More than a walk in the park

Fredie   April 17, 2016   | 61430 Views
I was 48 living alone and it was summer,all the women in there light summer attire and I loved to watch them as I was now.I came to the park often as I liked people watching and had a few nice places in it I could watch them,I liked it when there were young courting couples about as they had very few inabitions and I sometimes had some sexy glimpses from them rings I was near the lake today as it had less people about, the gardens had too many oldies in it. 

I had settled on the grass below a grass bank, I knew several couples used to make out on it. It was over half an hour before a pair came along hand in hand, he was about 18/19 and quite good looking she was a little thing and wore a mini and t shirt which showed her small figure of to perfection.

 Her hair was long light brown and she had very little makeup on,her blue eyes shone as she looked at her feller walking with her. 

They sat together on the slope watching the ducks and kissing every now and then,just short kisses not the deep mature kisses that they will come to enjoy as they get older, when she had her knees up I could see her thighs and knickers. 

Such nice legs which were being stroked,at first below the knee but it was plain to see he would be going further up if she would let him.I hoped she would as I was starting to get aroused and was enjoying watching them together,with each feel he made I thought how it would feel if it was me doing it with her.

    His hand moved from her legs up her slim body until he was feeling her small tits, she never tried to move his hand away so must have liked him playing with them It wasn't until he undid a few buttons of her blouse that I could see she had no bra holding them.

 He was soon on them both kissing and feeling them as though he was never going to get the chance again. I had moved onto my stomach partly to hide my hard on and also to get a better view up her skirt,I kept getting a glance of her tits just a pity I couldn't tell if the nipples where stood up.

   His right hand moved back to her legs and was feeling her mound through her knickers,she was moving her bum around and I was unsure as to it being pleasure or to stop him going further. I could see that his hand had breached her knickers and must have been on her mound stroking it.

 He got on his knees and with both hands one either side he lowered her knickers and she worked them down till she had them completely off,her mound was covered with hair more than I expected from such a young lass but he soon blocked my view with his hand feeling and poking working her to a frenzy, not only her I might add as my hard on was letting me know.

  They were totally oblivious to me and were only interested in themselves which allowed me to view the sights and delights both of her young flesh and the stiff rod she had managed to extract from his pants, she held it like it would break and as she moved along it I could see him cum shooting his load making her screech

He wiped himself clean as best he could with a tissue he had and then all too soon things came to an end with them adjusting their clothes and walking away once more hand in hand like nothing had happened.

   I arrived home and switched on my computer, I undressed while it warmed up and then sat down with my iPhone and USB lead, I downloaded the days viewings one of a man playing with himself, two of young couples and the best of all the hundred or so of the last couple. 

I had some nice ones of her open lips and half naked tits pity he didn't go all the way but I was thrilled with the shots I had. I logged them under park in a folder marked with today's date putting my pictures to auto play,as I watched them my cock got harder and my hand quicker shooting my load long before I had seen them all..      
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