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One day my girlfriend and I was on vacation in Barbados.  She was very excited to go on vacation when it was just us two.My girlfriend was a bbw with big tits flat stomach… banner2 One day my girlfriend and I was on vacation 
in Barbados.  She was very excited to go on vacation when it was just us two.My girlfriend was a bbw with big tits flat stomach , and a flat stomach. She told me on the plane, when we get on the beach to wear nothing but speedos and thongs. I  instantly thought she was crazy and I told her I don't have any of those.  She  just said " We  will have to go shopping, when we get on the island. I said OK. When we land, we immediately went shopping,  and I picked out three speedos and 2 thongs. The speedos were red, orange and a see green. The thongs were both white. When we got on the beach,  I was reluctant to take off my trunks, my girlfriend took them off for me and toss them in the trash, and I was wearing the white thong... we started walking down the beach, and she started noticing all these women looking at my bulge. She was getting really jealous if all the women looking at me. She instantly left me on the beach by myself without saying a word. I tried to stopping her but she said I am going to the room by yourself.  I went to the room and I saw with the bellhop having sex. I got mad ,and left to the beach. I was walking on the beach when I notice three girls playing volleyball and they ask if I wanna to play.i said sure.  Every once a while, my Dick would come out,  the women would laugh . We won two games, then my teammate invited me to go to another beach where clothing was optional. I was down, especially since curvy and have long thick legs. We got to the beach and she instantly took off her bathing suit and I was nervous about it.  I gave in when I saw her BIG tits. My Dick got hard, and I didn't know what to do with it.  She said be proud of it.  We walked down a little bit,  where we saw a spot to sit. Then I look back saw a couple having sex. She told me I want to have sex right now, and I didn't know where to do, so I decided let's go to the ocean and we did it in there and back on the shore.


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