No Visiting Hour Required Part 2

Juicy Cherry   August 08, 2017   | 25831 Views
The continuation of Elsie and Mark's steaming night at the hospital. banner1 Feeling all horny and wet, Elsie hurriedly followed Mark as they walked their way from the hospital into the parking area. 

It was 11 in the evening and not many people were in the parking area. 

Mark led Elsie to his car

"An audi? Really? Don't tell me you're going to ask me to be your submissive? Or is your last name Grey?" Elsie joked as they went inside the car.

Taking no chances, as Mark got into the driver's seat, Elsie went on top of him kissing him as she started to unbotton her blouse

"Wait, we won't be comfortable here."

Feeling slightly irritated, Elsie got off Mark and they drove somewhere in the City. 

Mark pulled off in a hotel...

"Go ahead, I'm just going to grab something"

Waiting impatiently, Elsie wondered what the thing could be but she didn't say anything.

As they checked in their room, Mark surprisingly grabbed Elsie and made her lay on the bed.

Feeling all wet and arroused, Mark opened Elsie's shorts and pulled it down along with her panties. 

"My my, look how wet you are" he said grinning

Without waiting for Elsie's answer, he imediately kneeled down and licked her clitoris. Elsie started panthing and moaning.

As Mark was eating her out, he slipped his hand in his pocket and grabbed something.

"Oh shit Mark, that feels so good yeah" Elsie moaned. Getting to her climax, she felt a sudden piercing pain in her anal. 

"Fuck what are you doing!" She started to scream.

Insistent of having the time of his life, he forced the  plug inside Elsie's anal. Once it was all inside, he took off his pants and thrusted his throbbing dick i side her.

Feeling the pain and pleasure together, Elsie orgasmed and screamed.

Mark thrusted inside Elsie's hungry pussy faster and faster and faster until he was about to cum.

He pulled his dick out and shoved it as he came inside Elsie's mouth.

After he came, hell pulled his dick out of her mouth and watch Elsie swallow his load.

Grinning, Elsie stared him in the eye...

"That was so good."
"I knew you'd enjoy that" Mark exclaimed. As he was about to pull the plug, Elsie stopped him.

"Oopps. That's for another session"
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