A woman stays virgin after marriage finds solace in two men and God help to become a mother

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A woman remains virgin even after marriage as her husband cannot perform. Finds two mating partners who show here the joy of sex and motherhod cheating

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Hello readers.           

I want to share how my dream came true and how happy I am now. Let me start with an intro. I am Sharmila, 32 from Thane, Maharashtra. We stay in an apartment on Pokhran road.

I was born and brought up in Benagluru, Karnataka by my parents who are in fact vary rich. My father is a businessman. I have a younger brother who is seven years younger to me. Our house at Jayanagar in Bengaluru is very big with five rooms, garden and all facilities. I studied my schooling at National College, Basavanagudi and finished my BSc at National College Jayanagar. Now let me tell more about my looks. I am rather a very beautiful to look at, plum healthy body, long hair, black wide eyes. My good or say bad luck was my boobs. I have inherited my breasts from my mother, who has not just very big, but huge pair. I started developing my breasts at very young age of 11 as soon as I had my puberty. When I finished my 10th standard my size was 34+. My bad luck was and is that I am unable to wear bra. The starts just cuts my skin on shoulder, leaves rashes and red blisters on back when I fit the buckle. That is due to over sensitive skin and allergy to elastic material.

With it celebrated freedom my boobs grew bigger and bigger day by day. When I was in tenth I had 36 Size. My mother advised me to use a poncho or sweater to cover. But still many ogled at me on road and college. Fortunately I was in a ladies college. Still many girls were either passing lewder comments or try to seduce me for lesbian sex. But somehow I avoided all of them.

Due to the weight my rib cage below boobs were always hurting me and I drastically wanted to reduce the size, but was shy to ask someone else. I googled and read that I have to massage self-upwards, and in gyrating motion with pressure daily. So on bed I started to try these exercise. But that lead to another issue. While I was pressing my own boobs automatically my other hand was going inside my panties and rubbing my clitoris. I was getting sleep only after several orgasms. Then it became a habit. I had also read that masturbation is not bad at all. So there was no stopping. I enjoyed myself daily night several times.

I finished my BSc in my 21st birthday. I wanted to study MSc. But my dad had peculiar ideas. He was always business minded. 24 hours was not sufficient for him in his business. My mom was also fed up and was depressed. I have an younger brother who is nine years younger to me. We loved each other. I always had some doubt if my brother is really born to my dad. I had seen few photos of some uncle in mom’s collection few quite intimate. With my father spending whole time in business, meetings etc, it was quite possible but I never dared to ask mom. I loved my brother too much that I didn’t want to hurt him or my mom by asking such questions.  At that time I was 20 and my mom was 43. I always smelt that my mom was still very active in sex. Because many times when I returned home in the afternoons the door opening was taking lot of time and then I could see one Mr Babu Rao, a handsome very healthy ladies tailor down the lane used to be at home. I just use to go to my room after wishing Babu Uncle. Few days in a week I could also see one of my neighbor Col Bhaskar at my house when I returned early from College. The undone hair and makeup would tell the entire story. To support these circumstantial evidences, in my mom’s wardrobe there were few tubes of Ky-Gel, which I gathered from Google, is a lubricant used during sex and also two more bottles called 2for Tango which also I could know from Google are used by male and female to prolong the course of mating. That proved how my mom was enjoying her life.

Despite seeing my mom’s activities, my own craving for sex did not  result in having any sexual experiences with any. I don’t know I just waited for my hero who would come on a white horse on a full moon night, hold my hand and love me immensely.

Though I wasted to study further my dad had his business only in view. So he decided himself that I should marry son of one of his rich client at Mumbai. Always I had different dream of Mumbai. A great city with big malls, beach, night life, roaming in car, visiting all nearby places etc., like all girls of my age. To be true the selected groom was not bad to look at. So my marriage took place shortly thereafter.

My first night was arranged in Windsor manor, a post hotel in Benaluru. I was ecstatic about my first night experience. Was hot imagining how we may hug, we may kiss and how in a romantic way I lose my virginity. I felt wet to think of how hot and thick his ejaculation would fill my inner body and soul. After wishes from relatives and friends we set off to the hotel. We reached and checked in to the honey moon suite at about ten. My mom had purchased dozens of most sexy revealing baby dolls, net gowns for me. As I said earlier I never wore bra. So in washroom I changed to a sky blue net nightie which had plunging neck down up to my navel.

I sat on the cot in a cinematic style while my husband, Mr Suresh also changed and poured two glasses of drinks and brought to me saying that we have to celebrate our night. I could not say no and after a boast we finished one glass. He continued his second, and then third. I went to him and hug him from behind. He was not very responsive. He told that because of marriage function he was very tiered and then went to deep slumber, snoring within minutes.

I could not sleep for long time. But I believed that he may be tiered and could sleep after midnight. Early morning I thought of waking him for our first mating. I put my hand between his legs and try to excite him. Surprisingly his tool was so small as that of a school boy. He opened  his eyes and got annoyed as I disturbed his sleep. But I continued to fondle his shaft. His seeds were also too small like that of glass marbles which children play. He got mild erection and I was excited to feel it semi hard. I continued and within a minute my hot became moist, not wet and he was back to his sleep. I immediately realized that he had problem of ED and also small penis. I could not even think of what to do. Tears flowed freely on to the pillows.

I waited in anticipation of things to improve for three months. When I still remained virgin even after sex months, I confided in my mother. She came to Mumbai and discussed with me. First lesson she told me was to dress sexily to get him attracted which will help to get excitation. We went to Ram Maruthi Road in Thane and bought a dozed nighties, all with plunging neckline, transparent and few baby dolls. Mom asked me to keep all my silk saris in cupboard and bought me all net, chiffon and georgette saris. Got stitched backless, halter neck, deep cleavage blouses and threw away the old ones. She compelled me to get tattoo on boob and navel. The tattoo girl increased the size of my areola, perked up the nipple to the size of a black berry. It was paining but I knew it would subside.  She was a good in teaching how to seduce. Was she telling me with her own experience? I didn’t know.

I was taken to a posh beauty parlor. Whole body hair removed by laser including private parts. Now I was looking like a baby with no growth anywhere. I was a new woman, ready to seduce my husband and ready to lose my virginity.

But the doors of my luck didn’t open soon. I had to wait longer. Few days later my husband told me that he will be going on a business promotion trip to Europe, Canada and US, it would take three months. He told that if I feel lonely I can go to Bengaluru to stay with my mother. I preferred to stay put at my house as I didn’t want to disturb my mother’s afternoon activities with Babu and Bhaskar. She was too thirsty for sex and could not wait even for a day. I did not want to see my mom enjoying her time and I still remain virgin. So I stayed back at Mumbai.

Two days after mu hubby left India he sent a message saying that one of his close friend had invited both of us for baby shower of his wife on 9th of that month. He asked me to go and attend and also to give a good present to the would be parents. He had ordered online for a pearl necklace to the lady and watch to his friend. I remembered to have seen them once few months back and also had spoken to the woman. Yes, her name was Sujatha and husband was Praveen. Both were from Punjab. I recollected that she was good to look at but bit dark and skinny. I was always appreciated lean ladies as I had problem of heavy boobs.

So, on 9th I hired a cab and went to the address given at seven in the evening. There were no guests at all near the house. I rang the bell and my husband’s friend opened the door. I introduced myself and told that his friend had asked me to attend the baby shower of Sujatha. He laughed and told that it was over on 7th. I then realized that there was a miscommunication in sending the date. Anyway I handed over the gift to him and wished all the best to the couple. He asked me to be seated and told that Sujatha has already left to her parents’ house for delivery which was due two months later. So, he was alone and he himself offered tea but I refused as I didn’t want to r him. So he made two wine glasses and brought with some snacks.  Though I was not much used to taking drinks, I didn’t refuse as I realize that he was feeling lonely. We took two glasses and after few general talks he asked my phone number and told that he would tell Sujatha to speak to me. Just then it started raining outside. So I had to sit for some more time. All along I could see his gaze was right on my bosom.  It was a practice for me to wear plunging neck blouse and no bra which I have already explained. My belly was also clearly visible. I looked at him and could not stop appreciating how handsome and healthy he was.

Rain reduced and I got up to leave. But the gentleman he was offered to drop me home. I could not say no not only due to rain and late hours but I had taken three glasses of wine and felt  unsafe to to go in a taxi. He took out his Scoda car. It was half an hour drive. I was bit drowsy and all along I didn notice my pallu had fallen and was resting on my thighs. So, my huge boobs with deep plunging nek was completely visible for his view. Once I did notice his eyes often on my boobs but did not try to cover them up. Somehow inexplicably my body was warming up even in that rainy night. We eached safely and I told him my flat number asking as a formality to drop in. He told he would certainly come but on some other day.

Night sleeping alone I could get immediate orgasm that too repeatedly, just by fantasizing about Praveen. How it would feel he hugs me tightly, if we kiss with open mouth and tongue, how big his weapon may be, will I be able to take him inside me, will it hurt, can I enjoy etc., I fell asleep with such fantasy.

Next two days I spent all alone just watching TV, eating, and masturbating on bed. Gradually I was getting fed up. I started thinking of how mom was enjoying her life even now with not one but two or three partners. Is it wrong? Slowly I started to believe that if not right it is also not completely wrong if I get a good bad partner to do justice to my sexual needs. This thought started to sink in me and I made up my mind to find a suitable partner, it him a gigolo. Suddenly I thought of Praveen! Yes, why not ? He was staying alone for next several months at least and I am also alone. After long thinking I decided to go ahead. Seduce Praveen first and see his reaction. Just  then I saw a message and coincidentally it was from Praveen. Wah! He had sent a Hi, that is all. I replied back and then he asked what I was doing. We chatted general issues, about health of Sujatha.

That was Friday and incidentally it was 14h of February, the Valentine day.  He sent a message again  with a big Hi with a kiss and rose emoji wishing Valentine day. I reciprocated his wishes. I was thinking about What was happening to me? Has god heard me? Mustering courage I replied with a related GIF image. He liked it and asked me if I was free that evening for dinner.  My heart started pounding. I was alone and felt why not go out and spend time entertaining myself. I agreed to go out for dinner. Praveen told that evening by seven he will pick me up from my house.

Whole afternoon I spent with eagerness, looking at clock time and again. Had a quick lunch. I Checked myself for my skin sheen, which I had waxed just two days ago. OK, it was fine and silky.  I did sleep for a while to look fresh in the evening. At half past five I took bath. Checked in the mirror. I was hairless all over.  Due to excitement my already huge bobs looked to have swollen a bit. Nipples were erect and purple. Yes there was absolutely no sag despite the heaviness.

I wore a backless sequin gown with slit thigh up to waist. My Panties was not visible through the waist high slit as I was wearing a thong. I made up my face with light makeup; dark lipstick and a hair do with a bun so that my back will be exposed fully. I put one most exquisite perfume, and mouth spray. Satisfied with myself, I waited for his call. Exactly at seven the phone rang telling that Pravin was waiting at lobby. I just put on a Stoll to cover my upper part so  that apartment  mates will not stare at my sexy get up.

Pravin was standing and he opened door of car and wished me with a smile. Once inside the car I kept the Stoll aside on the back seat and settled comfortably. He was looking very handsome. My own had extreme plunging neck down up to my navel and more than half of my boobs were exposed in the sitting position. I knew he can’t stop looking at me. I just fantasized that this was my day or say my night.

We reached the Hotel Leela near International Air port which took an hour drive due to traffic. We were welcomed by the staff there. Pravin held my waist and guided me to the hall. I was heating up with his touch. We seated in a corner and the ball was open after a while. By then we had finished two glasses of Champagne. I felt like a queen in that beautiful hotel. When the compere invited all to join for dance I was helped to stand up straight by Praveen. I was feeling bit dizzy. The lights were dimmed and music started. All couple started to dance. Pravin held my waist in his right hand and kept left hand on my shoulder. I did the same and we danced closely. My breasts were often pressing his chest. His hand was caressing my bare back. Gradually we were not just dancing but the hold turned to embrace and then tight hug. He pulled me to him with my boobs pressing fully on his chest. He whispered in my ear a question. Friends? I nodded with a smile.

We had one more glass of champagne after the ball and then stupendous dinner. The whole hall was exciting and intoxicating. We left hand in hand. Driver was waiting for us. We reached his house in Chembur. He asked me to stay for a while and I could not decline. The driver bid good night and left leaving me surprised. How can I return. I kept quiet sure that Praveen would drop me home.

We sat on the sofa and Praveen went in. After few minutes he brought some packet. First he handed over saying that it is a small gift of a night gown. He asked me to wear. I could not say no an in Sujatha’s room I changed. It was a black shimmering transparent gown, halter neck. My boobs were just covered at the areolas and were exposed all around.  I felt shy to go out. But he was waiting. Hesitantly I walked back to the drawing room and he exclaimed with a Wah! I lowered my head. Then Praveen opened another box which had jewellery, a diamond ring and a diamond necklace. Must be very expensive and I refused. What Sujatha will think if she comes to know and what my husband would say. I flatly refused. But he sat on the carpet on his one knee and requested me to accept as a gift for Valentine day. His eyes were sparkling and I extended my hand. Parveen put on the ring on my right hand and as I stood he put on the necklace standing on my back.. He held me lightly from behind and moved his hands inside my nightie and cupped my breasts. I put my arm around his neck without turning. His hands were hot and rough as he squeezed, caressed my boobs and tweezed my nipple between his thumb and fore ringer. Turning and pulling me to him he joined his lips on to mine. That was first ever kiss for me. Closing my eyes, I responded by opening my mouth.

Parveen lifted me and carried to the bedroom. I helped him to undo his clothes. He night lamp was quite bright. My gown was already on the carpet and he pulled down my panties slowly. Sitting on the carpet he widened my legs and dug his face in between. I placed one leg on the bed to give full access to his long tongue. Holding my bums from behind he licked my pussy slowly, then fast, then deeper, then in gyrating motion. I held his head for support and pressed him further into me. My body was burning with desire. I pushed his head further and accommodated his wagging tongue to go down and down. His thick finger was constantly rubbing my clitoris. Yes, I experienced my first orgasm with a man, which was so heavenly experience. As Praveen continued never ending licking on my labia I orgasm repeatedly gushing my secretions on to his face. I immediately wanted his penis to enter me and pacify. But Pravin was not ready. We kissed sleeping on the cot. He pulled me on to him in 69 position. I widened my thighs on either sides of his face. Guessing what he wanted I caressed his huge shaft with love. I licked the length and the pink globule head. As Praveen held my hips, I pressed further. Slowly I inserted his 8 inch long penis into my mouth. I goggled and felt bit suffocated at the beginning. Nature is great. Automatically my tongue was moving round and round on his shaft while he was slowly going down to reach my throat. Simultaneously I gushed my love fluids on to his face several times. Changing position we kissed and he suckled for long time on my nipples. Now it was not possible to wait anymore.

He came on my top and slowly entered me. Initially it was easy as I was highly lubricated. But suddenly I had a chilling pain and I shouted. I felt hot blood oozing out and flowing on to my thighs. But the pain subsided soon. Praveen was surprised and felt very happy and asked me, Dear, are you still virgin. I nodded my head and our mouths sealed for an unending kiss. I raised my legs and he helped me to place them on his shoulder. He was an expert lover. He knew how to handle a woman. Slowly he entered me and soon complete copulation was achieved. His testicles, the size of two tennis balls kept side by side, was not gently hammering on my pussy’s lower side on every down ward stroke. My boobs were at his mercy which he caressed and sucked at will,. Out mouths were always hungry to quench our thirst. He continued for endless time and I had lost all strength and clutched on to the sheets, on to his bare back. My eyes blurred and I hugged with my both arms around his back and pulled him inwards.

Time lapsed without my knowledge. I was floating in space saw all stars. Was it day , was sit night, was I on earth? I could not understand.  He whispered in my ears that I was the most beautiful and sexy lady on earth. Then biting my lips he raised my hips with his both hands and gushed his hot cum deep inside in repeated spasms, filling my vagina and overflowed on to the sheets. I felt extremely hot like a lava exploding and filling me. I raised my thighs and arrested any movements to welcome the flood and avoid any loss of that nectar. His ejaculation continued long and when it finally ended he realized that no protection was used. He apologized to me for it but I told that it was not necessary and sealed his mouth with a kiss of gratitude. 

He got up to wash but I don’t know why, I stopped him and asked him to lie flat, went down and cleaned his dripping, phallus with my tongue. Then we lay hugging each other and speaking nothing. Our breathes were heavy and face with contentment and satisfaction. An hour passed. I kept my hand on his phallus and started to stroke. I fondled his huge balls and we kissed. Our tongues twisted like mating snakes. We got highly exited with foreplay. Slowly he came to life again and in five to ten minutes he was fully ready for a second one.

I went on him, and keeping my knees on his either sides, I slowly slid on his huge penis, slowly. I felt little bit of pain due to ruptured hymen but soon the secreting fluids from my pussy acted as anesthesia and pain vanished. I kept my boobs on his wide chest and he circled my back tightly. Our mouths joined for the nth time. I allowed out copulation without any movement to heat up. I could feel the heat building up slowly within me. Rising up, I pushed my nipple to his open mouth, which he sucked like a hungry cat. We were now reaching a limit of intolerable sensation. I was now moving up and down on his hard penis. My pussy touching his big testicles on my downward strokes and he holding my boobs when I was raising. We just kissed for taking rest and would again start our intense fucking. Half an hour of love making and I felt his veins raise and shrink and balls contracting indicating he was abut to gush in me. I pressed down and he raising his legs held my hips close to him. He gushed and ejaculated in me for full five minutes. I could feel the intense heat of his cum inside my hot vagina. After disengaging we lay side by side. I touched my pussy to feel but could not see the sticky semen which he had just then poured inside me. I realized that my desert had completely drunk the sweet nectar.

Before dawn we had mated once more. We woke up at seven and had hot coffee. I had told my maid not to come that day. I ordered some Breakfast from a nearby restaurant. After a million kisses, he left to his office at ten. I sat on the sofa and recollected all that happened since previous day. I was very happy, no regrets at all. Finally I became a woman, lost my virginity that too to a very n and healthy man. I was almost sure that I would become a mother soon. Who knows already his seed might have been sowed in my womb. I felt good, thanked my God. Not a single time thought of my husband came to my mind. But then I decided to go ahead with this relation come what may. To become a mother is most important for a woman who is born in this world.

I took hot shower. Felt good, but all over by breasts, shoulder I felt burning wherever he had put his teeth marks. I played my finger on the red, purple marks on my boobs and felt excited. My pussy was also slightly irritating, may be due to breakage of hymen.

Sitting on sofa with TV on, I was recollecting the events and smiled to myself. How God has blessed my life which I had no hopes. I was thinking all these days that my womb will remain a desert. No God has finally opened his eyes. I was very sleepy due to almost no sleep at night and hectic sex. After lunch I got too sleepy and slept till evening. I was waiting for Praveen. He came at half past seven with some gift packet and bottle of champagne.

We ordered for diner from hotel. We celebrated our friendship with a toast of champagne and a million kisses. By ten we were on bed nude and hugging, kissing and licking each other. That night was different. We copulated in doggy style which I felt was heavenly. By dawn we had mated once more and I had taken him orally swallowing his thick sweet honey. Praveen had brought a two piece georgette nighty and a black net saree with embroidery. It was marvelous and he wanted me to stitch a backless blouse as soon as possible. 

Next day full time was  similar to previous day. I slept long hours in day time reserving to be awake at night. By seven Praveen called on hone to tell that he had to leave to Delhi on urgent work and would be back after four days. I felt bad but wished him good in his work. Night it was difficult. I was wondering how I was spending so many years without any male hug and how come this man, in two nights has made me to miss his hug desperately. I was very desperate for a tight hug and kisses and his big phallus. B I had to wait for four days.

It was nearing eight. I had no mood to prepare dinner. I had some bread and I prepared sandwich for dinner with milk. I felt difficult to pass time. I remembered the saree which Parveen had presented and decided to give the blouse for stitching. I had no mood to step out of house. So I googled to see if any home service is available to collect the cloth from home and deliver. There was few but one shop I though is good because the designs displayed in the site were very good. I called the number and a lady answered. I told my requirement and she took my address and told that the master would visit to collect and I should keep one measurement blouse ready for reference.

I changed to the georgette night which Praveen had presented. It was very transparent and had very plunging neck.  The inner was halter neck type. I looked at myself and felt Praveen standing on my back and hugging me. There was an immediate rush of blood, and my body warmed up with the thought itself. I felt unbearable wetness between my legs and a sort of orgasmic feeling. My left hand went down to my hot spot and right was squeezing my boobs. Right at that time, the bell rang. Hurriedly I wore the outer wrap and went to open the door. The AXE perfume filled the room. He was as handsome as any Bollywood or Hollywood hero. Very good complexion, black curly hair, wide chest and ripping muscles.

I opened the door and the master tailor was there. I called him inside and gave one of my old blouses for reference and the new one to be stitched. He opened his design book and showed few recommendations. He was sitting opposite to me and while seeing the design book, as I had bent forward my full cleavage was visible to him. But I didn’t care much. I selected one backless design. He asked how much should he keep the neckline depth, saying that the reference blouse which I had given was very old type and now a days neck has to be more deeper. I asked him to increase by two inches. Then he was ready to leave but I thought of offering him some juice.

I asked him to be seated and went to kitchen. But the stock of soft drinks had exhausted. I asked him if he would like tea or coffee but he declined saying it was very hot and normally he won’t drink tea and coffee. Now having asked him to take some drink I was left blank. So I filled two glasses of champagne which was with me and brought it with some cried cashew. He was surprised but was modest to take glass from my hand.

We sat just talking about the tailoring business etc. He told that his name is Madhusudhan and he owns the shop as well as he runs a gym nearby. The drink was taking my senses off. Then Madhu asked me if he can take actual measurements so that the blouse can be stitched perfect, as the reference blouse seemed old. I nodded and he took out the measuring tape. Our drawing room light is normally dim. He took my shoulder measurement and wrote 14 “ in his book. As the blouse design was sleeveless but he took measurement of arm hole for which I had to remove the outer gown. I could see his eyes ogled on my boobs visible from the thin material and the deep neck.

With the self-help activity which I was doing before his arrival which had left me half stage of an orgasm, and drinks, I was already out of my senses. Mind was filled up with Praveen’s big phallus. Madhu was noting the measurement of my chest. He circled his tape around me and adjusted to read the tape. His left palm was fully cupping my right breast at that time. I was losing my grip. I had half closed my eyes. Madhu sensing my mood dropped the tape and pressed the boob firmly. I could not object but stood still.

His hand moved to the back of my neck and pulled the thread of the inner gown which fell to the carpet exposing me in my birthday suit. His left hand now cupped my pussy and I widened my thighs. His fat fore finger quickly found the spot and started to work fast. He bent me little bit backwards and dug his face in the small valley between my huge boobs. Licking round and round he reached the nipples and was suckling like a hungry cat. His finer was now moving faster and rubbing my clitoris. I orgasmed soon, once twice and more. My legs had lost strength to stand. Madhu then made me to sit on the sofa and he sat on carpet. Widening my thighs he dug his face in between. I further widened allowing more access to this long, hot tongue. I was holding his head and pressing him deeper in to me. His tongue was creating magic in my body, I was in seventh heaven. His hot tongue moved all along the vulva, side walls of my vagina and further deep. I squirted on his face after few more orgasm.

I could not wait further. I urged him to carry me to the bed and push his tool in me. I was begging but he continued his oral ministrations. I was unable to even stand. Madhu carried me with ease to the bed. My cunt was wet like a monsoon road. I helped him to undress fully and held his penis. OMG, it was hard as rock. Hot, fat and long. My mind compared with Praveen. Madhu had much bigger weapon to attach or please me.  Our mouths joined for a millionth time. Our tongues mingled and juices exchanged. He was constantly pressing my boobs, squeezed the nipples and bit my shoulders. I cried unable to withstand happiness. I was now begging him to enter. Smiling at me he finally entered. The copulation achieved with no problem although I felt as if I am losing my virginity for second time. Our mating was very tight and full. He then silently made love to me or shall I say he fucked me. He went on and on and on. I was initially moaning softly, then loudly and finally as crying with ecstasy. There was no indication of him stopping. I raised my legs high and placed on his shoulders. He was still going on strong without any stop. He halted for a while for long kisses. Then continued as if he was starting fresh. I had experienced orgasm may be hundred times? Who know, I was in seventh heaven. Finally I could feel his veins thickening inside me and he ejaculated in spasms. Initially his love juice entered me in trickle, then in stream and finally flooded me.

He rested on me. His head was on my boobs while I played on his hair. We were still copulated. He was as tight as in the beginning. I had locked him with my legs and hands; We lay still engaged for ten, fifteen or say half an hour.  I tried to pull out of him but he was very tight. I was wondering if we have had a dog knot.

Madhu then started again. This time we had sex for longer time than first. I had no strength and had completely surrendered to him. Finally we de-copulated and lay on the bed for some time. We got up and dressed. Only then I came to my senses. I was feeling bad about what happened. He also felt bad and apologized and told sorry several times. I told him to send the blouse with some other boy or I would go over to his shop and collect. He understood that I am avoiding him and he left after few minutes.

I was tiered. Had dinner and then tried to sleep. Surprisingly I was feeling some happiness within me. I didn’t know the reason. Felt light weight and was smiling myself for no particular reason. I checked the sheets and there was big patches, puddle of his semen which overflowed from my vagina. Again I smiled and thought of changing the sheets. But somehow I decided not to and slept on the wet patches left from our combined love juices in the evening. As I was tiered and mentally, physically content I got good sleep.

I got up late in the morning. Maid came, cleaned the house, had kept BF ready. I went out for some grocery shopping and returned. Lunch, sleep, TV and some work out on tread mill and Pilatus, My husband called me on phone and enquired. He told that his work is going on well and may get bit delayed in returning. I hung up after some formal enquiries. Somehow the night was spent in recollecting events in past two days and pleasuring myself on bed.  I was enjoying masturbation earlier but now I felt there is nothing compared to the Real sex.

Two more dry days were spent, with same routine, wake up late, BF, see TV, eat, sleep. I was waiting for call from Praveen and as told by him he was to return at night. Evening he called me and regretted that due to unforeseen circumstances, he got held up and he would finish work in a weeks time, thereafter would go to meet his wife and return after three weeks. That was hell of lot time. I felt sad but I had no right to force him to return.

So I resigned to my old routine. A week was over. As told Madhu sent the blouse with a small boy. Inside the packet there was a visiting card which I had not seen. Curiously I read. It was from private number of Madhu. I kept it in the shelf and then was back to my routine. In the afternoon automatically I took the card and gave a miss call to Madhu. Soon he called back and told that he knew that I could call him soon. I just told that I called to tell that the blouse is bit loose, whereas it was correct. He teased saying that that cannot be true as he had stitched it carefully remembering my figure in front of his eyes. I told that he can come and check himself. He laughed and told that he would be coming in the evening at seven and would have dinner with me. 

Though I had asked him not to come again, why was I feeling happy and mischievous that he is coming? Why did I tell him a lie that the blouse is not proper? I could not think for right answer. I telephoned our regular person to deliver scotch with fried cashew. I ordered for a three course meal from Rainbow restaurant, a four star hotel in our vicinity asking to deliver between eight to nine pm.

I had hot shower knowing and expecting how best he will lick my pussy and thinking that I should smell good. I put on ample of body lotion, body spray and the best perfume I had. I just wore a bath robe and nothing inside. The question in my mind was why at all I was acting like this after asking him not to come again. My body was dictating it’s want to my mind and I was involuntarily obeying my body, perhaps.

I was waiting and waiting losing my patience. At last the bell rang at half past eight. I opened the door and let Madhu in. He sat on the sofa and I offered a cup of water. Madhu told that he wanted to take bath as he came long distance on byke. I gave his towel, shower gel along with body lotion and my husband’s bath robe. He removed his clothes near the door of the wash room and stood naked and smiled at me. After taking hot bath he came out wearing bath robe just like me. I knew he would be naked fully inside the robe. 

Madhu smilingly asked me to wear the blouse and show where it is not proper. I sat by his side and the deep neck of bath robe had opened up to large extent exposing my boobs. Pointing at the pair of hemispheres which were about to jump to freedom, I told that it is rather tight here. Even his robe had parted exposing his huge erect phallus. He laughed and told that he will be pleased to rectify my tightness.

He held my boob lovingly and took the blackberry in his mouth sweetly suckling and licking it round and round. I held his penis lovingly and stroked all along. I guided his hand between my thighs and widened to allow full access. He continuously rubbed my G spot till I had my nth orgasm. I pushed him down to sit on the carpet and pulled his head in between my thighs in to the deep valley. He was too pleased and pushed his long hot tongue in to my vagina. His tongue was now entering and exiting like an ant eater going deep till reaching the cervix of my uterus and pullout all the way, licking the walls of pussy. Licking, sucking the clitoris.  It was too much excitement and holding his hair, I pushed him further down. He moved his one hand up and held my boobs, fondling it constantly. His other hand was below my bum pushing upwards to match the inward exploration of his tongue. Soon I had my first orgasm with a shiver in whole body, I held the back of the sofa for support. Madhu now dug even deeper and his tongue was rotating around my clitoris. I was moaning with unbearable pleasure.

Madhu carried me to the bed like a baby. He spent an hour in foreplay, caressing all over my body, licking my back, my hips, legs and thighs. He bit my shoulder leaving his teeth marks and repeated on my boobs. Surprisingly I felt more excited with his biting. I reciprocated his gesture. His big hand pressed and squeezed my breasts and nipples.  I pushed them to his mouth. My pink nipples turned red and then black and purple with high excitation. I put my hand on his penis which was nothing but a hard rock pillar, pulsating in my hand asking me to push it inside my vulva. I was already too wet and slowly I pushed the huge weapon into me. He helped himself and the union was easy. He went in like a hot knife going inside butter. Yes, it was almost like a red hot rod  still growing inside my hot pussy. We kissed and kissed as if there is no end. Half an your of hectic sex and we lay disengaged.

Then I arranged for dinner. Before that scotch was inviting us. I made two large and added soda with ice. H had some French fries fried and kept ready for this time. We finished one, two, three and then fourth, in between kissing and exchanging the whisky between our mouths. I was feeling at the top of a hill and then served the meals. Even meals we exchanged from each other’s mouth. I was in hurry to finish and push him tool in me. I left the finished plates on the table to be cleaned next morning. It was half past nine. I locked the doors and pulled him to bed. I begged him to stay at night.

OMG, it was a sleepless night. Hardly had I slept for an hour and got up late. We had mated three times at night with a gap of about an hour in between and each lasting almost an hour. We copulated in various positions, WOT, Missionary, Doggy, No 4 and oral. I never bothered to wash in between our sexpades.  We woke up at half past eight. I hugged him and woke him with a long kiss.

Till Praveen returned, the same happy nights continued. Madhu was a real HE man. Could get his erection in minutes again and again. What a size his penis was. Every time I was feeling like losing my virginity. He was so tight inside me. His balls were like a pair of tennis balls, hard to touch but soft to squeeze, and very heavy with full of thick fluid. His kisses were full, wet, hot and passionate. Always we did french kisses and full mouth with our tongues dancing and relishing each other.

Three weeks rather 21 nights were spent with uncountable mating with Madhu. Praveen called me after three weeks and told happily that he had returned. It was mid day and he told he would be at my home in half an hour. I quickly prepared meals and kept beer in fridge as the afternoon was bit hot. Praveen rang bell at one. As soon as he entered he hug me and rained shower of kisses. I also got excited. But thought to finish lunch. We had lunch with beer. He had brought two beautiful sarees, a nightie and a pearl necklace. Seeing the sarees  I remembered Madhu who was scheduled to come at nine PM.  What if Praveen stays back? Casually I asked him when we hit the bed and were hugging our nakedness. He told that he would return after evening coffee, as he had to attend some urgent office works and will call next day. I was relieved. Before five we mated twice and though it was sweet and good it was nothing compared to my copulation with Madhu.

Madhu came at night and I after dinner when we were cuddling with him completely inside me, I told him that my husband is returning and our meeting would be rare if not imposible. He was bit disappointed. By the time next morning breakfast we had mated four times.  Till my husband returned both were coming whenever possible.

After few days my husband returned. He was glad that I was looking happy. He had brought many perfume, net gowns, nighties from Paris, sarees from Delhi. I was thinking how Madhu will be happy to stitch new blouses, how much Praveen would be excited to see me in sheer nighties. I thanked my hubby and with some effort had a short time mating with him. He was pleased and happy that at last he made me a complete woman. Lol.

Months passed. Occassionally Praveen and Madhu were coming. One day in beauty parlor the girl praised my and told that my cheeks and boobs were looking full and round and asked if there is some good news. I had forgotten about my periods fully. I just roughly remembered that since three months I had not had my periods. On my return from parlor purchased a home testing kit and it tested positive. I felt excited. But for confirmation, I visited a gynecologist even without waiting for lunch. She confirmed and congratulated me. I was very happy.

But the question in my mind was who is the father of my baby? Is it Praveen or Madhu. What should I tell my husband. What if he gets angry and ask me to abort the baby? What if he wants to divorce me? Questions only increased my tension. I told Praveen and Madhu separately and both were happy that they are father of my child.

Night I prepared some sweet and after dinner I slowly told my husband that I was expecting a baby. He just looked at me but didn’t question me at all. There was no expression on his face. He extended his hand and congratulated me. Was there a sarcasm in his voice? Was it my imagination?  By next morning he was normal/ He told he had taken leave and will take me to a doctor and then to a temple. Doctor congratulated him and prescribed few medicines to me. He had booked for a puja at a nearby temple. On returning home he told that he is now vary happy that I am becoming a mother. He didn’t tell that he is happy as he is becoming father.

I am expecting my baby in about two months. I am eager and anxious to know whom the baby would resemble. Praveen or Madhu. Keeping fingers crossed.

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