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It was bright summer morning in the first week of June, 7AM, was running to my pick up point as I was a few minutes late. I did not want to miss my office cab. Reached my pick-up point just in time to board the cab. Took a seat and I needed a few minutes to catch my breath realizing that I had to do more cardio. Few minutes of icebreakers with rest of my cab mates and I plugged my earphone into my phone to listen to a podcast. Two seats ahead there was girl sitting to herself with earphones plugged in and bobbing head to the beat she was listening to. Was mildly curious as who she was as we all knew each other in the cab. A friend of mine whispered "New girl!". I nodded in response. stepmom Hi All,

I would want to talk about an episode that happened a few years ago.

It was bright summer morning in the first week of June, 7AM, was running to my pick up point as I was a few minutes late. I did not want to miss my office cab. Reached my pick-up point just in time to board the cab. Took a seat and I needed a few minutes to catch my breath realizing that I had to do more cardio. Few minutes of icebreakers with rest of my cab mates and I plugged my earphone into my phone to listen to a podcast. Two seats ahead there was girl sitting to herself with earphones plugged in and bobbing head to the beat she was listening to. Was mildly curious as who she was as we all knew each other in the cab. A friend of mine whispered "New girl!". I nodded in response.

During our one hour commute to office We played games and watched movies. We had a lot fun which made me sometimes look forward to the commute time. A few days later while coming back from office, a game Uno cards got a little too intense. I'm not sure if you know the game, but a silly game like this can make best of friends bitter enemies. It was a lot of fun. All of us were playing except for the 'New girl'. As soon as the current game got over, all of us in that excitement wanted to play another game of Uno so that they could take revenge on their friends. A cab-mate of mine tapped the 'New girl' on her shoulder to join us. She was hesitant at first but joined on the second nudge. I noticed her ID card, her name was Priya Sunderan. She was a medical doctor, smartly dressed in a skin hugging dark grey pant-suite, white shirt buttoned up to her collar bone and an inch tall matte black open toe pencil heels. "She looks sexy", casually thought to myself and did not pay much attention to her as I was focused on winning the game. The 'New girl' Priya and I were the last people left in the game. I was so sure of winning that I had prepared a ten second dance routine in my mind to establish my victory and I really did not want to lose to the 'New girl', had to win this silly game to protect my fickle ego. I decided to cheat and hid a card in my pocket without anyone noticing, to my surprise, the 'New girl', sharp as a fox noticed it and called me out. My ego was hurt, how dare does she accuse me of something like this. Keep in mind, all this is over a silly game of Uno. We had a few arguments back and forth, stopped the game. 'New girl' just looked at me in disgust said "Cheating wuss" turned her back and sat in her seat.

Later that night, realized I rude and petty to Priya. After I went home, I texted her and apologized. We buried the hatchet and came to combined conclusion that I was silly. And so it began, we kept texting each other every now and then. Occasional messages became quite regular. Quite regular texts became a daily constant communication. We both realized that we had a lot of overlapping tastes in food, music and dark, brutally honest, sarcastic humour.

A month later during our commute to office, a cab-mate of mine casually mentioned that Priya was married. I was pretty close to her and in our constant texts and phone calls there was not a single mention of her being married or any mention of her husband. She sounded very normal during all our interactions. I did not give it a second thought, just reasoned myself with "She might have some marital problems, she might not want to talk about it and its none of my business".

It has been four months since Priya joined our cab, she had become a close friend of mine. For the longest time I did not know Priya's age. Women are sensitive about such things. I never bothered to ask but figured she was above 30. Besides her age did not matter at all. We had similar wavelength and was a sexy, sassy little chick. Few weeks later I came to know that she was 34 years in a completely awkward situation. At that time I was 27 years old.

One evening for a lame joke of her, I happened to text her "Fuck me! That's dumb" and to my surprise, she said "May be I should". I was like what the fuck just happened. That's strange and a 'brain-fuck'! I did not take her seriously but she replied "I'm serious". My heart started racing and I'm sweating. And all these things are happening over a bunch of texts. And then I reply "We'd be amazing fuck buddies. ".. And to my fucking surprise she says yes. And that's when all hell broke lose. I'm like "Am I flirting with a married lady, what the actual fuck am I doing!? This is a woman who has not even divorced her husband yet. What is wrong with you". The last nail in the coffin was when she texted "We need to pick a place and date". That's when I realized that I'm going down this rabbit hole. Fifteen minutes later I go sit in my car which is parked in my garage so that no one can hear me.. I'm nervous as fuck, a million thoughts running in my head. The same night sitting in my car called her up... After a lot of awkward ice breakers, I jumped right in.. "Are you serious about us fucking?" I nervously asked.. There was a moment of silence and a slowly sexy voice said "Yes, you need to satisfy me big boy". I laughingly nodded my head up and down and said yes. That's when she realized that I was bad at dirty talk.

The next day instead of taking the cab, I decided to drive to office and Pick Priya on the way since she stayed close by. Yes her names Priya. She's 5'2", light caramel skin tone, thin hour glass figure and 36C boobie cup. Round face with big piercing eyes and high cheek bones and cute big smile. She always used to straighten her shoulder length hair. Wearing black 2 inch wedges, black trousers and pale blue buttoned up cardigan. Nervous opened the passenger side door and said "Please sit". "Won't say HI first, is that how you are going to treat your fuck buddy?" Priya said with a sarcastic smile. My choice of response was nod combined with a giggle replied "Hi, please sit". Nervous as hell.. complimented on her looks... and started towards our office.. while changing the gear, I accidentally elbowed her right boob.. it was like a feathered pillow super soft, she wasn't wearing a padded bra, which I found out later that day..

She immediately noticed that and said "Wow! so smooth, such a gentleman, elbowing my chest". I nervously gave her a tiny smile and said "Sorry, did not mean to do that on purpose" and all I could think of was my elbow rubbing over her boobs.. "Even when you're in the driving position, your erection is quite noticeable from your pants" said Priya.. with one hand one the steering wheel I tried to push down my boner which did not want to move a millimeter, and the precum started to ooze out from two layers of clothing.. "Why are you trying to push it down, I'm actually impressed and flattered at the same time, you're rock hard just by me sitting beside you, I wonder what will happen later" said Priya and winked at me. A hundred million thoughts are running in my mind.. trying to concentrate on driving.. trying to comprehend the situation I am in, slightly embarrassed about my protruding erection and the precum oozing out of two layers of clothing, I had worn Khaki pants and stain would be pretty evident.. and I could hear my heart thumping in my ears... Our conversation kept switching from hilarious sarcastic jokes to sexual innuendos .. it was the longer 30mins I had ever experienced.. we reached our office.. and I stopped my car at the front of entry gate, Priya pulled my left and shoved it between her legs.. it was moist and warm.. Priya with a sparkle of mischief in her eyes staring at me 'Just so that you know, my panty is soaking wet, you need to take care of it as soon as possible, Now lets see how of work you get done today" and got out of the car and started walking towards the entry gate. Fuck me! All hell broke lose.. there was no turning back.. I felt on top of the world. .. my confidence level went through the roof and was no longer nervous... I was going to pick her up in the next 9 hours... and honestly till date I don't seem to recall what I did for those 9 hours.. My mind was completely blank and had a hard on all day.. Guys, you know what I am talking about.. After sometime, your cock starts to hurt.

Again, when you have a million things running on your mind, you pay very little attention to food or your work.. 9 hours passed by in a flash and at 6:00PM sharp.. my phone buzzes, text from Priya, "Pick me at the exit gate at 6:15". I wasn't sure what was install for the evening but knew something exciting is going to happen. I was a few minutes late to pick her up..As I pulled up to the entry gate..I noticed Priya waiting for her, her side profile, her curves, her hair flying all over the place covering her face, seemed like she worked out, my cock growing in size, just a gaze of her had a magical feel to it, pulled up to the curb, she got in and we drove out of the building complex. Her perfume was intoxicating, I'm no expert on perfumes but this fragrance was fueling the sexual tension between us and it definitely called for some deep passion between the sheets. We did not say a word for about 10 minutes.. I stopped at a cafe coffee day, parked the car, "I want get a bottle of water, you want something?" asked her as I got out of the car, Priya nodded her head saying she did not want anything, but followed me into the cafe. I stood at the billing counter to order, she came behind me and grabbed something from the counter and walked straight to the washroom. That's strange, I could not understand what she took. A few minutes later, as I saw down at table right next to the counter, Priya walks out of the washroom slowly towards me, the only noticeable changes in her was she had something folder in her left hand that she was trying to hide and the top button unhooked on her cardigan.. Did not think anything of it at first.. as she got closer, I stood up, because that's what gentlemen do, noticed a slight glitter at the top of her cleavage. The glitter wasn't there before, yes! I did notice her cleavage in the morning as well. She noticed my stare and I eyes met, with a sheepish smile said "Let's go!". And my mind could not get off the glitter in the cleavage. We drove towards the Bangalore airport with loud music thumbing out of the woofers. Again did not say a word. Both of us bobbing our heads to some good music, passed by airport flyover, drove for another 20 minutes. Priya put her hand on my thigh asking me to pull over to the service road from the highway. Turned the car around to the service road, turned the headlight off as well as the engine, as the engine came to a halt, noticed that it was quite dark, deserted, except for faint headlights of cars passing by on the highway. The sodium vapour lamp at a distance shed enough light to see each others facial expressions. Priya turned towards me, leaned in and said "So?" expecting me to make the first move, I leaned in and our lips touched each other, both of us at that instant pulled back an inch, I could see a smile on her face in the faint orange light from the vapour lamp. Lips met, we began to kiss each other passionately and I noticed her hands moving all over me. My hands were busy trying to unlock my seat-belt. *Click* the seat belt was off. My hands were all over her. We were lip locked, her tongue pierced through my lips lustfully wanting to play with mine. My hands were on her waist, she took my hands and put them on her chest..Her hands over mine she willingly squeezed my hands informing me to pass the same squeeze on to her breast.. that was the way in I was looking for... I was squeezing her boobies, my hands could feel only one layer of material which was her cardigan, at the split second, my prefrontal cortex concluded, she has removed her bra, It was her bra that she had it in her hands when she walked out of the washroom at the cafe,, two tiny peaks which created tiny shadows over her cardigan, thanks to the dim light from the vapour lamp, they were her rock hard nipples.. gave the both nipples a gentle squeeze with my index and thumbs fingers, the squeeze pumped out a feeble moan from Priya, which released us from our lip lock. She put her hands on my chest and pushed me, panting, frantically unbuttoned her cardigan, four buttons in, she stopped, me trying to catch my breath, staring at her complete cleavage, the inseam of her cardigan was resting on her hard nipples which stopped the boobs from being completely exposed. Could see entire cleavage with glitter from top to bottom from the dim light. Priya held my shirt and me towards her, our lips met again, I loved sucking on her lower lips, from her lips slowly made my way down to her chin, gave it a gentle bite, I was not done, slowly slid my lips over her neck, gave her collar bone a wet lick and dragged my wet tongue further south, thinking I would have glitter in my mouth, my wet tongue was in the middle of her cleavage, both my cheeks were touching her boobies, to my surprise, the glitter was an extremely familiar taste, Sweet, the glitter was sugar, Priya grabbed something off the counter at the cafe was a packet of sugar. By this time, Priya managed to unbutton her entire top exposing her perfectly round breasts, praise all the gods, In the dim light, the nipples were covered in the same glittery sugar, her areolas were as big as my palm with pointed nipples sitting exactly in the center. I could not make out the colour of the areolas, they seemed chocolate brown in the dim light. I hungrily licked her cleavage, looked up to and saw her biting the corner of her lower lip, put her hands on both my ears and directed me towards her left glittery nipple. I gave it a quick flip with my wet tongue re-confirming the glitter was sugar crystals, wide mouthed, went all in for a big suck, I was confident that I would leave bite marks on her breasts. Me with my cannibalistic lust, swapped between nipple to nipple until I could no longer see any more sparkle from the smeared sugar on her chest.

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To be continued..
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