My husband helped me to bear child from his relative

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Husband having less Sperm count convinces wife to bear child from his relative and become a proud mother rings

Husband’s Great Help

Dear readers. I would like to share how good and benevolent is my husband. How I can term him as the best unselfish person who only cared for my good and happiness.

I am a 26 year housewife happily staying at Ahmedabad with my husband who works in an oil industry.  He is getting very good salary and is handsome. My husband Rahul is very handsome also.

A s soon as I completed my BSc from Mysuru University my dad arranged my marriage with a relative of his. I was fresh from college and had built lot of dreams about married life. I had not left Mysuru at all except for attending some marriage in Bengaluru. The marriage was a grand function in a big hall at Musuru. After marriage I went to Ahmedabad and settled down. Was enjoying my marriage days to the fullest.

We were going for outings on weekends. Rahul showed me Akshardham in Gandhinagar, Sabarmati river font, Gandhi Ashram,  Adalaj wav, Science part which are all in and around Ahmedabad. We visited Ambaji, Mt Abu also.

Despite I was feeling something amiss between us. I didn’t know exactly but sometimes I felt there is some gap, a difference from what I had thought and what I got in marriage.

He was good person, handsome, got me whatever I swished, lot of sarees, dresses, took me outings, weekend dinners. But exactly what was I the vacuum I felt but could not immediately pin point? I didn’t know till I became a member of a kitty club in our society. Most of the ladies were more aged than me and few were of course my age almost. 

It was a good way to spend time in company of ladies as I was not working. I used to feel lonely at home when ever Rahul was out for job. From nine in the morning to nine at night Rahul was on his office duties. He had to go to distant places for work like Kadi, Mehsana, Sanand, Gandhi Nagar, Navagam etc. But he could not do anything as work and money is also important.

Many in the Kitty group were very modern, particularly Punjabi women. Often their talks were around sex, boyfriends, affairs etc. Slowly I started getting interest in their talks and was wondering about what they spoke. Were they telling truth of just making stories for gossiping. It was difficult to believe.

Many why almost all were dressing with lot of skin exposure. Sarees were a straight six inches below navel and some wore blouse with 10 inches deep plunging neckline, backless, sleeveless. Even by seeing them I also was getting hot. Slowly I started wearing deep blouses, braless. I was getting some peculiar strange satisfaction.

While one was laughing and telling about how she seduced her husband’s brother other was telling about what a fantastic lover was her husband’s boss. Another was boasting how she could seduce her tailor, her doctor and even a TV mechanic who visited their house. One Smita Ahuja said that she is actually a sex maniac right from her high school, how she had sex with her School teacher, many boy friends and even lesbian sex with few girlfriends. She confessed that she wants sex for long duration of at least half an hour and sometimes more than once a day. One more Mrs  Rita Mehta was proud to declare that both her children are born to different father and none are from her husband. Another Bengali lady Mrs Renu told they always liked oral sex and her husband would lick her for hours till she cried. She was also giving blow job and liked his cum in mouth. Strange!

Sometimes I was feeling too bad in their company but something made to continue the kitty parties just to hear them. Were they real? I didn’t believe many of their stories. They were probably exaggerating their stories just to create interest and sensation. I started realizing that “gap or Vacuum” which I was feeling in  my married life.

Yes, I was not satisfied physically but I could not place that. Like a fool I had thought that what I was getting from Rahul was all that is there in sex between man and woman. Now my body started craving for new feelings, new experience and what they called “Orgasms”, yes I wanted. My husband though was good looking was not very healthy person, was rather very lean, skinny and bony while I was very healthy, whitish color and was endowed with good figure of 36+ -26–34. My husband was making love to me once on a fortnight for hardly two or three minutes. I started comparing him with what friends were telling about their experiences in sex. Not I understood why I was not conceiving even after so many years after marriage. I started thinking about motherhood. But how can I talk with Rahul.

One night mustering enough courage, I raised topic of family addition. Rahul looked at me and smiled. He told that he was also thinking of same thing since few days but was surprised why I had not conceived since four years.  He added that next day he would take leave and both can go to a doctor and consult. I was also very happy.

Next morning after breakfast we met a famous doctor who was at Shahibaug. He was very famous in Ahmedabad and was also serving at Rajasthan Hospital. He asked lot many questions and told his assistant to get some samples from both of us. They  collected semen sample from my husband and as I was in my right ovulation period the lady collected some samples from my uterus. They asked us to meet after two days and they would further guide.

We were anxious to know further course of action. When we met Dr told that as far as I am concerned everything is perfect and I can bear a dozen kids. But there was major problem with Rahul. His semen motility was very low and doctor confirmed that he cannot father my child and I may have to go for IVF through a donor. This disappointed both of us and more depressed was Rahul.

We returned home and I told that it does not matter at all. We can even adopt a child and it is not necessary that only I should bear the child in my womb. For few days we forgot that topic but it was haunting both of us mentally.

We then thought to take some decision rather than to continuously worry. There were few options like adopting a child, going for IVF. Anyway in first case the child would be completely from other parents and in the second the father would be a different person. Rahul preferred that second option is better as that  would give me an opportunity to bear a child in my womb and fulfill my god given gift of motherhood. I told him that we can wait for some more time before jumping to any decision. I knew that he was also depressed as his friends were taunting him for being childless. Also he had realized that he was not good in bed and was leaving me unsatisfied. But he didn’t tell verbally. He also told that he will explore if any other option were available as IVF was very expensive and we do not know the bio and history of the donor.

Rahul was otherwise very intelligent. He told me that he will find out a way. Then we kept quiet for some time. After a month or so, Rahul’s relative sent him a message and spoke that his son has got some training at CEPT, the college of architecture for a six month course. He was asking Rahul if we can accommodate him for six months. Rahul agreed and asked when he would be arriving.

That trainee, name, Rakesh came next week. He was around twenty or twenty two and had taken some training course after his BArch.  He arrived in an evening and we welcomed him. That night we thought of dining out and we went to a good hotel on Sarjapur-Gandhinagar road. Rakesh was very young and really handsome. By his physique he looked very muscular and so bit in early thirties. He was very talkative also and we had good time.

We had arranged the guest room for him. Thanking us for the accommodation and dinner Rakesh retired for the day as next morning itself he was to report at training.

I could see Rahul was always thinking something in him mind. After a week when we were alone he came up with the same issue of child. He told that he has a bright idea and I must agree. I didn’t know what was that bright idea but I really wanted a child.

Rahul went on to explain that he has an idea so that I can bear a child in my womb, become a mother who can feed the child too. My life as a woman will be fulfilled. Still he was not coming out with that Bright idea.

I could see his eyes were moist as he had realized his weakness and wanted to help me. I decided not to disappoint him. He went on to tell that I can get a child from Rakesh who is handsome, healthy and very young. I was shocked to hear that and could not speak. He further told me that only I can take final decision. Rahul further told that I should start dressing provocatively and try to attract him. Within me I was confused. Is Rakesh good looking? Yes was the answer. Did I want a child? Again yes was my answer. But what if Rakesh refuses and spread the news to my relatives. Rahul told that no man in twenties will refuse an advancing young, attractive voluptuous lady. Within few days I can imagine if he is getting attracted or not and accordingly take further step. I just kept quiet.

Next day itself Rahul took me to a mall. He purchased me many dresses, gowns few sarees, and georgette, net.  He had ensured to select dresses and nighties, gowns with very deep neck. Not wanting to wait till the blouse are stitched he asked me to buy few matching readymade blouses. All blouses were sleeveless and backless princes cut.

Thinking of coming days I was bit apprehensive. We returned home with a takeaway dinner. It was a Saturday and before dinner Rahul opened his wine glass. I wore one of the new nightie foregoing bra. So my big boobs and the nipple were protruding out of the thin material. I and Rahul were observing the reaction of Rakesh. We had two glasses of wine and finished dinner. I could sense on many occassion Rakesh was staring at my boobs.

So from that day onwards I was dressing as told my Rahul. Rahul was leaving home early always, and only me and Rakesh were hating breakfast together. I was packing some lunch for him and he was leaving to his training. All this time I was wearing transparent nighties without bra and soon realized that Rakesh was getting attracted to me. On occasions I used to hold his hand during serving of breakfast.

Once I had some purchases and Rahul told that he would be late that evening. Volunteered to take me for shopping.

I dressed carefully. Wore a black net saree with a halter neck, backless blouse. Through the thin material of net saree my boobs were almost fully visible.  We went in a cab and throughout the journey Rakesh was staring at my boobs which were now pushed up and I had dropped the pallu. We finished shopping. On return slowly I held his hand and thanked him for the company. I didn’t try to withdraw my hand and tightened my grip. Mustering some courage I was now caressing his hand from wrist to elbow. I was very warmed up. I could sense his bulge in the jeans. I kept my hand on his thigh and pressed. Taking his hand I ept on my thing. Soon we reached home.

I changed to a net gown. Rahul called me and asked me about the shopping. I told that it was successful and good. I added that I was sure that Rakesh was now o me. Rahul told that he was in his friend’s house and would stay back if it is late as they were in a booze party. He wished me good luck and happy night which I  should not miss. I laughed and told I would try.

We finished dinner after two glasses of white sparkler wine. The mood was set but I still has some hesitation. By ten Rakesh wished me good night and went to his room.

I was about to slep and Rahul called me on mobile. He  asked me about dinner and whether Rakesh was impressed. I told that he is completely bold and it was a sight to see his face during dinner as I displayed almost my full boobs. Rahul laughed and wished me all the best at night. I just told that I will try how to go about it.

I waited for an hour or so reading some magazine but inside I was very excited and felt my body burning. I was excited as well as anxious and little bit scared too.

I thought of going in to his room. I had put on a blue night lamp in his room. Opening the door slightly I peeped inside. He was sleeping barechested. His biceps were big. Under pretext of giving water I entered his room and kept the water jug on the side table. I could see his hand was inside his trunk. I smiled. I could see his turning towards me and I whispered that I had kept water for drinking if he needed. He slightly opened his eyes. I had opened the front portion of the gown and my boobs were now fully visible. I stood by side of bed for few minutes. In sleep Rakesh turned other side, leaving half of the bed towards my side. Is it God’s indication and guidance about what to do. My body was burning.

I sat on the bed keeping my legs down on carpet. I kept my head on the pillow and slowly lifted legs and lay beside him. Still there was enough gap between us. My heart was pounding loudly. I went near Rakesh and pressed my boobs on his bare back and circled my right hand on his chest and slowly caressed. Still he was sleeping or was he? My hand lowered and pulled he thread of his pyjama. He didn’t move nor objected. That was enough encouragement. I slid my hand in and held his penis. As expected he had very big and hard tool which was erect like a machine gun.

He slowly turned towards me and I pressed his head on my bare boobs. In fraction of a second taking me by shock and surprise he dragged me to him and our mouths were sealed into one.  His lips and mouth were burning hot like a oven and was intoxicating. I forgot everything on this world and floated in space wanting more and more of that intense kiss.

The kisses went on and on unending. He held my boobs and caressed with love and passion. I pushed my nipples into his mouth which he suckled for a very long time one after the other. By then my gown was completely removed and he was fully nude. I held his huge erect phallus and stroked up and down.  Rakesh was continuously squeezing and suckling my nipples. I could wait no longer. I climbed on him, keeping my knees on either sides and centered myself placing my cunt on is pointed phallus.

The entry was quite easy as I was fully lubricated with excitement and anxiousness. We were completely united, his huge testis were touching my vaginal butterfly. I rested on his chest pressing my breasts on him. He hugged me and we engaged in unending kisses. I experienced multiple orgasms and when I was no more able to wait I urged him to change position and pulled him on me. Rakesh slowly and then speedily made love to me up and down, ascend and descending in and out of my hot wet cunt. He was very big, completely covered my hole. He had huge stamina and could fuck half an hour without break. Finally when he ejaculated we were completely copulated body to body, lip to lip, thighs to thighs were mating in competition.

Before dawn we had mated two times. I woke up at seven and after freshening up, I prepared breakfast. I sat on his lap and ate in same plate. We went to shower together. It was then we could clearly see and appreciate our naked bodies. Rakesh was lika Greek God and he complemented like a Stone sculpture in Belur Temple. We took bath together, kissed under shower, hugged in water. When we came to room to dress we could not stop from one more long session of erotic sex.

Rahul came at nine and I opened the door. He asked me through eye sign what happened? I touched my fore finger with thumb indicating success. I did feel shy but Rahul hugged me and kissed me on forehead and told that he is now happy for me.

After he freshened up and had bath we had our breakfast. Rakesh initially was bit apprehensive and could not directly see in to the eyes of Rahul. But within few minutes he was fine. Rahul had as anticipated brought a completely transparent baby doll to me  and also a deep necked dress a likes of Malaika?

From then onwards the whole world was ours. Me and Rakesh had all the time for our sexual escapades. Rahul used to leave two of us together as much as possible. Went on long tours frequently. Once he went abroad for fifteen days and had booked us some outings at Mt Abu, Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. We later went to Goa for four days.

Result was obvious. I conceived within three months. Rahul was very glad. Rakesh’s training was finished and when he left I was four months pregnant. I delivered a male child which made our family complete. Now Rahul and we are very happy. Rakesh visits us once or two times in a months. Life is like a heaven now.

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