Took what wasn’t for Taking...

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Ella Ross has been a tease to Kai’s cock for three years and he’s had enough! Ella asks Kai for help with one her nursing classes. Kai decides to take this opportunity to his advantage. Will Ella comply or completely freak the fuck out? cheating

After three years of being close to the beautiful hot young, Ella Ross and not ever touching, it grew to become too much for under my belt. It had to be dealt with. And soon! But how?

Ella was 22, stood 5’4”, long black curly hair, blue eyes, pouty lips, and 34DD perfect plump titties. Sum it up, she was a fucking goddess and she knew she was.

For three long agonizing years, I’ve watched her everyday walk into my work wearing another one of her taunting, cock twitching outfits. Enough was enough.

“Hey, Kai!” Ella leaned down and her black and white striped top showed her beautiful round breasts. My eyes automatically shot down to her obviously pushed up cleavage. She cleared her throat and her eyes widened.

“Uh, sorry. Hi, Ella.” I could already feel my cock pulsing.

“I was wondering if you were doing anything tonight. I have this big exam coming up soon for nursing school and I need someone to practice on. Would you be willing?” Bingo! My perfect chance to take what I’ve been waiting for.

“Sure. What time sounds good to you?” My eyes kept trailing down to her perfect chest. Each time giving less of a fuck if she catches me.

“Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to leave early today and just follow me home?” As she talked her chest bounced around with each word and it was getting harder to pay attention to what she was saying. Her eyes lit up with excitement and her lips twerked up to a hungry smile. Did she want this too? Oh, it’d be so much easier if she wanted this too.

“Sounds perfect. Just come get me when you’re ready.” She smiled and strutted away. Her perfect ass swaying away from me, leaving a pain in my cock that would soon be eased.

- Ella walked up to me with a perfect smile, “You ready?” Her tits bounced as she came to a stop.

“Lead the way.” We headed out of the building and we split off to our cars.

As I got in my car, I noticed my full standing dick. It had been three months since I’ve got my cock wet and it’s about time to end this spell.

We pulled into Ella’s driveway ten minutes later and I was ready to take what was mine. She unlocked her door and dropped her things on a couch nearby the door. I closed the door behind me and took off my jacket. Ella took off hers as well.

“Would you like something to drink?” I kindly declined and made my way over to her.

As her back was turned toward the sink, I came up behind her and grabbed her waist.

“Um, Kai. What’re you doing?”

“Taking what’s mine.” Her body tensed. “Kai?”

I slid my hand down to her crotch and grabbed her warm pussy through her pants. She breathed restlessly. I started to rub on her pussy with my left hand and grabbed a handful of her tit with my right. “Kai! What the fuck!”

 I kissed her neck and she went weak. “Kai, stop!”

I unbuttoned her pants and slid my fingers through her slick wet pussy.

“Oh, fuck that pussy is just what I imagined it to be.” She moaned loudly. I twirled my fingers around her perfect clit.

“Kai, please. You gotta stop.”

“Do I? Your pussy says otherwise.” I forced her hands onto the counter and she moaned even louder. Sure seemed like she wanted this. I grabbed the hem of her jeans and pulled them to her ankles. Her plump ass was revealed and jiggled with the force.

“Kai, please. I don’t want this. Please?” Alright, it looks like she’s gonna put up a fight. I bent down and grabbed her ass cheek and slid my tongue over her panty line.

“Oh..fuck” she breathed. I pulled her panties down with my teeth and slipped a finger into her pussy as they came down. Another moan escaped her lips. I stood up and took back another handful of her titties. She leaned back onto me and closed her eyes clearly in pleasure.

I smiled at how fucking sexy she was. Her slick pussy felt good between my fingers. I slid my finger in and out of her wet vagina. Her hips began thrashing against each motion. She pushed me off her,

“I told you, I didn’t want this!” My cock twitched at her assertiveness and it only made me want her more. I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. I grabbed my dick with my fist and I could see the lust in her eyes. She licked her lips and her knees went weak.

“Kai, I don’t want to fuck you. Please just stop.” I shook my head and walked back toward her.

“Please, Kai!” I flipped her back over, pushed her face down and brought her leg up on the counter. Her pink pussy was dripping with her juices. I grabbed my dick and ran it up her slit. Ella moaned so loudly I nearly lost my load.

“Kai, stop this. I do not want this.” I smacked her face and I could feel more of her juice flow down to my dick. She won’t be able to resist me much longer. I can feel her about to break. I rubbed my cock on her clit twice more, she moaned with each flick.

“Ella, you want this dick. If you lie, I’m going to be very upset.” She shook her ass on my dick.

“So you want this?” She didn’t reply. Instead she just shook her ass on my dick again.

  After waiting for a minute, I just didnt care anymore. I stuck my dick in her pussy and smacked her ass.

“You like that, little whore?” I rocked my hips harder and she moaned louder.

“Kai!” I smacked her again not wanting to hear her protest anymore.

“Shut up! You’ve teased my cock enough the past three years! Just shut up and take this dick, stupid bitch!”

  Ella’s pussy erupted and my dick became soaked from her cum. Maybe she liked this? Every time I’m rough with her she gets wetter than the sea. She reached to her pink pussy and started to roughly play with it. I slapped her hand away and held her hands down with one hand. With the other, I began to roughly play with her pussy.  

   I fucked her sweet hole like that for ten minutes. I slid my cock out and flipped her around and slipped it back in. Ella’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she bit her lip. I kind of want her to go back to pushing me off. That shit was hot. I bent down and whispered in her ear what I wanted and she smiled from ear to ear.

  “Kai, get the fuck off me!” I slapped one of her titties hard and she gasped. She propped herself up on the counter with her hands and began rocking her hips. Ella slid back and forth on dick and I looked down. Her pink pussy was stretched out over my wet dick. Ella’s pussy began to tighten around my meat and I knew what that meant. I gripped her hips and started to pound her pink pussy.

“Kai! Kai! You’re’re gonna-“ I smacked her titty again and she exploded with cum on my dick. I took a titty in my mouth and swirled my tongue on her nipple beckoning it to become hard. She pulled and tugged on her other tit and I smacked her hand again.

I slapped her tit and grabbed it forcefully leaving a clear red print of my hand. My dick was throbbing and I could feel my load making its way out. I pumped into her pussy a couple more times and then slid out my cock. My load was very big and I let it out on her stomach.

“Next time your a tease to my cock, I’ll be harder.” She smiled at that.

“That just gives me more motive to get that pink cock inside me again.” She slid her finger in my cum and licked her finger. Damn this bitch was a slut. I got dressed and was about to head out.

“Kai?” Ella’s voice was soft and tired.


“What’re you doing later tonight?”

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