My Father fucked our Maid (Part-1)

danil66   December 07, 2021   | 23318 Views
My Father fucked our Maid (Part-1) Hi guys I want to tell you about the story when I saw my own father fucking our Maid who must be half of his age.My father is rich man in his mid… stepmom

My Father fucked our Maid (Part-1)

Hi guys I want to tell you about the story when I saw my own father fucking our Maid who must be half of his age.My father is rich man in his mid forties.We have plenty of servants in our home and I never imagined that my own father would be fucking one of them.It happened the day when my mom went to Munich for a trip with her friends.On that day everything was normal  after my mom left my father was as usual doing his office work in his study room and I was as usual in my room minding my own matters.I was never close to my father because I think I feared him,so we usually didn’t talked much.So at night when I was trying to sleep I heared some sound from our living room.I didn’t know why I went outside because I usually ignore these things.When I went outside and I saw nothing but then I noticed our Maid Kim(Not real Name) going to my father’s room.I seriously got feard that she might do something terrible,So I just went to check on her.When I entered the room I saw her standing near my father.My father put the hand on her chin and kissed her.I was shocked to see that but my father kept kissing her,Then he grabbed her hair and started kissing her very intensely.He was sucking her lips.I never was interested in Kim nor she looked hot to me but my father kissing started making me hard.While kissing he started grabbing her ass and spanking it the moment was so hot I was sweating just by looking at it.My father then stopped kissing, turned her around and removed her panty.Then my father unzipped his pant and I saw my father’s hairy dick.I didn’t know what feeling was going throug me when I saw this.Then he put his dick in our Maid’s pussy.She tried to ramin silent but as my father started fucking her she started moaning.My father incresed the pace and she was moaning in sweat.He started spanking her and stroking her hard.I could see sweat drops on their bodies.After sometime my father started moaning as he was going to cum.I could belive when I saw my father cum dropping from our Maid’s pussy.Then My father asked our Maid to remove her uniform.When she removed her uniform I first time in my life saw a naed woman but she had small titties I was never in small tittes but at this moment she was looking very hot to me.My father asked her to sit down and suck his dick.She sat down her knees and started to suck my father dick.Then my father her face and started fucking her mouth.I can see our Maid’s face turning red.After sometime my fathers dick started getting hard again then he grabbed her and threw him on the bed.He went on top of her and grabbed her hand put his dick in her pussy.He started fucking her in missionary and he was fucking beast their.Kim’s breast were bouncing so hard I wished I was their to fuck her.I think he saw her brests too so he grabbed both of her boobs and started getting deep into her pussy after sometime he started to cum again.He cummed in her pussy again after that he started sucking her lips again.It was so hot that I started masturbating watching them.I was stroking my dick as he was bitting her both lips and I cummed just watching them kissing.Then my father started sucking her nipples.She was moaning with pleasure I never imagined that my father would be this sex monster.My father was getting hard again as was I.He put his dickagai into her pussy but this time it was slow as they were fucking ang kissing each other.I was masturbating while watching them having sex.Then My father turned her around to fuck her in doogy style he even grabbed her boobs while fucking her.My father started thrusting her pussy as she she was shouting with pleasure I could not control myself and came and I left them while they were fucking each oter so tahi do not get catched.I came back to room and tried to sleep,but I could not sleep now.But suddenly I realised that we have Maid’s hotter than Kim he must have fucked them also.I wanted to see my father fucking them also.

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