The Act

ToungueTied   September 10, 2018   | 13787 Views
By now I am salivating for you from both sets of lips. banner1

The living room couch had never looked so enticing, so we started off the classic way, finding your lips with mine, running my thumb over your juicy, plump, delicious lips, then feeling them press against mine. Your toungue rolling over, around and over mine, intense and hard like you want me and I need you. 
All the while I run my hands over your shoulders, one hand then makes its way under your thin white cotton t-shirt to your chest and I press my palm against it. I feel its firmness and your perfect smooth skin. My hand then trails its way down your abs and finds your package to which I give a quick teasing cup and then make my way back up and put my figers through your hair and again pull you in for another deep kiss. You then proceed to playfully and lightly kiss me and lick my toungue and lips and move your way down to my neck. 

It starts to get hot, so I ask you to take off your shirt and you also take mine off. You don't waste time and your mouth finds my breasts, sucking and licking my nipples so expertly as you do and finally wet your thumb and gently flick them making them instantly hard and wanting you even more. 

You come back up and find my lips again with yours and I press my body against yours, skin to skin, chest to chest, feeling you as close as I can get while we passionately kiss. 

Now my hands want to feel more of you. While my left continues to feel your northern regions, my right migrates south looking to find your manhood. I caress it from the outside of your pants, rubbing it, trying to feel its length but this is brief as I soon after begin to remove your belt, then pants. My lips then swifly and surely direct their direction downward from your lips, planting light kisses and licks down your chest, your belly, past your ever so perfect and inticing treasure trail down to your underwear. I can see it through the fabric and put my mouth over it through the fabric exhaling warm air and going a little back and forth along your length teasing you through your underwear. I also caress you you with my hand allowing myself to get even hungrier for your cock. 

I then procees to grip the band of your underwear with my teeth and pull it down, exposing your beautiful delicious cock. By now I am salivating for you from both sets of lips and I start by just putting the head in my mouth for a quick taste, then again a little more of a bigger taste and again this time putting as much as I can fit in my mouth and wiggle my head side to side feeling you hit the back of my throat, filling my mouth, tasting you, feeling your perfect texture and every ridge. 

I then press my lips along your length and slide down from the top to the bottom of the shaft. By now you have given me approving sounds which I love to hear and completely turn me on and only make me want to please you more. I go up and down a couple of times then re-direct my attention to your balls. Putting one in my mouth, then the other while stroking your shaft with my hand. I go back to putting your cock in my mouth, licking its head and slightly flicking my toungue and then I slowly but intensely suck it, trying to fit you completely in my mouth. I go up and down admiring the softness and suppleness of your skin and the delicious firmness of your dick all at the same time. One might call it a heavenly combination. 

Once you are nice and hard I make my way back up to your lips with kisses along the way, in awe at how absolutely fucking hot you are and partially in disbelief that I have such a fine specimen of a man before me. I find your lips again. I still have your cock in hand and am stroking it firm but gently. 

My panties by now are getting quite wet with anticipation and excitement and I am beyong wanting to have you inside me. I sit down on your lap, a thin little panty as a shield between you and I, and while I kiss you, wanting you, I slowly rock my hips back and forth feeling you, wanting you, teasing us through that thin little piece of cotton. Our kisses are consuming and every breath grows deeper with anticipation. 

Panties come off and now I have my pussy grinding and slipping up and down on your dick. You are not inside yet - I am just playing slip and slide on your cock, teasing myself and you all the while my kisses let you know how my desire has evolved from a want to an urgent need to have you, all of you.

But enough is enough and I grab your cock and put it in my dripping wet pussy, wanting you inside oh so badly. I slowly lower myself on your dick, a little of the way first then up and down again about half way. Your head and the ridges of your shaft filling me. This makes me moan with satisfaction and excitement and I am pleased, so pleased to have you. I go up and down again slowly, each time allowing a little more of you inside me. My hands go on your chest as I lean back slighty, my hips rhythmically rocking back and forth while going up and down on your delicious cock. 

Suddenly we hear a key on the front door. 

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