When a Young Boys Dream Cums True (Part 1)

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My heart pounded. Thudding and booming from inside me. It certainly felt wrong yet at the same time, natural. It was definitely one of the more controversial situations I had been in. After all, he wasn't even 17 yet but by law he could be married with children if he wanted. But he wasn't. He was sat in front of his crush. His 27 years old naked, hot! banner2
Now what you have to understand is I live in the flat next door and for the past couple of years had a boyfriend who regularly stayed over. Adam lived next door with his 3 younger brothers, sister and parents and there really wasn't enough room for them all. I could hear the screaming and arguments almost daily as you would expect with busy households like that. I was even privvy to one or two when I was invited over for a chat and some wine with Adam's mother. I knew from the outset he had a crush, as young boys do when they are teenagers, and he always found ways to join us in the dining room. I would take the opportunity to embarrass him a little when I could, mostly due to the alcohol and partially cause I found it cute when he went all red faced.I asked about girls and what he knew about sex and he got so shy so quickly.

After one particularly crazy night, I suggested Adam go across to my flat and watch some dvds until everyone else had calmed down. This turned out to be a regular occurance as I thought he would appreciate some peace and quiet especially during the summer holidays while I went to work. I had spare keys left with his mum anyway and said he could go over and play with the playstation or watch tv etc any time he wanted.

One night, I came home from work and he was on the couch. I told him I was just getting changed and going out with my boyfriend Dave so he could stay as long as he liked. Dave and I had an interesting sexual relationship.  He was turned on by me interacting with other guys and he suggested as a dare to walk into the living room without my dress on to see what reaction I would get. He said it turned him on and Adam would love it and probably wank himself to death for the rest of his life. It felt so wrong and I resisted at first, but a horny boyfriend meant such hot and steamy sex thatnight so I gave it a go. I slipped on my heels and walked carefully into the living room trying not to make eye contact as I pretended to search for a dress I knew was in my wardrobe. I had a gorgeous, scarlet coloured lace bra on and matching french knickers with black stockings on. Dave watched from the doorway as I paraded my half naked body in front of Adam who he says could not take his eyes off me. He was embarrassed to be looking but couldnt resist the temptation, Dave said, analysing the situation. I grabbed a random top and awkwardly stated 'got it now' offering a forced flirtatious smile in Adams direction after feeling his eyes all over me.  I returned a moment later to say 'bye' now wearing the dress from my room which did not help the situation as it done nothing to hide my very large 34J breasts. 'He'll make such a mess and raid ur underwear drawer once we are in a taxi babe, u know that right?' Dave said giggling away finding it all so hilarious.

Over the course of the next year or so, I would notice little things out of place. My underwear drawer did look like someone had been in it but it could have been me in the mornings still half asleep. The dirty washing basket had a bra at the top of the pile when it had been in there for days and I always remembered what Dave said and wondered if it could be true. One night I got out of my car after work, winterish weather, very cold and dark for 6pm and I did not ackowledge them at the time but I clearly heard a boy ask 'Is that your neighbour with the massive tits?' I was momentarily stunned until I heard Adam's voice say 'yeah 34J. So huge mate!' and I knew right there that he had definitely been nosying around my personal space when I was out. How could he possibly know my bra size without looking?! He could have found all sorts of things if he had looked hard enough and I was a little upset at the fact he abused my trust but also a little flattered that he had a crush on me.

On occasion he had seen me in various short or low cut outfits, particularly at hallowe'en when I dressed as a slutty disney princess - Snow White. I'm pretty sure he heard me that night through the wall of his bedroom into mine as I was being destroyed by a random guy I met in town. Yes I cheated on my boyfriend. But yes, the random had a huge cock. I only remember screaming with delight at my womb being ripped apart from within. I saw the stares and the look in his eyes and the way he would alter his position to conceal his boner - or so I thought - each time I came home.
Other nights his mum would embarrass him by revealing he didnt stop talking about me and that he fancied me so much - it was so cute. I drunkenly sat on his knee one night and offered to shag him on his 18th birthday if he didn't have a girlfriend by that time. His mum burst out laughing and I ignored the slight pulsing feeling poking into the underside of my thigh while sitting on his lap in my short work skirt.

A couple of weeks before his 17th birthday, I split with my boyfriend and it was bad. I got pissed all the time. Went out a lot and ended up God knows where with God knows who. One Saturday night I came home not quite drunk but slightly influenced and slouched down on the couch next to Adam who was watching The Walking Dead. I remember because I felt like I was looking in the mirror looking at the tv. I felt horrendous and sorry for myself. I kicked off my heels and pulled my knees up to my chest as I sat on the 3-seater couch in a little short red dress and lay my head back. I opened one eye, peering over my knees and caught him looking down between my legs from the corner of his eye. Little did he know, I had just been bent over a car and filled with warm cum from a guy I met on - or maybe he did? I didn't have any underwear on so must have gotten an eyeful that was now imprinted on his memory for all eternity. I sat forward and smiled, saying nothing. I then sat up properly next to him and lay my head on shoulder, briefly reaching up to give him a small kiss on his rosey red cheek. 'I wish all men looked at me like you did, Adam' I said softly, cosying into him. I got no reply except an awkward chuckle. I didn't expect one. I didn't need one. After a few minutes, he summoned the courage to put an arm round me and kissed me gently on the top of my head. How fucking cute!!!! I sat up and smiled again and brought his face to mine and gave him a smooch on the lips. 'You're so adorable' I giggled a little. 'I see the way you look at me, ever since you were about 14.' His face went scarlet in the softly lit ambience of a winters night. 'I also hear you telling your friends about my breasts' I said boldly. This made him awkward and embarrassed and he laughed almost denying it. 'You like them do you?' I asked. His jaw dropped as he shot a glance at my cleavage unsure how to answer with words, choosing to simply nod, terror stricken in his blue eyes.

I didn't realise straight away but I began to run my fingers around my nipples through my dress and they were getting hard. After a short pause I reached around myself and unclipped my bra and pulled it off slowly and tossed it behind the couch. My huge tits sagged down into the dress simultaneously enhancing the amount of cleavage now on show. Even without support they still retained a lovely round curving shape, unwilling to quite yet succumb to the laws of gravity. I maintained eye contact with Adam, nerves overpowering both of us no doubt. When he tried to speak I raised a finger to his lips and proceeded to slide the thin straps of my dress down my arms exposing him to my 34J breasts in their entirety.

Adams eyes widened as white as a full moon. I let him stare for a moment before I grabbed his hand and rested it on my left boob.  He massaged it softly showing his inexperience before slowly lifting the other hand to do the same. I let out a small groan as his thumbs rubbed against my nipples shooting electricity through my body. I noticed the tent in his shorts. He noticed that I had noticed and suddenly let go of my boobs to adjust himself, apologising as he did so. 'No need to say sorry' I laughed. 'I would have been offended if you didn't get hard touching me' I said reaching out to rub his thigh. 'Have you thought about me like this before?' I asked. He hesitated again, almost lying yet again but nodded as if guilty of a serious crime. 'What do you think about me doing?' I asked again probingly. No answer this time. I reached up to my hair to tie a bobble round my hair and into a ponytail, thrusting my chest out towards him. 'Do you picture me naked?' I asked increasing the intensity. 'Do you picture me kissing you?' I said licking my lips.
'Do you think about what guys are doing to me in my bedroom when you are trying to go to sleep at night?' I said really kicking into overdrive. I could tell by his reaction he had thought all of these things so I slid off the couch and kneeled between his legs on the floor looking up at him. I slipped off his shorts and underwear, his young hard virgin penis springing out into view. 'Mmm' I groaned. He twitched constantly unsure what to do in this situation. I lightly grazed his penis with the palm of my hand before standing up.
I shook off my dress and kicked it to the side, now completely naked and kneeling between my 16 yr old neighbours legs. I licked the palm of my hand and grabbed his rock hard cock and began to stroke it gently and efficiently. 'Have you thought about me doing this to you?' I asked but not giving him time to answer as I took him in my mouth. He exhaled almighty breaths as if short on oxygen at this moment. He wasn't very big but had a nice thickness and was cut which made it look so pretty. 'You're cock is so big' I lied, smiling at him devilishly still stroking his hard young manhood a little more firm this time. I sucked hard on the head before holding it back against his body and licking his only slightly hairy balls. 'I'm still gonna fuck you when you're 18' I said in between licks just as his body started shaking, his leg twitching rapidly. He could barely get the words out when he started to cum. Short sharp warm blasts shot out at ferocious speed as I tried to catch it all in my mouth. A little splatter on my cheek and a little stray shot on to my right breast as his whole body convulsed violently. It barely lasted 5 minutes by my estimate. Probably not even 3 but it probably felt like an hour to him.

I stayed on the floor just looking at him, scooping the cum off myself with my finger and licking it off which sent him crazy. 'Am I dreaming?' he said, no knowing what to do now. He had had his cock sucked for the first time ever by an older, naked woman with massive tits. You could say his dream had came true...but not quite yet. 'If you were dreaming, what would you want to happen next?' I asked biting my lip, seducing him all over again with my innocent, slut-ridden eyes. I could see Adams mind racing, desperately searching for the right answer to such a question. I stood up and gestured for him to take my hand. I turned off all the lights as I led him to my bedroom down the hall. Not one more word was uttered as I ushered him into the room and slowly closed the door behind me...

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