Naughty at Saba U. 6

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When fox decided the next day to demonstrate his lecture using his tounge. I didn’t know how intense the pleasure was going to feel……until he started Lesbian

When fox decided the next day to demonstrate his lecture using his tounge. I didn’t know how intense the pleasure was going to feel……until he started.   He started tracing the incisions on my body with his toung and would be kissing me.   I told him to give the best of his loving.   When he started to go between my Legs he asked me if i was ready to make love passionately.
i said yes, kissing him deeply.  
as he was thrusting into me, we looked into each others eyes as we Kissed.  As he was going, thrustping into me deeper and deeper I want to ride him, slowly and passionately.  I rolled on top of him.
"kimmy, wow!"
"let me fox."
i made love to riding his fleshy needle until he cam in me after that we just made out.   his kisses were deep and passionate.    That was when he told me that he wanted to marry me.
"marry me?"
"yes kimmy, for You to be my co worker and to bear as many children then you can for us."
"I do fox."
this was going to be our second date.  And we were falling hard for eachother.    I loved the fact that he would become hard every time he layed eyes on, and just smile.  I wanted to go every one of his lectures, just to get away from my sister and think about him.    When he decided to formally propose to during one of lecture.  I got and accepted the ring.
i was crying with joy when I got out the lecture hall.   We parted ways and then Julie started to confornt me. 
"just way to you leave me alone......again."
"You don't get it, I am finally in love real love." I said.  "You can find some else to both because you can't even ruin this for me."
"I fantasize about all the time."
"ain't happening julie"
that was the last I heard of her.   Most of the time she spent most of the time in the morgue with some of the social rejects, on campus.   She never attended lecture or anything.
soon I was too happy to care about Julie.   When I went to find her at the morgue she was having have sex with a guy that looked like Jeff the killer,you know the creepasta character.   They looked like they were having fun.   So I didn't bother them.
she was content and finally getting something she wanted.   and as for me I was getting what I wanted out of life, genuine love.  

that night when I was being on the beach with fox he was intrigued that julie had a boyfriend just as creepy as her.   He want to find a special place where we could make love.  It was the middle of the night, and he tried to find a place were we can make love passionatel.   The operating theatre was not an opinion
so we made love in the x - ray room. Where we knew we couldn't be bothered.  He was gently pinning down as he had his way with.   I just moan his name.
"make love to me" I moaned.
as he did I wanted to more until I fell asleep then he carried me to the dorm.  Where I slept. 

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