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Captain Jerry

Andrea M Love   August 20, 2018   | 22538 Views
I am Teresa, 35, a PhD clinical psychologist and am married to Rick. This is the story of my exciting, intense affair with Jerry, my former long-time lover. banner2

It was steadily drizzling. The runway was quite wet as the plane accelerated and gently lifted off, in a few minutes becoming silent over the city, hardly visible except for all the lights and reflections. I sat back, closing my eyes, trying to relax after a hectic week of budget meetings and other stressful issues at the clinic.

The city manager and chief financial officer were giving all department heads fits over new fiscal year budgeting and the possibility of cuts. My department had gotten through all of the reviews so far, but there were still several uncertainties to be resolved.

I was director of behavioral sciences for the city, the youngest director ever in our city's history. I got promoted into the job over a year ago at age 34. I had a staff of over 100 managers, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, and other clinicians working for me. I was a PhD psychologist and the only director ever in the job who was not a medical doctor. I was viewed as a "fast tracker". My bachelor's and PhD were with highest honors, and, later, my master's in public health with honors. I was very proud to have PhD and MPH after my name on my office door and business cards.

My performance reviews as a clinical psychologist and group manager exceeded all expectations. I was considered a high-level problem solver and innovator with a creative, but practical vision for the future. I was frequently a featured speaker at professional conferences and seminars. My superiors and most of my friends were not surprised with my meteoric rise. So far, I was able to handle it all!

I was on a one-week vacation to visit my sister, Ginny, and her husband, and attend the baptism of their first child, a daughter named Caroline. I was to be her godmother, and. our brother, her godfather. I had seen many pictures of Caroline, she was adorable. Rick, my husband of over seven years, could not come with me because of two multi-million liability cases scheduled for trial this week. He was one of our region's most successful personal injury attorneys, having won fourteen out of the last fifteen cases he litigated. Last year, he made over seven million dollars. All he does is work and play golf.

Sometimes, due to our demanding work schedules, we can go weeks without doing anything together. We go to bed tired, waking up as though we had not slept. We both love each other and love having sex, but lately Rick has been so busy we haven't had much time for affection. We promised each other we would go away for a weekend and do nothing but make love and renew our affection, but it hasn't happened yet, maybe when I get back. I sure hope so!

Lately, when Rick isn't home, I have found great pleasure in slowly massaging myself with warm lubricant, holding off as long as possible to allow maximum engorgement, then having powerful, deep orgasms. Frequently, these sessions result in a second, longer, sweeter orgasm. At other times, I sip wine in the Jacuzzi and get all warm and lusty, then let the warm jet streams do their job.

I have learned how wonderful solitary sex can be and have made it an important part of my life. As long as Rick is so busy, I do not see anything wrong in pleasuring myself this way! When we do finally decide to have sex, we are crazed, and it is absolutely the most wonderful thing. I love it so!

I reclined in my seat and dozed off, probably only a few minutes. Suddenly, I was awakened by the captain's voice over the speaker system...."Good evening everyone, thank you so much for choosing to fly with us! I'm Captain Jerry and I've got the steering wheel and gas pedal assisted by co-pilot Captain Joe Kelly. The weather is clearing and we will arrive on time! You can unfasten your seat belts and move about the aircraft if you wish. If you need anything, just wave down one of our gracious attendants, they will be happy to help you!"

My heart started skipping beats and I took a deep breath, was that my "Captain Jerry"? OMG, is that him, it sounds like him, and how many Captain Jerrys could there be that flew airplanes? I reached into my purse and pulled out my small notepad and wrote: "Are you (Captain) Jerry Cardinale from UNC at Chapel Hill Class of 2005? Are you a former USAF pilot stationed in Japan? If your are, please come and see me, I am in first class 12C, I want to say, 'Hello!' Teresa." I waved to the attendant, folded the note, and asked her to take it to Captain Jerry.

The attendant entered the pilot's cabin and closed the door. In less than two minutes, she opened the door and returned with a note saying, "OMG, Teresa, I do want to see you, please go to the last row of first class and wait for me. Jerry." I turned around and saw that the rear of first class was empty, so I went to the last row and sat down. In about five minutes, Jerry opened the cabin door, smiling from ear-to-ear, slightly heavier now, moving quickly down the aisle toward me.

As he got closer, he stretched his arms out and I stood up and we hugged. "OMG, Teresa, it's you, I am so happy to see you, you are as beautiful as ever, OMG, I can't believe this! It is so wonderful to see you!", as he kissed me on the cheek. I kissed him back on the cheek as I wiped tears away. He reached for his handkerchief and dabbed my cheeks, then gave it to me.

For the next half hour, or so, we talked and talked. He held my right hand the entire time, not wanting to let it go, and I did not resist. He apologized several times for the way our relationship ended after seven years, and hoped by now I had forgiven him. I told him it took a long time, but that, ultimately, I forgave him after lots of prayer and therapy, finally getting over it when I met Rick.

Tearing, he said he was so sorry he had caused me such grief! He, too, had prayed and had lots of therapy and grieved for a long time over his self-centered, immature behavior and deeply regretted what he did. He said what he did was the most serious mistake of his life and would always regret it.

Crying, I squeezed his hand and said I am so sorry, too, that it didn't work out, but we are where we are, and we must make the best of it. Just then, the attendant scurried down the aisle and whispered to Jerry. He said he had to go to the cabin, the co-pilot needed him, he would see me upon landing.

I remained where I was and reclined the seat. The window screen of my memory raced back to 2001 when I first met Jerry. I was a freshman cheerleader and he was a freshman football player and we met at a rally, we were both eighteen. From that moment, we were conjoined for the next seven years. Our lovemaking began within a matter of weeks after our first date. We were so in love, so hot and crazy for each other. His truck was our most favorite place to express ourselves.

We simply couldn't get enough of each other, making love four and five times a week. During our first two years, we each lived in separate dorms, continuing to rely on his truck and secluded spots at parks, sometimes motels, to express ourselves. Then, in our junior year we shared an apartment and made love at night and then in the morning before class, it was so perfect, it was like we were married. I fixed him breakfast every morning. On weekends, he would serve me breakfast in bed and then we would make love. We were so happy, so in love, always talking of the future when we would be married and have kids, we both wanted that very much.

Jerry became an Academic All-American and player All-American as a tight end in football and graduated near the top of our class earning top AFROTC honors as well. He was big and strong, 6' 2", 240 pounds able to bench press over 350 pounds. He graduated as a second lieutenant and went straight to flight school. I graduated with highest honors in psychology and immediately started work on my doctorate.

Jerry and I saw each other regularly, each visiting the other as our schedules permitted. It was terrible at first, we were so in love and missed each other so much, so horny when we got together, we didn't have time for anything else except to make love and enjoy the precious amounts of time we had together. We burned up the phone lines, sent love letters and romantic note cards and e-mails every few days, referring to him affectionately as "Lt Jerry", my hot Italian lover.

After flight school, Jerry was stationed only a few hundred miles from where I was studying for my doctorate, so we were able to see each other more regularly. Each time we got together was a glorious, joyful reunion filled with love and passion.

A few months before I completed my doctorate, Jerry got orders for Japan. We spent a week together before he left, it was so wonderful, like a honeymoon, promising that when I completed my doctorate we would be married and I would join him in Japan and become an officer's wife until he finished his tour. He was promoted to captain during his tour in Japan, thus his new affectionate name, "Captain Jerry". As it turned out, that week we so joyously spent together was our "goodbye" week.

Three weeks after my doctoral graduation and after sending me a dozen red roses and a gold necklace as gifts, Jerry called and told me he had met a 21-year old Japanese college girl and had strong feelings for her. He said the honorable thing to do was to tell me, he did not want to deceive me or betray me, so it would be best to break off our relationship.

I was shocked, and, indeed, felt seriously betrayed. I had given him everything I had for seven years, my loyalty, my honor, my support, my complete being, he was the only man I had ever known, I gave him my virginity, he was all I wanted, I thought I was all he wanted. What about all of our plans, all the love letters, cards and romantic e-mails, what were the roses about, the gold necklace???

He had no answer for any of this other than he had fallen for this girl and wanted to minimize my grief. That was the last I heard from him and never saw him since until today. I did hear from mutual friends over the years that he had finished his tour and went to work for the airlines, but nothing more.

For over a year, I was heartbroken and cried every day and night, not able to get past it, with therapy twice a week and anti-depressants every day, praying, asking God for help and understanding. I never got an answer, never figured it out, my therapist concluding I did nothing wrong, I was a model girlfriend and lover, loyal and supportive, no man could have expected more.

Jerry simply had to "sew more oats", he somehow saw a "greener grass" (and "ass") and had to cultivate it! Then, I met Rick at a college alumni function and my life changed! Perhaps, rather than giving me a direct answer, God sent me Rick. I finally accepted Rick as God's response, and I thanked Him for doing so!

I was startled by Jerry's voice saying, "Hello, again, this is Captain Jerry! The outside temperature has unexpectedly dropped and the wings and ailerons are beginning to show a slight amount of ice. As a precautionary measure, we are going to make an unscheduled landing at the next airport. This is precautionary only, please do not be concerned. Our flight will resume when we are more certain of temperature conditions and the icing. Please fasten your seat belts, we will be landing in about twenty minutes. We will keep you informed. Thank you for your patience!"

The level of passenger conversation increased with several of the women gasping. I was not too concerned since we were going to land, it's when you have ice and don't land is when you should become concerned. The attendant approached me with a note:"Teresa, please relax, do not be concerned, everything will be o.k., I will come and sit with you after we land. Jerry."

The plane landed without incident and ground crews immediately began inspecting the aircraft. After about twenty minutes, Jerry came back and sat with me. He said it was looking as though the de-icing system was malfunctioning and needed repairs. In addition, temperatures were dropping even further and he didn't think we would be taking off today, perhaps we would have to stay over and resume the flight tomorrow. He said he would know in a few minutes. The airline would transport us to their hotel. If we have to stay over, would I please have dinner with him at the hotel, he wanted so much to talk with me more. I said I would for old times sake.

As it turned out, Jerry's prediction was correct and he made an announcement accordingly, explaining the procedure and hotel arrangements. Jerry helped me with my luggage and accompanied me on the passenger bus to the hotel. Our rooms were on the same floor. He escorted me to my room and gave me his room number, inviting me to call him if I needed anything. We agreed on 7pm for dinner, he would knock on my door.

I showered and freshen up, putting on my black dress with matching spike heels. Jerry used to love me in black. I looked at myself in the full length mirror and thought I looked quite attractive, certainly he would like what he saw. On some level, I wanted him to still find me attractive. He certainly was still attractive to me.

Promptly at 7pm Jerry was at my door, a chilled bottle of chardonnay in hand, saying he had my favorite label and he wanted to pour us a glass before we went to dinner. I felt slightly reticent, but smiled approvingly, after all, even though he was in my room, he was not a stranger, I had enthusiastically done him for seven years! He knew every hair and freckle on my body and had kissed and licked every part of me, repeat, every part of me, hundreds of times, he was not stranger!

He poured two glasses and we sat opposite each other, he on the edge of the bed as I faced him from the arm chair. My legs were crossed, which was not unusual for me. He couldn't keep his eyes off them. He complimented me on how beautifully I was dressed and couldn't get over how I hadn't changed hardly at all in ten years, still as lovely as ever. I thanked him and replied I was still working out regularly, still taking my vitamins, still staying out of the sun, and still watching my diet. He said it was all working perfectly! I thanked him, again!

In the past ten years, Jerry had only two serious relationships, but never married. He said I had spoiled him, there was no one like me, there would never be anyone like me. He began to tear a little, and, again, apologized for his behavior and asked me to forgive him, he was a different person now than the one who had acted so insensitively and immaturely. He again repeated how much he regretted the entire episode and that it was the biggest mistake of his life! I replied I had forgiven him eight years ago during my therapy and have been happily married to Rick for over seven years. I had no option but to save myself, so I moved on!

I asked what happened to the Japanese college girl. He said her name was Heidi and their affair lasted less than a year. The cultural differences were difficult and her lack of maturity got in the way of their relationship, so they drifted apart. She ended up marrying a fellow Japanese student her parents helped pick out.

Hoping I could get the answer God didn't provide, I came right out and asked him why he did what he did, had I done something wrong, was I at fault?. He said absolutely not, I was the perfect partner, he couldn't have asked for anything more, he never stopped loving me! He said he simply got lonely, his needs were not being met, and when they did get met, he thought he was in love and was mesmerized by the rush of all his new emotions.

He thought so much of me, he didn't want to further hurt or betray me, so he decided to end our relationship before things had gone too far with Heidi. He said because of all that we had, he did not want to carry the guilt of betrayal. He said it was all his fault, he was selfish, ego-centered and immature, and if he could take it all back he would. The last thing he ever wanted to do was hurt me, I meant too much to him!

He broke down and started crying, his hands in his face. I got him several tissues and went to him and sat on the bed next to him. He said he has thought about me often and wanted to contact me many times, but learned I was married and didn't want to impose himself on me. He continued to cry, again asking me to forgive him, he was so sorry. I said I had forgiven him, it was now up to him to forgive himself, once he did that he would be more content.

His crying slowed, and he turned to me and thanked me for forgiving him, I was so wonderful and warm-hearted, not the slightest bit vengeful in spite of what he had done. I told him that was part of forgiveness, and that was one of the ways I was able to restore my life.

He asked if he could hug me, and I nodded he could. My head was in the nape of his neck, his aroma all too familiar, his hug firm and strong, not feeling like it had been ten years, but yesterday. His tears were dripping on my shoulder. I put my hand behind his neck and whispered everything would be o.k., for him to settle down, I had forgiven him and he should forgive himself.

I moved my cheek across his and our lips met. What was going to happen next was ordained by God, I thought, so I decided to release myself to His plan, He knew what was best for me. Jerry's kisses were as wonderful as they were ten years ago, long, sweet and passionate, causing me shiver with excitement and anticipation.

I told him we should stop, I was married, this was not right! He pulled away and said if you want to stop, we can. I started to cry and laid my head on his chest, and he patted my head, then ran his hand through my hair. We just laid there, him holding me to his chest, neither of us saying a word. I lifted my head to him and parted my lips, asking him to kiss me.

He laid me down on the bed and began kissing me all over my lips, face and neck, his hands on the side of my head, fingers in my hair. We kissed for the longest time, frenching and lip sucking, his hands moving across my breasts, my nipples becoming erect, sticking straight up through my dress.

My heart was beating like a jackhammer, I was warm and flushing, and my vagina was pulsating as it had so many times before with Jerry. There was just something about him that aroused a burning passion in me, one that I had not experienced since I was last with him.

He started touching me like he used to, first gently massaging my stomach above my hairline, then my clitoris, then two fingers in with his thumb rotating on my clitoris. I whispered for him to put four fingers in and rub my G-spot, I loved that so much. My juices were abundant and his fingers were slipping in and out with ease. I asked him to put more of his hand in, I needed more, I was going to climax soon.

My legs were pulled up at the knees and spread wide, four of his fingers inside, massaging my G-spot, his thumb, circling my clitoris, around and around. I was gasping in pleasure, the sensations so wonderful, I was only moments away from euphoria. Our kisses were long, wet and deep, our tongues darting back and forth, our breathing so heavy now. His generous member was up against my hip, thick and hard, I couldn't wait for him to do me, I desperately wanted him in me.

I said I was ready for him, I wanted him to do me, I couldn't wait any longer, I wanted him deep inside. He removed his pants and shorts and got in between my legs and effortlessly slipped his wonderful member inside me. It was the most wonderful feeling, so big and thick, its veins sliding along the walls of my vagina as his up-curve made instant contact with my G-spot, continuing the rhythm his fingers had started.

I wrapped my legs around him, squeezing him to me, making him mine once again. My buns were now off the bed, making sure I had all of him, rolling my swollen clitoris into his hairs, my arms tightly around his back and neck. Biting his shoulder, I began climbing the hill of inevitability, hitting that wonderful precipice, spasm after long spasm causing me to jerk and twist under him, telling him how much I missed him and longed for him over the years,

"Oh! God! Oh! God! Thank you so much dear God, Oh! it's so wonderful, so beautiful, so perfect, Oh! how I love it! Oh! God! Please don't stop, Jerry, please don't stop, stay with me, it's going to happen again, Oh! God! Ohhhh! Aaaaahhhh! Ohhhhh! Oh! God! OMG, it seems endless, I love it so much. Jerry, I love it, I am so happy to be with you, you are so wonderful, Oh God, there is nothing like what we have, Oh! God!"

Just then, Jerry sped up and groaned and groaned, spilling his warm love into me, splashing my cervix over and over, all warm and slippery, his tears of joy dripping on my neck and shoulder, whispering how much he had missed me and loved me, could he ever make it up to me, he was so sorry we had missed so much.

Still connected, we continued to kiss and neck, finally unhooking after we had calmed, my left leg over him, my vagina dripping his love all over us, whispering sweetly. I told him he was so wonderful, he should not worry, I had forgiven him, we were together now and should not lose a moment, this time was so precious.

He started kissing my neck and loving my breasts, moving slowly down my stomach, whispering how much he loved me, he was not going to let me go this time. He reached my clitoris, then my opening, and began to love it like he used to, sucking and licking, gently tonguing me sweetly, taking my clitoris between his lips, gently teething on it, moaning how much he loved my gush.

He loved me this way for over a half hour, teasing my perineum with his tongue, moaning how much he loved it all. He rolled me over and I was on top of his face, his hands on my buns, moving me around and around until I found my own rhythm, exploding in series of erotic contractions like I have never before had, almost fainting in the ecstasy of it all.

Embracing each other tightly in the lovely afterglow, we both cried, each expressing our happiness at having met up and honest enough about our feelings to have re-united and expressed our feelings of love and devotion.

He said I was the most important thing in his life, and, if I would allow him, he would devote his life and energy to make me the happiest woman in the world, he loved me so much, he wanted to father our children like we had always planned!

I thanked him for his wonderful thoughts, and as much as I loved what he said and just did, our time as a permanent couple had passed, I was married, had a son, and we could now only be lovers, I wanted that very much, and I hoped he would want that, too!

He replied there was no love like ours, God wanted us to be together, He would not have put ice on the wings of the plane if He didn't want us to re-unite. He wants us to be together forever, to have children, He has made it all clear.

I said I was so excited to be with him, I wanted to further enjoy our short time together, I said there would be other opportunities to get together, make love, and talk more about what the future would hold for us.

That night and the next morning were the most wonderful hours of my life. Jerry and I renewed and renewed, I was never happier. It was all so lovely, orgasm after orgasm, each satisfying the other like we used to, a mini-honeymoon with promises of encore after encore, I would travel to meet him, he would come see me in our home town. Saying goodbye to him at the airport was the most anguishing and distressing thing that had occurred to me since he broke up with me.

The week with my sister and her family was in and out of focus, it was like I was dazed, sometimes my sister having to call my name several times to get my attention. All I could think about was Jerry and how wonderful my time with him had been and how desperate I was to be with him again. Three times my sister asked me if I was o.k. Fortunately, on Saturday, the day of the baby's baptism, I seemed to be more alert and connected with what was going on.

Jerry and I didn't yet know when we were going to next get together, but we both desperately wanted it to be soon. He called me everyday on my cell while I was visiting my sister, and I would find a way to go to my room or the bathroom so we could talk. After the third call, we agreed he would call at bedtime and I could talk with him in my room after everyone had gone to bed. One night, as he was recounting our lovemaking and how wonderful it had been, I didn't tell him, but I slipped off my panties and slowly massaged myself to a long, sweet orgasm. Oh! God, it was so wonderful!

We talked mostly of how wonderful it was to have been together, and how all of those years had been lost, he was so anguished. He would cry and tell me how much he loved me, saying some day we would be together again, and it would be forever.

I kept reminding him I was married and what we had was a lovely, momentary renewal, and any other get togethers would also be renewals, I had a child to care for and I wanted him to be raised in a traditional, undisrupted family setting. We could be occasional lovers, and I would love that, we could enjoy each other from time-to-time, but I had no intentions to leave Rick.

He said he could handle that, he would rather have part of me than none at all. I told him I never stopped loving him and he could have me whenever it could be arranged, it was up to him to figure out how we would continue our affair. I loved being with him, and would do everything I could to meet with him as often as possible.

For the next year, Jerry and I got together two to three times a month, usually up north, sometimes at a rural hotel east of town when he was flying out of our local airport. These trysts were absolutely the most wonderful events in my life. I so looked forward to them. I was more sexually aroused now than ever before in my life.

Rick was still working long hours, and though we did go for short love nests occasionally, they were nothing like what I was having with Jerry, they didn't compare at all! I had lots of leave on the books, so it was easy to take a day off whenever necessary to manage my love schedule with Jerry.

I would leave the house in the morning, and instead of going to the office on those days I was meeting Jerry, I would go straight to the hotel or his place up north, and we would make love all day. When we met up north, I would arrive at his place around 10am and would have to leave around 4pm to get home by 6pm. When we meant locally, our day together would be longer, from about 9am to 5pm. I would usually get home before Rick, making certain to check my office voicemail several times a day just in case he called.

During that year, Jerry and I hooked up over thirty times. He never once disappointed me! We would do our best to meet during my hot spells, creating a more enriching experience for us both. I was my horniest then, and, it was not uncommon to reach six or seven memorable orgasms in one day,

One night, after spending the day with Jerry and having seven orgasms, and somewhat tired, Rick became unusually amorous and wanted to go to bed early. Since we hadn't had sex in over ten days, it was difficult to put him off, so I showered and got sweet smelling for him.

I have never seen him so horny, he wanted to perform oral sex on me, so I let him. It took the longest time to become aroused, he started to become a little frustrated. I told him I loved what he was doing, it was beginning to feel wonderful, to be patient, I was just a little tired from a stressful day at work, but I was going to climax soon.

He continued to suck and lick me all over. Finally, after about 45 minutes, I was getting those wonderful pre-orgasmic sensations, and I whispered it would happen soon, I would love to be on top. He rolled me over and opened his mouth to receive my complete vagina as I rolled around and around, reaching a gigantic orgasm, squirting all over his face and running onto the sheet.

I slid down on his big, reddish-blue member, so long and thick, ready to burst with love, and I stroked up and down as he filled me. His breathing was heavy and frantic, turning to groan after groan, expressing his delight, filling me with cumshot after cumshot of his warm love, so much that it blew out and onto both of us.

As we calmed in each other's arms, he said that was the most wonderful orgasm he had had in years and he would love another one like it, would I suck him to heaven and back. I said the orgasm he gave me was absolutely wonderful, too, but I was now even more tired, would he take a rain check for tomorrow morning? He said he was getting hard again, it would be so lovely to have another one, his balls had more love to give me, it would help him sleep better.

I relented and sucked him for at least ten minutes. He was beside himself with anticipation, then came and came, giving me the rest of his hot love as I nourished myself with all of it, cleansing him with my lips and tongue until he fell asleep. I curled up next to him with my arm around him, so happy he had come alive. How long would I have to wait for an encore? I bet myself I would do Jerry before Rick gets that horny again!

One afternoon as we cuddled at the hotel just east of town, Jerry said he had been offered a promotion to senior captain to take a new overseas route the airline was establishing. It would, of course, require a lot of time out of the country and we would have less opportunity to be together.

He said he wanted to talk with me about it before making a decision, he didn't want to have less time with me, he wanted more, but this was an exceptional opportunity to move up and be one of only three senior captains with the airline and a big boost in salary and perks.

I replied, we were, indeed, lovers, actually, we were a couple even though I was married, and we already were not getting enough of each other. I asked if he wanted the new job, and he replied he wanted the promotion, but not the overseas part. The new position would bring a big salary increase and improve his retirement benefit, he had to think of his future, with or without me.

I asked how much less time he thought we would be spending together if he took the new route. He said instead of seeing each other two to three times a month, it would probably go to one to two times depending on scheduling. I was heartbroken and told him so. He kissed me and said that was why we were talking, he didn't want to make the decision without talking to me, he knew how much our meetings meant to me.

I asked if I could think about it until tomorrow, I needed for it to settle a little, I had to get used to the idea of having less of him, I would miss him so. He said he understood, not more than he would miss me, he loved me too much for that!

The next day I called him and said he should take the job, his future should be considered the priority. I said, ".......absence makes the heart grow fonder!" If he thought we were crazed now, wait until we've been deprived for a while, WOW! I said, anyway, it might be fun to have Skype and phone sex, and he agreed.

Jerry got his promotion and new route, London, Paris, Berlin, Zurich, then back home. The first month was miserable, we only got together once. The second month was worse, not at all. Fortunately, we were able to do long Skype and phone sex sessions and were able to somewhat satisfy our cravings. The third month was absolutely wonderful, scoring three times. I thought we had died and gone to heaven! And, so it went for the entire second year of our affair.

Jerry and I are into our third year now, and I have never been happier! Rick is working fewer hours now, but still makes tons of money! So, our love life has improved immeasurably and our financial future is quite secure. We have seen so much of each other lately, we have taken separate vacations. This has given Jerry and I unexpected opportunities to go on mini-honeymoons. I still melt when I am with him, he literally takes my breath away, he makes my life complete in all respects.

I have remained close to God all during this time, praying He will continue to bless me with my happy marriage to Rick and my great love and pleasurable affair with Jerry! So far, He has not disappointed me, He is listening and has granted me an unprecedented abundance of joy and ecstasy for which I will be forever grateful, enjoying all in His honor!

Copyright © 2018 Andrea M Love. All rights reserved. This story is the property of the author and may not be copied, reproduced, duplicated or circulated in any manner or form without the prior, express, written consent of the author. Any violation of this copyright will be adjudicated to the fullest extent of the copyright laws of the United States of America.

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