My first wife

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She was always ready to fuck. cheating I met my first wife at work. I was manager of a distribution warehouse for a TV manufacturer during athe advent of color TVs in the early 70s. She came to work for me as a 16 year old typist /clerk in the despatch office, she typed the invoices and delivery dockets for all goods leaving the warehouse. We were work acquintances for 2 years, she was attractive, average build, then I was invited to her 18th birthday, it came out of the blue, she was dating a guy so I paid no attention. I was single at the time so I took up the invitation, I met her parents and brother that night, they seemed a good family. I was living at home with my mother, she was a widow, my sister was married by this time and had just had her second baby girl. I had a few drinks, it was hard talking with people I didn,t know and I decided I would leave but she insisted I stay a little longer. At that stage I had an old Ford station wagon, it was cheap, reliable, all I needed. I had fitted out the back with a mattress and curtains as I was in the early stages of becoming a surfer, it had roof racks etc. At the end of the night, I realized I was one of the last too leave, it was only about 11pm but they were a christian family so no loud or rowdy behavior allowed. She walked me to the car, she seemed really friendly, I also realized her boyfriend was also gone. She was fairly forward, she wanted a kiss goodnight before I left, I could not see the harm in that but I wasn,t prepared for the assault on my tonsils with her tongue, That brought an immediate response from my cock, I had an instant erection, it happened often back then. She was keen for us to get in the car, I was July and cold at night so we sat in my wagon. Her hand went straight for my cock, I responded by putting my hand up her dress, she wasn,t wearing panties, very bold move on her part I thought but whatever her desired goal was... I certainly worked. She was quick to get my cock out and stroke me, she seemed to know exactly what she was doing. I have a decent sized cock, whether she was excited by that I don,t know but she didn,t stop stroking me until I cum. I asked her if she wanted to get in the back but she said she had better get back inside, her parents would be worrying, so she got out went inside leaving me with my pants down and a still erect cock. The Monday morning at work, it was like nothing happened, she gave me the cold shoulder, it went on for 2 weeks then she invited me to go with her to a youth group function at her church. I was going to say no, she said it was usually a fun night, so I decided to go. We never made it to the church, she just wanted to go somewhere else, park and makeout. But it went further than that, we were in the back of my wagon 5 minutes after we pulled up, no messing around, no foreplay, she was out of her clothes in no time, she just wanted to fuck. We were there for a few hours, fucking, sucking, licking, she had a great body, nice firm breasts, after all she was just 18, great bush, thick and lush, and ginger. After that we started dating full time, we didn,t tell anyone at work then she was promoted to the top floor of the office as the MDs secretary, a job she held for some years. We got engaged on her 21st, that night we fucked like rabbits, we married in 1981, we fucked all night in the motel before we flew out on our honeymoon. We moved into our new home in 1983, she got pregnant in 1985, we fucked right up until our daughter was born, she was insatiable, she wanted to fuck at every opportunity, then in 1989, our son was born, and it stopped. Like turning off a tap, lost interest, all I got was a quick hand job before she went to sleep. That went on for a few years, I was working long hours, we had bills to pay, she slacked off, did nothing all day until the kids were both at school, then she started to help at the church with pastoral care for the less fortunate. She teamed up with a semi retired lay priest for that task but all they did was go to his place and fuck. Once I found out, the husband is always last to know, I left her with everything, I was so disappointed, I just walked away. She said there was nothing going on, but he moved in with her two weeks later, they got married some two years later. But I had the last laugh, he was 17 years older than her, he died. I didn,t see or hear from her for some time, in fact I remarried in 1999 but that didn,t last either, in 2005 I started dating again, an on/off relationship that lasts to this day. BUT my first wife turned up here a few years ago, she wanted to reconcile our relationship because of our children, who are both adults but all she really wanted to do was fuck. We have fucked on numerous occasions since but not lately, she is having a lesbian relationship with a much younger woman who was her boarder, her friends daughter who is a troubled individual but I have no say in what she does anymore, half her luck !
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