A night with Usha

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                                                   … cheating

                                                                  A night with Usha

I entered the room and she closed the door. I looked at her without imagining her. Half of the blouse was open. I know she's wearing nothing today under the skirt. The blonde hair made her even more beautiful. She grabbed me and put me on the bed. Then she lay down beside. Then I slowly removed my clothes and took my cock in my hand. When it touched her hand and it trembled like a flag. She began to rub the flag with her two hands from head to toe, then stooped down and held it to her cheek, then began to kiss.

She swung my shaft left and right, just as the children would do with their favourite toy. Then she closed its skin, pulled it again, and then twisted it again. She looked down from head to toe. I closed my eyes and enjoyed everything. I forgot the earth and became a star.

She leaped over the bed and covered my knee above my face. He pulled the skirt over the head and put it on the side. The blouse went to bed. There was no bra. What a beautiful sight. The cutting edge of her nipples was sharp. I pinched them with my fingers.

She closed her eyes and gave a shriek. I flushed with both hands, feeling what was smooth, smooth, and thick at the same time.…

 I wrapped both breasts in my hands and squeezed slowly. She smiled nervously.


She started rubbing her breasts with her own hands. Lucky breasts, but they can't bend too. She removed her skirt also. She smelled a special scent from her mango flower. The new smell of the vagina, which started with a bite. I moved the little ones to the side. I shook hands with the shores of that little girl. The copper-colored vagina's interior began to wet, and the wetness shone in the light. I put my face into it. My lips and my nose stuck inside it.

She put her arms around my waist.

I started to lick. I licked the edges and the top and a small hole in the middle. Her full honey began to spill. I could taste the warmth and saltiness of it. Everywhere the groans rose from her. I sucked the petals that were pressed inside me and sucked them in my mouth. The next one went up to the wall. I started to press on the little boy.

She wrapped her arms around my face and stood on her knees. She turned on me. Now a beautiful pose of her ‘samosa’ was visible. The red umbrella was standing over my face. I threw a finger at it. It was a good irony. Like a black spot with a little bit of wrinkle. I staggered around the spot. There was a little sweat. I pushed a chill into the heap. It didn't even open a little. Instead, it rolled up and slipped inside.

She held my hand forcibly, stooped down and bent her face to my waist. She held my rod at the top of her boobs and stroked its head. She ate my cock for a while. I thought I was a toddler.

By the way, she raised her head. Then she got up, went down, and grabbed a bottle from under the bed. It was a bottle of coconut oil.

I stood up and looked around. She grabbed the bottle of coconut oil, rubbed it with her two hands, and glowed in the light. Suddenly, she went up to the bed and spread herself, spreading her legs over and over with the rest of the oil in her hand. She called out, holding out her hands.

Let's hurry up and play…

I didn't wait any longer. Jumped over, with both hands on her hips, stood on her knees. She grabbed my cock and played.

Now push ..

I held out a hand. She held my other hand. I pushed my rod into her wet pussy, up and down, round and round. The gap was gone. She grabbed her hips with both hands. I got down. My fennel faded into the reddened soft mount like a moth falling down in the swamp, like a knife dropping in soap bark.

Ah… ah… ahhh.

So… Slowly… Slowly… .In…

The oil was good and the honey-filled, but without any difficulty, it went right down to the spot. She gripped her legs as tightly as she could, gritted her teeth and glanced back.

Moments of haha… .yes… let him sit there for a while… ”she let out a deep breath, then hugged me, put my lips in my mouth, and tasted our tongues with each other's honey. I asked in her ear

Hit it….

What's the point Hit… slow down…

I pulled my piston up a little, then lowered it. Then it pulled more and lower and so did the length and speed of my feet. Accordingly, the sound of her jaws increased.

It's street beating… stop beating… pull…. And she began to lift my hips with my hips. She started sucking on the breasts with her own hands. Squeezing in the nipples.

It's my, my, my, my, Vijay, my ... What comfort. Oh, my mother. How do I feel?

Time ushe… slowly…. Slow down… keep quiet and… .. keep quiet… I said. Who is to listen? What to hear, what to put when she was flying into a world of unknown pleasures.

"Oh, I am ... I am ... my mother." - Something is coming to me. Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey.

When the coconut oil of the former became wet and my dick was wet, a small blug… a blug… a voice, a sound that was pleasing to the eye, emitted from her vagina. She blew her lips. She lifted her head and pulled me closer to her face. I licked her mouth with my lips. She began to groan loudly. I could feel her vaginal muscles tightening around my cock. I too became a freak. I sucked the whole bun. I said.

Of Ushakutty… ..I will come back…. Milk will come…

It's gold ... and me… My…. Mom… come on… oh .. hey …… hey… over… ..g ……………… ..

She was silent. I fell asleep and hugged me. For a moment her waist was strong. I couldn't move. Then she got loose. The tip of my cock was in a different ring somewhere inside. The lid of my milkshake was gone. He poured some good hot milk into the virgin's bowl, while she swallowed and he kissed her boobs. Her vagina received all the milk that had been torn from noon. For a minute, her boobs were swollen. She slowly opened her eyes as she relaxed the nerves, and smiled a little, but a smile on her lips, thanks for the comfort of the first milk I had poured. I slid down from her body. My cock was still on her boobs.

How was the game I asked?

Yours is great .. I did not know this game was fun. … ..We still have to play this game….

I felt sorry for her. She laughed. I pressed her cheeks and hugged her. I placed her hand on her breast and then glared. She removed my hand from her breast and pulled my hand up to hers. We slept for a while and my cock was shrinking in her pussy. Drowsiness began to enter our eyes.

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