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Hi everyone this is my real life story on this site. I am a single guy 29 year old from Bangalore, Prav, in a sales function and keep traveling quite a bit for my work. This story… banner1

Hi everyone this is my real life story on this site. I am a single guy 29 year old from Bangalore, Prav, in a sales function and keep traveling quite a bit for my work.

This story is about a travel from Bangalore to Hyderabad when I was traveling for some work. Once I completed the security check and was waiting in the departure hall when I saw this lady who was dusky and tall and was sitting in the hall with ear plugs hearing to something I thought. I just saw her and went about and sat in another place.

While we started to board the flight both stepped out the escalator at the same time and that’s when I smiled at her and she smiled back. While boarding she asked if flying to Hyderabad or some other place to which I replied back saying yes as have some work and then going to Mumbai after couple of days later. On alighting at baggage collection we again bumped into each other and while waiting for the luggage we spoke on our work and she turned to be an it professional living in Hyderabad. We exchanged our cards and I left for hotel by airport Bus.

While on the way she sent a text and said we couldn’t talk much and so we chatted a bit on our work and said we could stay in touch and told me to buzz when next time I am in Hyderabad. I considered it as a good gesture and stored her number. 

The next day I just sent her a nice good monring message on whats app and she responded back with some as well.

Then she asked my plan for the evening and I said was free and asked if we could meet for a cup of coffee if she didn’t mind it to which she agreed immediately. She suggested a place and I met her there in the evening. She was 5.6 dusky with very curvy body and nice lips. She came in a tight top and jeans with a reasonably high heels. We spoke quite a bit and ended up talking on family life and more personal discussion followed. 

This is when I realized she was 32 yrs old. She was alone as her hubby away on a project and was expected to be back after 8 months and was feeling lonely. We exchanged a few smiles how tough life has become.

I then took the courage of asking her out for dinner to which she said we could have it in the hotel as it was on way to her home and I agreed for the same. On reaching my hotel I asked if it was better we have it in my room to which she agreed. We kept chatting while we waited for the dinner to come and by then we had become quite friendly and known a lot of personal disappointments.

Since the sofa in the room was small we sat next to each other and had our dinner and during dinner I told her she was looking quite hot and smiled at her to which she reciprocated by hitting my shoulder. This was the first touch between us. I told her I mean it to which she blushed and that’s when I told her I wanted to kiss her. She didn’t respond to which I took a bit of courage as this was the first time I was trying infidelity and held her face and kissed her lips. She didn’t say anything and responded back.

In the next 5 mins we were smooching and my hands were on her big boobs squeezing and she was in full flow as well. We then moved to the bed where I started to strip her and she in turn did the same with me. 

I started to kiss her whole body, trying to remove her tight body hugging top. Trying to lick her body every inch, her shoulders, neck line, ears & continous kissing on her cheeks and lips. My hands were fully on her boobs trying to squeeze them hard and feel all of it. 

Sucking her boobs over her top with pointed nipples which were like bullets and going down on her body lifitng her top making her topless. She was in a sexy black bra with her nipples pointing out. Sucked those nipples hard right on her bra making it completely wet with my saliva. She was moaning like crazy and that made me more bolder and further went down licking all the way on her waist & belly.

I unbuttoned her jeans & it slid down a bit for the actions we were doing , this brings her matching black panties to light. I got aroused fully looking at her bra & panties, trying to have her fully in my arms, squeezing her body, licking and kisses were happening. 

We shifted to bed and this time i removed her pants fully making her just be in her inners on bed, white bed with a lady in jus black panties & bra was making the scene hot & horny.

I continues to suck on her boobs this time slidng her bra aside & taking her nipples on to my mouht, started sucking them like a baby drinking milk. She went crazy and was moaning like crazy which is making me even horny & removed her bra fully, sucking those boobs again n again, squeezing them crazily..

I slowly went down to her legs kissing her body, touching her inner thighs & licking them, barely touching her pussy lips, making her to crave for it. I couldnt resist much and started kissing those juicy pussy lips, and start to bite it softly and my tongue was going deep into her hole. I love eating a pussy & this is my fav thing to do of all time. 

She was oozing a lot and my tongue was inside her pussy licking her pussy walls and going in circles deep into the hole in search of heaven. Both my hands were kneading her boobs like crazy and she was moaning like hell which was taking me into a different world.

She was holding my head firmly on to her pussy and trying to push more deeper to get sucked. Iw as drilling her pussy with my tongue as deep as possible, oftne tickling her clit with my chin.

After almost 20 – 25 mins of sucking , and eat all of her cum, making her leak so much. I pushed my tool into her pussy when she went crazy and said she has been longing for a fuck for such a long time but never did she imagine it would come like this. 

I told her also that I had also never imagined that such a thing could happen with me. I pushed my full 6.5″ tool into her slowly and was seeing her eyes getting so sultry and then moved it out slowly and then went full blast back into her. She went beserk and her moan went to grow louder and I started to hump her harder. Her moan and my humps were so rhythmic and movement went faster and faster till I cummed all the stuff into her after a good 10 -12 mins of humping.

We both were jus laying on bed side by side feeling each other body & she comes close to me and asks me if i can suck her pussy dry with all my cum in it. This was quite kinky and i was willing to explore , instantly wispered in her ears saying come sit on my face with that cum filled pussy, to which her face was filled with happiness & horny looks.

She quickly adjusted her wet dripping pussy over my face and it all strated to roll over on my face & i was loving this feeling of sucking this dripping pussy & was getting it rubber all over my face & my mouth was again filled with all the cum. Totally licking it deep and sucking her dry.

After that we just lay on the bed looking at each other smiling and not able to believe it had happened. 

We took a beak & had some water & she went to washroom to pee. 
While she was back on bed, i asked her about her fantasies to which she again made me go crazy by saying, I loved the way you treated my pussy, I want the same on my ass too..!!

Sayign this, she took my hand and made me grab her ass cheeks, which i squeezed confirming that let me give it a shot.

Quickly rolled ovr and got into a doggy position showing me her ass hole , inviting me to take charge & give all the pleasure. I couldnt wait a min to get started off with licking it nice. I started to kiss her ass cheeks and lick them n slowly moved towards her asshole. I was lost in that horny mood and tried to suck it nice. She was moaning loud everytime my tongue tried to enter in, making me go even crazy in licking it deep. sucked and sucked it for a good 15 min making her moan crazily. 

We were now tired & took a nap holding each other body, feeling her boobs and kissing often. 

After we woke up, cuddled for a while, had a quick sex on the couch & she dressed and gave me a kiss and said I had given her what she never got and decided to remain good friends. 

We have thereafter been exchanging messages and been in touch as good friend and have met whenever I have been to Hyderabad and had a few more escapades, though we had agreed we will not let our personal lives affect this and we just enjoy as long as possible. No strings attached.

I still can’t believe I had the courage to do that.

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