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Hello readers, this is Prav, age 30, a working professional from Bangalore. I am here to pen down a real erotic incident. It happened with sex deprived voluptuous milf named Dhanya,… cheating

Hello readers, this is Prav, age 30, a working professional from Bangalore. I am here to pen down a real erotic incident. It happened with sex deprived voluptuous milf named Dhanya, aged 42, with mouth-watering curves (36d-32-38).

She was a mother of 2 fully grown kids and wife to a workaholic hubby who works in a merchant ship. So she used to stay alone in Bangalore as her kids are in the hostel in different cities.

Now coming to the story, it was a Saturday night. I had a couple of drinks and logged in to a random chat site. I was trying to find some kinky sluts to chat with. It was then I messaged to an id named just HW (housewife). Most of them are fakes, usually in such sites, so my hopes weren't so high.

We chatted for a while and shared our hangout ids. Then, finally, I asked her if she was fine to talk over a voice call, and she agreed to my surprise. Until that moment, I was in a dilemma if that was a fake id or not. So I called her, and it was at that moment I heard a sweet voice on the other side.

I was excited but kept my cool, and our conversation started. Our topic changed from a normal conversation to sex mode in just 15 minutes. She shared about her frustrated sex life and how she used to masturbate every day watching porn.

Then I asked her what her favorite genre was, and she said young guys fucking mature women. So I asked her why only a specific genre. She told me younger guys excite her a lot but never had the chance to fulfill her fantasy.

The conversation went on for a couple of hours. Then, finally, we agreed to share our pics. She was a fair typical South Indian housewife, but her assets were unimaginable. I was on cloud9 seeing her hot body draped in a saree.

She was happy to see my pics. She said she liked handsome guys like me and gave a winking smile. I was determined to fuck her at any cost but decided not to rush in and spoil it.

The following week we had lots of conversations. She revealed she likes to have drinks, but it's been a while. When I felt she was comfortable enough, I asked her if we could drink sometime. She said she was free the following night.

I was unable to sleep thinking about her as my happiness knew no bounds. I am sure a few of you must have gone through this and must know how it feels.

The next evening I got a pack of chocolate-flavored condoms, some lube, and a full bottle of vodka. Then, I started driving to the address she sent me. My heart started beating faster as I parked my car and approached her place.

It was an independent house in a residential area, and the street was almost deserted. I called her from outside and told her I arrived. She opened the door and told me on-call to quickly come inside.

I entered and closed the door behind me in a jiffy, and that was the moment I saw her properly. Damn, she was hot in her nighty, and her hair was in a bun. Her boobs were looking so prominent even in that loose nighty.

I snapped back to reality when she said ‘Hi’ and told me to sit on the couch. I showed her the bottle and asked her if we could start our little private party.

She nodded positively with a sheepish grin and went inside. She returned with a couple of glasses and some bites. When she bent to place them on the tea table, I saw her huge braless melons, and my cock started getting hard. She saw me adjusting my pants and gave a wicked smile.

I poured the drinks, and we hit cheers. I was constantly eyeing her while gulping down my peg. I was shocked to see her taking bottoms up. I was making fun of her saying she doesn't look like one who rarely drinks.

She laughed at my comment while playing some music and sat next to me on the couch. After a couple of more rounds, we were getting the buzz. That's when I kissed her cheek and started drinking again as if nothing happened. At first, she gave a shocked reaction which turned into a naughty smile.

I took this as a green signal. My lips met hers, and we were kissing vigorously. She parted her lips and let my tongue inside, and started sucking it while my tongue was playing with hers. She was madly holding my hair and pulling myself nearer to her.

I started pressing her boobs hard, found her nipple, and twisted it, making her moan in my mouth. We broke the kiss and had another bottoms up each hurriedly. Then, I pounced on her, making her lie on the couch, and started kissing her neck and sucking her ear lobes.

My hand started lifting her nighty from below and found her trimmed pussy leaking her juices. She started moaning louder as my finger started rubbing her clit. I removed her nighty completely and started sucking her massive boobs.

My hand wasn't enough to cover her boob completely. I squeezed one boob and pinching her nipple while I was sucking the other. Then I lowered myself and started licking her naval while pinching both of her nipples. I made her sit on the couch, parted her legs.

She jerked when my tongue touched her wet pussy. I started licking her like a mad dog and started tongue fucking her. She held my hair tightly and started moaning harder every second until she came on my face with a squeal.

I removed my t-shirt and pant. She was recovering from the heavy orgasm my tongue gave her. I stood near her, and she started squeezing my cock over the jockey. She slowly started lowering my jockey.

She had a glow on her face when my hard cock sprang out. She gave my cock a few strokes before her lips engulfed the tip of my cock. I was holding her head and pushed my cock deeper inside her mouth. She then started sucking it like a pro. She licked my throbbing cock from bottom to top and then again gulped it.

She was rotating her tongue around my cock while it was in her mouth. Damn, that was heavenly. I started mouth fucking her hard, holding her head for around 10 minutes. I then stopped her and kissed her hard on her lips. We then moved to the bedroom.

I pushed her on the bed and spread her legs apart. I mounted her and started rubbing my cock over her pussy. She was moaning hard and was saying, "Please fuck me. I can’t take it anymore.” I ignored her and was teasing her more.

Then suddenly, I pushed my cock inside her pussy. She gasped for air, and her mouth was open wide. I then started giving her gentle strokes until my cock was fully inside. I started kissing her neck while my cock started to increase the pace and started ramming her hard.

She wrapped her legs around my back and hugged me tightly. I forgot all about the condoms in this heat and tried to tell her about it. She was like, "It is fine, just fuck me hard."

I kept ramming her in missionary, and her body started shaking. She held me tight and let out a scream as she was cumming on my raw cock. I gave her a few seconds to recover.

I put her legs on my shoulders and started fucking with deeper strokes. She spread her hands and started pulling the bedspread in extreme pleasure. I kept banging her hard for another 10 minutes until she came again.

We then shifted to doggy style. I penetrated her from behind while facing the mirror on the dressing table. Damn, she was looking absolutely like a sex goddess. I removed her hair bun, rolled her hair around my palm. I was holding it with a good grip and started banging her like a bitch.

For each stroke, I was pulling her hair harder and giving her deep strokes. I started spanking her wildly. When her body was shaking again, I sensed she was about to cum. I pushed my cock deep inside her.

I held her shoulders and sprayed all my cum 7 inches deep in her pussy while she came on my cock at the same time. We both fell on the bed panting for air. We kissed again for a few seconds, hugging each other. It was a lovely sight to watch warm cum flowing out from a freshly fucked pussy.

She wiped it with a towel. We then decided to have a few more drinks, and we went to the hall. Both of us were nude, sitting on the couch and sipping our drinks again. She had a satisfied look on her face, I winked at her, and she tapped on my thighs playfully while blushing.

She asked me if I could stay for a couple of days more if I am ok with it, and I agreed. We still had a lot to try out. After a couple of drinks, we started smooching again on the couch, and then the doorbell rang.

Damn, it was fucking 10 pm, and we both were shocked. I picked up my clothes and ran inside the room. She wore her nighty hurriedly, gave me a panicked look, and went to open the door.

Who was it? What happened next? I will tell you in the next part.

I hope you liked this narration, You can send me your valuable comments, feedback, and suggestions without hesitation on hangouts or mail me at [email protected] or ping me on hangouts with same email id..

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