One day at work

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She was a new employee and I found out she wasn’t happy at home. I began to plot how I would get her into bed. banner1

I am a happily married 52 year old man. I have been married for 25 years and have 3 children. While I don't lack anything at home, the sex has become routine. The "extras" in the bedroom have become few and far in between. I love the taste of pussy and my favorite part of sex is oral. Unfortunately my wife doesn't feel the same. She will receive, but doesn't like to give like she used to. However, I never thought I would ever have an affair. 

i stay in good shape because of my job. I am 6'0" and I weight 190 lbs. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I work out Monday - Friday before work to stay up with the younger guys. I also run on days that I have time. I am of average size and girth and have an above average sex drive. 

My office is split between the front office and the warehouse. My office is up front while the others are in the warehouse. The women who work in the field are in the back corner next to the cleaning supplies. i have to walk through thei  area to get to the parking lot where my truck is located. I often hear comments as I walk through, but I was never interested in any of the women, until Kerry was hired. 

Kerry is a 46 yr old women who is very attractive. She has greenish/hazel eyes with blonde hair. She is around 4'11" and weighs around 110lbs. She has a small waist and large breasts. When she smiles I noticed she was missing some teeth. I knew it was because of a previous drug problem since I overheard the ladies talking. That didn't bother me because she was hot. 

I found myself finding reasons to walk back to their area to see her. I would imagine scenarios in which I could be alone with her. I couldnt stop thinking about her and when I made love to my wife, I would close my eyes and fantasize about her. 

One day I was planning out the schedule when Kerry walked into our office. She said she needed to get to a job about 45 minutes away but didn't have a vehicle. I told her I could drop her off on my way to a job. She said thanks and turned to walk away. Her ass was tight and I couldn't help but look. As she opened the door to walk away, she turned around and caught me looking at her. She smiled and continued walking. I felt embarrassed. 

I gathered up my supplies and walked to my truck, stopping to tell Kerry we were leaving. She grabbed some supplies and we were off. We made small talk as we drove to the turnpike. It was a short drive so I thought I would ask some leading questions. The usual questions of why she was working here, was she married, any kids, etc. She asked me if I was married and I said yes. She asked if I was happy in my marriage. I thought this was my chance So I said I was in love but the lust was gone. She asked what that meant and I said 25 years of marriage can become stale if both partners aren't willing to try. I waited to see if she would bite and she did. "What do you miss the most?" I said that I shouldn't  talk about sex with a new employee of the opposite sex as that could get me into trouble. I wanted to see if she would press the subject. She did. "You can tell me, it will be our secret." 

I acted shy, even though I had thought of this moment for weeks, and said it was embarrassing for me to talk like this. She said to just say it. I said " I love to go down on my wife. I don't even need sex. I just love the taste of a women, especially when she cums." I waited for a response. Did I go to far? 

She said that she wished her boyfriend loved oral sex like I did. She said he didn't even like to receive it much less give it. I looked over and saw her staring at my crotch. She looked up and saw that I had noticed her. She turned towards her window and I knew she was getting turned on. I thought I would turn up the heat. 

I said that there is nothing like having my tongue inside a woman when she cums. I live the heat of her pussy when her cum drips on my face. Kerry just kept looking out the window but I noticed her shift her position. I asked her why more men didn't like to eat pussy. I then asked her why women don't like to give head. She turned and said she lives to give head and loved the taste of cum. I acted like I was shocked and said that I had never cum in a woman's mouth before. She looked and said really? I said that I thought that was normal and only in movies. She said that most women do, and I lied and said I had only been with my wife.  I then said how I wish I had had a chance to be with a sexy women like her before I was married. I said I guess I will never know and turned away. I was hoping for what would come next...Kerry said find a place to pull over and I will show you. 

I exited the turnpike and found a road leading to nowhere. We parked outside a gate to a ranch and I turned off truck. I moved the bench seat back and pulled her to me. Our tongues met and I pulled her into me. She had in a button down work shirt and I began to unbutton it. I lifted her bra over her DD's and sucked a nipple into my mouth. She reached behind her and I did her bra. I sucked on both nipples as she removed her shirt. She then pulled away and said I think he needs a kiss. I was only semi hard as I was wearing jeans and didn't have much room to grow hard. She unzipped me and swallowed all of my penis. She sucked and twirled her tongue and I was hard in no time. She took all 7 inches of me into her mouth and was slurping as she sucked me. I told her it felt so good but I really wanted to fuck her. She lifted her head and said not this time as she needed to taste my cum. She went back down on me and sucked like I had never felt anyone do before. She went down and bottomed out and began to stoke my cock with her tongue. She then began to bob up and down while sucking with more force. I could feel my balls tighten as my penis began to swell. I told her i was going to cum and she bottomed out on my shaft. She sucked until I filled her mouth with my cum. She swallowed every drop and licked me clean. She lifted her head and thanked me for helping her out. She said she has missed pleasuring a man and needed a cock in her mouth. I told her anytime. She said next time she wanted my cum in her pussy. i told her we would find a time and place. She smiled. 

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