Swaziland Gangbang Part One

victorsev - November 01, 2016 | 45320 Views
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On a weekend away in the highlands of Swaziland my young wife gets gangbanged by three young black Swazis. I watch and take pictures

Cuckold - The Dark Knight

xkellesbellesx - March 27, 2016 | 102372 Views
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He lifted with me with ease and placed me on the bed on my knees, shuffling off my dress in the process, ackowledging me as a dirty slut when he noticed my lack of underwear. He leaned back as if to admire the busty curvy figure that kneeled in front of him still wearing heels. He began to undo his belt and I pulled myself forward wrapping my legs around him as he stood at the edge of the bed. I helped him undo his belt as he removed his shirt and I ran my hand over his bulging crotch. There was something in there begging to be let out.
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