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My name is John and I would like to tell you about my normally shy wife, Maria, and my one and only cuckolding. It happened on vacation to Key West for the notorious Fantasy Fest. It takes place during Halloween and is an adult oriented festival with a parade like Mardi Gras. Being in a large crowd of people all dressed sexy and drinking will lead to some naughty behavior that one normally does not think about.

Maria and I are 35 years old. We have a couple of kids that are now in junior high. Since the last birth, Maria has been working out and keeping her self in great shape. Her full C cup breasts are beautiful and her waist is slim with a bubble butt. At 5'6" and 125lbs she looks hot as the day I met her. I myself also work out and keep in shape and have decent looks. My cock is a little under average but Maria does love it and even though we have talked about my cock size, she says she is very satisfied with it.

When we arrived on Friday we put our stuff in our hotel and went out to dinner. The party activities had been already going on since the beginning of the week, so everyone was in the party mood. The main event is the parade on Saturday. We saw many people near undressed and many of the women had gotten their bodies painted. Most of the women only did the top part of their bodies and a few had nothing on but paint and shoes. Maria and I were excited to see this display of nudity and talked about if she had the guts to do it. I of course said she could pull it off and I would love to see her do it. We always thought our adventures should included some yolo. Maria said she would think about it.

The next day we were finished with our brunch and walking around watching all the people in their costumes and body paint. Many of them were really creative and some looked like they were wearing tight clothes. I quite enjoyed seeing all the tits, and for those fully painted seeing ass and pussy. We were in our costumes already with Maria dressed as Wonder Woman and me as the original Bat Man suit like Adam West wore on the show. Maria looked hot in her Wonder Woman costume as it clung to her hips and showed off her bubble butt and the top pushed up her tits. As we checked out other people and talked with them in the bars, Maria was being encouraged by me and the other painted ladies to also get painted.

"How about it Maria, you want to get your body painted?" I said

"I'm not sure, its a lot to put oneself on display like that" Maria said

"You are very beautiful, my love, and you are in shape.... Why not... YOLO" I said

"I am thinking about it, its kind of exciting!" Maria said.

"Well no time like the present" I said.

We made some inquiries and found an awesome body paint artist. Maria said she would most likely paint her top, that it was a lot to do a full body. I told her to do what makes her fell comfortable. With that she went into the enclosed booth and I went across the street for a drink and the bar.

After about 45 minutes, I was tapped on the shoulder and turned around to see my wife. As she stood there I looked at her painted breasts, she continued with the Wonder Woman look. Then I looked down and saw that she was totally nude, she had gotten the full body paint job. I was totally turned on looking and my wife's painted pussy lips and that she was showing off her whole body to everyone.

"WOW" is all I could say.

"I need a drink" is all she replied.

We spent the rest of the day drinking in various bars till the parade began. I caught guys getting a quick feel of my wife's ass and tits the whole time were were out. After the parade was over we went to another bar. It was totally crowded like they all were. It was a sports bar with various games on and I noticed that one was playing the Auburn football game. Since we were both alumni, I suggested we catch the rest of the game.

We made our way over to that side of the bar and noticed 5 or 6 guys who had Auburn body pain on and realized they were students on vacation. My wife and I introduced ourselves as alumni of Auburn and asked if they mind if we join them. We were off to one side of the bar and besides the bar seating, there was a couple of tall round tables. Of course the guys did not mind, one of them said she can join us anytime which everyone giggled at. All of them were checking my wife out as they watched the game.

Soon we were having a great time with these college guys, chatting about the football program this year and talking about the college. I got into a conversation with on of the guys named David and my wife was being engaged by most of the others. We were located on the side of the crowed bar, so we were quite isolated in our own area. I looked over at my wife a few times and would see a couple of the guys grabbing a boob or her butt. I did go over to her after a while and asked if she was OK. She said the guys were being nice and asked if I was Ok with her being touched every once in a while. I said that I found it kind of exciting to know that she was so hot that other men thought so too.

I joined in another conversation at the bar with a couple of the guys and lost track of time. Then I heard some excitement behind me where my wife was. When I looked over I saw the guys were gathered around her at the small round table. I looked and noticed she was bent forward on the table and her eyes were closed. I and the two guys I was with moved over to take a closer look.

After muscling my way closer to her, I was able to see a couple of the guys were fondling her tits and another behind her was sliding a couple of fingers in and out of her pussy. His fingers were wet and I new that she was turned on, especially when her sensitive nipples are played with. I stood there stunned as I watched my wife of 15 years was being finger fucked by a stranger.

A few of them looked my why, but I was in a daze as I watched. I took another sip of my beer and continued to watch. I believe my inaction was all the college guys needed to continue. The guys and I formed a tight circle around the table blocking others views.

After a few more minutes of fingering my wife, she arched her back and let out a slight moan and I knew she was cumming on his fingers. He pulled out his fingers and then pulled down his swim suit, releasing his big fat cock. I was in an exited daze as I watched him line up his big cock with my wife's pussy. He slowly started pushing his thick cock into her. Maria started to moan a little more, but the loudness of the bar drowned it out to anyone not at the table.

I watched as he sunk his big this cock all the way into her. Then he started sucking her with long deep strokes. His hands were griping her hips as he would push his big cock all the way in and then slid it all the way out. Maria had a look of total sexual satisfaction on her face as this college guy fucked her. It seemed like forever as if time stood still as I watched the guy fuck her, watched his thick cock slide in and out of Maria's pussy, his cock wet with her pussy juices.

He finally speed up a bit, giving her a good hard fucking and soon he pushed all the way in and twitched as he came inside of her. I watched as he slipped his hard cock out of her and saw her gaping pussy hole. A glob of sperm appeared at her pussy and slid out of it.

Another moved in to take his place, he too had a big cock and slipped it into her well fucked pussy. He took his time at first, relishing in his big cock as it fucked into this hot married pussy. I watched as he too eventually dumped his hot load into her pussy. I was handed a scotch from one of the guys and I thanked him, and he said "no, thanks to you and your hot wife".

One by one I watched each of the 6 college studs fuck my wife and saw the loads of cum the ran out of her pussy and down her legs. A few of the guys went for a second round of fucking my wife. When they were done my wife was given a stiff drink as they all thanked us. My wife with cum running down her legs said lets go.

I took her home where I fucked her myself adding my cum to the others. I then got a warm towel and cleaned up her pussy as she fell asleep. We never really spoke of this night except that did fill our YOLO.

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