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Older lady makes the first move Luxury TITLE: Receptionist

Written and submitted by [email protected]  aka Patrick

Hope you enjoy.

    Out of Town Travel always lead me to something either another guy or a female. I was in my mid to late forties back then... She actually made the first move. She was the receptionist at in the office of one of the companies I had as a client. She was a real looker, I would have guessed no older than maybe 50 - 55 (she was 64).... She was an exercise junkie, and it sure as hell showed. I had been to that place every 3 months for over 2 years now. We always made small talk. Because of the kind of hands on work I did, I never wore my wedding ring, so no suntan line on my finger. Anyway this one morning when I was checking in she asked how many days will you be in town this time, I said I will leave Thursday morning to head east, got to go to State College... then home Saturday. She said where do you stay, I said always the Red Roof right off I-70.  She asked would you want to meet for dinner and a beer this evening? I said that would be okay, I said I usually go to the Chili's right next door, because all I have is my company van and I do not drive it if I have had any alcohol at all.
    She said that would be fine, you want to meet me there? I said I can or you can just come to the motel and we will walk over from there. I gave her my room number, said I'd be ready anytime after 5:30. She said she was going to go home change and then she would be over. Well she showed up about 5:45... I thought she looked good at work, damn she was a real hottie.... she would be called a MILF now days, I said damn you are looking good, she said you should see me without anything on, I said well I sure would not stop you, she said all in due time, Her name was Julia, I just could not get over how she looked. We ate and had a couple drinks, then she said well you want to go back and see what I was talking about? I said if you mean without the clothes.... hell yes. We walked back to the room, I always get the King Suite, lots of room in the bad and also a computer desk.
    She was not shy at all, she said well lets get naked, I said you don't have to tell me more than once. She dropped her jeans, and then her panties, pulled her shirt over her head, she did not have a bra on, I could not tell before. Her tits were small but perfect. A perfect body shape, many hours at the gym no doubt. Her pussy was smooth as a babies butt . I needed to touch her... she did not mind at all... I said how do you keep the so smooth, there is no stubble, she said it's work but it's worth it. I said wow it sure is, damn you are hot, she said you are not bad yourself, she said I have thought about this meeting for over a year, just was never brave enough to make a move. I said I would never have guessed you had any desire to get with me, If I had known I would have said something too.
    We pulled the covers down on the bed, and dropped onto it, she asked do you have any thing you like that is special, I said I like most everything except anal. I have never really been into it, she said that's fine me either, she said you have any kinks or perversions? I said I love golden showers, I love getting pissed on, and bare ass spanking, she said well I have no problem with either of those, I said how bout you? She said my fave is oral, I love having someone get me off orally. I said I bet I can help you there.  I could not get enough of her body, so hot for a lady of her age, there was not a part I did not touch fondle or caress.
    I worked my way down to her crotch, what an awesome sight, I pushed her legs apart, and moved forward, taking in the aroma of pussy and pee... I was boned to the max. I said tell me if I miss something or if I make you uncomfortable. I went in and started orally servicing her, she wiggled and squirmed.... she would cry out oh yes right there, then she would say damn you are good, and finally she pinned my face into her crotch as she exploded in an orgasm. I let her cool down a bit then moved up and nibbled on the way, got to her mouth and kissed her.... she tongued me.... She raised her legs and said get in me now, I did as she said too, then I grabbed a pillow and we worked it under her ass, raised her up to my level, I put her legs on my shoulders. She moved to meet my every stroke, and soon I exploded.
    We fucked 2 more time during the night, got up and showered in the morning, when we woke up she got up first, then she said come in here and I'll give you something, I followed her, she opened the shower door, she said now sit there in the corner. I did and then she proceeded to give me an awesome golden shower of raunchy morning piss....she piss on my face and I caught some on my lips, she then pissed on down an on my crotch, Damn this was hot. We showered and got dressed, she asked me would you want to do this again tonight? I said just like last night, dinner then sex, I said be thinking if there is anything I can do special for you... ANYTHING. Then off to work we went.
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