Conference Hookup

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Pretty soon, I was settled between her thighs, nuzzling her shaved little pussy... cheating Last year, I went to a conference in Boston. The first night, I answered an ad on C-list that said "Eat My Pussy!". Two hours later, I was driving across town and knocking on the door of a total stranger. There was some awkwardness, but after a while, I was kissing her in the hallway.  After a long moment, I pulled back, wondering how this happened. She looked at me, noticed my hesitation, and asked what was up.  I smiled and said, "I'm just thinking..." 

She leaned in, kissed me again, and said, "Don't think.  You're here now."  Her tongue found mine, and I could feel my cock growing hard as my hands explored her body.  She found my erection and stroked me through my pants, then unzipped me and slipped her hand inside.  Tugging my cock out, she pulled me into the living room and pushed me back on the couch.  She dropped to her knees, her dark hair framing her face as she look at me, stroked my shaft, and then dipped down to take the head of my cock into her mouth.  Her tongue lashed the tip, and I leaned back in ecstasy.

One thing I will never forget is how amazing that blowjob was.  She sucked like an industrial vacuum cleaner--I've never felt anyone with that kind of power!  She could also take my full 7" without hesitation, and she would pause with me deep in her throat, stick out her tongue, and tickle my balls.  She worked quickly, driving me over the edge in 10 minutes, and I blew my first load right down her throat.

That broke the ice nicely, and we poured the wine I had brought. Then I remembered the ad, and after another sip, I told her it was her turn.  I kissed her neck, then opened her robe and kissed my way down to her full breasts.  Her nipples were dark, and she moaned as I nibbled them gently.  Pretty soon, I was settled between her thighs, nuzzling her shaved little pussy... my first!  I stayed away from her clit for as long as I could, teasing her with long licks, slipping two fingers inside her, and making her squirm for release.  Finally, I gave her what she wanted and flicked my tongue relentlessly across her clit, feeling her belly twitch with approaching orgasm.  I grabbed her ass with both hands, pulling her tight against my mouth, and sucked her clit into my mouth, still abusing it with the tip of my tongue.  When her breath caught for the final time, I sucked even harder, and she exploded, bathing my searching tongue with sweet juice.

I was so hard at that point that I was dripping.  I tore off my clothes, turned her sideways on the couch, and buried myself inside her with one long stroke.  That set off another orgasm for her, and I rode it out as her pussy clasped me, almost milking me as it rippled along my length.  This first fuck was intense...she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me, whispering "fuck me, fuck me hard" in my ear and teasing it with her tongue.  I followed her directions, knowing it wouldn't last, but so ready to fill her with my cum.

Within minutes, she was face down on the couch and I was pounding into her, my hips slamming against her beautiful, curvy ass with every stroke.  Feeling my cum rising, I lay full length along her body and pumped her deeply, kissing the side of her neck as I froze, my back arching to drive all the way into her pussy, stream after stream of cum making her slick pussy even wetter.  My heart was pounding as I lay atop her, savoring the warm contact of our bodies as my cock shrank and we separated.

An hour later, she was stroking my cock in the shower while I sucked her nipples and teased her asshole with my soapy fingers. We ended up on the bathmat, covered in towels and fucking like rabbits. I came deep in her pussy and then played with her for another half-hour while she masturbated. She said she loved creampies, and squishing my cum around got her off more than anything else.

Just before dawn, I was back between her thighs, fucking away again. I tried to fuck her ass, but she wasn't into it, so I contented myself with her tight snatch. For a finale, I came inside her one last time, and then lay back as she cleaned every drop of pussy juice and cum off me with her tongue. Fucking amazing!

I was half-asleep all through the next day's conference, but I was smiling in my dazed state. I still smile when I think about her.

Needless to say, I forgot to mention the unprotected sex with a total stranger to my wife when I went home on Sunday...

Maybe I'm a sociopath, but I really don't have any regrets about that wonderful night, unless you count not fucking her in the ass.
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