylvia's there's an additional naturist page." 

"Well at least we won't have all the washing to do when we get back then Sylvia" we all laughed and joked about the discovery.

When Cindy and Rob left I asked Sylvia what she thought about getting naked on our hols.

"Well I guess we will have to see when we get there the weather may not be great and knowing our luck we will need jumpers on."

With that we cuddled up on the sofa and made out like teenagers, maybe we were both a little turned on by the thought of our naked adventure.

The journey down was uneventful and we arrived at the cottage around 2pm to be greeted by the owners Tom and his wife Zoe, after the usual greetings they showed us around the cottage and explained the hot tub and sauna controls letting us know that they would be back mid week to tend the garden and refresh the hot tub and asked if we were happy could they be naked as they are naturists themselves I replied that it wouldn't be a problem thinking we would probably make the Wednesday they were coming one of our days out so we wouldn't be there anyway. 

The cottage was perfect and the website pics didn't do it justice, totally secluded on all sides and so peaceful we settled down on the sun loungers in the garden with a glass of wine to unwind from the journey.

"Fancy a hot tub Sylvia it should be up to temperature by now."

"I'll go and pop my costume on I fancy a nice soak after the long drive you can top the glasses up while I'm changing." 

She passed me her glass and got up to change I reminded her that we were alone and totally screened from any prying eyes and that we wouldn't need to wear bathers in the tub, I walked to the kitchen to get the wine bottle.

I was very surprised almost shocked when I came back out in the garden to see Sylvia stripped naked and heading down the garden towards the hot tub her sexy bum wiggling as she walked.

"Wow I didn't expect you to get naked so quick, glad to see your entering into the naturist lifestyle" I joked as I hurried to catch her up.

It felt strange undressing in the outdoors the sun on my naked body felt lovely with the slight breeze around my genitals felling very nice.

We both slid into the warm water and I turned on the jets both sighing with contentment as the bubbles relaxed us. Sylvia slid over and sat beside me and I felt her hand reach out for my cock which was already semi hard from watching her getting naked into the hot tub.

"Seems this naked lifestyle might be too much for you if your going to walk round with a stiff cock all week, maybe I need to help you out with that."

Slowly she began to slide her hand up and down my shaft making me instantly hard she motioned for me to sit on the edge of the hot tub, I pulled myself up and even before I had sat down Sylvia engulfed my hard cock with her mouth taking me as deep as she could almost gagging and began to bob her head up and down my cock, I'm not huge but at just over 7" long and with a good girth I've never had any problems in that department and Sylvia always seemed satisfied. 

Sylvia has always given great blow jobs but today she seemed to be really getting into it using her tongue as she licked around my swollen head before swallowing me down to her throat, her hand gently squeezing my balls her left hand pulling at her nipple sending shivers down her own body, I reached out and cupped her firm 36D breast and followed her lead tugging gently on her erect nipple.

"If you don't stop I'll cum in the hot tub and we don't want to mess the water up on day one do we".

With that she sucked me harder and deeper increasing the pace until I could hold on no longer I felt my balls contact and my cock spasm as I shot my cum into her mouth, she sucked me dry and then swallowed opening and showing me her empty mouth with a smile, Sylvia is not often keen on swallowing but I guess she didn't want me to mess the water up either.

I leaned forward and we kissed passionately the taste of my salty cum on her lips and tongue.

"My turn now" she said as she swung her ass up onto the side of the tub and spread her legs wide offering me her neatly trimmed pussy, 

"Lick me" she begged caressing her breasts as she lay back on the edge of the tub.

I needed no second invitation as I love to go down on her pussy and I could smell her sex above the aroma of the water and felt her heat as I slipped my tongue along her lips circling her clit and then licking back down to her ass.

'Mmmm that's sooooo nice"

she moaned as I continued to lick her sweet pussy darting my tongue deep in her hole and then up to her clit, she was so wet and so sweet I felt like I was in heaven. 

"Don't stop I'm going to cum" 

She screamed as she continued to tug on her nipples and I worked on her clit, suddenly she shuddered as the first wave of her orgasm took hold followed by another then another until she was writhing helplessly on the side of the tub her thighs now clamped tightly round my head.

Sylvia begged for me to stop her clit now to sensitive to touch, she slowly released her grip on my head and I sunk back into the water watching her spasm and twitch as her orgasm subsided.

"Oh my god that was so intense I thought I was going to pass out" 

As she lowered herself back into the water and cuddled up to me the timer on the jets kicked in and the water was calm I looked down at her body under the water still breathing heavily from her climax and thought I'm going to enjoy this week. 

We woke early on the first morning the sun streaming through the large bedroom window, we watched as a squirrel swung from the bird feeder taking nuts, cuddling up naked under the thin sheet we both commented on how we could get used to this neither of us wanting to get up.

"I'll make us some coffee"

Sliding out from the sheets Sylvia walked naked to the kitchen which was unusual as she would normally of put on a robe at home but she was obviously getting into the naked cottage as we now called it.

I got up and followed her a few minutes later to see her stretching at the back door her arms above her head with the sun streaming in silhouetting her naked body, seeing her ample breasts lifted by her stretch I couldn't resist and grabbed the camera to capture the moment, click.

"What are you doing?"

"Capturing the moment you looked stunning with the sun streaming through the door."

"Well I'm not sure about you taking pictures what if they get into the wrong hands.'

"Relax I won't put them on the cloud they will just be for us."

Ping! the kettle boiled and Sylvia shrugged and continued to make the coffee. 

"Shall we have this outside it's such a lovely warm morning and it looks like being a hot day today and I'm thinking maybe I won't get dressed at all today."

Sylvia giggled as she stepped outside with her coffee.

After coffee and some breakfast we made use of the hot tub before laying out on the sun beds to dry off. 

"We better put plenty of sun cream on today if we are to be naked all day, you don't want to burn your boobs or pussy and I don't want my willy burnt, pass me the suncream and I'll do you and you can do me."

"I can manage thanks don't want your cock getting hard again while your feeling me up" 

Sylvia squeezed some cream onto each breast and began seductively rubbing her tits.

"I'll get hard just watching you do that and your obviously enjoying teasing me as your nipples are standing out already."

Sylvia smiled and made a show of rubbing the cream into her nipples I quickly grabbed the camera and switched to video mode.

"You and that camera you're be wanting to make a porn movie next."

"Why not you really don't know how hot you look right now besides if you watch it back and don't like it I'll delete it."

Sylvia raised her eyes and tutted but didn't stop rubbing the cream on her breasts, she continued to apply the cream to the rest of her torso and arms then moved down to her legs starting at the ankles and working up, she slightly parted her legs to cream her inner thighs her pussy glistening in the sun a sure sign she was getting turned on by me filming her seductively applying the lotion, she spread her legs even more when she reached her pussy and let out a little moan when she rubbed her mound her fingers sliding slowly across her outer lips.

"This is so hot honey I'm rock hard watching you tease me."

"I'm not teasing you I really do feel horny I could happily rub one out right now."

"Do it then I'd love to film you masturbating and coming on your fingers I could jack off watching you right now."

"Show me how you play with your cock and I might just do it" 

Sylvia moaned as she brushed a finger over her clit, I moved in front of her and started to slowly stroke my cock, god this was hot Sylvia had masturbated in front of me before but never made such a show of doing it but here she was rubbing her pussy staring at me with the camera recording. 

Sylvia parted her lips and slowly inserted first one finger then two fingers while her other hand rubbed her swollen nub, she lifted her hips to gain better access and started to slide her fingers deep into her pussy her skin now glistening with perspiration and her breathing getting harder, she added a third finger and moaned deeply as she stretched her pussy wide.

I had stopped jacking off and was concentrating on watching and filming my wife pleasure herself her eyes tightly shut now her breasts rising and falling with each heavy breath, suddenly without any warning her hips bucked and she squirted her juice all over her hand soaking her inner thighs and wetting the sun bed.

"Oh my god what just happened."

"You just squirted for the first time and it was so fucking hot, it looked like you enjoyed it."

"It felt amazing I've never done that before and now I'm glad you recorded it as I want to see what happened, now pass me the camera I want to record you jacking off now it's only fair I get to watch you now."

I passed the camera over which was still recording and started to stroke my cock I was so turned on by what had just happened it didn't take long before I felt my balls tighten and knew i was about to cum, I turned slightly side on to the camera and let my cock go as the first rope of cum shot out across the lawn followed by a second third and fourth, I don't think I've ever ejaculated with as much force it must of shot six feet across the garden, as my cock slowly stopped twitching I looked at Sylvia who lay on the sun lounger open mouthed.

"Wow I've never seen you cum so hard mutual maturation certainly had us both having firsts, I need a shower now let's both have one then I need to see that video."

We showered together cleaning each other off both still horny from what had just happened, I couldn't believe the change in my wife she's never this horny and normally would of killed me if I'd of snapped a pic of her even in her bra at home yet here she was settling down to watch a video of herself squirting while naked in the garden and me jacking off on the grass.

Sylvia watched the video with her mouth open hardly daring to believe what she had just done, when it came to her squirt she gasped.

"Wow look how much came out I've never done that before but I'd love to do it again it felt so good and look at you look how far you shot your load god, I'm glad you recorded this"

With that Sylvia pushed me back on the couch straddled me and drove her pussy down on my cock in one swift move. We fucked for what seemed like hours Sylvia coming multiple times as we switched positions and locations around the cottage, I came twice the first time with her riding me reverse cowgirl on the lounge floor the second time taking her from behind over the kitchen counter, exhausted we went back out to the garden to relax and enjoy the rest of the day in the sun.

Day two began much the same as the first day, breakfast followed by a dip in the hot tub then lazing in the garden till lunch time.

"Shall we go to the pub for lunch today I don't fancy cooking today?"

Between the bouts of sex yesterday we had thrown some bits on the BBQ as we really didn't want to go out but today a nice pub lunch sounded good.

We dressed around 1pm with Sylvia wearing a new top which was for her very low cut and showed off her ample cleavage and a pair of short shorts to show off her nicely tanned legs, I dressed in shorts and a tee.

We wondered over to the pub to the left all of 100 yards away and entered to find it quite empty with a few single people at the bar and two other couples sitting at tables waiting to eat, we ordered drinks and food from the menu and decided to sit at one of the outside tables to enjoy the sunshine.

A couple around our age were sitting at the table next to us talking about the holiday caravan they had rented saying how shabby it was and that they regretted booking it as the site was noisy and the pool was small and always crowded, the husband looked over to us and noticed we had been listening he asked if we were from the same site and if we felt the same about it. 

"We are not staying there we're staying in a cottage nearby" 

I introduced myself and Sylvia to him and his wife he responded likewise saying he was Gary and his wife was Shelly, as we were chatting their food arrived so we took the opportunity to order more drinks asking if they would like a drink also.

"that's very kind of you I'll have a white wine and I'm sure Gary would have another beer."

I ordered the drinks and we left them to their food, the drinks arrived along with our food soon after. 

Gary asked if we would like to join them at their table we accepted and moved over sitting opposite to each other me beside Shelly and Sylvia beside Gary.

We talked over lunch about this and that but mostly about how disappointed they were with their accommodation.

"So how's your cottage?"

I felt guilty telling them how good it was with the beautiful garden hot tub and sauna.

"We should of looked harder for somewhere to stay but it was short notice as we were asked to attend a party on Friday so we thought we would make a short break out of it but never mind we will make the best of it and enjoy the party later in the week" 

Shelly as she got up from the table.

"I'm just going to powder my nose shall I order more drinks on my way back?"

"I'll come with you I need the loo and I'll help you with the drinks."

As the girls walked back into the bar I couldn't help notice Shelly's bottom very shapely in her very short dress which clung to it seductively as she walked sowing of her long legs accentuated by her 4" heels.

"She is sexy isn't she."

"Sorry Gary I didn't mean to stare but yes very nice if you don't mind me saying."

"Not at all mate and likewise your missus is very well endowed and I struggled not to stare at her cleavage during lunch."

We both laughed and chatted while waiting for the girls to return.

After several more drinks we were all getting along well when Gary asked how far away the cottage was.

"Just over the road would you like to come take a look then maybe next time your in the area you could book it if you like it."

This surprised me a little coming from Sylvia as she is normally not so forward with strangers.

"Oh that would be lovely if your sure we don't want to impose, is that ok with you Gary?"

"Yes great let's grab a bottle of wine and get out of here."

We paid our checks and wondered back to the cottage.

"This is awesome your so lucky to have found this place we must take the details for the future, have you used the hot tub much since you've been here?"

"Yes Shelly every opportunity we have we're in there we love it and Scott loves the sauna but I find it a bit claustrophobic."

We opened the wine and sat drinking in the sun letting our food go down when Gary asked if we smoked as he had some weed with him.

"Well it's been a while since we partook but if Sylvia doesn't mind it's fine with me."

"Go ahead I quite fancy getting high though the wine has already had an effect I'm feeling quite tipsy as it is, maybe you could roll one up and we could have it in the hot tub?"

"Shame we didn't bring our swimwear Gary I would have loved to have a soak in the tub."

It must have been the drink as Sylvia blurted out.

"That's ok we haven't worn anything in the tub since we've been here in fact today's the first day we've put clothes on."

Everyone burst out laughing and I explained the clothing optional side to the cottage.

"Well I'm up for it if you are Shelly what do you say fancy a naked hot tub with our new friends?"

"I guess so but I think I need that spliff first" Gary finished rolling the joint sparked it up he took a long draw before passing it to Shelly who drew deeply blowing out the sweet smoke from her sexy lips then toked again before passing the spliff to Sylvia, now it's been a while since we've had a joint so Sylvia was cautious not wanting to get wrecked she exhaled slowly her eyes glazing over from the wine and the smoke, she passed the joint to me stood up and swiftly lifted her top over her head exposing her breasts held in a shear white bra her dark nipples clearly visible under the fabric.

"I guess someone had to be first" she giggled "who's next" 

Shelly stood up and pulled her dress up and over her head she stood before us wearing a black thong and matching bra, her breasts were smaller than my wife's but very peart for her 50 or so years, her legs looked even longer standing there in just her heels and underwear.

"Are you sure you want to do this Shelly" Gary asked with a hint of concern in his voice as Shelly removed her bra.

"Too late now buster no going back now lose those shorts and lets get in the hot tub."

Gary and I stood looked at each other and both stripped our clothes off at the same time, Gary's cock sprung out of his boxers and the girls both stared at his erect cock, I guess he was about 6" long but very thick, the girls then looked at me I too was hard a little longer than Gary at 7" but not as thick, the girls both giggled and removed their underwear, Sylvia's pussy is always nicely trimmed and Shelly's was clean shaven, we all stood there naked finishing the joint and checking each other out. Shelly spoke first complimenting Sylvia on her great tits and we all laughed glad someone had broken the silence.

"Let's get in the tub, Gary can you give me a hand with the lid"

Gary and Shelly sat one end of the tub Sylvia and I the other the girls breasts now covered by the water we relaxed and chatted about the cottage.

"This is so nice I'm surprised you guys made it to the pub at all" laughed Shelly as she swirled the water around with her arms "have you guys had sex in here yet? I know me and Gary would of."

Sylvia told them about our first time in the tub she admitted blowing me off and me eating her out but didn't go into details.

"Wow that sounds so hot" a look of longing coming over Shelly's face.

I felt Sylvia's hand reach out for my cock and I slid my hand between her legs hidden beneath the bubbles Shelly lent over and kissed Gary.

"I wish we could do that but it wouldn't be the same in the shitty pool on our camp" we all laughed.

"Feel free don't mind us and if you want us to leave you alone just say we have all week to do what we want, if you guys want to get frisky go ahead" 

This surprised me from Sylvia maybe it was the wine and the weed talking.

"No need for you to get out but if your sure you don't mind I'd like some cock in my mouth Gary please sit on the side a want to blow you>"

Gary looked at us and we nodded for him to go ahead, he lifted himself out of the water and sat on the side Shelly's hand already wrapped around his shaft she looked over her shoulder at us winked then sunk her mouth over Gary's cock, I was harder now than I think I had been since we got here watching Shelly go down on Gary her breasts clear of the water now her head bobbing up and down slowly on his dick, this was a huge turn on for both Sylvia as I we had never seen another couple do anything so openly before, Sylvia's hand now stroking me harder and my fingers sliding in and out of her pussy.

"Shall we join them? sit next to Gary so we can watch each other."

Gary and i sat there as our wives gave us head i marvelled at how Shelly could get that wide cock in her mouth and Gary was watching Sylvia take me deep to her throat. 

"Shall we swap" 

I couldn't believe I just heard that and it came from my wife she looked at me and asked if that would be ok.

"If your sure and these guys are up for it then it's fine by me" 

Gary nodded and the girls swapped places, Shelly could easily take me in her mouth as I was thinner but longer than Gary Sylvia on the other hand struggled to get his thick dick in her mouth only managing to take the first couple of inches in her mouth but worked him well with her tongue, Shelly was now getting used to my length and I felt my cock touch the back of her throat and then slide down her throat swallowing me to the balls.

"Wow you'll have to teach Sylvia how to do that."

Sylvia looked up to watch as Shelly worked my cock with her throat as she continued to stroke Gary with her hand, his cock looked huge in her small hand her fingers barley wrapping around his thick shaft.

"I can't get Gary down my throat he's to wide but your scott I can just about manage."

The two girls looked at each other and without speaking lent across and kissed each other, not a peck but a full on tongue swapping kiss all the time working our cocks with their hands.

"You will have to stop girls or We will mess the water up when we cum" laughed Gary. "I think it's time we swapped places don't you I need to taste some pussy."

The girls broke their kiss and lifted themselves onto the edge of the tub.

"May I Shelly" licking my lips as I stared at her bald pussy.

"Yes please I need to be eaten and I don't care by who" spreading her legs and pulling my head to her sweet pussy.

She smelt and tasted different to my wife more salty and she was certainly wet her juices running down her lips coating her puckered rosebud I parted her lips with my fingers and licked her pussy pushing my tongue deep in her hole then up to her clit sucking and licking her swollen bud.

"Ooooh......... just like that fuck me with your tongue."

I looked over to see Gary sucking Sylvia's clit with his finger deep in her pussy.

"Use two fingers ahhhhh that's it deeper oh my god."

I watched as Sylvia lifted her hips to allow Gary better access.

Shelly suddenly screamed at me. "Please stop or I'll cum I need a cock in me and I need it now" 

I looked at Sylvia and she gave me a nod of approval.

"Please stop Gary I want to watch them fuck then they can watch us."

I raised up out of the water and lined my cock up with Shelly's pussy and slowly entered her Sylvia and Gary watching from either side, Shelly moaned as I pushed my cock in until I was buried deep in her cunt.

"Oh that's so deep fuck me Scott fuck me hard"

I started a long slow rhythm almost pulling out then plunging back in my balls slapping on her ass.

"Faster Scott fuck me harder."

I began to speed up pumping her pussy with my cock, Gary and Sylvia were now holding Shelly's legs up each holding her by the ankle.

"Cum in my pussy Scott fill me up with your cum."

As she said this she started to buck as her orgasm struck sending me over the edge and I shot my load deep in her pussy, when she came down from her orgasm I slipped out of her my spunk following me out, I couldn't believe what I saw as Sylvia dived between her legs and sucked at her pussy lapping up our combined juices.

"My god that was awesome, my turn now."

Shelly sat on he edge of the tub and pulled gary to her.

"Be gentle Gary your a lot thicker than Scott I might need some time to get used to you."

"I'll be gentle just relax." 

Gary pushed the tip of his cock into my wife she gasped at his width as he entered her he slowly worked his way in pausing as he went for Sylvia to get used to his size.

"My god I'm so full, fuck me Gary I'm not going last long."

Gary drove his cock in and out my wife her lips clinging to his cock as he thrust in and out of her.

"I'm coming ahhhhh.....yes fuck me."

Sylvia shook as her orgasm started her pussy contracted around Gary's cock making him cum then it happened for only the second time Sylvia's juices squirted out around Gary's cock he pulled out and a gush of pussy juice followed.

"Oh my god fuuuck......."

Shelly dived between her legs and tried to drink down her cum but there was too much it covered her face and splashed on her tits.

"That's so hot I've never seen a girl squirt before was it good for you Sylvia?" 

Sylvia raised herself up and kissed Shelly hard tasting her own juices on her lips.

"My god that was so intense, that's only the second time I've ever squirted and both times since we've been here" 

We all sunk back into the tub wondering if everyone would be ok with what just happened when Sylvia lent close and whispered in my ear "I love you" at that point I knew we were all good.

"Let's get out of the tub I need to shower Shelly come with me I'll show you were everything is, boys give us 5 mins then you can come in and clean up.

After we had all showered and dressed Gary and Shelly said they ought to be getting back as by now it was early evening, they thanked us for a wonderful day and we exchanged contact details promising to keep in touch.

After they left Sylvia and I cuddled up on the sofa each lost in our own thoughts when Sylvia suddenly blurted out.

"Shit I wish we had filmed that, that certainly would of been something to watch back and remember."

Wednesday came around and while eating our breakfast in the garden enjoying the morning sun I reminded Sylvia that the owners were coming today to top up the tub and tend the garden and that if she wanted to go out for the day to avoid them it was fine as we could explore the local area and maybe pick up some shopping and gifts for the grandchildren. 

"No it's fine I'm sure they won't be here all day and I really don't want to waste our time trooping around shopping centres."

"They said they will be naked are you happy with that?"

After our recent experience with Gary and Shelly I don't think a bit of nudity will shock me now she laughed.

"Ok if your sure, are you going to dress?"

"I think I'll see how I feel when they get here but if your ok with me being naked in front of strangers I might stay naked."

After years of wishing she would show herself off I could hardly of wished for more.

"I'm proud of you and your new found confidence honey if your happy I'm happy."

We had just used the hot tub and were sharing a shower when Tom and Zoe arrived. Hello is anyone here I heard Tom call out from the kitchen.

"Be right with you just we are in the shower." 

Sylvia got out and dried herself off, wrapping a towel around herself and she said she would go and greet them and make a pot of tea.

As Sylvia left the bathroom I realised I was feeling aroused at the thought of seeing my wife naked in front of strangers again I was starting to like showing her off to others.

I dried myself and wrapped a towel around my waist to hide my semi and walked out to the kitchen.

"Hi Tom Zoe how are you?"

I shook Toms hand and greeted Zoe with a kiss on the cheek, Tom is a tall man 6'2" Mid 40's I'd guess and dressed in shorts and a tee I could see he was in good shape, Zoe was part Asian a little younger than Tom maybe mid 30's Slim about 5'8" with long black hair almost down to her waist she was also in shorts and a loose tee that showed she was braless with large breasts that stayed firm under her shirt as she moved.

We sat in the kitchen drinking our tea.

"So how have you enjoyed your stay so far" 

We looked at each other and nearly burst out laughing.

"Well Zoe it's been great we love the tub and spending time naked in the garden has been wonderful, Scott and I were going out today but we've decided to stay if we're not in your way just don't want to miss out on this place and what it offers."

"hat's fine are you ok with us loosing our clothes we love to take advantage while were here and we should only be a couple of hours if that's ok?"

"No problem is there anything we can help with?"

"No just relax and enjoy the sun looks like being another lovely hot day, come on Zoe we better get on I'll do the tub first that way it will be hot again by the time we leave" with that Tom and Zoe walked out to the garden.

Sylvia and I went to the bedroom to tidy up a bit in case they inspected the rooms while they were here. Sylvia looked out of the window.

"Wow nice body he must work out" 

Sylvia watched as Tom pulled of his tee and dropped his shorts his muscular back and tight bum tanned all over I could see she was turned on by him, as he turned round Sylvia gasped at his very impressive cock hanging limp it was maybe as big as me when erect 

"You like what you see then" I joked.

"Certainly got me some nice eye candy for today" she laughed, just then Zoe walked up to him already naked her darker skin a contrast to Tom.

"Wow and eye candy for me to."

Zoe was slim and toned her breasts were bigger than Sylvia's 38DD at a guess but firm and round she was shaved with a small landing strip and her ass was shapely and tight.

"We look a bit old and saggy compared to those two." 

"They are a lot younger than us honey but I think your just as sexy as she is."

I gave my wife a hug to reassure her "come on let's get out there we don't want to be stuck indoors the whole time they are here let's go show them what us oldies have got."

I whipped Sylvia's towel off and stood back to admire her now all over tan, as we walked to the garden Sylvia grabbed her sunglasses from the kitchen counter.

"I think I need to hide my eyes I don't want to get caught ogling the Gardner" I laughed at my wife's new found honesty.

We settled down on the sun loungers and tried not to stare at the naked couple tending the garden but it was difficult not to and I was worried I'd become hard but thought fuck it they must be used to the odd erection when they visit so I settled down to read my book, occasionally glancing up at the lovely Zoe tending the flowers sweat glistening on her dusky skin.

Sylvia lay there hiding behind her sun glasses I'm sure checking out Toms dick, after about an hour Tom walked over and spoke.

"I don't think we will be much longer the hot tubs done and the grass doesn't need cutting as it's been so dry so we will leave you in peace."

"No worries I'm enjoying the view." Sylvia chuckled.

"Sylvia don't embarrass him, sorry Tom but I think being here has turned my wife into a horny bitch."

"ha ha no worries and thank you Sylvia I like what I see to" with that I swear I saw his cock twitch.

"What are you guys laughing about?"

'Sylvia was just admiring my cock and I'm sure Scott is checking out your rack" we all laughed at Toms jovial comment.

"You two aren't bad yourselves, I see the tans improved since you arrived have you fucked in the hot tub yet?"

Did I just hear that right! these guys certainly were open about things.

"We're in the lifestyle so nothing shocks us any more does it Tom?"

"No were a very open couple not easily shocked we've seen it all before."

Sylvia then shocked me saying "can I feel your cock?Tom I've never seen one that big in the flesh before."

"Sylvia dont be so forward" Tom looked at Zoe who nodded her approval.

"Sure why not" with that Tom came to Sylvia's side and offered her his cock Sylvia reached out and took his shaft in her hand.

"My your so big it's so heavy." 

Tom starting to get hard in her hand.

"Go ahead you can taste it if you want he loves getting head."

"I would love to are you sure Zoe?"

"Yes go ahead I'm sure Tom won't mind and I love to watch him get pleasured"

Sylvia licked the end with her tongue his cock now nearly fully erect in her hand she opened her mouth and took him as deep as she could, Zoe looked on gently rubbing her breast with her left hand while slipping her right hand between her legs. Toms cock now fully erect was an impressive 9" Sylvia could only take about 5" before she started to gag.

"Do you'll want to try to deep throat him?"

"I can't Zoe I always gag when a cock hits my throat and Toms cock is so long."

'Here let me help and I'll show you."

Taking Toms cock from Sylvia she explained that the best thing to do was to swallow it when it reached her throat.

"Let me demonstrate you need to make sure his cock is well lubricated."

She covered Toms cock with saliva and rubbed it all over his shaft then sliding his cock into her mouth stopping just as it touched the back of her throat, she then swallowed as she sunk down to his balls then pulling him out to leave a trail of saliva from her lips to the end of his cock.

"Now you try, don't be frightened if you gag just stop take a breath then try again."

Sylvia opened her mouth sliding her lips over Toms cock she gagged as he hit her throat then pushed down swallowing hard Toms cock entering her throat she had maybe 7" in before she gagged.

"Oh my god I did it, let me try that again."

This time she swallowed it in one motion again achieving about 7" before pulling him out this time without gagging.

"I wish I'd learnt to do this years ago Scott let me try it on you."

I stood up beside her and offered her my dick Sylvia spat on her hand and lubed up my shaft, she opened her mouth taking me to the back of her throat then in one swift move swallowed me to the balls and it felt awesome. Sylvia pulled off then plunged back down swallowing hard as she went I looked over at Tom who was now fucking Zoe's throat pulling almost all the way out then plunging back in his pubes touching her lips with each stroke, Sylvia saw this and grabbing my ass she began bobbing her head swallowing my cock each time.

"I'm coming!!!"

I couldn't hold on any longer Sylvia swallowed me deep and I came deep in her throat when I'd finished she slowly withdrew my cock. 

"Well that beats normal swallowing as no nasty taste."

As she said that Tom pulled his cock from Zoe's mouth and with a few strokes from his hand covered Zoe's face and neck with ropes of thick cum, the girls looked at each other and gave each other and high five we all burst out laughing. 

"I think I need to use the shower" was all Zoe could say.

After she cleaned up they thanked us for having some fun with them they dressed and left us alone to enjoy the rest of the day.

We woke in the morning to the sun again streaming through the window. "Happy birthday sexy what would you like to do today do you have anything special in mind?"

"Thank you Scott, no nothing special I'd just like to maybe have lunch at the pub other than that I'd just like to have a lazy day and right now I'd like you to fuck me and was thinking it might be fun if you grabbed the camera and record us having some fun."

"I thought you were worried it might get into the wrong hands though I can assure you it wouldn't."

"Well lots of things have changed since we got here I've had sex with another man watched you fuck another woman I've licked a pussy sucked a strange cock and squirted twice I guess shooting a porn vid is nothing compared to that, go get the camera and set it up on the tripod and if you bought the GoPro grab that as well."

I quickly set the camera up at the foot of the bed as high up on the tripod as possible looking down on my wife laying naked and tanned on her back with her legs slightly apart god she looked hot, i checked the GoPro was on and passed it to her as I slid up the bed and kissed her deeply on the mouth, then kissing my way down her neck and body stopping to suckle on he stiff nipples she moaned with pleasure as I went from breast to breast.

"I hope your filming this honey" I looked up to see the GoPro following me down her body, Sylvia parted her legs and I kissed her inner thighs slowly heading to her moist pussy.

"Oooh.... yes that's it Scott eat me you know I love your tongue in my pussy."

Sylvia continued to record me eating her pussy.

"Please stop or I'll cum and I want to save that for when your inside me here take the camera I want you to record me sucking your cock."

Sylvia passed me the GoPro and moved to her knees on the bed.

"Stand up Scott and give me your cock."

Sylvia turned me side on to the camera on the tripod and began to stroke my cock with her hand while smiling at the camera, we've watched porn together before so she had a good idea what to do for the camera, I stared down into her eyes as she lovingly took the head of me cock into her mouth swirling her tongue around, she then spat on my cock and smeared her saliva up and down it's length as she opened her mouth and in one smooth motion swallowed my shaft to the balls I angled the GoPro to capture the moment as she held me deep in her throat for few seconds looking up into the camera, she withdrew me leaving a long string of saliva from her lips to my cock, Sylvia sucked on my cock for several minutes deep throating me every now and then making me moan as she did.

"Babe this is driving me mad your going to have to stop or I'm going to cum."

"I want you to cum inside me Scott take me from behind I need to feel your cock in me."

Sylvia knelt on all fours with her sweet ass pointing towards the camera I pushed her chest down to the bed and parted her lips slipping two fingers into her very wet pussy.

"Ahhh...that's nice, yes finger fuck me" 

Sylvia reached under herself and began rubbing her clit all the time playing to the camera, I placed the GoPro on the bed looking up to record her hand on her clit and with my now free hand I Wet a finger and began to rim her rosebud.

"Oh my god what are you doing that feels incredible."

We had never done much anal play but Sylvia was so turned on she didn't protest so I gently eased my finger into her ass as far as the first knuckle.

'Aaahhhh....... that feels so good." 

I gently pushed my finger in to the second knuckle Sylvia's eyes went wide but she didn't protest I began to finger fuck her ass with one finger while using two in her pussy the camera recording it all.

"STOP or I'll cum fuck me Scott fuck me now" I gently removed my fingers and knelt between her legs I placed my cock at her entrance and in one swift thrust I drove my cock all the way into her sweet wet pussy Sylvia let out a scream.

"Yes fuck me fuck me hard."

I started to pump my cock into her slamming against her cheeks with my pelvis, Sylvia reached behind her and slipped her middle finger into her own ass.

"I'm coming fuuuuck yes yes yes ahhhhh"

Sylvia spasmed as her orgasm exploded spraying her juices all over me and the bed, again and again she squirted on my cock sending me over the edge, I shot my load deep inside her and I don't think I've ever cum quite so much before, as we slowly came down from our climax Sylvia removed her finger from her ass and collapsed forward onto the bed my cock softening and plopping out of her pussy she lay there with cum running from her pussy further soaking the bed.

"I think we will need to change these sheets" she laughed "that was wonderful the best birthday present ever."

At lunch time we wondered over to the pub to the right for lunch and a few drinks when we had finished eating Sylvia asked if I wanted another drink I looked at my watch and saying I'd love to but we don't have time we have to be back at the cottage by 2.30 as we have a visitor coming. Sylvia looked at me quizzically and asked who was coming?

"Now that would spoil the surprise let's just say I've arranged a special treat for your birthday as I didn't really get you a gift."

"Well I'm intrigued now but you didn't need to get me anything this holiday has been more than enough besides the fucking you gave me this morning was all I needed" she obviously didn't mean for others to hear that but the couple sitting at the next table sniggered and gave us a knowing look.

"Sorry about that I didn't mean to say that quite so loud I'm all embarrassed now."

The woman looked at Sylvia saying there was no need to apologise and lucky you, with that we got up and left giggling like busted school kids all the way back to the cottage.

At 2.35 there was a knock on the door, "That will be your surprise I'll go and get the door."

Sylvia sat at the kitchen table wondering just who or what the surprise might be, I walked into the kitchen and introduced my wife to Mandy.

"Mandy will be your therapist today she is here to give you some special treatments." 

Mandy was late 20's full figured buxom blond with pretty face and sweet smile, she was wearing a nurses type white coat and had her hair up in a bun she carried a case with her and I had helped her in with a portable massage table for her to use. 

"Hi hubby tells me it's your birthday and has booked me to pamper you I do several types of massage, pedicures, manicures, hair styling, hair removal and make up just let me know what you fancy and I'll aim to please, as your my last client today we have as long as you want and your hubby has paid me up front for the full works so I'm all yours, where would you like me to set up my table?" "

"I guess in the bedroom if that's ok for you?"

"well i didn't expect this so don't know what to have, wha do you suggest?"

"Most of my clients start with a manicure and pedicure then move onto a massage but it's totally up to you."

"That sounds wonderful let's set up and get started, thank you Scott what a lovely gift."

I carried the table through to the bedroom and helped Mandy set it up she opened her case to reveal trays laden with oils, creams and make up. Ok Sylvia if you would like to sit in the chair I'll start with you feet and hands we can discuss different massages while I work."

"Can I have a glass of wine while you work and would you like one Mandy?"

" that would be lovely white if you have it thanks" 

Sylvia settled into the chair and I headed to the kitchen to get the girls a drink.

After about an hour Mandy had completed her pedi and manicure and Sylvia was feeling great a few glasses of wine had helped her relax and the girls were getting on great.

"So what type of massage do you fancy hot stone, deep tissue, sensual?" 

Mandy smiled as she said the last one looking longingly at Sylvia's body wrapped in her robe. 

"Sensual sounds nice but before the massage you said you do hair removal do you do waxing you know down stairs I know hubby would like me to be smooth in that department."

"You mean a Hollywood yes I can do that for you I'll heat up the wax it will only take a few minutes to heat up, if you'd like to hop up onto the table and make yourself comfortable"

Sylvia got on the table and Mandy raised the back up slightly and slotted some stirrups into the table sides. 

"Pop your legs in to the stirrups and relax, have you every been waxed down below before as it will sting a little but it's worth it I do mine about every 6 weeks and I'm used to it now." 

Mandy set to work waxing Sylvia's pussy and ass it didn't take long before Sylvia was looking into the mirror admiring her smooth pussy.

"That looks and feels great maybe I should of done this ages ago, I hope Scott likes it"

"Shall I call Scott in or would you like it to be a surprise?"

"I'll lay on my front for the massage he can come in to watch if he wants and when I turn over it will be a surprise for him."

Mandy came to get me from the garden i was naked getting some sun while reading my book as Mandy approached I covered up with a towel.

"You don't have to cover up on my behalf I've visited this cottage for numerous clients as your aware my contact details are on the website, Sylvia asked if you would like to come and watch the massage and maybe have one yourself afterwards, she chosen the sensual massage and trust me I won't disappoint!"

I followed Mandy into the bedroom still wearing my towel. Sylvia lay on her front almost dozing of when Mandy and I walked into the bedroom, she looked very relaxed laying on the table with the sun shining in through the window highlighting her now all over tan.

"So how sensual do you want this to be Sylvia would you like me to go topless or remain clothed?"

"Well I'm naked so if your happy being topless with my hubby in the room then go for it I'm sure scott won't mind" 

Mandy walked to the head of the table and slowly began to unbutton her white coat moving seductive as if she were a stripper slowly revealing her sexy body, although slightly on the chubby side she certainly knew how to be sexy as she undid her bra letting her huge tits fall out i.n front of Sylvia's face.

"Mmmm........I think I'm going to enjoy this, you have great tits Mandy I bet Scott is hard already!"

Mandy looked over at Me and I was already rubbing my hardening cock under my towel.

"You can lose the towel if you want Scott I won't be embarrassed as I said I've been here many times before and seen it all before, in fact if you don't mind I'll get naked with you both if that's ok?"

Fine with me I thought starring at Mandy's huge tits, Mandy turned her back on Sylvia bent forward and slowly pulled down her knickers wiggling her ass as she did so, I threw my towel on the floor and continued to stroke my cock.

Mandy poured some oil on to Sylvia's back and began a slow sensual massage her hands exploring Sylvia's body, Mandy's hands reached down Sylvia's sides and gently caressed the side of her boobs, reaching for more oil Mandy looked at me.

"Looks like hubby is enjoying himself." 

I realised I was still stroking my dick, Mandy rubbed the oil onto Sylvia's legs slowly working her way up to her ass and began needing her buttocks her hands sliding between her cheeks, Sylvia parted her legs and lifted her hips to allow Her better access, Mandy needed no second invitation her hand now rubbing her outer lips and her rosebud.

"You can you turn over for me please now babe" 

Sylvia tuned to lay on her back exposing her newly waxed pussy to me for the first time.

"Wow have had your pussy shaved that looks so sexy"

Mandy smiled at my reaction.

"Actually it's been waxed I can do you as well if you'd like Scott?"

The girls both burst out laughing Mandy put her hands on her tits to stop them jiggling while she laughed and then massaged oil into them seductively which I'm sure was for my benefit her nipples were stiff and I could tell she was enjoying herself as much as Sylvia and I were. Mandy returned to massaging Sylvia she began to gently massage her breasts.

"You have great tits Sylvia much more manageable than my huge melons."

Mandy circled each nipple with her fingers eliciting a moan of pleasure from Sylvia, working slowly down her stomach Mandy reached Sylvia's mons and slid her hands down either side of her pussy Sylvia parted her legs giving me a great view of her freshly waxed cunt.

Mandy began to slide her finger up and down her slit which unfolded like a flower begging to be touched and began circling her clit with her finger.

"Ahhh........that's soooooo nice you will make me cum if you do that much longer I'm feeling so horny right now."

"That's the plan darling let yourself go."

With that Sylvia began to buck her hips wildly as she began to orgasm Mandy relentlessly rubbing her clit, Sylvia opened her mouth as if to scream but nothing came out her eyes rolled back into her head and her whole body spasmed and shook her legs clamping Mandy's hand tightly between her legs, slowly as the spasms slowed small shudders took over until Sylvia lay there panting.

"Fuck me that was incredible thank you so much Mandy."

"My pleasure, I told you I was good, so am I doing you next mister?"

"Oh Scott you have to let this girl work her magic on you I promise you won't regret it."

Sylvia climbed off the table her legs still shaky from her orgasm she sat in the chair next to me a huge contented smile on her lips her legs parted almost as if to sensitive to close I leant over and kissed her deeply.

"Only if your sure honey?"

"Go for it, Mandy would you mind if I filmed you giving my husband a happy ending? you can trust us that it won't end up on the internet or shared with anyone else."

"Only if I can get a copy" she reply with a wink.

I got up onto the table and lay on my back my stiff cock sticking up in the air.

"Come down the table a bit so your legs are dangling at the knees I have something special in mind for you."

I shuffled down the table a bit and made myself comfortable Mandy stood at the foot af the table between my legs and poured oil into her hands she gently started to massage my pubic area.

"Mmmm this would be better without the hair would you like me to remove it first?"

"What do you think Sylvia would you like a bald husband?"

"Mine feels so nice I think you should get it removed if you don't like it it will always grow back, go for it Mandy it will be fun watching him squirm for a bit" 

The girls laughed and Mandy started to prepared the wax. I've never been waxed before so this was a new experience for me, first Mandy trimmed my pubes with scissors trimming it all down before applying the first wax, it felt warm and strangely nice that was until Mandy whipped it off.

"Ouch.. wow that hurt, now I know what it's like for you women."

"Don't be such a baby it won't take long and I'm looking forward to seeing my hubby bare."

Mandy just carried on ignoring my pain.

"I'll do your sack and crack while I'm here, best to do it all at once."

After a while I got used to it and it wasn't too bad, Mandy stretched the skin on my sack and applied more wax, when she finished my sack I had to kneel on the table so she could do my crack and this I found strangely erotic and not painful at all.

"All done that wasn't so bad now was it, shall we get back to where we were?"

I returned to laying on my back on the table with Mandy standing between my parted legs.

"Oh that feels so much better"

My cock twitched as she rubbed oil into my now bald pubic area, Mandy certainly had magic hands massaging oil into my sack and down my Perineum to my ass my cock standing rigid finally she placed her hand around my shaft and very gently stroked oil into my cock teasing the helmet with her fingers, Sylvia continued filming with a big smile on her face. 

Mandy suddenly stopped reached for the oil and poured some between her huge tits she lent forward and placed my cock between her breasts and slowly started to tit fuck me the head of my cock just visible on the down stroke

"Fuck that's so hot I'm glad your recording this Sylvia."

It felt awesome and as Mandy tit fuck me she looked so sexy and obviously enjoyed doing it her nipples were standing out maybe 3/4".

"Cum on my tits big boy cum for Mandy, your cock feels so nice fucking my tits."

That was enough I couldn't hold back any longer my first rope of spunk shot out just as my cock poked out of the top of her tits splashing her under the chin and running down her neck, I shot the next stream in between her tits as she released me from between her breasts and pumped my dick with her hand I lost count of how many times I shot but when I finally finished her tits and face were covered.

"Oh my fucking god that was fucking awesome, sorry about the mess."

'Don't worry I've got that covered."

Sylvia stepped in and started to lick my cum off Mandy's tits neck and face.

"I think we need to return the favour what do you think Scott?"

"Definitely Mandy would you like that?"

"I haven't been fucked for ages I'd love to feel that big cock in me if Sylvia doesn't mind?"

"I'd love to watch you two fuck as long as I can film it."

"I hoped you would it'll give me something to masturbate over later" we all laughed at Mandy's openness.

I was still laying on the table when Mandy climbed up and squatted over my cock she lowered herself down and began riding my dick like it was the last dick on the planet her huge tits dangling in my face, I sucked her nipple into my mouth and she moaned with pleasure. Mandy didn't last long as she pounded herself on my cock and came hard her juices running down my cock until she collapsed onto my chest.

"I needed that it's been a while, could I ask you another favour? Would you fuck my ass if Sylvia is ok with it."

Now I've never fucked a girl in the ass before but had always fancied giving it a go but Sylvia had always refused.

"Now's your chance Scott you can finally get to try anal"

Mandy climbed back onto the table facing me she applied some lube to my dick and her ass then slowly lowered her ass onto my cock, fuck her ass was tight but watching my cock slide in to her butt with her gaping pussy staring at me was so hot, I couldn't believe she could take my full length in her ass but she seemed to have no trouble, Sylvia reached forward and inserted a finger in her pussy and rubbed her clit with her thumb.

"Oh fuck that's good use more fingers make me feel full" 

She slipped another finger in then a 3rd "MORE" she begged and Sylvia slipped a 4th finger in.

"Fuck anymore and I'll be fisting you!!"

"Please do it I've never been fisted before please fuck me with your hand." 

Sylvia pulled out her fingers and lubed up her whole hand making an open fist she slowly pushed into Mandy's pussy until up to the knuckles a final push and her whole hand entered.

'Ahhhhhh" screamed Mandy.

"Sorry did I hurt you?" 

"No it feels wonderful, go deeper fuck me with your fist!"

Sylvia pushed her hand in up to her wrist.

"That's far enough now fuck me pump your fist in me ahhhhhhhh" 

Mandy was grinding down on me my cock deep in her ass as Sylvia pumped her fist into her pussy, Mandy her head thrown back was screaming fuck me fuck me fuck me and I couldn't hold on any longer and shot my load deep in her ass.

"I'm coming oh my god fuuuuck..........."

Mandy came violently her juices covering Sylvia's hand and wrist I thought she was going to pass out she came so hard.

As she came down Sylvia slowly pulled out her fist stretching Mandy wide as her knuckles passed her entrance.

"Well that's a first for me, I've never fisted a girl before."

"And me I've never fucked a girls ass before."

"And me I've never been fisted though I have been fucked in the ass before."

Mandy slipped my dick out of her ass and climbed off the table my spunk running from her gapping ass.

"Can I use your shower please I feel a mess? I know where it is."

I looked at Sylvia "happy birthday honey I love you so much."

"Thank you for the best birthday ever and I love you too."

While Mandy and then Sylvia showered I copied the footage to a spare SD card to give to Mandy I was so looking forward to watching it back later. Mandy returned showered and dressed.

"Thank you for a wonderful time if your ever this way again look me up there will be no charge next time."

I gave Mandy a kiss and the SD card and we thanked her for making Sylvia's birthday so special, I helped her load her car up and waved her off as she left.

It was our last day in the naked cottage.

"I'm going to miss this place I'm not looking forward to returning to our normal lives."

"Why should our lives be just normal? I think from now on we should have more holidays like this and maybe even try a lifestyle resort next."

"Sylvia I love you more each day, now get in that hot tub we have plenty of time before we have to leave."
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