The Shrink advice

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David saw a shrink to help him decide his sexual preference, she turned out to be a shemale who fucked him deep and hard banner2 By Dina Petro

Being a good-looking man of mid-twenties, David had so much going on his mind, he got very confused, he finally had decided to see a counselor, a psychiatrist or a shrink as said in English slang dialog.

David wanted to keep this as a personal secret of his own without sharing it with anybody in this world so far, except the shrink of his own choice of course, maybe that is why he did not want to ask any of his friends for a specific shrink recommendation, he decided to look for one through google search. He also had decided a female doctor would maybe more suitable for the problem he wanted to present, it could make it easier for him to explain it to a woman than a man as he predicted.

Dr. Julie Adams was his shrink choice, he read some autobiography about her and her clinic which wasn’t so far from his area, but not exactly in the neighborhood which made it better for him for privacy purposes, he called the mobile number, the doctor personally answered, he booked an appointment at the soonest available time.

At the specified time, he walked into a nice small clinic, it seemed un manned except for the doctor who was alone in the inner room as if waiting for him, she greeted him, introducing herself so did he, he was seated and offered a drink by the shrink.

Dr. Adams was a good-looking middle-aged woman, who looked sexy and a bit curvy with really good, attractive body, dressed in a buttoned-up top with a couple of lose buttons on the top showing most upper parts and a cleavage of what seemed to be a fairly big and attractive pair of tits, the skirt was short and generous rewarding his eyesight with long sexy legs, silky soft skin and a thick pair of thighs joined together at the rear to form a real sexy big round ass.

Dr. Adams sat across form David, crossed legs with a wide smile saying, “welcome to my clinic Mr. Stevens, was I recommended to you by any specific person if I may ask?”

David smiled back saying, “No Dr. Adams, I meant to look up a doctor over the internet for some purposes you will find out later, I hope that is ok with you?”

She said, “Of course it is, and please call me Julie from now on if we want to be friends and open up to each other, assuring you that, everything said or happens in this room stays in this room forever, it is our policy which will never be revealed to anyone no matter what”

He smiled with an assured, comfortable look on his face saying, “I am very happy to hear that Julie, it is exactly what I wanted, and please call me David as well”

Julie, “I will ask you a few routine questions first, only for the record, after that the microphone will be all yours to let me hear whatever is bothering you and I will do my best to make you feel as happy as you could ever be”

She asked a few routine personal questions, writing down the answers, then she said, “David, why don’t you move to the sofa, lay down with your feet up and relax, I know it may sound typical, but it is well known that the way you feel, relaxed and comfortable makes you talk easier and more open, let us try it together please”

David did as he was told, he felt comfortable enough, Julie said. “Now where do you want to start David, let us try the major outline of the problem if there is any?”

David looked her in the eyes, then looked down as if thinking, embarrassed or whatever, she pulled her swivel chair closer, facing him from the feet end, she placed her hand over his legs, rubbing and saying, “David, you have t open up for me, consider me your closest friend at least during sessions, you can forget I am a woman if that comes in the way, consider me anything and any personality you want, would that be possible please?”

David, “yes Julie, I will try, actually it is all about my sexual preference”

Julie, “Sexual preference? I didn’t bother to ask you so far; do you want to tell me what is your sexual preference?

David, “I am totally a straight man…so far!” the so far came after an interruption of speech and in a very low, shy tone of voice.

Julie, “so far? That has a big meaning to me personally, do you want to elaborate a little more please?”

Davis, “As I have said, I am straight, and I think I exaggerate acting and showing it among my friend by acting macho, but am I that straight, in actual fact? I would like to find out with your help”

Julie, “That is going to be much easier than you have ever imagined, provided we both act away from your friends, your society and who ever you know, it is only you and me, agree?”

After David have nodded smiling, Julie bent over rubbing his feet and legs saying, “you can totally forget I am a woman in tackling this problem, can you do that?”
Julie was an obvious flirty woman by the way, with lots of smiles and naughty acts here and there, which made David look her up and down with a wide smile saying, “How could I, and why should I anyway? you are a very hot looking, sexy woman by the way, that doesn’t bother me at all, on the contrary it pleases me one way or another making me feel more comfortable”

Julie started smiling as if checking herself out and saying, “really? Do you find me as a hot, sexy woman?” she almost flashed him her panties under her short skirt while doing and saying that.

He said, “Yes of course you are, I am sure no two men could have an argument about that, do you think or feel otherwise, Julie?”

Julie giggled almost blushing red when she said, “not really, but I guess we will see about that at a later stage!” she kept it as a hint, especially, when she looked him straight in the eyes with an eye wink when saying that as if there is a big, mysterious thing behind that statement of hers, then she continued saying:

“Back to you, what is it you want me to know about the inner feeling of you that makes you think you are faking being straight, please open up for me again David, will you?”

He said, “I am here to open up for you Julie, I promise not to leave any little detail about it, I have had sex with many girls, I am totally experienced at that and happy with it as well, but not totally happy, actually, it all started when I am alone, just like any other man when all alone, fully naked, I feel my body, and I get turned on, I am ready to masturbate, I start rubbing my….” He stopped talking, looked her in the eyes with a naughty semi-shy smile and a little eye wink.

“your cock David” said July seriously, she continued “Honey, we can’t sit here talking about sexuality openly and feel ashamed to name assets by their own real names, I refuse to use the words penis or vagina in such open sessions, do you agree?”

He nodded saying “I totally agree, 100%” then he continued saying, “Jacking my cock and masturbating while closing my eyes, I imagine a pussy, a woman sucking my cock, but it doesn’t help making me as hard as it should”

She said, “Then what is it that makes you much harder when you imagine it, a man’s nude body? Or a hard cock?”

He said, “Yes, and to tell you the truth, I have only had little peeks at men’s cocks while changing at locker rooms, but I have seen lots of them clearly in porn clips”

She said, “Ok, what else makes you hard after imaging a cock, do you do anything?”

He said, “Yes, I rub my tits, pinch my own hard nipples, then I start feeling my hips and my ass cheeks, once I go further wetting my finger and start pushing it into my asshole, I get to the peak of getting rock hard and I cum right away, does that mean I am a gay Julie?”

She looked him straight in the eyes asking, “tell me, would it bother you so much if you were a gay? And remember this is totally between you and me only”

He said, “Not if I was sure I am a gay, but I know I am not, regardless of what I have just told you, it still turns me on to see women’s bodies, nice legs, thick thighs, nice pair of tits would make me hard so fast, can you tell me what does that mean?”

She said, “well, it could mean you are bisexual who likes both worlds same time, men and women, but we will find out after a few experiments, we need to dig deeper and see how far could you go with men, we already know about you and women”

He looked her in the eyes asking, “What do you mean by experiments Julie?”

She smiled saying, “you trust me so far, don’t you?”

He said, “Of course I do, I would not open that much if I didn’t feel I trust you very much”

Julie asked David to stand up and get off the couch, she pushed a couple of buttons and the couch started popping up and rolling till it settled down on the floor wide open as a big double bed, she picked a few pillows from a nearby cabinet and placed them over the bed, she asked David to take his shoes off, loosen his clothes and lay down comfortably on bed.

Once David did all of that, she stood up and started making something like a sexy show for him, bending over flashing her inner thighs, panties, pushed her shirt aside allowing her nipples to show, she had no bra on, which made her look so sexy, Julie laughed loud, then got closer to David, bent over and bluntly placed her hand over his crotch feeling his hard cock over his pants, she laughed saying:

“well, we are both sure that a woman’s body is good enough to turn you on, and make you hard, can you deny that?”

He laughed, feeling his cock making its length outlines clear under his pants saying,
“No, I can never deny that, besides, you are so hot and I have already told you that, I love your hot body Julie”

She thanked him saying, “But, our next step is to see the other important part, we already know you are turned on by imagining man’s body, especially the hard cock, but we need to find out how far and how deep do you like and enjoy that, then we can clearly decide and make our full decision, agree?”

He said, I sure do, but how, we do not have any men around, do we? besides, I don’t think I would be happy by allowing a third person to share this totally private conversation about me”

She smiled saying, “Just trust me and leave it to me, no third person will be allowed in and I would never do anything of that manner unless you clearly approve of it, I am experienced enough to let you feel it and find out, but you may have to do whatever I ask you to do without hesitation, ok?”

He agreed, and she asked him to take all of his clothes off and lay on bed face down, he did without questioning, Julie placed a pillow under his waist, lifting his lower body half up, she started feeling his ass cheeks softly, then started passing her lips and tongue over them, she pushed one hand under him holding his hard cock and started rubbing and massaging it up and down while she was pushing her tongue into his ass hole, rimming his ass ring.

David’s moans were getting louder and louder, he was shaking his ass right and left, spreading for her to do that, she lifted her head up asking, “Do you like that David?”

In between moans he managed to say, “I love it very much, please don’t stop Julie”

She reached on a bedside cabinet, grabbed a tube of liquid lubricant she had prepared earlier, she started applying some lube into his hole, pushing it further down by pushing a finger into his ass, he was taking it willingly with lots of obvious joy.

David was not hiding his pleasure of that action, neither was he trying to hide it, he was clearly moaning, enjoying and saying it loud and clear, she pushed a second finger into his ass, he felt some pain, but he said it vanished so fast, then she pushed a third and was stretching his back hole further and he was very much pleased screaming he was ready to shoot his load.

Julie flipped him over so fast, took his cock into her mouth, started sucking on it, milking it till he shot all of his cum loads into her mouth, she was happily taking it and swallowing it. Even after he stopped shooting in her mouth, she continued sucking till she had sucked him dry clean.

Julie lifted her head up looking him in the eyes, she got closer to kiss him asking, “do you mind? Even if my mouth had some left over from your cum?”

Without hesitation and without a single word, he kissed her on the lips, sucking on her lips and tongue trying to squeeze as much cum as he could out of her mouth, that had pleased her making her feel she was getting closer to what she wanted to do or know.

Julie asked David to lay back down on bed same way, face down saying, “we have finished phase one with full success, now it is time to know further which will be revealed with phase two, are you ready?”

He nodded, she started kissing his thighs and ass cheeks all over again, rimming his asshole, finger and tongue fucking him again, David felt Julie’s hand over his limp cock she whispered in his ear, “Now it is limp and we want to know if we can get it up with my new way, are you ready?”

Davis nodded saying he sure was, no matter what it was, he felt something is being rubbed to his ass hole, it felt a little cold first as it was fully immersed in lubricant, so was his ass hole, she pushed a little trying to stretch his asshole to get it in, he giggled saying, “Now I know it, are you trying to fuck me with a strap on dildo, I don’t mind as long as it is not so big, I don’t want you to hurt me please?”

By then the cockhead popped into his ass, he screamed of some pain, she said, “does it hurt so much David?”

He said, “a little, do you think I can take it?”

She said, “I don’t just think, I know for sure you can, and you will love it, if you took three of my fingers in, then you can take it, just relax all of your muscles and let go will you?”

By then she had pushed it further in his ass and he was taking it inch after another, he screamed a little but she had the cock all the way in his ass, same time, she started feeling his cock moving and getting bigger and bigger, she froze for a moment till his ass adopted to her cock then started pulling it out half way, then back in, the more she was fucking him, the harder his cock was getting, when she started fucking him steady and faster in paste, his dick was rock hard.

Being fully and truly fucked that moment, David placed his hand on his cock over here’s and started feeling his rock-hard dick, when she asked him how hard did it feel to him, his answer came, “I have never ever felt it as hard in my entire life, and I will be honest and tell you I feel so good, it feels like heaven on earth, but this thing you are fucking me with, feels like a true cock, it doesn’t feel like plastic, silicone or rubber at all”

Julie laughed whispering in his ear, “Of course it doesn’t feel like any of those you have described, because it is not one of hem”

He said, “what do you mean Julie?”

She said, “I mean, you are being fucked with a genuine one hundred percent real cock my sweetheart”

David was shocked, but not truly mad or upset, but he somehow felt betrayed, trying to look over his shoulder to find out who was the man working with her and fucking him, he said, “did you lie to me Julie, you told me it will be our secret and no one else would see or know about it, didn’t you?”

She said, “Yes of course I said that and I am sticking to it life time”

He said, “but who the hell is fucking me then?”

By then she felt his cock somehow softening up a little, she said, “David, don’t misunderstand me please, there is no one else her except me and you, it is my own true cock in your ass, I am a shemale, a fully feminine woman with a dick, I hope that doesn’t turn you off or upset you, please tell me?”

She was still holding his cock under him while continued fucking him, as of a sudden, she felt a sudden jump of his cock, buck up again, and it was getting rock hard instantly, she heard David laughing loud and saying, “really? Do you mean that? Oh God, please fuck me Julie, I want it deeper in me and fuck me harder please, I love it so much”

She started fucking him so hard and so deep till he started moaning louder and louder and without any prior notice he was shooting his load in her hand, all over the bed, one load after another, she felt him shooting a gallon of cum, he was screaming loud, shaking and he loved what was happening.

Julie was getting close to cum as well, she screamed, “I am very close David, where do you want me to cum please say it fast?”

He said, “in my ass please, don’t you dare pull it out, she was shooting cum loads into his rear fuck hole one load after another, till her cock softened in his ass and they stayed a few minutes without moving, finally, she got up after her limp cock popped out of his ass, she was shocked by him turning around getting on his knees in front of her, he took her dick in his mouth, started sucking on it milking it taking all the cum into his mouth, then he kissed her on the lips sharing her cum with her.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
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