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Hi Everyone! My name is Rocky,  am working in a Hyderabad. I am 27 years old, 5 feet 11 inches tall. I am a muscular guy as many of my friends have told me multiple times that i have a good physic .To keep fit, i also been hitting gym regularly. Doing exercises is my daily routine. It boosts my confidence. The day i don't go to gym or do exercises, i don't feel complete.

So coming to the story, i live as a paying guest in an apartment at Hyderabad. On the ground floor, the owner family lives and on the above floor there is one room and across the room, there is a roof. I live in that room. The owner family consists of 3 members, a lady Smitha, aged around 30 years, her husband, Ravi and their 7 years old daughter, Twinkle. I came in this city as i got a better opportunity in Hyderabad. My hometown is Bangalore, I was lucky having got such a beautiful family to live with, in here. Twinkle is a really cute girl and i like to spend my free time playing with her. And this has helped me get close to Smitha. Ravi has a small business in suburban area and majority of the times, is out of his home. I come at 10 o'clock from office and have dinner with Smitha and Twinkle everyday. Ravi comes home late at around 12. Smitha is also a working woman.

She works as software engineer in MNC. She is a typical south indian lady. She has big boobs and round ass. I liked her from the moment i came to see their house. I feel she is also interested in me. When i move around the house in shorts and vest, she stares at me some times. I like the attention i am getting from her but dont want to rush into it. I want to tempt her so much that she herself will come and tell me that, "I want you to fuck me like a whore". Clearly, she is not satisfied with her sex life since her husband is unable to give her much time. At times, she has tried to touch my thighs and upper part and also many times has brushed her boobs on my body. But i want to continue teasing her. So i am not taking any moves as of now. Everyday morning, Smitha drops Twinkle at her school. But one day, she got sick and was in no position to drop Twinkle at school. So, she came up in my room and knocked. I told her to come in. She was unkempt, her hair hanging loose and she was wearing full size kurta and nothing at bottom. No pajama, no shorts. I was flabbergasted when i saw her. My mouth was completely open seeing her in this dress but when i looked at her face, i got to know that she was not well. She told me quietly, stare at me as long as you wish to, but first please drop Twinkle at her school. I was in no mood to take my eyes off her. She came close to me and with her right hand index finger closed my mouth. She whispered in my ear that, "I'd also love to see your whole body". I was like, "yeah, sure" Then she left from there, swaying her ass till all the way down. I was so aroused to see her in this dress.

Then i took her scooter and went to drop Twinkle in school. When i was about give Twinkle a good bye kiss, i saw one Mercedes approaching the school gate. It stopped right in front of my scooter and from the car emerged a lady, whom i'd say the sexiest lady i had ever seen. She was in her tight pajama and sport t shirt. She had black shades on. She was looking like a model. Her stats were around 34-26-36. I really couldn't believe what i was seeing. I gave Twinkle a good bye kiss and she went off. This lady also waved good bye to her son. And when she was about to get back in car, she saw me staring at her. She looked at me for a minute or so and then removed her shades. She kept on looking for some time and snickered.

Then she got back in car and drove off. I also started my scooter and followed her. She stopped her car in front of a big bungalow and got out, her driver came and parked a car inside the bungalow compound. I was so astonished to see this beauty and was unable to take her image of my mind. I wanted to talk to her anyhow. So, i parked my scooter outside the bungalow and got inside from the backyard window. As soon as i entered i saw the lady having an argument with a man, who looked like her husband. The conversation was like this : Lady : Where the fuck were you yesterday night? Were you fucking one of your whores? Husband : Don't talk to me like that. I was in office yesterday night. Lady : Who the fuck are you trying to make fool to? I know fucking everything that you fucking do. So don't tell me anything if i fuck around with anybody. Husband : How dare you talk to...... Before he could finish his sentence, she walked away. Slamming a door behind her.

Husband also walked off and went outside the bungalow. There i realised, this is my golden chance to nail this lady. So i thought for a moment how to go about it. Then i had a plan. I walked up to the room, where that lady had gone inside and knocked the door. She shouted back, "Fuck off!" I kept mum. Then i knocked again. She went like, "Are you fucking deaf?" Then i said quietly, "I am not him". There was no reply for a moment but after a minute or two, she opened a door. When she saw me, she was a bit surprised. Before she could say anything i gushed, "You are the most beautiful lady i've ever seen" I could see her eyes widened a bit and there was a touch of smile on her face. Her mascara had smeared around her eyes due to crying. And hence, she was looking even sexier. We had a conversation like this: Lady : Who are you? And what are you doing here?? Me : I am your biggest admirer. And i am here to admire you. Lady : What? Me : I saw you today morning at school when you came to drop your son. 

The moment i set my eyes on you, i was completely lost. I couldn't think of anything but you. So i followed you and entered your bungalow from backyard window. When i came, i saw you having argument with your husband. You were so angry out.... As soon as she heard this, she broke down in tears. I walked upto her and took her face in my hands and looked straight into her eyes. She stopped crying and was looking me into my eyes intently. It continued for a minute and suddenly, she put her lips on mine. I was like, "Oh my god!" Her lips were so soft and rosy. It tasted very good. We kissed for about ten minutes. But all of a sudden, she withdrew and turned around. When i confronted her, she was like, Lady : This is wrong. I am married. Me : Nothing is wrong. You deserve happiness more than anyone. Look at your husband how he is fucking every girl that comes into his life. You should also enjoy yourself. It's time to take revenge of him. Saying this i started kissing her neck, then her earlobes and finally her lips. This time she was more convincing then before and responded beautifully. I was kissing all over her face and at the same time, i moved my hands on her back slowly. I reached her ass cheeks and grabbed them fiercely. She moaned a little bit but i continued fondling her ass. After some time, i slid one hand inside her pajama and cupped her buttocks. Then i inserted both hands. I was rubbing her ass cheeks. Now i tried to insert my left hand finger inside her ass hole and she let out a moan. Then i inserted 3 fingers inside. She liked it much and closed her eyes. Now i lifted her and proceeded towards bed. I released her on bed and looked at her for a moment. There she was! Most beautiful, sexiest figure is lying on a bed, waiting for me to fuck her. Then i got on top of her. Kissed her for some time and then looked in her eyes. Clearly, she was craving for sex. It was visible in her eyes. Then i slowly went down on her, pressed her massive boobs on tee and slowly i went down. I touched and felt every inch of her body. Then, she told me to take off my clothes. I took off tee and jeans that i was wearing. Now i was only in my underwear. When she looked at my bare body, her mouth got opened due to shock. I just smiled at her.

Then i got on bed. Then i rubbed her thighs on pajama. She was moaning slowly and her eyes were closed. I started removing her pajama and her tee. Now she was only in black bra and panty. I got so crazy seeing her thunder thighs and buried my face between her thighs. I started licking her thighs and now she was moaning a bit loudly. I was biting some parts of her thighs and now i started rubbing her pussy over her panty. I was licking the area around her vagina. She was getting restless. Then i removed her bra and panty. I fondled her boobs violently and now she was moaning wildly. I came down and licked her belly button. Then i came further down and started licking her vagina. She was going crazy. I licked her whole body especially her thighs for around one hour. Now she was completely into it and got up. She got hold of my underwear and was rubbing my dick over underwear. Then she was licking my dick from outside. After some time, she removed my underwear and when she saw my dick, she smiled brightly.

Then she started sucking it like a pro. She sucked it and along with it played with my balls. In between, she was sucking my balls also. This was best blowjob and i was in seventh heaven. When, i was about to come, she backed out and threw herself on bed. I was a bit angry and i held her legs, pulled her towards me and inserted my 7 inches long tool inside her pussy. She shouted for the first as she had never taken this big dick inside her pussy. Slowly slowly i started thrusting and she was responding passionately. She was moving her ass back and forth and in the process, her big boobs were moving frantically. I liked the way her boobs were swinging. I took them in my hands and squeezed them all along. She felt both pain and pleasure at the same time.

After some time, i reached climax and unloaded inside her pussy. She also had climax at the same time and squirted a little bit. I drank all of her juice and kissed her. That way i passed on some of the juice to her but she didn't like it.

Then we rested for some time. But after some time she got up, as soon as she got up, my eyes got set on her ass. She was walking towards the kitchen. I couldn't control myself and followed her to kitchen. She was not aware that i was behind her. When she was drinking water, i grabbed her ass with both hands and squeezed them for some time. She put the water glass aside and was smiling. She said," I knew you wouln't leave my ass alone" Then i inserted my manhood inside her asshole. It was so tight. But, i treaded carefully and after some time it was big enough to fit my tool inside. I was kissing her on her lips from behind. It continued for 40-50 minutes. And again, i unloaded inside her ass hole.

Then again we went to bed room and took some rest. She was sleeping on top of me. I licked her whole body especially her thighs for around one hour. Now she was completely into it and got up. She got hold of my underwear and was rubbing my dick over underwear. Then she was licking my dick, She sucked it for some time and suddenly got down on bed and took hold of my dick and inserted it her pussy. Then we had an amazing sex for around two hours. We were completely exhausted after an amazing sex. She told it was her best sex for whole life . We exchanged each others' numbers and decided to stay in touch. So friends, how did you like my story? Please give me your feedback on [email protected]. And ladies and bhabhis, who would like to have some fun, oil massage or want to have chat, please mail me on the given address. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.


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